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Recaps: Kurosaki Yuzu, age sixteen, died in a supposed car accident and was sent to the 80th district of Rukongai where Captain Kenpachi Zaraki found and saved her from trouble.


Chapter 2: New World

It was a time when they were kids, not knowing much of what was going to happen. A long time after their mother passed away and a time just before their brother went away for a while the first time. Karin and Yuzu were in bed, trying to sleep, though unsuccessfully. It was only a few days after their visit to the cemetery and usually, no one in the house could every sleep well the few days after.

"Neh, Karin," Yuzu called.

"Yeah, Yuzu?" replied Karin.

"What would you do if… you know," she hesitated. "If I were ever to die?"

"Yuzu! Don't say something like that!"

"I know. I'm sorry... But really?"

"…" Karin said nothing.

Yuzu looked intently at Karin. She watched as her sister closed her eyes and took the question into serious consideration. When Yuzu saw her eyes open again, they were sad and she regretted ever asking the question. Karin looked like she would cry, though she won't. Yuzu knew both of them were thinking about their mother.

"I would cry," Karin breathed. "I would cry. For a long time. I'll be all alone and feel lonely all the time, maybe get angry and… I would miss you, Yuzu. I'll be sad."

Yuzu nodded in understanding, tears tricking down her cheeks. "Me too."

The 11th Division Captain saw the girl cry. He wondered if she was awake and approached the bed, seeing she was still asleep. Odd, strange little girl she was. He sat on the edge of his bed and took in her appearance.

She was laying face down, her back showing and bandaged. She was in better clothing, his own, and there were some more bandages on her bruised cheek as well as on the mark of her wrist. She was clean and better, thanks to the help of the 4th Division Captain, Retsu Unohana.

Earlier, a few moments back into Seireitei, his seated officers went to fetch the 4th Division Captain, although reluctantly for they had to go into the pansy division almost willingly. On the other hand, his lieutenant cheerfully brought up the idea of bringing the girl to his quarters for privacy and it would be less of a hassle to be put with all the weak pansies.

So, that was where they were. He had laid the girl on his bed and Unohana came shortly afterwards, followed by his officers, into his home to his room. She seemed shock, though none could tell, as she took in the girl's appearance. It was not something so bad, just a large cut on her back and small bruises here and there, he had explained aloud. Unohana merely smiled, a creepy one that drove his officers away.

The next thing he knew, he was ushered out of his own room and waited outside the door, wondering if it was serious. He was actually thinking about the girl. He told himself otherwise later that he just needed the girl alive to lure Ichigo into a fight.

When Unohana emerged from his quarters, Kenpachi practically shoved her aside and entered his room, when normally he would just ignore her. Now he was sitting beside the girl who was silently crying in her sleep.

"Captain," snapping Kenpachi out of his thoughts.

Kenpachi glanced at the 4th Division Captain and said nothing. Saying "thanks" was not something he would say. Unohana knew that, kind and considerate she was, and continued.

"I was quite surprised, Captain Zaraki, when your officers told me that you personally called me. She was lightly wounded and it was right to treat her immediately for disinfection," she said calmly.

Kenpachi turned away. He was about to look at the girl but decided against it for some reason as Unohana was around. Instead, he continued to lazily stare at the captain before him as she continued talking.

"She is Kurosaki's little sister. Their reiatsu's are similar, though hers is much weaker. I sense it will grow stronger. I think it best to inform Captain Yamamoto and Captain Kurosaki. Unfortu-"

"Ha! So get Ichigo over here! Fight for her!" interrupted Kenpachi, for some reason, eager for a fight or just wanting to get rid of the girl and this horrible feeling.

Unohana merely stared at him. To others, the stare would be deadly enough to shut them up, but to Kenpachi, he would take it as a mere passing invitation for a fight.

