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As before there will be references to World of Warcraft, but probably not nearly as many as there were in Queen of Identity Fraud. I will clarify anything important for people who aren't familiar with the game as we go along. For those who are, I'm an altaholic and haven't actually played any endgame instances or used Vent, so I apologise in advance for any inaccuracies in that area.

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This story takes off pretty much right after Queen of Identify Fraud.

Chapter 1

Jean-Luc looked up from where he sat at the head of the long, mahogany table and smiled as Rogue and Gambit entered the LeBeau's private dining hall. Henri was sitting beside him and Mercy next to Henri. At the other end of the table were his grandsons, Claude and Lucian, who were piling enough food on their plates to feed an army. The morning sun shone through the twin arched windows on one wall.

"I see you made it back last night," Jean-Luc said. "Have a good trip?"

"Oui," Gambit replied as he pulled out the empty chair on Jean-Luc other side. "And I've got things all nicely set up so I can do a few jobs by remote. Now, if a certain department would give me some idea what the scores are..."

Jean-Luc didn't say a word and Mercy chuckled as Rogue took her seat.

"Nice try, Remy," said Henri. "It doesn't matter how popular you may or may not be with the legal department, they're not going to tell you a thing."

"Doesn't hurt to ask," Gambit said as he filled his plate. "Only quatre months left before the final count, less than, even. And after a certain someone decided to steal the Assassins Guild, I feel the need to maximise my jobs as much as possible."

"Who me?" Rogue asked innocently, batting her eyelids.

"Oui you," Gambit replied. "Don't give me that look."

"You're thrilled that your exile is over, and you know it," Mercy said with a smirk.

"Never denied it. In fact, I'm rather proud of Roguey for being able to pull one over the Assassins," Gambit said. "But that doesn't mean I'm not irritated about the timing. If I don't get the Number One position on the Top Ten Thieves this year, I don't get to break the record, and I really want to break that record."

"I want you to break it," said Lucian.

"Me too," added Claude.

"Thank you," Gambit replied, smiling at his teenage nephews.

"There's something I don't quite get though," said Rogue after a sip of her orange juice. "When we first met, you said you only did a few jobs a year."

"Oui, that's right."

"So, if the score I got for posing as Marius Boudreaux so I could sign his life away was ten times the highest score that's ever been given to a single job, then you would have to do eleven jobs minimum in order to beat that."


"So..." Rogue said, looking at them with raised eyebrows, "what am I missing?"

"The key is in the definition of 'job'," Henri told her. "Thieves consider a job to be one thing, and the legal department who take care of the scoring and all that jazz, consider a 'job' to be something else. I think they separate things into how they would appear if you were to get arrested and charged or something. Basically Thieves see a job as the whole, and the LDs see the job in pieces."

"Ahh," Rogue replied. "That makes more sense."

"Heh, thought my record was doomed from the start, did you Roguey?" Gambit asked.

"The thought did cross my mind," she said, and opted not to mention that Jean-Luc and Henri had previously expressed the opinion that she would make position three on the top ten list.

Gambit chuckled and dug into his breakfast before it could get any colder. He hadn't wanted the record to be the first topic of discussion this morning, but it was and now he had to find another way to tell his family the good news.

"I'm going to beat the record for youngest person ever to make the top ten," said Claude confidently.

"Oh yeah?" asked Henri. "You have to get your mastery first, boy."

"Oh I will."

"And you have to work very hard, isn't that right, Remy?"

"Absolument," Gambit said. "Alternatively, you can try doing two and three man jobs all by yourself."

"No, really, he can't," Henri said and Gambit grinned wickedly at him. "There's a reason why they're deemed two and three man jobs, Remy."

"Oui, it's to provide me with a challenge to make things interesting."

"So that's how you've managed to stay on top for the last twelve years," Rogue said with a giggle.

"I wouldn't be surprised if your Assassin Guild job score was based off one of mine, chére," Gambit said smugly.

"It wasn't," Jean-Luc replied just as smugly.

"Oh?" Gambit asked as he reached for the last beignet.

"No," Jean-Luc said, the picture of self-satisfaction. "It was based off one of mine."

"You hold the record for highest job score? Really?" Gambit asked with interest.

"You never looked?" Jean-Luc asked as he gathered another mouthful of eggs on his fork.

"Never occurred to me. What did you do?"

"Ha! Like I'm really going to tell you that."

