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Summary:Kurosaki Yuzu dies and is found in Rukongai by none other than the battle-loving monster. She enters Seireitei for schooling and eventually Division 4 as a ranking officer. The "pansies" as Division 11 would call them. Along the way, she faces many troubles but always receives help from none other than the man who found her, Kenpachi Zaraki. It was when she met Zaraki that she truly knows trouble means. Yet she is all smiles around him and he doesn't scare her away. -Non OC -Non OOC -Slight AU


Chapter 1: First Meeting

The sun shone brightly in the morning, its rays slipping through the opened windows of the peaceful home. The quiet autumn's breeze came along, making the air refreshing and calm as it blew on the curtains lightly. Morning was filled with beautiful songs of rising birds chirping around the neighborhood. Fallen leaves of red, orange, and yellow color rustled outside, adding evenly with the sound of the wind and song. While in the home, with the small clinic attached, the small sound of tics and tocs had combined with the sizzling of eggs and sausages on the frying pan. And to top this harmonious sunrise, a soft tune was hummed into the air.

She tuned happily and playfully as she made the morning meal for her sister and herself, the only two currently in the home. Perhaps she made too much as two other sets of breakfast was made. But, she did not seem to notice. The young girl glanced at the clock, reading seven sharp. After setting the meal down, satisfied of her work, she exited the kitchen and found her way walking up the stairs towards their bedroom, to wake her sleepy sister from slumber.

Knocking, even though it was also her own room, the cheerful girl waited for a response. As none was coming, she opened the door wide and found her sister lay wildly on the bed. The young girl huffed and pouted, hands on her hips like a mother as if looking in disappointment. She walked over and started shaking the girl from dreamland.

"Karin," she started, "Wake up! We have to get to school in thirty minutes."

"Uhn..." her sister moaned, turning over and waving her off. "Five more minutes, Yuzu…"

"Karin!" the sister, Yuzu, pleaded. "Breakfast will get cold if you don't hurry. Now go get ready. I made breakfast. Please, Karin."

"Uhn… Fine," Karin said, groggily and moving to get off the bed.

Yuzu broke into a smile and jumped through the door, hopping down the stairs. She heard the sound of running water upstairs, assuming Karin was in the shower. Yuzu waited patiently at the dining table. After a few minutes passed by, Karin came into the kitchen, and took her seat.

For twins, they were nothing alike. Of course they were fraternal twins, but they were complete opposites. Appearance-wise, Karin had black hair and seen more in sports attire whereas Yuzu had light brown hair and dressed more feminine. Personality-wise, Yuzu was soft-spoken, empathetic, responsible, and like a mother figure, at times playful. Karin was more authoritative, sensible, tough, and can be protective, especially over Yuzu. Despite the differences, the sisters care for each other and for their brother very much.

Karin is the kind of girl that would protect those she loves, and that is mostly her brother, Ichigo, and especially Yuzu. She is strong and always reassures her twin that everything is all right. Yuzu is the kind of girl who also holds as much responsibilities. She takes on all the household chores, helps most with her father's family clinic, and worries much for others than herself. So in a way, the two are similar.

Everyone thinks along the line that Yuzu is innocent, naïve, and pure. She would probably break easily and feel hurt, both mentally and physically. Well, perhaps not mentally as she has held up strong when her mother, Kurosaki Masaki, passed. But then again, she would always worry when her brother, Ichigo, left for too long and usually without a word. Karin was her supporter and her strength in those kinds of cases, but Yuzu remained as strong as she could.

In the meanwhile, as Yuzu was finishing up her small breakfast and about to clean up after Karin was done, she sighed. Karin would have asked why, but she knew when she saw the two other plates on the table. Yuzu began to wrap them and placed them into the fridge. As she turned, she noticed Karin ready to leave without her, probably for morning soccer practice again. They had an upcoming game this weekend and her team was training all the time they could get. So waking Karin up early was helped by Yuzu.

Yuzu glanced at the clock and saw that she had some time before school would start. Perhaps she would clean the clinic for a while. Then she noticed Karin still standing by the doorway.

"Karin?" Yuzu asked. "Don't you have practice to go to?"

Karin turned to Yuzu and gave a small smile. "Don't wait up for 'goat-face'. He told us he would come back tonight after he comes from his visit to the nearby hospital."

