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I would like to give credit to DarkMidnightStars for inspiring me to post this. For that, I dedicate this to her, and a certain YouTuber.
Okay, in the flasback, it talks about someone's life. Well... it's me... And it's true... That's how I was treated three years ago. Because of that, and the movie HHAW, this story was born.
So... there was a good thing about that. Okay, well, R&R!

Friendship: An Unlikely Love Story

Chapter One

The chilly wind blew which caused my hair to dance and a very "slimy" chill to snake down my spine. Goosebumps appeared on my arm. My wrists were somewhat warm with the handcuffs that I wore. The rest of my body was covered by my pink shirt, blue jeans, pink headband, and white shoes. But not completely. I still had holes, scrapes, bruises, cuts, and tares in some areas from today's earlier accident. As you can guess, I was in complete pain. I slightly looked up from the balcony, and could see all the Whos in Town Square looking up fearfully. I knew I couldn't keep my identity a secret forever. Someone had to find out sooner or later. Chairman Vonfrood forcefully shoved me, and I kept on walking after a wince. After a couple more steps of walking, he pushed me down to kneel. When I did, I looked up to see a Who in a black robe and carrying an ax in his hands.

I gulped.

Then I began to remember how this all began…

I always hated my life. In school, a day wouldn't pass by if I wasn't tormented or picked on by other kids. My nickname was "the fat four-eyed freak". I'm sure you can guess why I was called that. People only wanted to be my friends to find something to use against me. And what did I do? Nothing. Why? Three reasons;

I thought it was a personal problem

I had no idea who to turn to

I didn't want anyone else to get involved.

So I kept my mouth shut.

It wasn't long before a teacher found out about my problem. It was my fifth grade teacher grade teacher named Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. Richardson was so much more than a teacher. She was a hero… my hero.

…My second mother…

Mrs. Richardson noticed how sad I was because of all the kids. She talked to the kids sternly, and to me very softly. Mrs. Richardson wanted to know what was going on in my life. To my comfort/surprise, she was the first teacher to directly listen to my parents. My teachers from third and fourth grade, they had an administrator see me. I felt uncomfterable because I didn't like the fact I had to tell my problems to a stranger. But Mrs. Richardson was very thoughtful enough to let me tell her.

As I talked, she understood me because not only did she have kids of her own. She told me after my explanation she faced the same problem around my age. She admitted making friends is scary and can be a big risk, but it's sometimes worth it. I wanted to make friends… but hardly anyone liked me from the inside. Mrs. Richardson said that I could do something else during recess. I smiled, because she didn't pressure me to try harder like the administrators. She knew I'll be ready to make a friend when the time came. So during recess, I would write stores of whatever popped into my head alone by some benches.


When I would look up at times, I would see kids making faces at me, clicking their tongues, and so on. I'm not entirely sure myself how I did it, but I managed to ignore them, and go on with my time at recess. I let my teacher read my writing, and she insisted I had a gift. I felt touched, and it wasn't long before we found out how good I was in art and choir. None of the kids could write as intricately, imaginatively, or unique as I. I even won third place in a restaurant poetry contest at Bruno's Pizzeria, and it got published! (I didn't use their theme correctly, but they liked it anyways.) No other student in the whole elementary school went to an "Honor Choir" practice, and performed in a high school! And no other kid in my class could draw a realistic book cover, without tracing!

I felt so special; I thought my fifth grade year would be my best school year ever. Heck, even somewhat perfect!

…But I was wrong…

The one thing I never got to accomplish by the end of the school year was to have one true friend.

One night, after my parents yelled at me for no friggin' reason as always, I cried myself to sleep. In the middle of the night, I got up, changed, and went into my backyard sitting on a wooden stool. I watched dazzled by all the stars that glowed behind cirrus clouds. I noticed one that was extremely much brighter than the rest.

The Wishing Star…

I though a lot of things I could wish for at once;

Bigger allowance


A new video game

A movie

But then, I knew what my wish was going to be. I clasped my hands together, closed my eyes, and whispered;

"I wish for a true friend…"

And... that's the ending of Chapter One! Next chapter, we'll see how our little Jojo's doing. :)
This was written down in a composition book, and is now 3 years old.
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