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Epilogue: An Occasion


Edward was sniffing at my neck, which always did things to me, made me want to arch into him, offer up my skin and have him suck it down. Oh god.

"I want it . . . to be . . . you." I was right on the brink, bringing myself off with Edward hovering above me, his own arms moving so fast it felt little more than vibrating.

"It will be me. No one else," he said, low and growl-like.

I thrust up then, which was against the rules, but seriously, fuck the rules. It wasn't like he could hurt me if I was rubbing up on him.

"Liam," he cautioned, and stopped, completely, and I always forgot how he had unshakable resolve and couldn't even be distracted mid-wank.

I didn't stop, but I stopped trying to grind against him, settled my hips back down. "When I'm changed, you'll be able to fuck me so hard. I'll be stronger than you—"

Edward groaned, and for a second I thought he was going to pull back and fly across the room, that it was too much temptation, but then he was back, face buried in my neck again, mumbling, "And you'll fuck me."

"Oh god," I said, out loud this time. We were going to have the dirtiest sex when we finally could. Edward had no idea the stuff I'd been dreaming up. Benefits of a different frequency.

"We won't stop, not for days."

"Yeah?" I was so close, was starting to lick helplessly at his cheek because I couldn't tongue kiss him yet. And that was another thing we were going to do. Make out for a whole freaking day. I mumbled something to that effect while I frenched his cold skin, desperate and — so close.

Edward was too, his voice breaking up, not the perfect smooth sound I was so used to. "We'll hunt," he said, rough, strained. "Together, we'll hunt together. And then we'll mate, right there in the forest. Still hot from drinking."

He slipped then, kissed me even though he knew that made me want to force his lips open, but he did it anyway, pressed them tight against mine as he came.

No sudden moves so I had to stay still, paused with my hand on my cock, pulsing, ready. "You get off on the weirdest things," I said, because I had to say something. Distract myself.

"It's not weird," he said, oddly defensive. "It's when we're at our most wild," he added, going back in to smell me. "We let our instincts rule us, and we're energised from feeding." His nose dipped down to my chest, where his carefully licked around my nipple.

And okay, maybe the forest thing could be good. I'd add it to the list.

"Can I start again?" I asked, because I had to check. Edward's control could be pretty dicey after coming.


I let out a shaky breath and started stroking again, gently at first, and then Edward moved off to the side, reached down and cupped my balls before slowly moving his hand up. And this was rare. Edward hardly ever came first, vampire stamina and all, and he didn't trust himself to touch me when he was turned on.

But he did now. He had perfect pressure, all the way up and down, like he'd calculated it in his head exactly how much I could handle. He wanked me better than I could, and it was worth waiting for. Every time. Sex was going to be amazing between us.

"We'll have our own place to live," he said, picking up where he'd left off, "because the others won't be able to stand listening to us constantly." And that sounded awesome, because it was one of those things I worried about, living with vampires and their freakish abilities.

Edward's head dipped lower, was placing kisses on my stomach now, and I wondered if maybe . . . but no, he wouldn't. Ever. Just as I'd though it, Edward moved, settled himself further down my body with his head right there.

"That's definitely not in the rules." It slipped out before I realized how dumb it was to bring that up.

"I can't do it the normal way," he said, then leaned in and just tasted me, traced his tongue up and down, again and again. It felt amazing, but just the wrong side of teasing too. Until he sped up.

I kind of melted into the pillow then, pushed my head back and shut my eyes because I was overwhelmed with how it felt. He was doing it almost all over, licking up and back, but so fast that it almost felt like he was taking me in his mouth. It took maybe a minute for me to come, and Edward eased off, used his hand to finish bringing me off because he really can't digest it.

I stared up at him, meeting his amber eyes and his self-satisfied grin, and realized that this was pretty perfect. It wasn't ideal, but it was close. And it was only another year and a bit until graduation, when we'd leave for a vacation and I'd never come back and all of these ideas would be reality.

Edward settled back next to me, pulling the covers up because he knew I'd cool down too quickly against him.

"How was that?"

I laughed because he had to be joking. "It was awesome. You know it was awesome."

"No I don't." He said things like that all the time, like he still got off on the not-being-able-to-hear-me thing. He rolled me over so he could spoon me, pulled me in tight and we were sticky and gross but this was Edward's bed, which meant Alice had probably already bought new sheets. I liked the closeness anyway.

"Well it was awesome," I reiterated. "And just like I said it would be, way better than prom."


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