Yuzu giggled at Karin's way of words. Words meant to comfort her as their dad had been gone a week because of an emergency call elsewhere. If was not something to fret about, but Yuzu was worried if he had eaten anything proper yet. He usually never does when engrossed with work or if not reminded. She flashed a smile and nodded, and saw Karin smile and leave.

Yuzu all but sighed again. She knew of dad's whereabouts, but onii-chan was still sort of a mystery. He left for a long period of time at one point. Too long and it made her cry while Karin was stressed. She seemed to know a little about how onii-chan was doing but her expression said she could not tell her. Everything became hectic and even their dad disappeared for a while. When they both returned, with major injuries, after what seemed like forever, Yuzu broke into to tears and collapsed then and there. She wasn't eating or taking anything because of her worries.

But now, onii-chan left again. He did say something this time. He told them he received a high position in a group of elites and could not come back except for holidays and a few days every month or so. Yuzu was confused. High position? Elites? She knew her brother was smart, in fact they were all average intelligent. Being intelligent probably ran in the Kurosaki genes, but they were not geniuses enough to be placed with elites. He was still fifteen! Moreover, she could tell that her brother was lying. Being nervous and awkward with a lopsided smile and wandering eyes meant he was hiding or covering something.

Of course, she questioned him. She pounded on his chest and demanded answers. Why do you have to leave so suddenly again? Why are you hiding something from us? Why do you have to leave us all alone again?Questions came out along those lines and tears spilled as Yuzu had wailed loudly in his arms. She realized she was the only one. Her dad smiled sadly and Karin placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her twin. As if she was saying they expected it. That they knew he was going to leave, that he had to leave somewhere.

Karin and onii-chan assured her that it was not good-bye. And so, Yuzu resigned. At the same time, she felt something inside her. Almost like a burning sensation when she looked at Ichigo that time, as she saw him covered in bandages and bruises. Wherever he was going, it would seem like he would get hurt. It made Yuzu want to protect him this time. She wanted him and everybody to be safe. She wanted to make things better, to ease the pain, physically and mentally. She desired it so much. She felt helpless she was not able to at least heal his injuries. She did not show Karin her despair, knowing her twin was worry for her. But Yuzu wanted so much to just make everything better however she can. It was probably at that point that made Yuzu become stronger in her own way.

It had been five years since then and as promised, onii-chan visited them every holiday and a few days every month. Sometimes, he brought friends. She had seen the nice girl, Rukia, almost all of the time. And also a strange but kind man with tattoos everywhere, called Renji. And a group came over at times too. A short boy with shocking white hair, a bosomed girl with strawberry orange hair with a mole under her lips, a shiny bald headed man, and a very self-proclaimed beauty with feathers on his face. Every time he was here was fun. She and Karin were now sixteen and he was twenty.

Yuzu shook her head, shaking the thoughts away. She did not want to be depressed so early in the day and worry Karin or her father when they got back home tonight. It was a beautiful day and she should have a cheerful front. Yuzu glanced at the clock and gasped. She was going to be late if she did not run to school.

Quickly, Yuzu grabbed her bag and dashed out the door. She raced towards the direction of her school, but she did not know if she could make it. She was fast and had much stamina because of multi-tasking household chores and her effort to get stronger, but she was still not as fast as Karin or had the endurance like Ichigo.

Yuzu huffed and puffed, running through the street of the neighborhood, which was getting more rowdy as she was nearing her destination. Her lungs were working in over drive and she felt a bit faint. She had to breathe. She had to rest for a while and then continue after a short break. But there was no time for a break. She would be late and it is not good to be late!

Yuzu kept running, as much as it pained her and burned her lungs. Along the way, she saw a young boy. He seemed to be fetching a ball as it bounced away from him. She took a little detour. There was time to help get the ball back to the boy and still make it on time. She could do it. Yuzu ran towards the boy. She slowed as she got to him and gave him the ball. She watched as he nervously thanked her and ran towards his mother.

Then, she felt a small pressure. Not from her lungs, but from something else? All of the sudden, a force was bringing her flat down on the street. Yuzu tried to get up but it was as if a huge ton kept her down and crushed her. She was tired. She was dazed. She could not feel, or do anything. All of the sudden, she saw a flashing light and heard a loud honk before she was in nothing but darkness.

