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Truth or Dare?

Chapter 3: The Naughtiness is OVER 9000!

"I'm waiting, darling." Alois said with a seductive grin on his face as he ran his hands across Ciel's thighs and legs.

"You don't have to wait very long, sweetheart." Ciel said with a smirk that transpired his inner naughtiness. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out Ciel Jr., who just happened to be five inches long. "Go ahead, a little whore like you would know what to do."

You didn't have to tell Alois twice, he eagerly began sucking on Ciel's boyhood. He licked the base all the way to the head and gained a moan from the bluenette. Ciel couldn't help but to shiver and moan at Alois touch; he was amazing at this after all. Alois smirked up at him as he pumped his hand mercilessly around the hardening member. He allowed his hands to tend to the base, while he sucked, licked, and pleasured the remaining sensitive spots.

Sebastian watched the alluring scene happily; glad to witness his young master in such a rarely seen, weak state. Claude, on the other hand, was simply irritated that he had to stand idle and watch his young master so willingly pleasure another. However, they could both agree on one thing: that standing idle was the most awful torture their young masters could ever give.

Alois pulled off and licked his lips, busying his hands with the task of trying to finish the young Phantomhive off. "It's my turn, darling." He giggled as he watched the erotic face Ciel was making. "Truth or Dare?" He asked seductively as his hand sped up the pace.

Ciel shivered; he was so close. "Dare," He mumbled as he bit his bottom lip. He could feel his orgasm coming; just a few more seconds.

"I dare you to cum for me," Alois said playfully before giving Ciel's boyhood one final pump, gaining surprised and pleasured gasps from the young Phantomhive.

Ciel trembled hard as he came all over Alois's face. He rode the aftershock of his orgasm in silence. After he relaxed a little, Ciel smirked deviously. "Truth or Dare, sweetheart?" He asked as he joined the boy on the floor and licked his cum from his face.

Alois giggled at Ciel's actions, "Do you really have to ask?"

"I dare you to allow me to raise the stakes on this little game." He said as unbuttoned the blonde boy's shirt and played with his soft pink nipples.

"What did you have in mind?" He said as he moaned, a bit loudly, at Ciel's touches.

"Let's get the butlers involved, first one to cum, loses." He bit down on Alois's neck with gentle roughness.

"You're on." Alois agreed as he unbuttoned Ciel's shirt.



"Come fuck me!" They both gave their butler the same order simultaneously.

Sebastian smirked deviously, "Yes, My Lord."

Claude gave the same smirk, "Yes, Your Highness."

Claude and Sebastian shot each other a look. "First one to make their young master cum wins?" Sebastian mouthed, followed by a smirk. Claude simply nodded without expression. However, under that silent, unfazed exterior, we all know Claude really wants to make Alois scream, beg, and moan under him.

Sebastian approached the two lovable ukes and pulled Ciel away from Alois. "You looked like you were having fun." He whispered as he nipped at Ciel's ear, gaining a desirous moan in return. He let his hand roam the smaller one's body with greed. He was going to fuck the hell out of this little boy, or rather, fuck the hell into him.

Claude knelt beside his young master and immediately began fingering him. Alois let out a yelp at the sudden intrusion, but soon, a lustful grin played its way onto the blonde boy's lips. "You're surprisingly into this today," Alois giggled as he indulged himself in a kiss with his stoic butler.

"That's just because you're so adorable, I can't help myself." With that said, Alois became tighter.

"Hmm…Did I hit a sweet spot?" Claude teased.

"You could say that." Alois said playfully.

Sebastian already fully striped his young master, with the exception of his trademark eye-patch. "You look yummy bocchan." He commented softly as he fingered his young master. When he curled his fingers, Ciel moaned and shivered in response. It was a pleasant sight.

"Shut up, and do as you're told." Ciel said before letting out a surprised, pleasurable moan. Sebastian had added a third finger.

"Oh, and what exactly would that be, Ciel?" He teased.

Ciel moaned loudly at the sound of his name being uttered by Sebastian. He had to fight back an orgasm that threatened to erupt inside of him at those words. "Don't pretend like you don't know, I said earlier to fuck me, didn't I? I hate repeating myself."

Sebastian smirked as his eyes flashed an iridescent red, "Yes, Ciel."

Claude had Alois positioned doggy-style in front of him, preparing for entry. "Claude, please! Hurry, I want it!" Alois was whining due to sexual frustration.

"Relax young master, I know what I'm doing. Besides, I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"I don't care! Please, fuck me Claude! Please Fuc- Ah!" Alois let out a scream as Claude rammed all the way inside of him. It only hurt a little, everything else was just raw pleasure. He trembled as Claude grabbed his sides and pulled him forcefully against him. "Claude! More, more!" He pleaded as he slowly got closer and closer to his orgasm. He seemed to have forgotten that he would lose if he came first.

Sebastian also had Ciel in doggy-style, facing the opposing "team." Ciel was gripping the rug beneath him, fighting the orgasm that Sebastian seemed to eagerly want him to hit. He could feel Sebastian's length rapidly pounding deep inside of him, hitting his most sensitive spot over and over. He still fought the orgasm with everything he had, he wasn't about to lose to Alois. However, when Sebastian leaned over him and began playing with his boyhood, Ciel let out a loud moan. His orgasm was on its way and it wasn't going to stop for anything.

Alois caught notice of Ciel's struggling and smirked, "What's the...ah!...matter, darling?"

Ciel was trembling, "Nothing…ah!...Why? Are you…Ah!...ready to give up, sweetheart?"

"Not if you're not!"

"Oh please…you're going to cum any…Ah!...second now!"

"Speak for yourself!" Alois moaned loudly as Claude began fucking him harder than usual. Claude was not about to let Sebastian beat him at this. He was determined to make his young master cum first. He sped up his pace, slamming mercilessly into Alois with almost demonic speed.

Ciel was losing it, he couldn't hold back any longer. However, he really didn't want to lose to the young Trancy, so he bit down hard on his lip and used all his will power not to succumb to Sebastian's swift thrust.

Alois shivered violently at Claude's quicken pace. At that very moment, he lost. "Oh my god, Claude! I'm cumming!" He exclaimed before finally hitting his orgasm. He felt Claude's cum fill him to the brink and trickle down his thigh. He collapsed from energy loss and rode his orgasm until it fully disappeared.

At the sight of Alois's orgasm, Ciel was relieved. He relaxed himself and stopped fighting the pleasure giving to him by his wonderful butler. Within mere seconds, Ciel was hitting an orgasm as well. That didn't stop Sebastian though; he continued his thrust until Ciel hit another orgasm. "Sebastian!" He cried out when he hit the second one. He felt Sebastian's cum explode inside of him as he enjoyed the pleasure wave that quickly swept over him.

Ciel and Alois stayed idle for a moment, before Alois broke the silence. "Hey, Ciel, Truth or Dare?"

Ciel smirked, "Truth."

"Did it feel good?"

"If two orgasms in a row is good, then yes."

"Can I come play over here again some time?"

"Sure," Ciel said as he kissed Alois, "Truth or Dare?"


"Is it true that I still have my eye-patch on?"

"Yeah, but-" Alois became flustered, "Damn it, why must you always win!" Alois had just realized that Ciel not only won their game of 'Seeing Who Can Last Longer', but he had also won Truth or Dare by not being fully naked.

"Because I'm Ciel Phantomhive, obviously."

Besides, Ciel's victory, Sebastian had also beaten Claude. He made Ciel cum twice, while Claude could only make Alois cum once.

However, that's not surprising.

We all know Sebastian is just one hell of a butler.

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