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A spooky looking graveyard three years later

Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie, Valerie, and Jack all stood at Danny's grave. There was a torrent of tears coming from everyone with the exception of Sam.

"I still can't believe it has been three years since Danny passed away." Jazz said with tears in her eyes.

"It seems like it was just yesterday that Danny was with us doing what he did best." Maddie said upset.

"Yeah... I loved... him more... then anything WAHHHHHHHH" Jack said while breaking down crying.

"This is true. No amount of money can ever replace him. He was the Larry to our Moe and Curly joe. He was the Strawberry to our Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Ice cream. He was the our... We get it Tucker, now stop with the lame metapors!" Sam said cutting off Tucker.

"He is in a better place now everyone. I just wish made him mine when I had the chance." Valerie said sincerely.

"Don't worry Danny, we will be back here tomorrow to visit you." Maddie said as everyone but Sam walked from the grave.

"Sam aren't you coming with us?" Tucker asked.

"I am going to stay here a little while longer. I will catch up with you Tucker." Sam said as Tucker left her alone with Danny's gravestone.

"Danny I truly miss you, but I don't regret the choice I made that day. I was going to originally make it so no one would have any memory of what happened the nine days but me. You don't know how much I wish you never said that." Sam said finally confessing.

"Well I am glad you didn't do it Sam. It a sign that you are growing up and not just in body." Danny said to Sam.

Danny looked at the now seventeen year old Sam and smiled. She had grown up to the height of 5 foot 7, but still wore her Gothic outfit. However, she had left her hair grow to the point where it went pass her butt, Her bosom grow to a large B cup, and the curves and hips she didn't have three years ago finally came.

"Why did you have to say that Danny? If you didn't I could have finally told you how I felt and we would be together." Sam said to the 17 year old ghost teen.

Sam was looking at Danny features. Danny had grown to the height of 6 foot 3. He gained some of the muscle his evil older self had, but lacked the facial hair.

"I said out of spite to be honest with you Sam. At the time I had just fallen in love with her. Also let's face it Sam whenever I would show interest in someone else you would go off the deep end." Danny said to his Goth friend.

"As much as I hate to admit it, you are right Danny. I look back on that now, and I wonder what would have happened if I would have told you the truth instead of lying." Sam said in a down tone.

Danny was about to say something when Jazz, and Tucker appeared.

"So that is why you were still here. So dude how have you been?" Tucker asked.

"I am fine I just came here talking to Sam about the old times when I was still among the living. Oh and Tucker you went overboard back there. I almost gave away my presence back there." Danny said sincerely.

"So little brother, are you still with Desiree?" Jazz asked.

"Yes we are still together Jazz. We have our ups, and downs like any other couple, but we work them out one problem at a time." Danny said in a calm tone.

"The ghosts in the ghost zone still haven't warmed up to you? Even after you gave up being Amity's protecter?" Tucker asked.

"There is Technus. He is still sore that I am with Desiree, instead of him. Then there is Skulker who still hunts me even though I am not even a halfa anymore." Danny said annoyed.

"Danny what about with Desiree? Do you do anything like mom and Dad do like have agruements and things like that?" Jazz asked.

"Oh we have our share of arguements every so often. Oh I have to ask are you guys still coming to our wedding? I have three invites and I want the three of you to be there." Danny said with a smile.

"Sorry Danny, but I can't do it. I am busy that day. Besides believe it or not most of Amity is pissed off at your fiance since she took away their hero." Sam said causing Danny to frown.

"Oh sure, and clearly the guys who took my human life, had nothing to do with it!" Danny said annoyed causing lighting to strike a few feet away.

Tucker took notice to this and decided to speak up about it.

"Dude is that a new ghost power? That is so awesome. Man I wish I had ghost powers still." Tucker said.

"No it isn't. It is still fairly new to me, and if I am not careful I could hurt someone when I don't mean to." Danny said trying to calm himself down.

"What other new powers have you gained since I saw you last?" Jazz asked.

"Well like my evil self, I can now make ghost portals, and like Plasmius I can teleport from place to place. But I better get going." Danny said as he disappeared into a poof of green smoke.