The captain of the 11th Division cried an unmannerly loud yawn that echoed through his entire cluttered office. He looked towards his small, pink eyed, pink haired, pink blushed lieutenant. She was happily covering her slime all over a new lollipop and giggled as she noticed him looking at her. With a bored face in front of heaps and heaps of messy paper work, he decided to just scribble on all the work. His handwriting was unruly but he didn't care. All this captain ever thought about was a fight.

And as if on a cue and reading his mind, his tiny child lieutenant had spoken in with a cheery playful voice. For a kid, she was sure loud. But nonetheless, she always had good ideas for him. So he stopped destroying the paper from his horrible script and merely glanced at her, seemingly uninterested until she had spoken.

"Neh, neh, Ken-chan!" she chirped.

"Yah, what it is?" He bellowed, leaning back on his chair, his head leaned back farther.

"Wanna go back to Zaraki?" She asked casually. "And look for a good fight?"

"Heh?" He thought for a moment. But he did not have to think long when he realized what the girl meant.

The fact that the girl was not calling him by his nickname to her, "Kenny" or "Ken-chan", meant she was talking about the other Zaraki. Where he derived his name from. The place where he originated from. The 80th district of the North Alley of Loitering spirits in Rukongai.

And as one of the 80th district, it meant it was the worst district of that area. The higher the number, the more crimes, theft, criminal based actions, and gang fighters there were. There was even rape and countless murders almost every day. Being the 80th district was a high number. And the highest number was eighty.

He grinned his infamous crazy smile that told he was looking for a fight. He wanted blood on his cracked, chipped sword. And he wanted blood. The boy refused to have a match with him and ran away. Following the pink girl's direction, while she swung glued on his back, did not help find the Ichigo boy any better. He only got lost on the path.

It did not matter. As long as he got a fight in the end, he was partially satisfied. He ended up sparing with all the shinigami's in his division. Determined yet weak they were, they were his group of fighters. Besides, he could not have his third seat and fifth seat have all the fun.

And as if on cue again, his seated officers stood before him. The fifth seat, Ayasegawa Yumichika, and third seat, Madarame Ikkaku, filed through the door. Ikkaku had a wild grin on his face as he entered, probably overheard the little girl's proposal. Yumichika just glared at the mess and hideous pile and writing that lay before him. He went on ranting on how it was not beautiful. He was practically in shock when he saw the girl and her way of devouring the poor lollipop.

"Lieutenant Kusajishi Yachiru!" Yumichika started. "Please eat properly and have some class like a young lady should. It simply is not beautiful." He stated, flaunting his hair with one hand, posing.

Yumichika had purple eyes with colorful feathers on his right eyelash and eyebrow. He had black hair and did not take kindly to anything that was not beautiful. It was the sole reason he decided to be fifth seat in the 11th division, because he thought four was an ugly number.

Yachiru, the pink little girl, just smiled and took the lollipop out of her mouth, causing all the saliva to follow, sticky, and led a messy trail from the girl's mouth to her hand holding the wet lollipop. Yumichika just gasped and feigned to be unable to breathe. He dramatically placed his hand clutching the cloth that covered the area of his heart while the other hand was on his forehead.

Ikkaku, on the other hand, had only smirked and then turned his attention to his captain. The captain remained the way he was seated, leaned back in his chair and head thrown back. He was bored and really wanted a fight, a good one at that.

Ikkaku had a shiny bald head that he would hunt, and hurt, anyone if they commented that his head was bald and shiny, which it actually was. He is also a lover to fights and had his, supposedly, first defeat against this wild captain.

Indeed, he had overheard Yachiru's proposal to the captain about looking for a battle in Zaraki. He wanted in. He wanted to go as well. It had been a while since any great opponents came along. Ikkaku wanted to sharpen his skills, not that it needed to be practiced or anything.

"Captain, it sounds like a plan. Zaraki, that is." Ikkaku said, his mischievous smile smacked on his face, head shining blindingly. "Let us in too, will ya?"

It was a tad bit quiet. Yumichika and Yachiru had stopped their little antics. Yumichika now stood by the desk, arms crossed, anticipating the answer of his captain while Yachiru silently licked her lollipop, not beautifully as Yumichika commented, but improved.

The captain of the 11th Division finally sat upright and they all saw that wild crazy grin he wore when in battle mode. Ikkaku smirked, partly smiled, Yachiru cheered, and Yumichika gave a small smile, thinking a big and wide smile is not beautiful, but the plan to head to Zaraki was.

