First Glee fic.

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"My name is Kurt Hummel, and I'm here to try out for the role of Sky," I announced to the table set up in front of the stage behind which two men and a woman were comfortably seated. I didn't recognize the two men but I did know that the woman's name was Norah. She was a popular vocal coach here in Lima.

"All right, go ahead," she said to me and I proceeded to sing the chorus of 'Lay All Your Love on Me.'

They were going to put on a show of Mamma Mia! in a few theaters here in Ohio and auditions were being held in a few cities across the state. Lima wasn't the biggest city but the Regionals had attracted the attention of music big-shots since Olivia Newton-John had been called as a guest judge. The performances hadn't been disappointing either. So, of course, when Rachel found out that auditions were being held here, naturally, she wanted to audition for the role of Sophie, the female lead. She had also asked everyone from New Directions to try out for one role or another but we all knew that the musical didn't have many young characters so most of the club had decided to pass.

She had practically dragged me along, all the while flattering and insisting that I would be great for the role of Sky. I knew the truth, though; I knew that Jesse was going to try out for the role of the male lead, and she didn't want to play opposite him. Especially after the episode that took place in the school parking lot. As a person unlucky in love, myself, I knew how she felt, so I had sympathized and agreed to try out. A big chance like this, I knew, appealed a lot to her dreams of stardom. Of course, I had thought about it, and I wanted the role of Sky, because anyone with half a brain cell knew it really was a great chance for exposure; the musical was well known. But I had to face the facts; I very well knew that Jesse St. James of Vocal Adrenaline was an amazing singer and I also knew that I stood no chance for the role. That didn't keep me from trying.

When I finished, the judges seemed impressed and a few people sitting at the back of the hall clapped. I noticed that Rachel clapped the loudest.

"What voice type do you consider yourself to be?" asked one of the men.

"Oh, I'm a male soprano," I said proudly.

"A sopranist, huh… Impressive, but maybe not quite the type of sound we are looking for. You know range isn't everything. You don't have a very compelling stage presence," he said bluntly.

I was offended but didn't let it show. "Okay," I said and turned to walk off the stage.

"We will definitely keep you in mind, young man," said Norah.

I didn't reply to that and walked off slowly. I knew Rachel was going to be disappointed but her approval didn't mean much to me. I was quite upset by the fact that my stage presence had been insulted, and what's worse was I knew it was somewhat true. I hadn't been allowed any solo numbers in the whole time I'd been in New Directions and I hadn't developed the kind of stage confidence Rachel and Finn had.


I didn't even want to think about what he'd say right now. He'd probably tell me not to worry about it or say something equally generic. I walked over to the back and sat down next to Rachel. She reached out her hand and pressed it over mine.

"It's all right," she said with a smile.

I thought it was strange that she was trying to be nice to me at such a time but I accepted her small gesture of kindness and tried to smile back. I felt worn out and wanted to go home, but I decided to stay until Rachel finished. As expected, she thoroughly impressed the panel with a version of "The Winner Takes It All" thought that wasn't a song for her character. They handed her the role of Sophie right there and she proudly walked off the stage. She came to where I was sitting and I stood up. She was so excited she gave me a hug and it was the first time she had done that, too. Today was turning out to be a day full of strange surprises from Rachel. I congratulated her and she informed me that she had no intention of staying and waiting for Jesse's audition. We left the building, the community theater, and walked across the parking lot and got into my car.

I wasn't in the talkative mood, not even for fashion, which, admittedly, was rare for me. So I decided to keep quiet and focus on driving. Rachel, on the other hand, looked about ready to burst with excited squeals following by plans and details, as it was common for her. I prayed she wouldn't start talking. Eventually, she did speak, but said something I was not expecting.

"Why do you love Finn?" she asked flatly.

I was caught off guard and decided to say the first thing that came to mind. "Why do you?"

"Not the answer I was looking for."

"And what gave you the idea that I had to answer to you at all?" I asked with as much venom as I could, but I knew why she was asking that. I had learned after the… incident with Finn during our Lady GaGa week that what I had for him were unrealistic expectations. He evidently loved Rachel and I didn't blame her for finding my past behavior hostile.

"We're dating, as you very well know," she said a little too proudly.

"Don't rub it in," I snapped. "You win, I lose. What more do you want?"

"I want, Kurt, for you to totally back off. Stop giving him those looks. And I want to make sure there is no funny business when I leave the city for however long it takes for the show," she said not a little threateningly.

"You know he'd never do anything. He…" I didn't know what to say and she knew better than to push me further.

She turned on the radio, and a song I didn't recognize was playing. We went quietly the rest of the way and in ten minutes reached her house. She got off without saying anything but waved to me when she was out. I didn't wave back, started the car again and drove off. I reached my house in a few minutes.

I noticed Finn's car was parked in the garage but my dad's car wasn't. My dad had let Finn move back in a few weeks after he'd kicked Finn out. Finn had apologized profusely and I had personally asked dad to give him another chance. We still shared a room but I'd given up on any kind of decoration after what happened and let Finn have his way. And a boyish, unorganized way it was. There wasn't much in the room now, just two beds, accompanying nightstands, a loveseat, a table in front of it, and my vanity. I entered the room and shook my head at its state. Our beds were in separate corners of the room and his side was messy with a few books on the floor lying on top of some dirty clothes. Finn himself was in the shower, I could hear water running and he was singing a song but wasn't very audible.

I loved the sound of his voice. It caused tingles in my chest.

I took off my shoes and socks and threw myself on the bed, hoping to catch a small nap before dinner.

There was a conviction in my brain that I loved Finn. I don't know how one can claim to be smitten with someone one doesn't know anything about. But that's stretching it too far; I knew Finn. I knew lots of things about his personality and about his life. But did it really explain my feelings? And is there really a defined threshold of knowledge? How much are we really supposed to know about someone to claim that we love them? I think one can love someone else without even knowing what their favourite color is. Love works in strange ways. We speak of it like it's an entity, instead of an emotion. This much is clear, though, it's the most valued emotion out of all. Phrases like, "I did it for love" are completely understood, but what if someone says, "I did it for the anger"? That wouldn't make an ounce of sense. No; love weighs above all other human emotions. Maybe because of the fact that it's the rarest of them all reinforces its value. The existence of 'true love' – which is just a perfect combination of Platonic love with sexual desire – is rare compared to 'true anger' and 'true happiness'. At least that's how I saw it...

I sat up in bed, hearing Finn sing and my eyes were fixed onto the door of the bathroom. It was as if I focused hard enough I'd actually be with him at that moment. I wondered how he looked right now. Naked, wet, beautiful… My eyelids felt heavy. It had been an exhausting day. I was half-asleep, slipping in an out of sleep like one does when one is falling asleep against one's will, but when I heard the bathroom door click open my eyes shot open. Finn slowly walked into the room, completely naked, drying his hair with a towel. The towel was covering his forehead and his eyes so he probably didn't even know I was here watching him. I was unbelievably turned on in seconds by the sight of his well-muscled body and an incredibly V-shaped torso. I turned my gaze a few inches down and appreciated the rest of his anatomy before he inevitably covered it up. My heart skipped a few beats when I processed what was really happening. There was a surge of excitement through my body and I could feel my pants tighten.

That was when he lowered the towel and saw me. He let out a started scream and on seeing this reaction I was shaken out of my fantasy and screamed as well. He immediately wrapped the towel around his waist. He opened his mouth to say something but didn't and I saw his face turn red.

Under different circumstances I would have laughed at his expression but I was pretty sure my face looked worse. All thoughts of sleep banished from my mind.

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