"Sam I never really asked you, but why didn't you put Vlad behind bars when you had the Reality Gauntlet?" Tucker asked.

"After what he did to my family he deserves to have to worry about dropping the soap." Jazz said causing Tucker and Sam to look at her funny.

"What, he deserve to be in jail not out there with his freedom!" Jazz said upset.

"Having the entire world hate him is more then enough. He can't appear in this realm without worrying about his freedom. Besides even if he is in the ghost zone he can't cause any trouble for Danny there." Sam said in a calm tone.

"You know Sam Mom isn't very happy with you. She is still pissed off at you for doing the mature thing." Jazz said to Sam.

"If I had done what I was originally going to do Dark Danny would have been brought back. You seen what that monster could do first hand. It was the icing on the cake that made me leave reality as it was." Sam said sincerely.

"You know Sam you could have undid everything with the exception of Dark Danny being removed from existance. I mean you had control of reality when you had the gauntlet. It would have been real easy you know." Tucker said only for Sam to facepalm herself.

"Shut it Tuck. The more you say that the more you make me regret destorying and making it impossible for the Gauntlet to be brought back!" Sam said annoyed.

Desiree's Realm

Danny reappeared in his fiance's realm quietly. He didn't tell Desiree that he went to see his human friends, and he didn't want to hear her curse him out for it. Sadly for Danny the moment he stepped into the room Desiree was up with a pissed expression on her face.

"Danny where were you? I am giving you once chance to answer correctly!" Desiree said pissed.

"You know today is the three year anniversary of when my human half died right? Well every year around this time my family and friends visit's my grave. I just went to go see them like I always do." Danny said not realizing the mistake he just made.

"Danny you never told me that you would go back to the human world on your death day! We agreed that we would tell each other everything and wouldn't keep secrets from each other!" Desiree said pissed.

Danny was about to speak up when there was a knock on Desiree's door.

"Ignore who ever that is. I still have a bone to pick with you Danny!" Desiree said only for Danny wrap his arms arounds Desiree.

"Desiree I know you have friends in the ghost zone. Don't you go and see them without me every so often?" Danny asked.

"I do but unlike you I don't have any friends that want to get with me!" Desiree said giving Danny the answer he needed.

"So that is what this about. You don't care if I go to the human realm. You just do like it that I go and see Sam when I go. Well Desiree remember this. If she had wanted to she could have made so me and her were together and you were still my enemy." Danny said defending his human frieend.

"It is not just her, you have a realm of fangirls... who I gave up for you." Danny said cutting off Desiree.

"Desiree I love you. Not Sam, not Paulina, and not any of my other fangirls. You are the one wearing the ring I gave you three years ago not Sam." Danny said trying to calm him fiance down.

"I needed to hear that from you Danny. Now you are coming with me. It is time we did a bit of shopping together in the human realm." Desiree said causing Danny to frown.

"Desiree, with you magic you can alter you attire to anything you want, so what is the point of going shopping?" Danny asked.

"I want a real wedding dress Danny, is that too much to ask for?" Desiree said blushing slightly out of embarrassment.

'Mom always did say that just about all females dream about their wedding and the wedding dress they will wear. I guess Desiree is no different." Danny thought to himself.

"You have been dreaming of your wedding day for the longest time haven't you?" Danny asked.

"When I was alive it was more of a power thing. Even though I didn't love the sultan I was willing to marry him for it. But with you it is for love." Desiree said sincerely.

"You never answered my question Desiree." Danny said wanting to here the answer.

"It wasn't until three years that I was began dreaming of my wedding. Now can we please go to the human realm so I can pick out my wedding dress?" Desiree asked.

"So you have wished it, so shall it be." Danny said as he wrapped his arm around Desiree's waist and disappeared into a poof of green smoke.

Meanwhile outside Desiree's realm a certain mullet wear ghost continued to knock on Desiree's door with a box of chocolates in his other hand.

'Damn it, why won't she answer! She is the only think I love more the Technology and being hip and funky fresh.' Technus thought to himself as he continued to knock on Desiree's door.

'Great it is that loser again. Time to banish him and send him back to his realm.' Kitty thought as she used her banishing kiss to make Technus disappear.