"Heh. Don't go blamin' me if I finished off everythin'," The captain said through a smirk on his lips.

Ready to head out of Seireitei to Rukongai, Yachiru tossed her lollipop in the air and jumped off the desk she was laying on to climb on her captain's back. He didn't seem to mind one bit. Ikkaku followed behind, taking his sheathed sword and swinging it back to lie on his shoulder. Yumichika moved a few steps then suddenly halted to a stop. Yachiru's lollipop came back down, thanks to gravity, and nearly landed on top of Yumichika's head or face if he would have looked up and move forward a few more steps. He scowled at the girl swinging on the captain's back but she merely stuck a tongue at him.

The 11th Division captain stepped outside and his mind was wondering how to get to Zaraki. Thinking it over, he knew he had a bad sense of direction, so he looked towards Yachiru, whose sense of direction might even be worse.

"So which way is it, Yachiru?" He asked.

Yachiru looked in all the directions and randomly pointed to one of paths. "That way, Kenny!"

Ikkaku, knowing full well the little pink girl was wrong, interjected. "Captain, it's this way," pointing to a different path, the correct path.

Yachiru glared at him with slit eyes and shouted. "Shut up, baldy!"

Ikkaku doubled over. "B-b-b-BALDY?" He literally put his face close to Yachiru's and whispered menacingly, "Oi. Just which part of me is a bald, eh, shrimp?" While he said this, the sun had seemed to shine brightly on Ikkaku's head and nearly blinded everyone.

Yachiru laughed loudly and spouted the "taboo" words. "Baldy! Baldy! Baldy!"

Yumichika merely sighed and the captain was loosing his patience. Losing time meant no fight.

"So which way is it?" he demanded.

Deciding to step in, Yumichika stood out. "Along this path," he waved at the direction Ikkaku had pointed out earlier.

"Hah! I was right!" He shouted to the girl.

"Hmph," she pouted, head held high.

Yumichika thought carefully and then turned to his captain. "Captain, don't you have all that paperwork to complete."

"That can wait."

So then, they made their way fast down the path towards the northern gates in check between Seireitei and Rukongai.

It was dark. It was dark for just a moment. The sun's rays were hitting the girl and she could feel it. She knew she had to get up but she remembered the force that had hit her. Force? If she remembered, or felt, correctly, it was not the kind of pressure she felt in the air when she was around onii-chan or his friends. It was more like a hand. A large, heavy hand that crashed upon her and made her collapse unexpectantly, just before she felt a small pressure in the air.

When she thought back, Yuzu realized she felt something similar before. She remembered a time when Karin, with her, discovered a small shop called Urahara's, or something along that line. They met some kids named Jinta and Ururu. And then, the famous ghost exterminator, Don Konoji, came and formed the Karakura Superheroes.

She did not know then, but she had always heard a howl, filled with hollow and emptiness… perhaps despair and death as well. She was lifted into the air as well; it was like she was flying. But even then, she felt something grip her waste and took her up. Karin, Jinta, and Ururu saved her of course. And that was the end of it.

There was another time too. She found a cat in the rain. Fed it some food and then she left. But the cat followed and there was a tragic accident. But she always saw it and felt the kitty protect her. It magically transformed when she felt that pressure again. She was saved and thankful. Since then, she felt a lot of pressure in the air, especially when onii-chan was around. It almost crushed her, but she got use to it fairly quickly and knew Karin had felt the same way she did.

That pressure. Well, she didn't sense anything wrong now. No pressure and no large invisible hand on her, crushing her down at the moment. She had to get up, go to school, and probably apologize to the teacher, she knew she was late. Karin was most likely worried too and if dad found out, he would cry buckets of tears to their mom's poster.

Yuzu made an attempt to get up and found it easy, as if nothing had ever slammed her to the ground before. Still lying on the ground, elbows propping her up, Yuzu opened her soft, dark brown eyes. The scenery shocked her speechless and she shot up immediately. She had no idea where she was. Certainly not the street she last occupied.

No, this place felt very… scary, best put nicely by Yuzu. There was a mysterious fog everywhere. The air felt dirty and smelled like…like iron? She made out that she was in a most dirty area where small wrecked houses were the only shelter for any person living here and was surrounded by a small forest of tall, large, dark trees with the ground being only dirt and black splotches. This place was the slums, that she knew laws were not followed and bad people would occupy this area.

