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I hit the ground, dizzy and confused. My chest was no longer compressed, and it took a moment to realize that I could breathe normally again. I stood up, wobbly, and took a look around the strange place.

Trees. Bushes. I even heard an animal scurrying around on the fallen leaves. I hadn't been outside of the Institution for two years, and now here I was, totally free. I remembered looking out of my window in my room, longing to be out in the green world, instead of stuck inside the white walls. I never thought that it would actually happen.

Then, I turned to my rescuer. He was still sitting, the stick he had used to lock the door out and pointed at his finger. He was muttering strange words, totally concentrated on his thumb. Then, I noticed that he was bleeding – his thumb nail had been taken completely off.

"Are you okay?" I panicked, searching my pockets for medicine and band aids. The nurses made us carry them everywhere with us, just in case we were to fall and scrape ourselves. When I had found one, I quickly opened it and handed it to the stranger.

He only laughed.

"You really have lost it, mate," he said before examining his finger again. "I'm no Hermione, but I think I got this okay. What do you think?" He shoved his finger before me, and to my surprise, his finger nail had completely grown back.

"How did you – ?"

"Doesn't matter. Anyway, would you please call for Hermione? She's got the stuff under too strong protection. I mean you'd think she would make it so WE could see it, but you know her, right? Bloody wanker. Anyway, she'd be better answering to you than me, probably pissed I went to see you out anyway." He looked at me expectedly, and I simply stared back.

"What?" I asked, totally confused.

"Oh bloody hell. Just say, 'Hermione', will ya?"

"Erm – sure I guess. Er – Her – Mione?"

It was suddenly like magic. My mind started playing in somewhat of a rewind. First, there was a confident, young girl with wild hair, wide eyes, telling me that I was Harry Potter. Then, she was hiding under a toilet stall, and I was on the back of some sort of monster. Then we were hugging, and I was bleeding, and then we were older, and we were hugging, and she was crying. And then there was this same girl, flying on what looked like a broom, and there she was with one of those sticks, colors shooting out of the end of it in all different directions. Then, my memory came to the photo that I had drawn, and the girl with frizzy hair matched her perfectly.

And when my mind flashed back to reality, I was in yet another embrace by this same girl – only she was a lot older and looked a lot more tired. "Oh Harry," she was screaming. "I thought I'd never see you again – the Order would have KILLED us if we had done anything – in fact they WILL kill us now that you're here – oh we're going to be in so much trouble but I've MISSED you – you look absolutely – "

"Oi, let him breathe. He needs the fresh air."

She stood back and took a long look at me, smiling all along. I liked her smile a lot. It seemed hopeful. "And so you're Hermione?" I asked, and got a reassuring smile. "We're – friends?" This time, a frantic nod, tears forming in her eyes.

"So that means…you're my friend to!" I turned to the red headed man. "If you know her, you're my friend."

"Of course I'm your bloody friend, Harry," he said, his ears turning red. "I didn't just rescue you because you're a stranger."

"I didn't need rescuing!" I said defensively. This seemed to be amusing to Hermione and – my friend, the red head.

"Same old Harry," Hermione smiled. "Now get inside here, I need to do the protection spells again…"

The man took me by the shoulders and started guiding me into a tent. Hermione pulled out her stick and waved it around foolishly, but I was still confused.

"Why did you take me here?"

"Couldn't let Rookwood kill you mate, could I? After the Order had been trying so hard, putting Diggle in there with you! Dunno how the Death Eaters even figured out where you were."

"Rookwood wanted to…kill me? Why?"

"Because he's working for Voldemort. Blimey, Harry, they told me you forgot some stuff, but not even remembering Rookwood? Now listen…Hermione and I have been working the past two years on some new plans, and I think that maybe if we get you – "

"Wait. You haven't even told me who you were yet!"

Silence. I looked at him, waiting for a name, but all I could read was pain behind his eyes. He opened his mouth a few times, only to close it again. "You – you don't know my name?"

"No," I said definitively, and again waited for a name that would send me once again into memories.

"Well. I'm Ron, mate. Nice to meet you, I guess. So uhh – you really don't remember anything, do you?"

I shook my head. The name Ron didn't do anything for me – it was as if my mind was blocking out any memory of him that I could try to find. Hermione – she I trusted immediately – seeing the memories of her created almost a comfort net in my mind. But Ron – I would have to trust him because I trusted Hermione…and Hermione trusted him.

"You never told me why you left." This seemed to snap him out of his stupor.

"Well, you see, Hermione started not letting me back in. She thought I was foolish for going, 'specially with the Order watching your every move, and the Death Eaters were on our tail, and I couldn't swing it. But that doesn't matter, I guess. You didn't know who I was."

"I missed you." And I did. His presence – no matter how insane it made me seem – made me feel like I had a guardian angel or something, even if it was a dangerous stranger out for my blood.

"Well we missed you," he said, smiling again. "Hasn't been the same without you." Something inside my tightened up, and his smile seemed to pull right at my heart. His eyes were sparkling, and suddenly, I started to remember. I wasn't quite sure what I remembered, but I remembered him, and I knew that whoever he was, I was in love with him.

And so I leaned in for a kiss, taking his lips unexpectedly, and those sparkling eyes widened.

"What the bloody hell was that?"