"Unfortunately," she continued patiently, "Kurosaki is taking his monthly trip back home, along with Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji. I will send a Hell butterfly to inform him, or to let Rukia tell him the news. I suppose Kurosaki would not be back for a while, arranging a funeral when he learns of the unfortunate event that has become of his sister."

Kenpachi grunted and laid back. Figures. He glanced at the girl from the corner of his eyes and noticed that she was breathing steadily again. Her tears had stopped and it looked like she was about to wake up.

"It would be about a week before he returns this time," she said. "We need to discuss her living arrangements and schooling."

Kenpachi was irritated. He did not want to deal with all this trouble. He was just about to say he could just keep the girl with him until he felt a stir by his side.

"Uhn," murmured Yuzu.

Kenpachi watched as her big brown eyes started to open slowly. She looked up and noticed two occupants in the room and made an attempt to get up, feeling that her back was sore. She was struggling on all fours but managed to still smile at Kenpachi and Unohana.

"H-hello," said Yuzu nervously.

What else was she suppose to say. She felt weak and was hurt. She was in a large unknown room and bed that probably belonged to someone else because it didn't give the feeling of being in a hospital. To her relief, she saw Zaraki-kun and she saw the unknown woman smile softly at her.

"Please to meet you. I am the 4th Division Captain, Retsu Unohana. Beside you, I'm sure you've met, is the 11th Division Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki," Unohana introduced.

Yuzu nodded her head and tried to position her awkward stance on the bed to a sitting position, finding the pain much more bearable. Luckily, Unohana noticed her uncomfortable state as Kenpachi was not about to do anything but stare. She went toward the bed and checked Yuzu's back before putting her in a seated position against the pillow.

"Your wound is healing quite nicely and rather quickly. I had disinfected it and found it was not a deep wound, merely shallow and you should be able to recover most of your strength by tomorrow," Unohana smiled.

"Un… Thank you," Yuzu said as she bowed slightly and smiled at the kind captain.

She was thinking about it for a while when Unohana-san introduced herself. She referred to Zaraki-kun as a captain of a certain division as well. They were important people and she could feel massive pressure around them. Though they were different, Yuzu felt they were both powerful and full of different leadership qualities.

Yuzu thought that Unohana-san would be a kind and caring type of leader. Organized, neat, clean, and prepared, being calm about everything. For Zaraki-kun, Yuzu felt he was a leader to be looked up to for his strength and confidence as well as skill and sort of brash personality.

Kenpachi looked at her. He saw her grow fond of the 4th Division Captain fairly quickly. He grunted and that was when Yuzu turned to him properly. She smiled at him and said thank you, a simple act that made Kenpachi uneasy for some reason. He thought about that pitiful man in the 80th district and wanted to beat him some more for some reason. Leave it to Unohana to get down to other important matters at the moment.

"Forgive me, but you are Kurosaki's little sister, are you not?" asked Unohana.

Yuzu turned back to the captain and smiled. "Yes. I am Kurosaki Yuzu. My brother…"

"He is currently in the living world," Unohana said slowly and softly, letting the information sink in.

Yuzu paled. Somehow, she knew it was true so she wasn't all shocked. She was just sad at how her thoughts of being dead were true. A small drop of tear ran down her cheek and she wiped it away. She stared down at the sheets she was covered with as she lay on the bed, not knowing what else to say or do.

Kenpachi watched her reaction silently, noticing her strong behavior after learning she was dead, her brother not here, and in a new world with powerful new people she never met before, right after almost being violated.

Unohana continued cautiously in hopes to up bring her spirit, "He will be back within a week, no doubt to search for you. You two will see each other again and Kurosaki would most likely never leave you alone."

Unohana saw Yuzu brighten up just a bit and continued, leaving off that Kurosaki would be attending her funeral in the world of the living and that she might never get to see her other family members and friends again. "In the meantime, we need to find you a place to stay for a while and get you enrolled in school tomorrow."

Yuzu looked up to the kind lady of the 4th division and back to Zaraki-kun. "School?" she asked.