Scared. She was scared. Yuzu was scared. Why am I here? Where am I? Karin? Dad? Onii-chan? I'm scared. So scared. Yuzu wanted to break down. She wanted to cry. She did. Silently, tears flowed down her cheeks. No.She had to be strong. Find her way back home. Find her way back to her twin so that she wouldn't worry. Wiping the tears off her face, she thought to find someone and ask where she was.

Yuzu made her way toward the wrecked homes, while wiping her tears. Every time she heard a noise, a rustle of leaves or the wind howling, she jumped, frightened. She walked quickly, and then broke out into a run towards the house, which seemed so far away. Tears, once again, began falling endlessly down her cheeks. Her vision became clouded. At least she did not break down so quickly as she would in the past.

Unaware of her surroundings, just wanting to get to the houses she saw straight ahead of her earlier, Yuzu hit a force hard, causing her to fall back and lay on a large black stain on the ground. The first thought that came to her mind was to get up and apologize. However, too confused and too sad, too shocked and too weak, Yuzu just laid on the ground and cried, wailed. Her head hung down and she brought her hands up to wipe her face. Until, a hand had shot out and pulled her up where she dangled in the hands of her capturer, feet above the ground a little over half a foot.

She winced at the pain but she wasn't unhappy at the treatment. Instead, she felt relief wash over her. There was someone there. She was not alone in this frightening land as she had thought. There was someone alive with her.

Yuzu tried to look at the person's face through blurred vision of the tears in her eyes. She made out only one eye looking back at her and unusual spiky black hair. He…he smiled, smirked, like someone who had found their lost play toy and now ready to abuse the item again, over and over again. Her first thought, dangerous. Her second thought, I'm going to die.

Relief turned to fear in an instant. She wanted to scream. She wanted to shout for help. Her mouth opened, but in that instant Yuzu lost her voice. She just wanted to continue crying, but her tears were stopped dead in wide eyed fear. She wanted to struggle, to touch the safety of the dirt again, but when she brought her hands up; she saw dark old red color.

The smell of iron was on her hands. The black soil on the ground was actually crimson in color. It was blood.

That was more than she could handle. Yuzu fainted from a hit on her face after she left a scream, a call for help.

What she had shouted: Ichigo!


Stop. Pause. Smile.

"Eh? Ichigo?" said Ikkaku.

"It can't be that he is here. Almost impossible. He has duties as a captain and cannot possible waste his time in this kind of area. Moreover-," stated Yumichika.

"Neh, who are you talking to?" interrupted Yachiru.

"Now, it isn't very beautiful to inter-"

"Hey, where'd cap'in go?"

"Don't interrupt me, Ikka-"

"Kenny? Ken-chan left us a while ago."


Yumichika just surrendered. No point in trying to make uncivilized people listen. The three of them walked towards the voice who shouted the familiar name, taking their time since their captain would probably want to spend some time with the owner of the voice. No doubt to interrogate the poor soul all about their friend, Ichigo. When they finally reached their destination, after getting lost along the way, what they found was unexpected.

What they found was their captain holding a young girl in one of his arms, sword unsheathed in the other, and a weakened man sprawled out on the dirt before him. The girl was small and seemingly sleeping held against their captain's chest. With light brown, short hair, her face was soft and gentle. However, there seemed to be a red mark on the side of her cheek. She also seemed to have been crying. The way she was dress meant she recently came to this world.

How a young gentle little girl happened to land in this part of the Rukongai, Zaraki, they would not know. But they did see the outcome of it. Her light yellow dress was stained with blood, especially dripping on the back, no doubt from the splash of the man on the floor, when their captain wounded him and maybe a wound herself. It was also torn in several places. They could see the lower portion ripped just above mid thigh while the top portion was torn revealing a little below her shoulders, just above her chest. Her sleeves were also torn. It was obvious what the man was trying to do and was proved to be forceful as the girl's wrist was bruised and face swelling.

It was criminal, but not unexpected in the 80th district Zaraki. The only thing that would probably be a surprise was that the man was alone, not with a group of other criminals of his kind in this sort of area.

No, the only thing that was surprising in that moment was their captain. Even though he was not wounded, he was not happy at the fight, or not sad at the fact that it was over, it was the fact that he was rather angry and frowning that was more shocking. His reiatsu was flaring more than necessary to take down the pitiful man on the floor. In addition, it was not crushing nor waking the sleeping form in one of his arm.

