John's point of view

I was lying on my bed waiting for my gorgeous girlfriend to come out of the shower i could hear her humming away which made me smile.

I closed my eyes and the sound of the water bouncing of the floor was soothing to me for some reason like the hair dryer as well i guess, it's like the mobile babies have over there cribs which play music to sooth them to sleep.

My thoughts we're soon interrupted when she came out the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her and we greeted each other like we normally do

"Hey handsome" she smiled which made me smile.

I sat up on the end of the bed "hey beautiful" i took her hand and pulled her into me

"stop it" she giggled trying to pull away i sat her on my lap

"what john im busy" she was still smiling something about the way her nose wrinkled made my heart melt

"you missed out there i was just about to join you" we'd been together for 6 months and haven't had sex yet mickie's not the type to just put out to anyone i didn't mind though jus being in the same bed some nights was enough for me

Mickie point of view

I made my way over to the dressing table johns eyes on me the whole time "you got a match tonight" i asked him to which he replied

"yeah you?" i turned around on my stool to face him

"no ive got another 2 months off cos of my shoulder remember" showing him my arm now back in its sling

he made his way over to me and placed his hand along my jaw line he smiled and kissed the top of my head.

I can tell john wants to have sex it's some of the things he says sometimes but im making him wait. Because the longer i make him wait the better it will be.

I was brought out of my thoughts "mickz you in there" john chuckled at me

"oh um yeah sorry i blanked out there for minute" i laughed back.

"I could tell" john said to me packing his bag to take to the arena.

I watched him my best friend turned boyfriend it was then i realised "why don't you have any pants on" i asked he turned to me

"dunno randy ted and some of the other guys wear jus a top and speedo's/boxers i wanna know what it's like" i chuckled turning back to the mirror to do my makeup

"your weird" john shot me a look i just grinned at him

I was now dressed packed and waiting for our friends to come get us

"will you put some pants on" it was funny at first but now it was getting annoying

"fine" john huffed at me putting pants on there was a knock at the door i jogged over and opened it

"hey" i said as i stepped aside letting randy and Maria in

Maria's point of view

Mickie let us in and we walked in on john pulling his pants up

"erm, are we interrupting something"

"yes" john quickly said quickly followed by a "no" from mickie

"she was just telling me how sexy i was" john said smirking

i chuckled and thought i no my best friend she wouldn't of been doing that

"can we just go" randy said not looking amused by the situation

"what's up with him" mickie asked me

"dunno he's probably not had his coffee or something" i shrugged.

Im debuting tonight ive been an interviewer for a while now mickie's been giving me lessons and they've given me a match well more like a death wish Kelly Kelly's not the best nor is she the worst ive seen but she has a mean streak on her. And it's safe to say mickie goes easy on me in our practise matches so im allot nervous plus she has an injured shoulder

"o oh rias got her thinking face on" john announced to everyone

"sorry for thinking" i snapped back

"woah what's up with you" john said to me

"nothing just a little nervous for tonight"

"don't be you were trained by one of the best" mickie said jokingly cocky

"why thank you" john said pulling at his shirt

"oh please you just begged her to put you in a head scissors" mickie said to him am i sensing a hint of jealously from my best friend mickie suddenly snapped her head to me and said "no" it was like she read my mind