Breakfast continued as it usually did, however before Henri – who was first to finish – could depart, Gambit spoke up:

"Stay a minute, would you Henri? There's something that Rogue and I need to share with everyone."

Henri shrugged, sat back down and looked at his brother curiously. Rogue put down her fork and Gambit took her hand.

"Well," said Gambit, feeling a little nervous all of a sudden. "Roguey and I are... are going to get married."

"Non, we can't have that," joked Henri. "She's a Thief; you're not supposed to make an honest woman out of her."

Rogue laughed. She laughed even harder when Mercy walloped him upside the head.

"Congratulations," said Jean-Luc.

"Yes, congratulations," said Mercy. "I was hoping something might happen, but I have to say, I wasn't expecting anything so soon."

"Ahem, yes well," Gambit said. "Which brings me to the second part of the news... uhh..."

"I'm pregnant," Rogue said, sensing her fiancé was a little nervous about admitting that to his family.

"Heh, got careless did you?" Henri teased Gambit.

"Hey, it was my birthday, my exile had been lifted," Gambit replied with a shrug, although he couldn't completely hide his embarrassment. "We had a lot to celebrate."

"Oh 'celebrating'. So that's what you call it."

"Ahem," Mercy cut in. "Congratulations to both of you."

"Indeed," Jean-Luc said thoughtfully. "Indeed. You would be deux months along then, Rogue?"

"Yeah," Rogue replied.

"And I imagine that neither of you have discussed wedding plans yet?"

"No but I think I'd rather get married sooner than later," Rogue said, and avoided everyone's eyes. "I don't think I really want to be showing in any wedding photos."

"I can understand that," Mercy said pleasantly. "We can just have something small, simple and easy to organise –"

"No," said Jean-Luc firmly.

"No?" Gambit repeated with a raised eyebrow. "It sounds fine to me."

"You forget, mon fils, that since your exile has been lifted, you are now the heir apparent to the N'Orleans Thieves Guild," Jean-Luc said, sounding every part the Patriarch. "Like it or not, there are certain people whom must be invited."

"Right," Henri said, leaning back in his chair and giving Gambit a look of sympathy. "The leaders of the other branches, and probably Bella Donna should be invited as well in her capacity as Matriarch of the Assassins Guild."

"To say nothing of the fact that our Guild at large should be invited," Jean-Luc added.

"Argh," Gambit grumbled, looking down at his plate and picking at his food. "It's way too early in the morning to be dealing with politics."

"Heh," Henri said with a chuckle. "Welcome to our world."

"Non, I refuse to step foot in your world until January next year, after I've gotten my record."

"Oh, I have an easy solution," Rogue said with a slight smirk.

"Eloping is not an option," Henri said quickly. "You haven't met the other leaders before and you need to make as good a first impression as possible."

"Actually, I was going to say that since our wedding has suddenly become a Guild matter," Rogue drawled, "then the Guild can make the plans. Naturally, I would expect to be consulted on details such as dress, colours, music, who's in the bridal party and things like that. But as for food, venues, photography, seating arrangements, blah, blah, blah, knock yourselves out."

Gambit laughed.

"I think that this is definitely a job for Tante Mattie," said Mercy with a decisive nod.

As Rogue's con artistry class wasn't until the afternoon, she and Gambit tracked down Tante Mattie soon after breakfast. They found her in the parlour doing some cross-stitching.

"Are you going to stand there all day, gawking or do you have something to say to me?" Tante Mattie asked, not even bothering to turn around and look at the pair behind her.

Gambit coughed lightly and with Rogue's hand in his, walked around in front of his mother-figure.

"Tante," he said, trying not to sound as awkward as he felt. "Rogue and I have some news."

"I'm listening," she replied, lifting her head to make eye contact with Gambit.

"We've decided to get married."

Tante Mattie was silent.

"And... Rogue's pregnant."

Still silence.

"And as Rogue doesn't want to be showing in any of the wedding photos and Père thinks we need to do the big wedding thing, we were kind of hoping that maybe you wouldn't mind putting something together?" he asked hopefully.

Without a word, Tante Mattie put her cross-stitching aside and pulled up a small pile of paper on the nearby table. She glanced at the first page and then handed it to Gambit.

"See what you think about that for the menu," Tante Mattie said.

Gambit's fingers curled around the paper in shock. She just happened to have a menu handy? A part of him didn't know why he was so surprised - Tante Mattie always seemed to know everything. Rogue, on the other hand, was not yet used to Tante Mattie's ways and her surprise read plainly on her face.

