For as long as I could remember I have been attracted to anything that I was told was hard to get. When I started to take off in gymnastics I was told how hard it was to become an elite, so I had to do it and I did. When I dreamed of becoming National Champion I was told how hard it was, so I had to do it and I did. When I told everybody I wanted to stand on that Olympic podium with a gold medal around my neck I was told it was near impossible, so I had to do it and I did.

At first I loved all the attention I got from my Olympic gold medal. I could get any girls I wanted. All of the free merchandise and money from my endorsements. Actually I do still love all the free stuff and money but I don't have a challenge in my life. I love a good challenge, none of the girls I am seeing give me any challenge, and they just agree with everything I say.

At the same time I realized I needed a challenge I realized I needed to get some inspiration in my life. Since the Olympics my life has been crazy and I need to reconnect with my sport. It was with those thoughts that I decided to go to the Rock. While I was trying to get back to the old me I mine as well train with some hot girls and the Rock Rebels were definitely that.

As I was getting into my routine at the Rock I thought about which girl would be my challenge. First was Lauren, who I knew would not work. For one thing she is with Carter and I may be a lot of things but I am not the kind of guy who would take another guys girl. Anyways she would be way to easy, she was the kind of girl who just wanted a guy who would give her attention plus she was a complete bitch. Next was Kmetko, who was cool as hell and would be a challenge, but another guy got to her first, plus its good to just have a friend around here. Then their was Kaylie, she showed from the beginning that she didn't like me but I could also tell that under all that snarky attitude she was attracted to me, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. I decided to make Kaylie my project. I got to work and I slowly broke through her layers. Yes she was a challenge, but not as much as I thought she would be.

During my first week at the Rock Keeler had disappeared. Which wasn't surprising given her disastrous attempt at getting on the National Team. When she finally came back I didn't give much thought to her, I was in the middle of project Kaylie. Once I realized Kaylie was starving herself I decided I shouldn't be playing games with her, I needed to help her. Anyways we never would have worked out, I like a challenge and I like banter but you can't make a relationship out of that.

It was with these thoughts running through my head that I started noticing Keeler. I began to stay late at the gym. It was easier to concentrate when the gym was empty. Payson also stayed late. Sometimes Sasha would stay late to help her with her new style. During these practices we would never talk to each other, which was weird for me. Girls usually flocked to me wanting to talk, even the rest of the Rebels. Kmetko and I of course were friends and Lauren loves to suck up to anybody famous. Even Kaylie, though usually she was saying something sarcastic. But I don't think Payson has even said tow words to me in the weeks I have been here. Which made me want to talk to her even more. Of course I had known Payson before her accident, she was a rising star in women's gymnastics and I had been in Boston the day of her accident. That would be a hard blow to any athlete, but she picked up the pieces and began to rebuild and here she is, still holding on to that dream. I really admire that in her. I can see that desire to prove everybody wrong in her too. She's the kind of girl who likes a challenge. I know everybody thinks I am this bad boy who was hung over at the Olympics and is with a different girl every night but it's not true. I worked hard to get to the Olympics and there is no way I would have wrecked it by drinking the night before the all around.

It was Friday night and just Payson and I were in the gym. I watched as she practiced her new bars routine, amazed that just 8 months ago she was laying in the hospital bed being told her dream was over. Right then I decided that I was going to get her to talk to me. I started to walk over to the bars as she landed her dismount. As she raised her arms in a salute I clapped. She turned to look at me with a frown on her face. She turned back around to re-chalk her hands.

"Nice bars routine Keeler," I said, not giving up even though she gave me an icy look. She faced the bars and was about to mount. "Usually when somebody compliments you, you say thanks. Here I'll show you, I know sometimes us gym rats are socially stunted, but you have to learn at some point. You should have said "Thank you Austin for complimenting my bars, I feel so lucky that a great Olympian like you would pay attention to little ole me,'" I said with a smirk on my face. She gave me a look that would put fear in a lesser man. I don't think Keeler has any idea how sexy she looked when she gave me that look, she probably has no idea, which is the reason it was so sexy.

She just rolled her eyes and put her focus back on the bars. I walked over to the parallel bars as she began her routine again. Thinking about how she still didn't talk him but I liked it, I like a challenge. Yes Payson Keeler had just become my newest challenge. I thought with a smile

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