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The Death of the Science Branch

"Do you have some sort of death wish or something, Komui?" Cross growled at the now cowering scientist, "Why's my idiot apprentice a fuckin' girl?"

"A-As I-I've been trying to t-tell you, it's not m-my fault, General Cross!" Komui cried, holding up a clipboard for protection.

"Then whose is it?" Lenalee demanded.

"O-One of the n-newest scientist from R-Reever's section," Komui stuttered as Reever himself walked in.

"Hm? You talking about Akihiro?" Reever asked, flinching when he spotted Cross, "H-He's b-barricaded himself in his room. I just came down here to ask why."

"What room is his?" Cross questioned, glaring at the Austrian.

"N-Number S-Six Hundred F-Forty-three on the s-seventh floor," Reever stuttered, pointing down the hallway.

Everyone watched as the pissed general stalked off in the direction of the poor scientist's room. Reever looked nervously back at Komui.

"Wh-What's going?" Reever questioned.

"I-I mixed up Akihiro's and my drugs so instead of making Kanda and Allen relaxed, they're…" Komui drifted off as he spotted the other resident red head rush in.

"They're insane fucking chicks!" Lavi cried, diving over the couch and under several stacks of papers, "They're gonna kill me!"

"What did you do to them?" Lenalee demanded.

"Nothing, I swear!" Lavi whined, "It's just that I was talking to Allen while we were headed down to the training area to see how much stamina he still had when we both tripped over a sleeping scientist in the hallway. And well…"

"What happened, Lavi," Lenalee nearly growled, activating her innocence.

"I landed on top of Allen and when I sat up, I accidentally grabbed his…um her…his newly developed area…" Lavi said, hiding his head under Komui's desk, knowing that Lenalee's Dark Boots where just waiting to kick him.

"So you accidentally groped him on the chest?" Komui gasped.

Lavi nodded, "At first, Allen acted like it was no big deal because it was an accident. So I helped him up, still apologizing when who should appear, Kanda. That idiot doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut!"

"H-He yelled at Allen?" Komui gulped.

"Yep, and Allen looked at him. So now I've got a Kandafied Allen chasing me throughout the Order, dragging a overly sensitive Yuu behind him!" Lavi cried, trying to further bury himself in Komui's millions of papers.

"D-Did he see you come this way?" Komui asked, starting to freak out.

"I don't think so…" Lavi mumbled.

"Lavi!" Allen's new feminine voice screamed from down the hall.

"Make that a defiantly," Lavi whimpered.

"I'll deal with Allen," Lenalee smiled sweetly, walking towards the doorway, "Allen! Whatcha doing?"

"Murdering rabbits," Allen snapped, moving Lenalee out of his way.

"L-Let me go, Allen!" Kanda tried to demand.

"Hell no! If I do, I won't get to kill this idiot!" Allen shouted, kicking Lavi out from under the desk.

"I said I was sorry!" Lavi cried, trying to get to his feet.

"Not good enough!" Allen shouted, about to activate his innocence.

"Congratulations! Both you and Kanda are to leave on a mission right away, Allen!" Komui shouted, trying to distract the enraged exmale from the cowering rabbit.


"Are you fucking insane, Komui!" Everyone in the room screamed.

"Hold still a little longer, Allen," Reever stated, blushing as the exmale tried to stay as still as possible while Johnny and himself poked him with needles.

"I don't see why I can't just where my normal uniform," Allen sighed.

"It doesn't fit you anymore, Allen!" Johnny chided, mouth full of pins, "But this one will!"

"I don't want it to!" Allen whined.

"There!" Lavi beamed, finishing tying Allen's hair into two braided pigtails, "You look so adorable, Moyashi-chan!"

"Lavi!" Allen whimpered, "Stop calling me that!"

"But this is the last time that I'll be able to without worrying whether or not you're in a Yuu-mood," Lavi whimpered.

"Did you really have to call it that?" everyone sweat dropped.

"What? Don't you think it's cute?" Lavi chuckled.

"What do you call it when Kanda's acting like Allen?" Johnny asked, poking Allen once again causing him/her to yelp.

"Mood Moyashi," Lavi said dramatically.

"Booo," Allen sighed.

"You don't get a say in it," Lavi stated,

"This sucks," Allen whined, looking at the sheet that was separating Komui's office, "Do you think Kanda is actually letting the girls do their jobs?"

As if on cue, there was a loud crash and a shouted curse from the other side.

"Not likely," Lavi and Reever sighed.

