Title: Ours

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: HEY! This is my second Big Time Rush Story! I wanted to right a Camille story again, because she is my most favorite girl character in Big Time Rush! So I started making a story, and this came up! I hope you all like it!

Dedication:Um, to whoever reads this! You guys are awesome!

Summary: She knows he and she could never be ours.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Big Time Rush… if I did, James would be mine!

The city is ours.


For a glimpse of a second, Camille allowed herself to think of him and her becoming /o/u/r/s/.

A moment in time, she believed it.

He .f.o.r.c.e.d. her too.

Finally when she had pretty much secured a boyfriend, he stepped in. Confronted her in his own way.

The boys enlisted her, for her acting skills, to be a part of their music video. Of course she agreed. But by the end, she wished she (hadn't).

It began with a rush of Old Spice and hair product, itching *s*l*o*w*l*y* closer to her. Hesitantly, skin brushed, and brushed, and brushed, until she was in his arms. Dancing with him.

He slipped his arm around her waist. His warm breath on her neck, softly whispering in her ear, "You deserve better than him." Sending shivers down her spine.

They moved their heads closer; she could almost taste his chapstick. Alas, it was not meant to-be.

One of his friends twirled him around, signaling for the rest of the choreography. Camille, backed up, unable to fathom what she had almost d_o_n_e.

She quickly danced over to her almost boyfriend, avoiding his heated ^s^t^a^r^e^.

Once the screening of the video ended and she was cleared to stay, Camille !k!i!s!s!e!d! her almost boyfriend.

She knows now that he and she could never become ours. She loved her almost, [almost] boyfriend too {m|u|c|h}! Or did s?h?e?

Awh! Camille has an admirer! :D Should I make this into a two-shot? I have the second chapter written, but is it better left off as a one-shot? Please let me know!

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