'There is no way I am going to let you ruin their happiness!' Kitty thought to herself as she flew to Technus's realm to make a deposit.

A bridal store in Amity

Desiree turned into her human form while Danny made himself invisible causing Desiree to frown. However, before Desiree could ask Danny answered.

"Remember my human form was killed and the whole world saw it." Danny answered.

"But you are different then you were three years ago. Revert to your older human form and no one will be the wiser." Desiree said convincing Danny to do so.

Danny's older human form was no different then his ghostly form with the exception that hair was raven colored instead of white. Danny then took Desiree's hand and walked into the store only to be greeted by a familiar voice.

"Hello welcome to the Phantom bride. My name is Paulina, and I will be your... Danny it isn't possible I thought you were dead." Paulina said when she looked and reconized Danny from the start.

"I told you everyone would reconize me." Danny said to Desiree.

"Sorry honey I didn't think they would notice." Desiree said back to Danny.

"I was and still am your biggest fan Danny. So of course I would reconize you. I am guess that this is what Desiree looked like when she was alive." Paulina said dryly.

"Yeah but enough about me. We came here so my fiance could pick out her wedding dress." Danny said to his former classmate.

"Step this way please. I have the perfect wedding dresses for her to choose from Danny." Paulina said in a calm tone.

Paulina then took Desiree to the back room where she kept the better wedding dresses in the store. Desiree felt like she was a kid in a candy store and wasn't sure which one she wanted. While Desiree took a look at each of the dresses to see which one she wanted Paulina decided to speak with her now uncatchable crush.

"I know it will never happen now, but I had always hoped it would be me picking out a wedding dress with you." Paulina said to Danny in a sad tone.

"Sorry Paulina, but those days are over. I love Desiree, and we will be getting married. Besides even if me and Desiree did break up we would have never worked out. The final law Vlad made so I couldn't be with Desiree would also make it illegal of you to date me." Danny said to the older teen.

Danny looked at Paulina, and if it wasn't for Desiree outclassing her in looks his eyes would have popped out of his head. Paulina not stood at the height of 5 foot 8 with her raven colored hair going past her ample behind. Her bosom grew for a medium B cup to a Medium C cup. Her waist still had it's hourglass shape and her hips were still as flawless as ever.

"You are the only person who hasn't gone ga ga over me since I have reached adulthood. But with your Fiance I can't say I can blame you. As much as I hate to admit it, my beauty pales in comparasion to hers." Paulina said in defeat.

Danny was about to make a comment when Desiree came out of the back room.

"Danny I have found the dress for me I want to ask you how do I look in it?" Desiree said getting Danny attention.

When Desiree came out of the dress Danny had to use all of his willpower not of do something stupid. Paulina looking at Desiree however felt more of the emotions of envy and Jealously for many reasons but decided to keep her thoughts to herself.

"I am the luckiest guy in the world." Danny said to himself.

"I think it is the other way around Danny. Desiree is the luckiest female in the world. As for that dress, you have really good taste. I designed that dress myself a few years back and had it made. So is that the dress you want?" Paulina asked.

"I will take it so how much will it cost us?" Desiree asked.

"It is on the house which in this case is me. Consider it a wedding gift since someone will be wearing it to get married to Phantom." Paulina said sincere tone.

"That is really nice of you child. You have really changed from the girl I met 4 years ago." Desiree said sincerely.

Paulina watched as Danny and Desiree walked out of the store and sighed to herself.

'It is a shame I can't be Mrs Phantom so I guess I will have to move on. Maybe I will try talking to his best friend. While he isn't as cool as Danny, he can somehow always make me laugh.' Paulina thought to herself.

A church somewhere in the ghost zone three days later

"I knew this day was coming, but I am so nervous it isn't funny." Danny said looking at himself.

Danny wasn't in his normal hazmat suit, but a black tuxedo with a white collar and a bow tie.

"Dude tell me how do you feel about Desiree?" Tucker said to his dead best friend.

"I love her with all my soul. There isn't another person I would want to spend the rest of my afterlife with then her." Danny answered.

