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Anyone But You

If one had asked Bella Swan what she wanted to do with her life, being a personal assistant to a stubborn temperamental ass would not have been on her list. Only out of desperation did she decide to take on a temp position after being unemployed for almost six months. Her previous place of employment had not been able to survive the down turn of the economy and new employment was difficult to obtain.

If she had known the temp agency was sending her to work for Edward Cullen she would have told then to take the job and shove it. Bella knew of his reputation. The man was stubborn, hard headed, temperamental, and always right (according to him). She had experienced it first hand on more than one occasion. The two had been at each other's throat on their last encounter, yelling at each other from across the conference table with a room full of business associates bearing witness to their argument.

They were completely incompatible because they were so much alike. It proved to be a great combination for fireworks, or a bomb.

Now she stood in her black short sleeve, knee length, skirt suit in front of a sign reading 'Cullen Enterprises' wanting to scream in frustration. "Mr. Cullen will see you now," a friendly voice said, but Bella was unable to register. The receptionist looked up at Bella and her eyes widened at the look of indignation written across her face. "Miss Swan, Mr. Cullen is ready for you."

Bella turned and looked down at the woman who was talking to her, her face twisted in disgust. "Him? Why did that stupid agency send me here to him?"

The receptionist, who Bella noticed was named Angela, was taken aback by her sudden outburst. "Is there a problem?" Angela asked cautiously.

Bella closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Money. She needed money. That was why she was here. She would even endure HIM if it meant brining a little money home.


"Yes, but I suppose I will have to make do," she said, trying to smile down at Angela. She seemed like a nice person; unfortunately she was certain her smile came out more as a grimace. Forcing one foot in front of the other Bella walked toward the large wooden doors and placed her hand on the handle. She hesitated before turning it and pushing the door open to meet her fate. Or doom as the case may be.

As the door slowly opened her eyes scanned the room until they found him sitting on his high horse…. throne…. mahogany desk. She watched as his gaze lifted from the papers in front of his to find her. His eyes widened momentarily as a crooked grin spread on his face. She desperately wanted to smack him and was pretty sure that was the look her face was portraying.

Just looking at him made her blood boil. He stared at her, his green eyes drawing her in to his perfect face and wild bronze hair. The man looked like a god as much as he acted like one. His gaze was hard, but she saw his lips twitch in amusement.

"Well, Isabella, are you going to come in or not? I don't like to be kept waiting," his velvet voice called from across the room. It would be a siren call if it had not come out of his mouth.

It was in that moment she realized that she had not crossed the threshold. "I'd rather not."

"Well, if you are the temp that they sent, and I assume you are because I cannot think of another reason for you to come, I'm afraid you will have to enter my office." Reluctantly Bella took a few steps inside, making sure to stop at least ten feet from his desk. "So, I take it you are no longer with Newton's?"

Her eyes shot daggers at him. "Surely an astute businessman such as yourself would know the answer to that."

"If you needed a job all you had to do was call. I know we aren't on the…. friendliest of terms, but I can always use someone who is knowledgeable…. and feisty." Edward smirked.

"I'd rather ….not," she replied, amending her words in an attempt to remain civil. Her glare was matched by his at her words. He meant what he had said. He knew she was good at what she did.

"Yet here you are all the same," Edward pondered.

"This is only temporary."

"We'll see." He smirked. "We hire on eighty six percent of our temps."

"Enough, Cullen. Shall we get this circus moving?"

"Mr. Cullen, Miss Swan. We do like to keep a professional atmosphere around here. I know it has been awhile, but I am sure you remember how it goes," he replied; his tone curt and his eyes hard. If she wasn't glaring earlier, she was now as she tried to light him on fire with her eyes. "Go back to Angela. She will help set you up on your computer and go over my daily schedule. Once that is done I need a spreadsheet analysis created of this data by two pm."

In his outstretched hand was a file that had to contain over two hundred pages. It would take hours just to sift through the information! After a moment Bella's feet finally began to move forward toward his desk to collect the report.