"She can just stay with me and I'll take her to that borin' shinigami academy," Kenpachi said, getting back into the conversation after noticing she was looking at him for help.

Unohana was about to argue but Yuzu spoke first. "Anoo, I don't mind staying with Zaraki-kun," Yuzu started. "But you have a school here?" She thought it was weird that a place after death would have a school.

Unohana patiently answered, glaring at Kenpachi for his outrageous suggestion. "Yes. Shinigami Academy is for gifted students with enough reiatsu to use and control, with the purpose of becoming a shinigami that protects the people of Seireitei, maintains order, and keep peace, among other tasks to prepare for their assigned division."

Taking information little by little, Yuzu gathered that she has died, is now in a better place after being rescued, and offered to go to school to control reiatsu or her power.

"But… I don't have any power," she said meekly.

"Ya still growin'" Kenpachi said with confidence and it made Yuzu blush and smile.

"In any case," interjected Unohana, "I can set you up for school first thing tomorrow morning. You are similar to your brother, just a late bloomer. You will eventually have enough reiatsu and it needs to be controlled rather then let lash out like his."

It made sense to Yuzu. It would explain the pressure she felt every time she was around onii-chan. This thing called reiatsu inside onii-chan and now herself seemed to be very powerful and schooling would be needed to control it. She nodded her head in agreement and looked at Zaraki-kun for approval. She saw him look disinterested and bored.

Unohana continued, this time talking more to Kenpachi. "I believe Yuzu should stay with me in my division. She would be fully healed and I can introduce her to her new school."

"Watcha blabberin' 'bout?" Kenpachi said. "I have nothin' ta do tomorro'. You can just get her in school and tell the old man and Ichigo 'bout her." He said pointing to Yuzu. "I can take her to that damn school and she can stay with meh."

Yuzu looked back between Unohana-san and Zaraki-kun.

Kenpachi felt in all rights that Yuzu should stay with him. After all, he found her, saved her, and already brought her to his home and room, letting her use his bed even. And now this captain pansy was going to say otherwise and tell him what to do. Kenpachi was not a pushover, everyone knew that. He glared at Unohana and she glared back.

Yuzu smiled and turned to Unohana. "Thank you for you kind offer, Unohana-san. But if it is all right, I would like to stay with Zaraki-kun, at least until my onii-chan gets back. I would like it if I could go to school tomorrow."

Unohana doubled back, in her mind of course as not much surprised showed on her face. She smiled sweetly, loving the little girl, and nodded in approval, albeit reluctantly.

By now, everything was set in place and Yuzu and Unohana were left alone to discuss what would happen to Yuzu.

Unohana explained that she would get all the paper work done and report to the 1st Division Captain as well as Ichigo in the living world, who has probably heard of the terrible news by now. She would also inform the school and get the uniform to her early tomorrow morning, and that they would set off so she could show Yuzu the place.

Yuzu smiled as was extremely excited, smiling ever more, forgetting the fact she was dead. She had to be strong and look to a new future she could have. Kenpachi had stepped out of the room earlier, bored of the conversation and probably looking around for a fight again, as Unohana explained.

It was getting dark and Unohana healed Yuzu's wound almost completely, enough so she would not be in any pain and could attend school the next day. She set off to her duties and left Yuzu alone in the small, yet comfortable room of the 11th Division Captain.

Yuzu came to look at her surrounding properly. She was sitting on Zaraki-kun's large bed for two. He was pretty big and she assumed the bed was needed for his size. It very faintly smelled of sweat and blood, and she noticed a chair beside the bed against the wall. The chair, unlike the bed, was worn out and most likely where Zaraki-kun slept instead. It would seem just like him to sleep in a corner on a chair rather than a bed. She smiled and pushed the covers off of her.

As her foot connected with the floor, she steadied herself up and looked around for anymore furniture. There was a hanger and a mirror to another side, most likely to hold his robes and fix his unusual exotic spiky hair style with bells at each tip.

