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-months later-


The weather in Hawaii was absolutely tropical and beatiful. I was looking out the beach. Otani was playing with Atchan. Everything was fine until...it happen...

" Otani! Otani!," I called his attention suddenly. He looked up." It's time,'' I say in a rush while I try to stand up.

" Time..for what?," he asked.

" Hello! What do you mean for what!," wouldn't it be obvious when I said that it's time. Otani raised his eyebrows as he suddenly realized.

" NOW?," he gasped in shock.

" Yes Now let's go!,"

Otani looked really confuse for a moment as if he didn't know what to do. I had to help him out. " Drive me to the hospital!,"

" Right. Sorry,'' he shook his head trying to relax. Even with the pain hitting in my stomach I still smiled. He wasn't there when Atchan was born so this was totally new to him. Which made me also smile because he looked totally confused. " It'll be okay jeez relax,'' I tell him as he drives me to the hospital.

" Aren't I the one whose suppose to be saying stuff like this?," Otani replied nervously.

" Momma is my new sister coming?," Atchan asked from the backseat.

" In a while Atchan,'' I smile at him holding the pain in my stomach. Yes it's a girl this time. I baby girl. I can harldly wait to see her. I'm so curious to how she's going to look like. Were almost there sweety I whispered to her in my head. Meanwhile I tried not to worry Otani more as we drove to the hospital.



I waited outside with Atchan for a while. Which seem like forever! How long are doctor suppose to take? I paced if something goes wrong?UGH! What's taking them so long! Atchan cocked his head and stare at me curious.

" Ish ( is) Daddy 'kay?,'' He asked me. I sighed. " Sorry Atchan I'll be fine," I tell him sitting down and trying to relax. The doctor came out. I stood up idmedietly.

" What happen!," I asked before the doctor could speak. " Uh..everything is fine. You can go visit her," the doctor told me with a smile on his face. I picked up Atchan and I rushed to see Koizumi. When I came in I saw Koizumi holding a small baby girl in her arms. I set Atchan down and walked over to Koizumi. That when I saw the small girl in her arms. Her eyes were the same chocolate brown as Koizumi and her hair was the same colored as mine. The girl looked up at me and smiled sweetly. " She's beautiful," I said outloud what I was thinking.

" She get's that from me too," Koizumi teased while looking up and smiling at me.

" Yeah right. She gets her good looks from me,'' I teased back with the same smile she gave me.

" Whatever Otani I have way better looks then you," Koizumi replied looking back down at her as our new daughter grab a hold of one of Koizumi finger. " Heehee so small that's what she got from you is smallness," Koizumi snickered. I stick my tongue out at her.

" Momma! I want to see her!," Atchan jumped up trying to get a glimpse of her. I lifted Atchan up and placed him next to Koizumi in the hospital bed. " I want to hold her Momma! Can I? Pleez ( please),'' Atchan holded his arms out. Koizumi handed Atchan the baby carefully. Atchan smiled as he held his new sister.

" Hey Otani...We haven't name her what do you want to call her?," Koizumi asked suddenly looking at me. " Let me name her..since you got to name Atchan I'll name her.," I said. Thinking of a name.

" Okay then what do you want to call her?,'' she repeated. Hmm.

" Zumi," I said.

" Zumi?," she questioned. " It's a nickname I'd always wanted to call you but never seem right to say it so..Zumi," I told her. " You nicknamed me?,'' she gasped. I shrugged. " No actually to me you'll always be Koizumi." I smiled at her. She looked down.

" Zumi..," she said looking at our new daughter. " It fits her," she smiled. So there we stood the rest of the night looking and holding


My new daughter that I won't miss any years of. As we stood there I can't help but think I made the right choice in going out with Koizumi. I really did.

-a couple years later-


" Ugh! Turn off the alarm clock would you!,'' I complained putting a pillow over my head to drown out the sound.

" Ugh..you turn it off you're closer," Otani mumbled.

" So? You're the one who has to wake up this early," I argued.

" Idiot so do you!," he protested back.

" Just turn it off already!," I yelled. Otani rolled his eyes at me and turn off the alarm.
" ahh..thank you," I closed my eyes again ready to sleep again.

" Wake up sleepyhead," Otani threw a pillow at me. Ugh. I sat up. " Okay fine I'm up!," I yawned. " At what time are you going to be off?," Otani asked getting ready for his work. School Teacher. " At 3:55 I'll swing by the classroom at noon," I replied getting ready for my own work. Yes now we are married. My life has been perfect, a little crazy but perfect. Nobu and Nakao live together in Osaka and have two twin girls. Chiharu and Sazuki got married a couple years ago and are soon going to have their first kid. Aero and Yuuya both move to the United Kingdom where Yuuya is Aero personal assistant. Miko and Namuro ( though I didn't know it until a couple days ago) are actually going out and been dating for a while now. It's funny how things turn out.