"Now," Tante Mattie went on as she picked up a pen, "are there any personal friends outside the Guild you'd like to come?"

"Umm, well," Rogue said thoughtfully, sitting down on a nearby chair. "Maybe some of our guild - I mean, Warcraft friends - Wanda, Pietro, Dominic, John, of course, umm..."

"Oh right," Gambit said quickly. "I like that idea. And Stormy."

"Logan," Rogue said, considered, and then went on: "Jubilee too, I think."

"Anyone else, chérie?"

Rogue tapped her fingers on her leg and finally shook her head. "No, well... Actually I think I'll ask Pete."

"So that's eight additional people if they all come," Tante Mattie said. "I need their addresses before lunch time to send the invitations to."

"Ahh, those I have," Gambit said and set aside the proposed menu to pull out his PDA.

Tante Matte handed Gambit a sheet of paper and another pen so he could write them down for her.

"And their names as you'd like them to be addressed," Tante Mattie said firmly. "I'll have the invitations posted by the end of the day. Now, the bridal party. We should have at least three apiece. I assume you want Henri as your Best Man?"



"Umm... Rogue what's Jubilee's name? Oh... Emil and Etienne, I guess, if Etienne can come from France again so soon. Theo if he can't."

"Jubilation Lee," Rogue said.

"You're kidding?" Gambit asked.

"No. And Pete is Piotr Rasputin."

"Rogue? Your Maid of Honour?" Tante Matte pressed.

"Oh! Umm, ahh," Rogue said shaking her head. "Jubes - no, Wanda. Jubilee as a bridesmaid if she can come, and umm... Zoe."

"All right. Colours for the bridal party?" Tante Mattie asked.

"Umm, I don't know. Whatever would look good with a red wedding gown, I guess."

"Red?" Gambit inquired with a slight smile on his face.

"I like red better. Besides, the white wedding dress was just a fashion trend started by some Queen of England who got married in it a zillion years ago," Rogue replied.

"Hmm," Gambit said, running his eyes over her and tapping the pen on his mouth. "I'm looking forward to it already."

Rogue laughed.

"Then the sooner we get your gown the better," Tante Mattie said. "That way I can match the right colour. You've got three days, and take Mercy with you; she's got a good eye for these things. Don't miss your classes. Well? What are you still doing here? Get going, fille."

"Oh, right, okay," Rogue stammered. "I'll leave you to it... I... Thank you."

"You're quite welcome," Tante Mattie replied.

Rogue started out of the room, paused and looked back.

"How'd you know?" she asked.

"I knew the moment Remy found out you were pregnant he'd do the honourable thing," Tante Mattie replied.

"I never told anyone I was pregnant until I told Remy last night."

Tante Mattie smiled. "Mercy won't have left for the Hall just yet, but you'd better catch her quick."

Rogue realised she wasn't going to get an answer and departed. Gambit gave Tante Mattie both papers and the pen back.

"Menu seems fine to me, Tante," he said, sitting down in the chair Rogue has just vacated.

"You've barely even looked at it."

"But if it's cooked by you, then I know it'll be perfect."

"Mmmhmm. Honeymoon?"

"After the baby's born, I guess," Gambit replied.

"Probably best," Tante Mattie agreed. "Now, when you're not busy working on that record of yours, you need to go back to your house and make sure its ready for your visitors. Obviously, they can't stay on Guild grounds."

"Oh, right, didn't think of that."

"Isn't that why you've asked me to do this in the first place?"

"I would have been happy to have something small, with just the immediate family," Gambit replied.

"I'm sure of that, but these things don't always work out the way we want them to. Now, while we're on the subject, we'll be moving you up to the third floor –"

"Moving? But I only just got my old room back."

"Now really Remy, don't be silly," Tante Mattie said with a wave of her hand. "Aside from the fact that you've only stayed in that room for a week since your exile was lifted two months ago, that room is completely inappropriate for a grown man, whose wife is expecting their first child. Perfect for a boy growing up, yes; newlywed couple, no. Now, there's a perfectly good master bedroom on the third floor –"

"Isn't the third floor supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Jacques LeBeau?"

"What did I just tell you about being silly?"

"Désolé, Tante, but I remember exploring the third floor once and thinking about how it was full of junk. A ghost story would have at least made the place interesting."