"I guess I should just be happy that Komui's off searching for master in the order," Allen sighed yet again, "So who's the other lucky guy?"

"Lucky guy?" Reever repeated, "oh, you mean your other mission partner. Krory."

"What!" Allen shrieked, "Krory! No!"

"Oh, come on, it's not that bad, Moyashi-chan~!" Lavi chuckled, "He's only going to be pretending to be your husband after all."

"I'm gonna kill Komui," Allen growled.

"Just be happy that you were changed into a girl. Komui was honestly thinking of sending you and Kanda when you were both guys. He would have made you dress up as girls anyways," Reever stated, poking Allen yet again.

"This sucks," Allen whimpered.

"I'm here-" Krory's voice started to say, "My dear!"

"Huh?" Allen said, about to turn around when was glomped from behind, "Hey! Let me go!" "I don't know who you are, but you remind me so much of my dear, sweet Eliade!" Krory cried/beamed as he tried to bury his face in Allen's hair, "What is it that I should call you?"

"Krory…" Allen hissed.

"Ah! You already know my name! Splendid!" Krory clapped before he came face to face with the Crown Clown, "A-A-Allen! Why are you a woman!"

"That doesn't matter!" Allen shouted, a dark blush painting his face.

"I-I'm sorry! I wasn't informed about your current situation-" Krory started to apologized when the curtain separating the room fell.

On the other side of the curtain was Lenalee and Miranda who were still trying to take Kanda's new measurements. Kanda stood wide eyed as the curtain fell, revealing his/her…um…exposed body to the room of males (not including Allen). It took nearly a full second for the shock to wear off before the deafening shrieks filled the Order. Allen, with the Crown Clown, quickly jumped in front of Kanda and effectively hid her/him from view. Somehow in the melee of movement, Kanda and Allen's eyes never met although both were bright red.

"That was…" Krory gulped.

Johnny and Reever just nodded, trying to nurse a few minor nosebleeds.

"wow…Strike!" Lavi chanted.

"SHUT UP!" both Allen and Kanda snapped.

"But Yuu-"

"I swear that if you don't shut up Lavi, that I'll be the one to cut you into a million pieces. Then I'll give them to Kanda and have him dice you up!" Allen snapped.

"There! You're all ready to go!" Komui clapped as he finished tying Allen's red bow in his/her snow white hair.

"I'm. Going. To. Kill. You," both Allen and Kanda growled.

Both of the ex-men where now stuffed into puffy and frilly hoop skirt dresses that they had to wear over their new uniforms, both consisting of more skirts. Kanda's was gratefully a deep blue with pale blue fringes. But Allen wasn't so lucky. He was stuck in the girliest pink dress with red frills on it. Plus the cover up make-up to cover his scar which was really the only thing that made him seem somewhat like a male with it, Allen looked like the most innocent, cutest maiden in the world. While Kanda looked like a possessed demon…

Lavi was on the ground laughing at his two best friends while Krory was hiding behind poor Toma, who had to come with them as escorts. Toma was having difficulty believing at that moment that these two exorcists where the same two he had gone on a mission with about a year or so earlier.

"Yes yes, there'll be plenty of time to do that when you get back," Komui smirked, pulling Katashi in front of him, "By the way, along with Toma, Katashi will be going along with you guys."

The two gender-flipped exorcists glared daggers at the finder. Katashi gulped and was really hoping that he'd be able to make it home after this mission.

"Now listen you two," Komui said seriously, "We have been receiving reports of weird happenings in Northern France and we have strong evidence that it is the doing of innocence."

"What kind of weird happenings?" Lavi asked.

"Every night, a blanket of fog covers the village," Komui started.

"That's not that unusual for Northern France," Allen stated, an odd sound of disgust mixed in with his voice.

"If that was it, then we'd have dismissed it already," Komui sighed, "But there is something strange happening every night along with the fog."

"Like?" Lavi pressed, reading the mission file before his eyes widened and he busted out in laughter, "No way! This is so awesome!"

"What?" the other three asked, grabbing the mission file.

" 'During each night of the fog, all the villagers most intimate wishes are fulfilled…'" Allen read, paling as he/she did so, "…no way…"

"So…" Krory thought for a second before a blissful look settled upon his face.

"I'm not going," Allen and Kanda announced.

"You don't have a choice," Komui smirked, "The village is only letting married couples in to their village now until this issue with the fog is settled."

"…shit," Allen cursed as Kanda glared at the scientist, "This is just like France…"

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