" Atchan, Zumi did you have breakfast?," I asked them. Zumi nodded her hair just like Otani but her eyes are like mine.

" Yeah Mom...hey mom I'm staying later today I have a basketball game I have to play today," Atchan said while grabbing a basketball. Atchan is now 12. He sure has grown a lot. " Where at?," I asked while passing him his backbag. " At the park next to Kekeases store," he replied.

" Mom have you seen my homework?," Zumi asked looking around.

" Ask your Dad," I told her with a shrug.

" Ask me what?," Otani came in getting his papers.

" Did you see my homework it was about fractions," Zumi asked him. Zumi turn out to be our smart child. She loves to read and do homework stuff that both me and Otani hate. She was now 8 years old.

" Um..Do you mean this one?," he asked pulling out a paper. " Yes Daddy thank you!," she hugged him and rush over to get her things. Atchan is actually growing taller than Otani. I often tease Otani about that but Zumi is shorter than Otani and doesn't seem to be growing much. They are the opposite of us. I smiled and went over to wake up Rimy who is actually my third child. She's barely 4 though still a little girl. Her hair is curly and orange while her eyes sometimes look orange but they are hazel.

" Mommy I want to go to school too! Like Atchan and Zumi!," she complained.

" In a year Okay Rimy meanwhile just enjoy getting spoil in my work," I smiled picking her up.

" Sho ( so) unfair!," she pouted. Oh and just thought I mention it now. I'm six months pregnant right now..I know I know but it's boy this time which makes me happy to know soon I'll have two boys and two girls. " Come on let's get you ready for work," I tell Rimy while brushing her hair.

" Okay is everyone ready?," Otani asked flipping his car keys out.

" Yup," Atchan and Zumi agreed. " Okay then let's go," Otani murmured as he looked over at me.

" Bye Mom," Atchan and Zumi said as they race down the stairs.

" Bye," I wave back.

" Are you going to be okay?," Otani asked before he left.

" Yup. Good luck at school and don't let those kids give you a heachahe because your extra grumpy when they do," I warned putting on my coat and zipping Rimy jacket.

" Sorry about that...and don't let those cheeseballs at your work flirt with you eighter," he warned too walking over to me. I giggled. " Of coarse not,"

Otani looket up at me waiting for me to sit down. I sat down sitting perfectly. Knowing exactly what he's about to do. He bend down and kissed me.

" Eww," Rimy giggled.

" See you guys later," Otani told us and then left. " Bye daddy," Rimy waved.

" See you," I smiled back. As I watch him leave I wondered will Otani ever grow? naw! Impossible. " Come on let's go Rimy," I picked her up.

" Hey Miko," I greeted her. " Hey Risa were free on Sunday and I talked to Nobu and guess what she's free too want to have a girl night out?," Miko asked me happily.

" That would be awesome you bet!," I agreed.

" I can call Chiharu she could come too!," I smiled widely. " Yeah perfect," she agreed. I got in contact with my girl friends all the time now.

When I got home I set Rimy to bed. Zumi came home too. " Dad said he was going to stay for another hour," she told me when she got home.

" Hey Zumi want to do something fun before homework?," I asked her with a smirk. Zumi smiled back. " Can we play lovey dovey fantasima 3!," she shiek. I nodded pulling the game controllers off. Something Zumi and I love is to play video games.

" You bet it is. We'll finish before your dad gets home," I smiled passing her a controller.

-that night-

" How was work?," I asked Otani when he got to my room. He collapse on the bed. " Ugh..tiring I have to grade so many papers," he sighed laying back on the bed.

" Well that sucks," I mumbled.

" How about you?,"he asked.
" I got to work with a stylist from Tokyo it was fun," I smiled.

"hmm..guess I should get started on grading," he grumbled getting up. I frown and held him back.

" That can wait," I say grabbing his tie and pulling him closer to me.

" Yeah but it's easier to get started now," he murmured disappointedly.

" Come on Otani are you going to reject me again?," I bring him closer. His face near mine.

" Ugh..," he groaned as our heads softly strokes eachothers. My lips curl in a smirk ready to play a trick on Otani. " But that's all right if you want to grade papers go ahead," I push him away. Otani narrowed his eyes at me. Then he sighed and came on top of me. "Ugh! I can't reject you..ever again. You're too hard to resist," he whispered as his lips stoke my face.

" I know," I said my arms going aroung him " Just that know that I love you," I say softly. " I love you too," he replied sweetly. He got use to telling me I love you now. It has been just a life change for me since the moment I met Otani. One little thing or moment can definetly changed how someone future can be. Like this moment now can change into something different. I just have to learn to cherish every moment I have.

We have.

Otani has changed my life is so many ways it's hard to explain. Just know that lovely complexes must happen all the time and change what someone can think.

To a life so changed.

```````the end of a life so change````````

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