For Me Please?

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Wednesday in Rachel's room.

"Rach please for me?" Santana asked her girlfriend.

"S I can't join the squad of evil" Rachel answered.

Santana realized that she needed to think of a new way to convince her girlfriend that she needed to join the cheerios. "Rachel, we never see each other because you won't let me tell anyone we are together!"

"That's for your own good, people would eat you alive if they knew you were dating the head gleek, you would get slushied everyday!" Rachel was trying to convince herself more than Santana but she couldn't admit that.

"If you joined the cheerios we wouldn't have that problem! Rach please with all of your classes plus the dates you have to go on so people won't know we are together we never see each other! If you joined you wouldn't need your gymnastics or dance classes and we could finally actually be together, please!" Santana knew she was playing dirty but she also knew that she could not look at Finn without wanting to hurt him and that would give them away. She can apologize once Rachel agrees.

"I know I am going to regret this later on but… fine I will join the squad of sluts… no offence you and B are the only good ones of the bunch." Rachel finally gives in like she knew she was going to in the beginning.

"Thank you so much babe… can you break up with Finn now please?" Santana can't wait to tell everyone that she is dating Rachel.

"Can we wait a week or so please S I need to adjust to everything?" Rachel says needing the week to explain things to Finn.

"Fine and babe, you won't regret this!"

Little did Santana know that Rachel will do just that… Regret it!