It was rather odd. And to find their captain's haori wrapped around the girl. Not to mention that their captain had his wound wrapped. Never mind about the wound itself, the captain probably let the man attack him, but for their captain to have it treated, with what looked like sleeves?

They should have arrived sooner. First off, to watch the battle. Second, to know who this girl was that their captain was actually carrying her. Third, to know what had irked their battle-loving monster into rage.

"Kenny?" Yachiru asked cautiously.

As his nickname was called, the captain seemed to awaken from the trance. Ikkaku and Yumichika were speechless for one and the pink haired girl became rather scared than how she would usually act. They relaxed when they saw he did.

After a while, he spoke. "Ah. So ya finally made it on time. Too bad I'm done."

"Captain, what happened?" Ikkaku asked.

"What does it look like to ya?" saying it was obvious with the scene laid out in front of them.

"No. Well. Why do you have a young girl…?" hesitated Yumichika, completely ignoring the fact that a man was unconscious, most likely because of their captain.

"Did you make a new friend, Kenny?" Yachiru smiled.

Silence. As if he did not know how to answer that question. They had expected an immediate answer at the very least but…

"That ain't right. She was just in the way," he shrugged. "…She's hurt. Bring Unohana to my quarters." In a nonchalant manner, their captain turned to walk away, back towards Seireitei.

The three saw that he still held that little girl close to him. Ikkaku thought nothing of it and just followed after his captain. Yumichika felt like he forgot something but quickly pushed the thought away. It is not healthy for him if he were to stress on a matter for too long. Yachiru was just in high spirits at the new stranger "Kenny" took in. She jumped onto his back and gazed at the sleeping girl happily.

If she was in the way, of course she would be hurt. And Captain Unohana could patch the girl up. If their captain had left the girl and another shinigami would find out, their captain could not go out to fight. So he had to help the girl. At least that was the only conclusion they could possibly think of. The real reason was only for their captain to know.

The captain merely continued walking. A small smirk appeared on his face. He could not wait until the weak girl woke up. Weak, was she really? He thought about when he first encountered her and smiled all the more. He had not met anything like her since Yachiru and maybe Ichigo put together. As he walked towards Seireitei, he thought about their first encounter.

Things have not changed. Not one bit since he left. Nope. The place was as bloodied and dirtied as always if not more. Houses were wrecked and no point in building new ones. Just traveling in the so called village, filled with thieves and criminals, brought on fights. Going into the forest meant ambush and he just did not want to wait for a fight to surprise him when it came quicker in the run down land of the village.

The fights just kept coming like before, everywhere. It was good that Zaraki has not changed, all the battles continued. Ikkaku had so much fun bashing his opponents and ran off somewhere while Yumichika followed. He felt Yachiru climb off from him and ran somewhere too but did not mind. She was not afraid of anything and could take care of herself for a while.

But after a while, no one was left standing. Of course no one died either. The monstrous captain does not skirmish or end those who are too weak to exchange blows. It would just be pointless. So, the captain walked mindlessly around the poor village in hopes of one final battle before he left.


Ichigo? That was what the captain heard in a close clearing just a little pass the trees. He raced towards the voice who shouted the recognizable name. In his mind was a good fight, like always. Whoever shouted the name must have known the boy and would be a promising opponent. After all, those who surrounded the boy were either strong or special, and most were strong.

Then he saw a figure. He stopped behind the man who was holding a young girl by the wrist above her. The man had laid her on the floor and had seemed to rip the fabric covering her shoulders. He also tore the unusual dress cut above her knees. The young girl's cheek was bruised and she was probably hit to be unconscious. She looked around her teens. That was most likely the age she died as well with her fresh, yet dirtied outfit.

The suspicious man was currently too engrossed with the girl that he did not notice the monstrous captain was behind him. From what the captain made out, the man also had an eye patch and his black hair was spiked to a mohawk. Not an unusual look in these parts where criminals looked like they were. The captain also noted that the suspicious man was going to violate the girl. His hand was reaching up the girl's dress.

How pitiful. For the girl to be too weak to defend herself and for a man to stoop so low. The captain turned away. His fighting rampage was over and now he just wanted to leave. This was becoming boring and it did not concern him. He forgot the reason he raced towards the particular area too.