"Then you are good Danny. Remember she loves you as much as you love her maybe even more. I mean from what Clockwork showed us, Desiree risked her afterlife to save you from the heartless you and your evil self. So go out there, say your vows, and become her husband." Tucker said trying to give his best friend confidence.

"Thanks Tucker, I needed that." Danny said as he found his resolve once again.

On the other side of the church

Desiree at the same time was also a train reck. Her white wedding dress made her beauty glow even more then normal, but she still had butterfries in her stomach.

"Oh my god, I am so scared. What if he changes his mind, What if I am not good enough for him?" Desiree said only to get slapped by Kitty.

"Desiree get a hold of yourself. Now ask yourself do you love him?" Kitty said to the nervous wishing ghost.

"Only with every fiber of my being. I waited for this day for over 1,400 years." Desiree said sincerely.

"Let me put it to you this way Desiree. You are quite a catch. Any man would be lucky to be in your presense let alone marry you. Danny has stayed by your side through thick and thin, and Visa Versa. Plus if you don't do it I swear I will claim him for myself." Kitty said getting the result she wanted.

"Not going to happen in this afterlife Kitty. Cause no one may lay a hand on him unless I wish it!" Desiree said causing Kitty to smile.

"So tell me who came to the wedding?" Desiree asked.

"There is Danny's best male friend, his sister Jazz, Pandora, Dani, Wulf, Frostbite, my girlfriend Penelope, and Clockwork." Kitty said.

"Danny, is friends with Pandora, a ghost wolf, and a snow beast? My fiance has a weird taste in friends." Desiree said in a calm tone.

No sooner did Desiree say this did they hear an explosion outside. Desiree, and Kitty went outside to see Danny parents, Sam, and surprisingly Vlad all at the front door of the church. Desiree and Kitty's already red eyes began to glow brightly.

"Ok why are you here? We aren't in your realm causing havoc so I will ask you to refrain from doing so here. Besides a wedding is to take place here! My Wedding!" Desiree hissed.

"We know that, My old college buddy told me about it and brought us here." Jack said upset.

"We are the groom's parents. Why weren't we on the guest list to see our son get married?" Maddie asked with her hands on her hips.

"Like I would put you four on the guest list! I know both of you were against me and Danny being together from the start! Even though you claimed you would give us blessings, I can tell when someone is lying to me thanks to one of my double edged wishes." Desiree started.

"Also why would we add you two to the list? You are Danny's arch enemy, the one who caused Danny to be on the run, the one who sent those GIW agents to get us! And Sam, the last thing I need from you is to try to steal my fiance from me before we can get married!" Desiree added.

"Darling, leave my parents and Sam be. Even though they didn't approve of us like I told you would happen some time ago, they still played a part in my human life. You on the other hand can go back to where ever it is you came from before I send you to the cops myself!" Danny said pissed.

"Why are you even with him after everything he has done? If you want I will banish him for good Danny." Kitty said only for Vlad to speak up.

"No need I am leaving. I just wanted Daniel's parents to see his wedding since they weren't invited. But to tell you the truth three years without any kind of contact from human or ghost has given me the chance to see what a fool I have been." Vlad said just before he teleported away.

Maddie, Jack, and Sam all took some of the empty seats they could find. Ten minutes after the they sat down the wedding started. Everyone in their seats watched as Danny stood waiting at the alter while Desiree came walking down with her maid of honor. Upon Desiree getting to the the alter Clockwork made his entrance.

"Dearly departed and living. We are gathered here today to bind together the ghost's zone's Danny Phantom and Desiree. If anyone has any objections and I will know if you do. Speak now or forever hold your peace." Clockwork said only for the last person everyone else was expecting to show up.

"Let me handle this my apprentice time out!" Clockwork said freezing Technus instantly.

"Ok you may now say your vows." Clockwork said while smiling.

"With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty for I will be yout wine. With this candle I will light your way in darkness." Danny started.

Tucker who was his best man took the special Ring Danny created for the day and carefully handed it to Danny just before he was to say the next verse.

"With this ring I ask you to be mine." Danny finished as he slipped the ring onto Desiree's finger.

"Desiree do you accept Danny to be your husband for the rest of eternity?" Clockwork asked already knowing the Answer.

"I do." Was all Desiree said sincerely.

