Taking what is hers

Someone has kidnap Harper! But who? What is Alex going to do to get her best friend back and will she be able to save her or will she be to late!


Chapter 1 :The Note

Dear Miss. Alex Russo.

I've taken something of value of yours. Your wondering what it is well, my dear it's what you hold most cherish. Your little redheaded best friend. I kidnap her and I will keep giving you hints on how to find me. I took her like you took away what I cherish the most. In this letter is a piece of her outfit. Will you be able to save her or will she die by my hand.

P.S You won't be able to find her with magic .

Sign Truly your Perfect Enemy

" HARPER" screamedAlex at the top of her lung's. Alex was on the ground crying. She gotten this letter today after school. She was wondering where Harper was all day, she thought maybe the redhead went home not felling well. After her big break up with Zeke Harper has been pushing her self to the limit trying to forget him. Alex was really worried, she had a bad feeling like her Alex sense were tingling. Now she knew why someone kidnap Harper and she didn't know what to do. She couldn't go to the police with this letter, if she did then they would know she was a wizard.

" We'll get Harper back Alex we'll get the Wizard Police to help us. Obviously this person knows about you being a wizard." said Justin as he frowned. He was very upset as well about Harper being kidnap. He saw Harper as a sister and for someone to take her it made his blood boil.

" Harper, …...Harper shes... she gone" cried Alex as she hugged her self.

" Alex who ever took Harper will pay , they can't stand up against three angry wizard's for taking there sister." said Max as he picked Alex up and hugged her. He knew Harper wasn't his blood sister but it didn't matter she was a sister in his eye's.

" How , How did this person know that I love Harper how did they know that she is my most cherished thing in the world to me." cried Alex as she looked at her family. Her father was angry with rage his face was red and he was trying to clam down so he could take to the wizard council. Her mother was crying holding the piece of fabric that was sent with the note.

" Because everyone can see it Alex" whispered Max as he rubbed Alex's back.

" I tried so hard to not show my feeling's and now look what happened." said Alex as she wiped her tear's away.

" Whoever this person is , there going to DIE when I find them . If they so much as lay a finger on her I'm going to hurt them so bad that they wished that they were never born." said Alex as she grabbed her wand and cast a spell of lighting in the sky. She kept on doing this for hour's letting her rage out. She hope deep in her heart that Harper was ok.

( With Harper)

" Hello Harper I hope you had a good nap but it's to early for you to wake up" said a voice. Harper couldn't see anything her eye's where cover and she felt a small pinch on her arm then her eye's felt heavy and she couldn't hold her body up, she passed out.

"Well well well looks like I'm going to win this little game. Sleep tight Harper for tonight will be the only peaceful sleep you'll get." said The voice. The the mysterious person ran there hand threw Harper hair.


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