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Friendship: An Unlikely Love Story

Chapter Twenty-Five

Jojo could only stare at the human, his mouth slightly open in a frown. Was his hearing decieving him? Did she say what he thought she just said?

"W...What?" He took a step closer to listen better. "What do you mean you don't belong here?"

Mari sniffed and focused on the ground. She was holding her arms close and she was careful to balance in her squat position.

"I... I just don't belong here!"

She didn't know why she began to tremble. She assumed it was because she was embarassed to cry in front of a guy.

"I... I'm too different! Whatever I do to try to be like a normal Who, it won't change me into one! I'll always be human! Whos belong here in Whoville... a-and humans belong on Earth. That's how it should be..."

She tried to dry her face with her left arm. Jojo remembered something when he was at Brandon's house...

"You really did it this time." Brandon began.

Jojo gave him a confused look.

"Hurting Mari's feelings like everyone else in her world." Brandon continued. "Look; I know she spilled your secret, but she did it to talk for you, not to make you feel bad."

He... was... right... Why did he have to always be right when it came to problems like these? Jojo opened his mouth to speak, but Brandon interrupted him.

"If you're looking for her, she's not here."

What? Jojo thought.

"She left a couple of minutes ago to apologize to you. And..."

The younger cousin looked down before continuing.

"...She wants to go home."

"Mari, if you're leaving because of what I did after you told my dad I didn't want to be mayor, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. But, that doesn't mean I don't want you to stay." He told her.

She stared at him for a brief moment. She was confused at what he was talking about for a moment, but soon she figured it out.

"Jojo..." She wanted to kick herself because she was about to cry again. "'re the first person to ever say sorry to me for doing something to me... Thank you..."

Jojo wasn't sure if he was supposed to feel good about being the first person Mari met that gave her condolences, or feel bad because he probably did hurt her without even knowing it until now.

"And... thanks for telling me you don't want me to leave. It's funny, cause when I first met you, I thought you would be one of the first people here who would want me to leave. But seeing how you tried to help me and apologized to me... it feels like you really don't hate me. Anyways, I still can't stay here; I don't want to risk anyone else in your family to get hurt because of me."

The black and gray stripped Who, for some reason, felt an urge to persuade her to stay. Was it because he would miss her stories? His family would miss her stories? Because she helped his dad realize he didn't want to be the next mayor of Whoville? Because she's the reason his sister Helen didn't lose her life? Or was it because she taught him to not always judge a Who by his fur?

Come to think of it, when he added those questions... he would miss Mari in general. Because it all proved she was like his first friend.

"Besides," Mari snapped him out of his reverie. "Can you imagine how my parents are right now? I haven't been home in two days! Sure they yell at me every now and then, but... it's their job, right? And... they still love me, right? If they didn't, they would've given me away, right?"

With those words, Jojo knew he couldn't convince her to stay. It wouldn't be fair for him to be selfish and keep Mari here when her parents might be worried sick trying to find her.

She turned to him.

"I know I'll never meet someone like you and Brandon, but... I gotta try to find someone who will be my friend. It's like what Brandon said; in a crowd of a hundred, I'll more than likely find a friend."

The eldest McDodd slowly curved the corners of his lips and nodded his head. Mari could only smile in return before standing up. She dried her face and took a big breath.

"Well... thanks for everything. I really hope I'll get to see you soon. I really liked meeting you and your family. Tell them I said 'bye' for me."

She nodded her head as if she just made a deal. The human spun on her heels and marched in the direction Jojo was facing. Before he would go back inside his observatory, something occured to the Who.

"Mari, do you even know how you're going to get back home?"

She froze herself from taking another step. Slowly she turned her head to him.

"Nnnnooo..." She meekly drawled, her cheeks warm.

The mayor's son rolled his eyes with a small smirk.

"Well, do you know how you got here in the first place?" He asked.

"Um... I remember I saw this glowing light on a plant and, I guess it was a portal because once I touched it, I landed here."

He nodded his head as a sign of understanding.

"O.K., so... maybe we got to find another portal that'll take you back home?" He suggested.

"...I guess." She shrugged.

Jojo skimed the premises for anything that matched Mari's description. His eye caught something.

"Is this it?"

She turned towards him and her eyes softly reflected the luminous glow on a pink clover Jojo was staring at. She smiled, part of her in shock.


She stood up along with Jojo and took a breath. She held out her hand.

"Well... goodbye!" She tried to smile like Ned.

The black and gray stripped Who glanced at her furless hand then stared at her. Hesitantly, he held it and slowly shook it up and down.

"Awkward..." Mari thought in her head.

They finally let go, avoiding eye contact. She knelt to one knee, placed her finger on the clover, and then it got bright.

