Once again this is set preseries for True Blood. So, before the vampires came out to the world. I decided to add Dean's point of view on since someone asked for it.

The man is huge. Tall and broad and dangerous and not really a man at all. Dean knows it instantly, like he's pretty sure that he's about to die.

Dean's pretty used to feeling short. His baby brother's been taller than him since he was sixteen years old. That had rankled a little bit, when he was still younger, at least. This guys taller than Sam…bigger too and of a completely different nature.

Dean isn't completely stupid. He recognizes the situation he's in instantly, recognizes what this guy is. He's got nothing on him that will take the guy down and even if he did, he doubts that he could in time anyway.

This guys not a new one.

Dean doesn't back down. It's not really in his nature to do that. He's been at this point too many times, the point where he knew he was about to die. It's usually his dad making the last minute save that stopped that. This time, that won't be happening. He's alone.

He's not exactly afraid of it. In fact, he's pretty pissed off about it. He hadn't even been hunting vampires. It's pretty damn aggravating, and yes that is an understatement, that he's going to die by one. The funny thing is, it's all pretty much because he'd walked the wrong way and literally ran into this vampire.

He's never entertained the idea of making it past thirty. At twenty five, he's well aware that it's unlikely he'll make it that far. If he thinks about it, which he hardly does or at least tries not to, he's pretty surprised that he's made it to twenty five.

He sees several things pass over the vampires eyes. He sees annoyance when they bump into each other, he sees recognition of Dean's profession, he sees a decision made and then changed. The vampires surprises him in the end.

This vampire knows what he is, what he does for a living. Maybe he saw the gun tucked into the waistband of Dean's pants, something that was concealed very well. It doesn't really matter how he knows, what matters is that as soon as Dean sees the recognition in his eyes, he knows he won't be making it out of the encounter.

So, he does what he always does in these types of situations, he antagonizes the dangerous vampire that's about to kill him.

To his utter surprise, this response does not make his death come faster, or more painful. The vampire actually falters and there is a different sort of recognition in his eyes. And, well, he's not dead and he does make it out of the encounter alive.

He thinks afterward that he should just get the hell out of Louisiana. He hears his dad's, and even Sam's, voices telling him that he's lucky to be alive. But, well, he's curious. The encounter was strange.

It doesn't take much for him to find out some things. It's insanely easy now that the vampires have come out to the world.

Eric Northman owns a bar situated in Shreveport called, of all things, Fangtasia. Most of the people who go into the bar have no idea just what the owner or the bartenders are.

He's got decades of experience backing him, from his dad and from all the hunters that his dad met after his mom died, and his dad knows a lot about vampires.

His dad knows about the politics of their world and Dean knows, just from the little research he's done that Eric Northman is very old and very important.

He sees the vampire more than once during his stay in the city and he begins to think that the thing is teasing him for some reason.

And, really, he is not supposed to think that a vampire is hot. But, hey, that's all physical, isn't it? And being dead sure hasn't diminished Eric Northman's looks.

He doesn't get it. He doesn't get why the vampire didn't kill him and he doesn't get why the thing seems to have taken an interest in him. Really, his luck just gets worse as he gets older.

Only he'd blow through a small town, not even intending to stay one day, and end up with a vampire stalker.