"Well I know pronounce you ghost and wife. You may kiss the bride." Clockwork said causing the couple to share a passionate kiss in front of their friends and loved ones.

Up in the stands away from the crowd Vlad watched with actual tears in his eyes.

"Although I may never have a wedding, they always make me cry." Vlad said to no one as tears came out of his eyes.

The same could be said of Maddie, Jack, Pandora, and even Sam.

"It is so beautiful even if he is getting married to one of them he is still beautiful." Jack said while blowing his nose.

"Sam you are crying as well? Are those tears of happiness for Danny?" Tucker asked his best friend.

"Actually yes Tucker. Even though it isn't me who married him, I am still happy for him." Sam said surprising everyone there.

"But why did you come Sam? I thought you would have stayed home instead." Pandora asked.

"We all made a promise to each other when Danny was still alive. We promised as long as we were still friends we would come to each other's weddings no matter what." Sam said sincerely.

Desiree then tossed her bundle of flowers into the crowd, and out of everyone there Penelope caught the them. Maddie, Jack, and then walked over to the newlyweds and each took their turns speaking.

"Danny even though you are married to a ghost now, I wish you only happiness son. I just wish you were still alive when you got married." Jack said sincerely with tears in his eyes.

"I am sorry but I can't grant that wish. I can't bring people back from the dead." Desiree said to Jack.

"He wasn't wishing for it my dear. It was just a figure of speech." Danny said clearing things up.

"Desiree, I still don't like you, but since my son loves you enough to marry you please take care of him. Cause if I find out otherwise let's just say no place on earth or the ghost zone will be safe for you!" Maddie said in a no nonsense tone.

"Even when dead she still is overprotective of you Danny." Desiree said now looking up to her husband.

"Danny, I never got the chance to say this to you but I am sorry. I should have said it to you the first time I went to see your grave but I never did." Sam said sincerely.

"I understand Sam you were upset. Even though I did give you a chance to admit your feelings you didn't. Then when you found out I was going out with Desiree your anger and jealously kicked in. Well Sam apology accepted." Danny said sincerely.

"Thanks Danny. At the time I just thought that I had time but sadly I didn't. Oh well I can't dwell on the past now can I?" Sam said giving her best friend a hug.

Kitty now smiling at this caught the attention of Penelope who couldn't help but wonder why she was so happy.

"Ok girlfriend spill why are you smiling more the normal? I mean I can understand you were the maid of honor, but why are you so happy?" Penelope asked.

"Simple I got my revenge on that goth bitch, and helped play cupid. When I learned that Sam was literally asked out by Danny only for her to turn him down, I went to each of them and pushed them together. Now even thought she is happy for her friend she has to live with the fact that she blew her once chance to be with her first crush." Kitty said in an evil tone.

"I thought I was ruthless, but I must admit that was good way to get revenge." Penelope said sincerely.

Kitty continued to smile at her handy work until Danny spoke up.

"I would like to thank everyone who came to our wedding including the few unexpected people. But now I would like to thank someone. Cause if it wasn't for her I would have never gotten with my wife in the first place. So here is to my first girlfriend Kitty for pushing me to the love of my afterlife." Danny said sincerely.

"Now if you all excuse us, we must be leaving. I need to 'corrupt' my husband while he 'purifies' me." Desiree said as she and Danny disappeared into a puff of pink smoke.

With Danny and Desiree now gone Sam looked at the green haired biker ghost with anger in her eyes.

"While I am happy for my best friend, you are so dead bitch!" Sam hissed.

'Payback is a bitch isn't it you goth bitch?' Kitty thought to herself just before she flew through the roof.

The end.

That is the end of this story everyone. I hope you enjoy it as this pairing is my favorite. Also for all those who didn't catch it, Sam only brought Jack back from the dead, and did a weak mind wipe that would wear off if anyone saw Danny. As for Vlad as much as I made him evil in this fanfic I didn't have the heart to make him someone's wife in jail. So instead I chose to banish him into the ghost zone. Also there won't be an alternate ending for this story since if I did that it would involve Danny getting married to Sam by having her erase everyone's memory but her's and Desiree's. (To make Desiree suffer) R and R people.