Jojo stared at the starry night sky; specifically at the one spot he saw Mari disappear. He didn't know how to explain it, but when he saw Mari touch the clover, the light consumed her so she was also glowing and she just traveled up.

Wow, would he sound like a nut if he ever tried to explain to his family how she left.

Thoughts began to flood his head as he paced to his observatory. His sisters would probably get mad at him and start bawling his eyes out that Mari left. After all, they seemed to like her. His parents would probably scold him for not letting them give her a proper goodbye. And Brandon would probably tell him off, thinking it's his fault she wanted to go home.

They'll eventually get over it... he hoped.

Jojo started to cease his instruments off. Guilt overpowered him and he just wasn't in the mood to listen to his music. After that, he climbed to the top of his observatory. With a deep sigh, he laid against the building and stared at the sky.

It seemed like it was only yesterday he was just sitting here before Mari fell on him. A part of him wished it would happen again right now.

He realized she was probably the only friend he would ever have, and he let her go. And all he did was just shook hands with her! What kind of friend does that? Why couldn't he hug her or at least say "I'll miss you"?

Jojo scolded himself, rubbing his eyes.

He was always a horrible friend to her from the start, no matter she wanted to leave.

Oh well, the next time she comes, he'll give her a better goodbye than just a mere handshake. And how does he know she'll come back? Well... it was all thanks to that star he met her.

The Who stared up at the brightest star. The next time he feels lonely, he'll wish her back but not now; he was not about to get greedy with it or force Mari away from her family.

Suddenly, he felt an urge to sing about that star. Just as a way to say "Thank you for granting my wish". He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.


"When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are...
Anything your hear desires,
Will come... to... you...

"If your heart is in your dreams,
No request is too extreme~
When you wish upon a star,
As dreamers do-o...

"Fate is kind~
She brings to those who love,
The sweet fullfillment of,
Their secret lo-ng-ing...

"Woah, li-i-ike a bolt
Out of the blue~
Fate steps in and,
Sees you through-ooh

"When you wish upon a star,
Your dream comes true...

In his mind, Jojo imagined all the times and moments he was with Mari. The good ones at least. And how when she comes back, he promises to have better and more memorable moments with her.

He opened his eyes and smiled at the Wishing Star.

"If your heart is in your dreams,
No request is too extreme~
When you wish upon a star,
As drea-mers... do~

ah~ when you wish upon a star,
Your dreams... come... true~

"Bye Mari." He whispered before returning home.

Mari slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Looking at the shade of night blanketing some plants, she knew she was home. A part of her forced her to find a plant that was glowing like the clover she saw in Whoville.

But no luck.

Hanging her head, she walked to a bench in her backyard and sat on it. Before she could cry, Mari spotted a small object float by her.

She watched a tiny speck flutter in front of her, the wind taunting her unability to stay there- in the small town called Whoville. She firmly pressed her lips together, tears flowing down her face. Then she heard the small yet sweet voice of music.

"If your heart is in your dreams,
No request is too extreme~
When you wish upon a star,
your dreams will come true..."

Her fifth grade brain told her it was the voice of Jojo. It was so beautiful and majestic coming from someone, or in this case somewho, quiet and mysterious like him. The song controlled herself to smile. Though she wasn't able to stay in Whoville with the McDodds and Brandon, she had to at least enjoy and see the positive outcome of visiting their world.

The McDodds enjoyed her stories; something that no one here would bother listening to if she asked for them to listen. Brandon was there to encourage her to speak up and try to befriend his cousin. Plus, he didn't judge her when he first laid eyes on her; and that was more than anything she could've asked for.

And then there's Jojo.

He did judge her, but he had the right to; she did intrude his observatory twice and broke his bottles. Surely she would've been unwanted by him, but he apologized for kicking her out and for his assumption on what her personality is. And they talked a bit about a few similarities they had; she had never talked to anyone for more than forty-five seconds until they met. His creation was beyond anything she could've imagined. All the instruments she would never find on Earth and the ordinary items he built to invent his own music was...


It was all thanks to that Wishing Star she made her first friends and explored an extraordinary world. If it wasn't for the fact the councilmen were tracking her down and she didn't want her parents to worry about her, she probably could've been closer friends with Jojo. But she wouldn't let that bring her down.


"I don't know when..."

She dried her eyes.

"I don't know how..."

She inhaled a confident breath as she sat up.

"But I know something's starting right now..."

The speck began to fly away from her toward the sky dotted with stars.

"Watch and you'll see...
Someday I'll be,
Part of your... world~"

Mari watched the world float up until it camouflaged with the rest of the stars. After a brief moment of recalling her time in Whoville, she could only smile and whisper "Goodbye" to the sky.


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