Title: Ours

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: HEY! Here is finally my second chapter for my story, Ours. I hope you all like it!

Dedication:Um, to whoever reads this! You guys are awesome!

Summary: She knows he and she could never be ours.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Big Time Rush… if I did, James would be mine!


She turned to see her almost, almost boyfriend hurrying over to her.

"Hey baby! What's up?" She asked, once he stopped in front of her. Pausing for a second, he leaned over trying to catches his breath.

"Have you seen my Animal Farm book? I need it for my report." He demanded, sweating bullets. Camille frowned.

"Calm down! I haven't, but I'll help you look for it!" He smiled, not as dazzling as His. She mentally slapped herself. Camille don't do this to yourself! She returns his smile, pushing the thoughts of him out of her mind.

"Thanks Camille!" He then rushed out of the lobby. She chuckled as she began searching for the misplaced item. She glanced under magazines, shook the cushions, peered in the lamps, dug out the potted plants, AND snuck her way to the other side of the counter… what she found that Mr. Bitters placed there, is better left unsaid.

After failing to find the book in the lobby, Camille decided to retrace the normal paths her almost, almost, almost boyfriend takes. Urging the elevator on, she made her way to the almost famous band's floor. When the doors finally open, she walks out, only to be pushed back in by him.

"What are you..." was all that she was able to say before it was physically impossible. He crushed his lips on hers. In seconds, their limbs were tangled up into one another. He pressed her up against the wall, lifting her up to his height. Camille grabbed on to his, oh so perfect, hair.

The two student did not even notice the elevator door had opened, until...

"Camille! I found my... James? What are you two doing?"

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