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The Death of the Science Branch

"Reever, go get Allen and Kanda," Komui sighed as he stared down at the (newly rebuilt) cafeteria.

"Why?" Reever asked cautiously, dodging as a plate shot by his head.

"I'm going to give those two the new drug," Komui answered, heading off to his office.

Reever sighed and looked back at the cafeteria. Right in the middle stood Allen and Kanda fighting about heaven knows what. All the finders had already evacuated the room while Lavi was trying to hold the two apart. Apparently Lavi was the only bravest (or dumbest) exorcist that was in the area.

"Hey! Fighting duo! Komui wants to see you in his office!" Reever called out from behind a column.

All he heard were two huffs and several angry footsteps leave the cafeteria.

"Thanks Reever!" Lavi called up to the older man.

"Don't thank me yet," Reever sighed, "Komui wanted them to give them a new drug of some sort."

"Oh crap…" Lavi muttered and ran after his two fighting friends.

Komui smirked as he stood behind his desk with his blow dart. He had on war paint and a helmet. The second he spotted the white hair of Allen, the crazed scientist shot the first dart.

"Ow! What the he…ww" Allen's voice tried to say.


'One down, one devil to go,' Komui thought.

"Oi, Moyashi, what the hell is wrong with you?" Kanda's voice asked.

"Allen? You okay?" Lavi asked from further behind him.

"Wait…Dammit Komui! What the hell is with the blow dart?" Kanda cursed.

Komui quickly shot the next dart just as Kanda turned to head back into the office.

"Shit!…cwap…" Kanda cursed.


"Yes! Score one for the scientists!" Komui shouted as he pranced around.

"Komui?" a male scientist with dirty blonde hair and red streaks in said hair questioned from the doorway as Lavi freaked out about the two unconscious exorcists.

"Yes Akihiro?" Komui smirked, "Oh! Right, the papers!"

Komui quickly signed several stacks of papers for the young man.

"Th-Thank you, sir," Akihiro stuttered, trying not to look at the unconscious males on the ground.

"Komui! What the hell did you do to them? They won't wake up!" Lavi snapped, shaking Allen and kicking Kanda.

"Of course they won't wake up," Komui stated, "I shot them with a new drug that I made. It's to relax exorcists especially after a horrible mission. The effects only last for a day so I bumped up the dosage for the two."

"Not another experimental drug!" Lavi cried.

"It's passed the experimental stage. Most of the science branch that Reever is in charge of use it," Komui stated, walking up to the three exorcists, "Although…"

"Although what?" Lavi snapped, "I knew that there had to be something else!"

"Well, normally the drug just makes you drowsy for a little bit. Most people don't pass out as soon as it hit's the bloodstream. Though…Johnny was one that did," Komui thought aloud.

"So what does that mean?" Lavi asked, frantic.

"It just means that the two were even more stressed out than they should have been," Komui smiled.

"What do you mean by that? And why did you even think about doing this?" Lavi wept.

"Haven't you noticed how the two of them have been fighting the second that they spot each other? Normally it isn't until they have to talk to each other that they argue. Now, when either one says something, the other goes off and they start a fight," Komui sighed, "All of us agreed that the two must have been under extreme stress if they couldn't even hold back their tempers. So I finally decided to allow the two to relax for about a week!"

Lavi sighed then smiled, "Well, if it will keep them from killing each other and the rest of the Order, then I'm game. But…"

Lavi gave a death glare to Komui.

"Wh-What? I already know that Kanda's gonna try to kill me when he wakes up," Komui stuttered.

"It's not that," Lavi stated, glare continuing.

"Then I'm sorry if I almost hit you. I didn't want the two of them to see me before I shot off a dart. I'd be killed by the second one if I did that," Komui apologized.

"Not that either," Lavi growled.

"Then what is it?"

"You know that those central bastards are the reason that Allen is under so much stress," Lavi answered.

"What does that have to do with me?" Komui cried, "I don't like it anymore than you do!"

"I'm not saying that it has anything to do with you. What I'm trying to say is that if this drug hurts him in anyway, first I'll go after those central bastards then I'll come after you," Lavi said, gently picking up Allen.

Komui shook with a slight fear, "Wh-Why is that, Lavi?"

"Cause," Lavi stated, smiling a little, "he's my little bro."

Komui paused for a moment before smiling. Lavi was just being protective of what little family he had, even if it wasn't really real. He was the same with his biologic sister, Lenalee.

"Hey, Komui?" Lavi asked, "I think Allen has some wounds that didn't completely heal."

