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Risa( koizumi)

It's been a month. A month and three weeks since I last saw Otani. So I admit I miss him. Everyday and everynight when I go to sleep. I wonder how's it like for him in college. I bet he's talking to a pretty girl in college. Probably drooling all over her. Ugh! As much as I hated that thought it was probably true. I mean look at me! I'm useless and not at all attractive. If Otani suddenly had a new girlfriend I wouldn't be surprise.

" Hey Risa? were you listening?," Miko , my only friend in vacational school asked waving her hand in my face. " Oh I'm sorry I black out completely,"I murmured, focusing my attention on her now. She is slightly shorter than me. Has red short hair and mushy brown eyes. She had freckles on her face.

" Thinking about your boyfriend?," Miko teased with a huge grin on her face. " No!.." I lied but Miko kept giving me a look."okay, okay! yeah I was thinking about my boyfriend," I gave up. Am I that easy to read? seriously?

"So he's in college right?meeting a bunch of cute girls,messing around, having fun," Miko said. I nodded." I need to meet this boyfriend of yours what's his name?," Miko questioned as we passed the halls. " Otani," I wistfully mumble. I missed him so much. " Okay, Otani I'll try to remember that."

" Just look for a short dude round eyes and hair," I say. Miko laughed." You never told me he has short? how short?," Miko asked. " 5'2 and .012,"I mumble. " He's shorter than me!," Miko gasped covering her mouth." Yup he's the shortest 18 year old boy I've ever met," I mum ble. "Look relax there's always hot dudes and friends like me if you ever feel down." Miko gave me a friendly smile. I smiled back she is right! Yeah that's true I should be having fun. I mean I do want to be a stylist. " You're absolutely right," I replied while she laughed." of coarse I am, Let's go or we'll be late for class," she pulled me a long and I laughed too.

"See you tommorow," Miko waved. " yeah...bye," I sadly waved back. " Hey Risa!," my friend Chiharu came fallowed by her boyfriend Suzuki." Oh! hey guys," I was happy to see them both. It's been a while." We just came from hanging with eachother at the park," Chiharu shyly smile. " Oh really! But wait... I thought Suzuki and you were always busy?," I asked Chiharu. She pushed her black hair back and laughed. " Yeah but we thought it's good to atleast meet up everyday," Chiharu removed her glasses to clean them. " Oh...that's nice," it was nice. Here they are both extremely visit but they still have time to meet up with eachother. Why am I the only one not enjoying this?" well we have to go see you later Risa,"she started walking away. Well duh they want to spend time with eachother. So I smiled and waved bye. Heading home. To my lonesome house. My parents work and my younger brother is just too busy to care about me. I no longer play my video games that much because that just reminds me of Otani for some reason. I look at my hand. There was the ring Otani had given me in replace for the necklace I lost. Oh, Otani do you even think of me?


Class was fun. Everything about college is fun..well exept the extra homework. It had been a long day I was so ready to fall asleep. I headed to my dorm. " Sorry shortie didn't seeyou," a guy push passed me. Grrr! Shortie? Did he just say shortie?" Hey! Don't call me a shortie!," I yelled at him as I head to my dorm. My roomate Namuro was snoring. Too loud. That idiot...idiot...That reminded me of a certain idiot. I pull out my phone and dial.


I was home, laying down in my bed when my phone rang. I yawned. " Hello?," I answered forgetting to check who it was. " Yo did I wake you?,"a familiar voice said over the phone. " Otani!," I gasped recognizing the voice too well. " Hey how's it going?," Otani said over the phone. Uh ..how's it going?Should I tell him taht I miss him?" Um okay," I ended up saying intstead. " Oh. Cool," Otani sounded so nonchalant over the phone. We stood quiet for a while. Until I broke the silence." How about you?," I awkwardly asked. " It's fun! There's so much here Koizumi you don't know what you are missing haha," Otani laughed over the phone. He sounded soo happy...Am I really the only one suffering? Tears went to my eyes. "Hey you okay?,"Otani asked." No I'm fine just focus on college. I'm fine I- I have to go call you later," I hanged up and burst in tears. I want him to be with him I miss him.


What? what's wrong with her? I wonder as I hanged up.


I looked around checking if anybody was watching. When I realize no one was I bolted to the cabinet drawer that belonged to me and pulled out a picture. It was a secret taken picture of Koizumi. What? You thought she's the only one with pictures? " Hey Otani," my roomate woke up. I hid the picture behind my back. " Oh hey how's it going," I try to hide my rush of heat in my face. Namuro had blond and blue 's the cute guy every girl drools over. Namuro eyed me suspiciously. " Uh. What's that behind your back?," he asked while rubbing his eyes. " huh? Oh nothing. Its nothing,"

" let me see," Namuro tried peeking. I walked away. Shaking my head." It's nothing important," I blabbered. " Dude just let me see," he tried getting the picture from me." No it's nothing-," he snatched it from my hand. Namuro looked at the picture. " Whose this?," he asked. I tried snatching the picture back but he was way taller than me. He holded it up. " You're girlfriend right?,"Namuro laughed.

" yeah" I grummbled. Namuro laughed again. " Shut up! Give me the picture back!," I tried reaching for it but failed again.'' Hmm..She's pretty cute I meant really,"Namuro looked at the picture again " huh?what?," I asked." She has large round milky brown eyes and long wavy orange hair. She's pretty cute I tell you," Namuro pointed out. I looked at the picture."Don't tell me you haven't noticed before?,"he laughed. " Um no," see I always thought she had ordinary orange hair and brown eyes. " So why you go out with her to begin with if you didn't notice that?' he asked." umm... I don't know,"