"Yes sir, Mr. Cullen." She sneered at him before turning and walking out the door. She returned to the receptionist desk at the front to find Angela.

"So, how was it?" Angela inquired as she turned in her chair to face Bella.

Bella let out a sigh. "I can't believe I'm working for him." Angela let out a small laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Usually women are throwing themselves at him and here you are trying to throw yourself out the window than to be in the same room. What is your beef with the boss?" Angela asked, curious to find a woman immune to Edward's looks.

"Let's just say Cullen and I have had our share of boardroom antics. Not the fun ones, either," Bella said. "Anyway, he ordered me to ask you to help me set up my computer and go over his daily schedule so that I know how things run."

"Ordered, huh?" Angela smiled as she contemplated the comment.

"Everything out of that mans mouth is an order," Bella huffed.

Angela laughed. "That is very true. You two must know each other quite well."

"Nope. But we can sure fight like a married couple going through a bad divorce."

"Ok, come on. Let me show you how things work around here," Angela said, guiding her down the hall to a desk right in front of his office.

"Yay?" Bella said, the word coming out more in the form of a question causing Angela to laugh yet again.

An hour later Bella had her computer up and running, Edward's schedule down and sent off for him to look over, and was now starting on the daunting task of the report he had given her. It was already almost ten; she wasn't going to have much time to work on it.

At one, Bella's stomach was rumbling and she still needed a finalized spreadsheet reporting all of the data it contained. It wasn't worth not meeting his deadline in order to eat, so Bella continued plugging away into an excel spreadsheet. With minutes to spare, Bella was finished. She saved the document and emailed a copy to Mr. Cullen for approval and any changes needed.

A moment after laying her head down for a breather on her desk she heard a shifting sound and looked up to find Angela setting a sandwich down on her desk. "Thought you might be hungry."

A genuine smile lit up Bella's face. "Famished! Thank you so much!"

"It's not much, just PB & J."

"Trust me, it's a godsend," she said as she bit into the sandwich while trying to suppress a moan. "Wonderful. You sure know how to make them Angela."

"Thanks. Well, enjoy. I need to get back to the phones," Angela said as she waved goodbye and headed back to her desk. It was then that Bella decided that the world needed more Angela Weber's.

For the next two hours Bella attempted to familiarize herself with the company and how things worked. She looked over Mr. Cullen's schedule and noticed she knew many of the names he had meetings with. If they saw her now….Oh, how the mighty have fallen. She thought as she shook her head.

"Miss Swan! In my office! Now! And bring the file I gave you," Mr. Cullen called out through the crack in his door, pulling her from her thoughts. Quickly she shot up from her seat, grabbed the file, and ran into his office to find out what was wrong.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen?"

He sneered up at her. "Just what the hell is this you sent me?"

"You asked for analysis of the data in a spreadsheet format. That is what I provided. If there was something in particular you were looking for you should have said so," she responded; her brown eyes hard, locked on to his green, daring him to push her.

His eyes darkened as he glared at her. "If you needed clarification you should have asked. Not only did you not analyze the information that was needed, you spent most of the day on something that is worth shit!" Edward spat.

"Fine, Mr. Cullen. If you find my performance in the matter unsatisfactory I have this to say. I will not stand for your temper tantrums. Explain yourself clearly next time; it would save a lot of time and money. And, I believe the data in question is on tab 6. Screw you, Cullen! I'm going home!" Bella yelled, throwing the folder of data up into the air towards him letting it all fall to the ground before storming out of his office. Quickly she returned to her desk, grabbed her belonging and headed down the hall.

"Swan! Get back here and help me pick this shit up! Now!" he screamed as he swung the door open, his eyes ablaze with fury.

"Bite me, Cullen! Do it yourself!" she screamed at him as she stormed off, making sure to wave goodbye as she went by Angela's desk. "See you in the morning."

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