Sighing, he took one step and then suddenly paused. Pausing? Why? Shrugging, he continued to step away from the area, each time a little pain in his chest. There was a soft cry. A feminine whimper, most likely from the girl. The captain barely heard her mutter the words, but nonetheless, he heard it. She was the one who called out Ichigo's name.

The smile returned to his face. The girl definitely knew Ichigo and maybe, if he took her, Ichigo would fight him for her, whoever she was. Then he heard a gasp, followed by small cries. The girl was awake and no doubt not liking the position she saw herself in with a strange man.

The captain quickly moved and in the next second, the tiny girl was in one of his arms. The other arm holding a sword, pointed at the man, daring him to fight. Confusion flashed on the man's face as well as the girl.

"Who the hell are you?" shouted the man. Guess he was brave enough to speak, or otherwise just plain stupid.

"Who cares. Let's fight!" the captain shouted back. At the same time, he felt a tug on his shirt. The girl was scared, either of the man, of the battle, or him.

The captain allowed the man to draw his sword and make the first move. Not wanting the fight to end quickly, the captain easily blocked the attack with his sword. The man drew back and made a move to pierce the captain. The captain, feeling the excitement, let him pierce his shoulder. The girl gasped. The captain could see her shock and the despair in her eyes as the man drew back his sword harshly, cursing that he was a monster. Whether she was sad because of the sudden hit and wound, or because she was scared from the close blade, the girl shed unnecessary tears.

He stiffened. Hating tears more than a rendered opponent, the captain wanted to end this "fight" soon, so that the girl would not start balling her eyes out and wail loudly. It would be annoying if she did so. He just did not know how to handle babies, children, or women. In fact, one of the first things Yachiru learned was not to cry.

So, with a swift, quick motion, the captain cut the man across the chest. The attack surprised the unprepared man and he fell onto the dirt, groaning in pain.

"Che," the captain spat. He was about to turn away but realized he still had something in his arms when she spoke out.

"Ano. He's not dead right," the girl asked quietly.

The question baffled him, but only for a second. It would stop anyone in their tracks at the question. A man nearly violated the girl and yet she was asking if the man was okay. Furthermore, another stranger, himself, who was probably more scary-looking, was taking her away.

"No," he answered.

"Thank goodness."

What a strange girl she was. He was about to leave her, dump her on the ground, until he felt her hand reach up to his chest, unwavering. She had that sad look in her eyes again. Her hand was touching the small wound on his shoulder from when he let the other man create it.

"Umm… I'm a sort of nurse and I should stop the bleeding. Well, I'm not an official nurse. I just help my dad in the clinic with my sister. We do the best we can with injured patients but my dad is the real doctor. Still, I learned a lot and even though I'm just a nurse, not as great as my dad, I could help treat your wound," she said meekly if not nervously.

He scoffed. Nurse? A pansy. And she talked quite a bit. He did not know why he even listened but he did. The captain merely shoved her hand away and covered the small wound with his haori. He glanced down and saw she was sad again. Just great. He seriously wanted to drop her, but he was surprised when she got off herself. She tore of both of her sleeves and tied them up.

Then she looked at him with determined eyes, reminded him of when Ichigo said he was going to save his friend. She stepped closer to him, which was new seeing as people usually stepped away from him, except for very few, very strong shinigami's.

She was not scared of him. Not one bit. He saved her. He didn't kill the man. And he was kind. He never showed it, but the girl could see he was a good man, in the ten surprising minutes they were together.

"My name's Yuzu. Kurosaki Yuzu," she said in an attempt to start a conversation.

At the same time, she stepped closer to the tall man, raising her arms to reach the wound on his shoulder. The height difference made it very difficult and seeing as the man was not going to bend down or lift her up, Yuzu leaned against the man, standing on her toes, and brought an arm to go around his neck to hoist herself up.

The action was surprising and before he could retaliate, he remembered her name.

"Kurosaki?" he asked.

Happy he had finally said something to her, she smiled and nodded her head. Then her attention went back to the wound.

The captain only noted how genuine the smile was. It was not fake, nor showed any sign of fear as other people and their edgy smile would tell him. No, it was pure and… gentle. Nothing he had ever experience from someone else besides Yachiru. He did not even give her a hard time patching him up as he would have if the pansy division would try and heal him.

But he kept his mind straight. "Ya know Ichigo?"