"Why do you say that?" Komui asked, walking up to see what Lavi was talking about.

"He's bleeding a little on his stomach," Lavi stated, "Unless it's Yuu-chan's blood. He did just get back from a mission."

"It might be. Well," Komui said, somehow managing to balance the teenage samurai on his back, "let's just take both of them to the infirmary. Akihiro? Can you get me a cup of coffee from Lenalee before you head back to your area?"

"Y-yes sir!" Akihiro responded, slightly happy that they were taking the other two males away.

Akihiro turned back to the messy desk of Komui's. Smirking, he quickly picked up a bottle off of it and sprinted out of the room.

"I need to get this to Katashi! He'll freak when he finds out!" the man shouted to himself.

The young scientist ran through the halls as if the Earl himself were on his tail. Not that anyone really noticed. All the finders and scientists were so used to either some poor person fleeing from Komurin the whatever or Kanda chasing after Allen and Lavi for some sick prank they pulled on him. So, a scientist running like a crazed Komui was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Katashi! I've finally done it!" Akihiro shouted, pounding on one of the many doors.

"What have you done? Got yourself moved to another branch?" another man with pure black hair sighed, opening the door.

"Nope! I've finally managed to make the thing that will solve all of our problems!" Akihiro stated proudly.

"Really!" Katashi exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the other male, "That's wonderful to hear! Let's hurry and use it!"

"Not so fast, my love," Akihiro tutted, "First we must test it to make sure that it works."

"On who? You can't really go up to anyone and say, 'Hey can you test this drug for me? What is it? Oh, it's a drug that will change your gender temporarily. Why would I make such a thing you ask? Oh, another simple question. I made so that I can be with my gay lover,' now can we?" Katashi questioned, pouting.

"True but when the next undercover mission comes up, I can propose that it would be easier if two males went instead of his sister. That my drug can make a man into a female for a short amount of time," Akihiro smirked.

"You're brilliant, Aki!" Katashi beamed, "but how will we know if it works?"

"I'll make sure that you're one of the finders in the squad. That way we'll know without a doubt that it worked," Akihiro explained.

"Such a wonderfully brilliant idea!" Katashi smiled.

"Now to prepare a needle just in case the chance comes soon," Akihiro grinned, opening the cap of his potion, "Oh shit."

"What is it, Aki?" Katashi questioned.

"The paper seal that covers the opening has already been punctured…that means…" Akihiro said, realizing what had happened.

"That means what?" Katashi questioned as his lover paled and stumbled to the bed.

"Komui mistook my bottle with his relaxing drug and shot the two most powerful exorcists full of it…" Akihiro whispered, barely loud enough for Katashi to hear.

"Sokalo? Klaud?" Katashi gasped.

"No…worse," Akihiro stated, "Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu."

"…Shit!" Katashi shouted, both men rushing out of the door towards the infirmary.

"Komui!" the two snapped, busting down the doors of the infirmary.

"Yes? Oh, Akihiro? Did you bring my coffee all the way here for me?" Komui sparkled, "You're so thoughtful!"

"Not quite sir…" Akihiro mumbled, pulling out his drug bottle.

"Hm? Why are you holding my relaxing drug? Did you spill or something?" Komui asked, confused.

"No sir," Katashi sighed, "We have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"…Komui…" two voices hissed.

Mizu: You can blame my friend and I for this one. We were walking down the hallway at school wearing Kanda and Allen shirts that we made. You see, she's normally either Lavi or Kanda whenever we make up stories or whenever we fill like acting out skits that will never come to be while I'm almost always Allen, though sometimes other random characters.

Anyway, as we walked, we linked arms and were having a great time. Of course, me still being in my Allen state of mind and her Kanda, I stated that 'You know something. There is no way on this planet that we all seem to call Earth that Kanda and Allen would ever walked this way as if the bestie best friends in the world.' As we laughed at that, my wonderful otaku mind started a moving and then I added, 'Unless Komui accidentally turned them into chicks.' It was then that I decided to write this. Don't know where this will go and don't really care. It might change later on to something else, but as of right now, it is strictly a humorous story of the silly scientists' mistake. I'll try to actually sit still long enough to finish all of my other stories. Sorry for making you guys wait!

Akihiro: Crud Mizu…could you make it any longer?

Mizu: *thinks for a minute* maybe…I'm also in a rambling writing mood.

Katashi: Well, before she turns these notes into a novel themselves, let me remind you that Mizu loves all sorts of reviews.

Akihiro: Even if they are flames or critics.

Mizu: I think that's everything…yep. Ciao for now!