"What you call 'junk' are valuable antiques. And for that matter, I happen to know there's a beautiful four poster bed in the master bedroom that I'm sure Rogue will love. After she's picked out her gown, you need to go and pick a mattress. King size."

"I already have a bed back at –"

"The bathrooms up there were modernised a few years ago, so no concerns there. We can prepare one of the smaller bedrooms for the baby after the wedding, though. Now I know you haven't had a chance to move anything from your old place, so when you do, you can move it to the third floor," Tante Mattie was about to go on when she noticed the dejected expressed on Gambit's face. "Remy?"

"That 'old place' has been my home for what? Twenty-one years? I've lived there longer than I've lived here," he said slowly. "I'm not really sure I want to leave."

"Well no one's forcing you to stay here, not even me," she replied gently. "There are some practical advantages to staying here, however. For one thing, the commute is better."

Gambit chuckled.

"It'll also be easier for baby-sitters," Tante Mattie went on, "to say nothing of being able to spend time – real time – with your family again."

"I know, and I want that. I guess I just didn't realise how much would have to change because the exile got lifted. Not that I want to go back to being exiled by any means but... yeah..."

"Things will settle in," Tante Mattie said reassuringly. "Now, you have a lot of work to do over the next three weeks. You need to get your place prepared for visitors, you need to start moving into the third floor – have it all nice and set up so you can spend your wedding night there in lieu of a honeymoon. In fact, let's see... tomorrow you and I will go up there and see what - ahem - 'junk' should be moved out and where it should be moved to. I believe there's a nice sitting room up there where you and Rogue can play your little war game."

"World of Warcraft," Gambit corrected indignantly. "And it's not little. The first 'M' in 'MMORPG' stands for 'Massively'."

"Mind you, if I find you're neglecting your family – any member of your family – because of that little war game, heads will roll. Am I clear?"

"Like I would ever do such a thing," he replied and then added quickly in response to the glare she gave him: "Perfectly clear, Tante."

"Good. Now, I need to get started," Tante Mattie said as she gathered her things. "Oh, and Remy? Congratulations."

That evening, after all the madness was over for the day, Rogue and Gambit settled down to a game of World of Warcraft with some of their fellow guildies. They were in Gambit's room in the Guild Hall, using his old desk and an spare table they'd swiped from another room. Gambit ruefully admitted to himself that Tante Mattie was right about his bedroom not being appropriate for a newlywed couple.

"You're getting married?" asked Wanda.

"Yep," Rogue replied. "And I was hoping, if you could come, if you wouldn't mind being my Maid of Honour?"

"Me? Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously," Rogue said with a grin while she went about clearing out her bags in anticipation for their planned trip to 'The Nexus'.

"Wow, that's... I'd love to," Wanda replied delightedly.

"Well, I hope you can come then, 'cause the date is in three weeks from now."

"Three weeks? So soon?"

"Yeah," Rogue said slyly. "I'd prefer it if I wasn't showing in my wedding photos."

"Showing?" asked Dominic.

"Ha!" Wanda said, her smirk clearly audible over the speakers. "Got yourself pregnant, did you?"

"Umm, yeah," Rogue replied.

"Got a little too randy, didja Roguey?" John teased her.

"Stop calling me that."

"Hmm... no."

"It's too late, Rogue," said Pietro. "He's forever going to call you that now."

"Anyway, the invites got sent today," said Gambit while he made his avatar run in circles in Origrimmar. "I don't know exactly what day you'll get them but, Wanda, John, Pietro, Dom, you're invited."

"Aww what about me?" asked one of the other people in their guild.

"Désolé, mon ami," Gambit replied good-naturedly. "But we haven't met in real life yet."

"Aww sad."

Gambit chuckled and told them what exactly the date would be.

"But of course, you'd need to get here earlier than that," Rogue added.

"Right, so I can be fitted for my dress," Wanda said thoughtfully. "Hey, at least now I don't have to figure out what I'm going to wear. Hey... what am I going to wear?"

"Ha," Rogue said ruefully as she finished up at the Auction House, "I haven't even found my dress yet."

"Only deux more days, chérie," Gambit said while making his avatar jump up and down.

"Shush you. Hmm, I suppose we should probably give Xaviers a call and give Logan and the others a heads up."

"Especially if Jubilee's going to be a bridesmaid."

"Yeah... eh I'll call 'em tomorrow," Rogue said. "Are we going to hit Nex tonight or not?"