He watched her carefully, hoping it was a yes so she could get him to fight. Again, she was sad, then in surprise. Yuzu would have practically jumped on the captain if not for that she was already hanging on him.

"You know my brother?" she asked, tears welling in her eyes. "Do you know where he is? Is he safe? Eating right? Sleeping on time?"

Great. Mother pansy. But the man said nothing and just nodded a yes. Yuzu sighed in relief. Then it appeared she was shocked.

"Excuse my manners. I just… really miss onii-chan," she started, while finishing up wrapping the minor wound. "What's your name?"

She smiled again. That honest smile. It was funny how she was. She was brought to a strange and dangerous place, attacked, witness a battle up close and personal, and now she was being friendly with a guy she just met, who is obviously a "battle-freak".

Sighing, he answered, "Zaraki. Kenpachi Zaraki."

She got off of him, making him realize that they were touching for a while and neither minded it as if it was all casual.

She smiled again. "Then, Kenpachi-san..."

"Zaraki. Everyone calls me Zaraki," he said.

"Ah. Zaraki… kun," she started. "Can you tell me where my brother is? I want to go see him. It has been a while and…"

"Come with me."


"I'm headin' back anyway," he stated, keeping the part about luring Ichigo to fight for his sister a secret. Not like he was going to keep the girl or anything.

"Really?" she cried. "Thank you."

Yuzu bowed respectfully. Her actions were getting to Kenpachi, so he simply turned and led the way back to Seireitei. She followed along and stuck close by his side, standing only a few inches away from him. Again, that was new as others would stand a couple of feet from him. And she was grinning ear to ear to boot. Ichigo has a strange little sister.

Kenpachi did his best to ignore her. That is until he noticed another reiatsu weakly emit from the man he sent to the floor. It was too late, he was distracted. Kenpachi saw the man's sword connect to the little girl's back. In the next moment, Kenpachi had cut the man across the waist possibly ending his life.

"So you still had some fight in ya, huh?" he stated in a dangerous tone.

Kenpachi turned to look at the girl. She did not scream out in pain from the hit. Perhaps she was strong for someone who looks so fragile. She only cried silently and could barely keep herself up.

Turning back to the man, he grew angry for some reason. Kenpachi raised his sword to make a final blow. It was unlike him to kill an opponent who could not fight back, but he seemed to have forgotten it in that moment. Then, all of the sudden, Yuzu had stepped in front of the pitiful man.

It was silent.

"He nearly killed you," he stated, hoping she would understand more than what he said out loud and she will move out of his way. In other words, he meant: He nearly killed you. And you are protectin' him? Are ya out of yar mind?

"I know," she replied knowingly. Still, she was resolute and would not move. "Please don't. Thank you, but please, Kenpa… Zaraki-kun."

She looked up at him, straight in the eye, never faltering. For the first time, someone looked at Kenpachi Zaraki and tried to make him understand that they would not like it if he killed, not like he always killed anyway. Just beat them to a pulp and leave them barely alive when they did not have enough strength to fight anymore.

Kenpachi sighed and saw that the man was wounded enough that he will not die, but would not be getting up either. It was a good fight, he had to admit. It caught him unguarded and it was thanks to the little girl in front of him.

When Yuzu saw him turn away, she sighed a relief and then her legs gave way. The last thing she saw was Kenpachi coming to her. He put his white robe on her back and she felt like she was floating, being held, like how Ichigo would carry her. Only this time, it was another man that saved her life. She muttered a thank you and pressed her head to his chest, clutching his robe at his torso and fell into a deep peaceful sleep after a long while. He stiffened at her actions but soon relaxed and just held the girl.

Kenpachi felt all kinds of emotions, besides when fighting. He was happy for the fight that she helped started. Sad at how weak she turned out to be. But one could argue that she was also strong in her own strange way. Then, for some reason, angry at the fact she was wounded right in front of him. It made him feel useless and weak. He felt needed to get stronger than he already was so that such a surprise attack will not catch him off guard again. But he probably will not practice diligently or think he would need to later either. That was how he worked.

Shortly, his officers cameand now they were headed back to Seireitei.

Author's note:I honestly never thought about a Zaraki and Yuzu pairing. They never had crossed paths in the manga nor anime. Not even in games. So I actually decided to write about this pairing after I read "Unlikely" by xHakumeix. I suggest you read her fanfiction first because some of the ideas and plot in my fanfiction comes from her.

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