Other than the bed, chair, mirror, and single hanger, there was nothing else in the room. It was empty, yet filled. It was all that defined the tough captain. He did not need any other junk or accessories, he was simple and his room defined it. She smiled and went toward the mirror.

She finally took in her appearance and felt her cheeks warm up, blood rising to her face. Because her back needed to be bandaged, Yuzu was barely covering the top portion of her body and turned red as she thought of conversing with Unohana-san and Zaraki-kun the entire time in that appearance.

Yuzu quickly, but carefully, adjusted the robe to fit her properly and securely, though for some reason, it was rather large and long. It also smelled faintly of sweat and iron as well. That was when she noticed she was not in her usual yellow dress. Of course, it was torn apart and she expected it, but instead, she wore a black robe, like the one she saw her brother wear once. It must have been Zaraki-kun's and she smiled. She started to pull up the excess fabric to not dirty it as she had probably done to his white robe earlier.

Her short hair was let loose. It grew after a few years and was now a little below shoulder length. There was a faint mark on her cheek that was a big bruise before. Thanks to Unohana's amazing magical healing abilities, she was able to heal everything and minimize any pain.

Yuzu sighed and wondered to thoughts about what had happened for the tenth time. She died. She was sent to a new world where spirits go, as Unohana-san said, and she was saved by Zaraki-kun. Zaraki-kun brought her to his home where Unohana-san healed her. Both Unohana-san and Zaraki-san were two captains out of thirteen others and their divisions were each different. Her brother, too, was a captain, elite. He was now at home, planning her funeral and would not be back till a week. She would not be able to see her friends or family again. Now she was going to school tomorrow morning in order to discover a power, a reiatsu she never knew she had.

It made her excited, but also sad. She wanted to go back home, to her father and sister. But she knew she couldn't and cried silently, looking at her pained expression in the mirror that only reflected more sadness and grief. She was glad there were people who took her in without question and offered a new life, like Unohana-san and especially Zaraki-kun. She was happy to still continue living, in a sense. But she still cried. Who wouldn't, after they found out they were dead and practically in a new world that defied laws of the living world, with swords and actual power, reiatsu. Of course she would cry when she couldn't return to her sweet home, to her precious family, ever again.

She was too engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't hear the door open and footsteps approaching her, or the bells that sounded. Kenpachi watched her silently and decided to sit in his chair and wait for her to calm down. After a long while, she did. Her tears stopped and she wiped them away.

Kenpachi tilted his head to one side and the bells rang loud and clear in the room, causing Yuzu to turn to him in surprise. She sniffled and smiled at him, sadly but grateful he was there and did not ask questions. It brought another uncomfortable feeling to him which he merely shrugged off.

"Eat," he said, motioning to the food on the bed.

Yuzu nodded, feeling a bit hungry when she thought about it. She approached the bed and peered at the food. There was spicy potato curry, white rice, and two loafs of bread on the plate. A small bowl of salad on the side and two glasses of milk for drinks. She sat on the edge of the bed, close to where Kenpachi was sitting silently, bringing the tray of food between them.

"Would you eat with me?" she asked quietly, voice a bit hoarse from crying earlier.

Kenpachi stared at the girl for a long time before taking a loaf of bread and dipping it in the curry. He chewed on the bread aggressively, though not at all feeling hungry. From the corner of his eye, he could see the girl smile graciously and started to eat herself. After eating their meal in silence, they eventually finished the tray and Kenpachi went to put it away, leaving Yuzu all alone again.

Yuzu was full and getting sleepy. She tried not to think at all about home. When she saw Zaraki come back, she noticed others behind him. There was a small pink haired girl, a bald tall man, and a feathered eyed man as well.

"Hiya!" shouted the pink haired girl as she jumped on the bed, landing beside Yuzu. "You're carrot top's sis, aren't ya?"

"Eh? Uh…" Yuzu was dumbfounded. After a while, she understood the question for the given nickname and smiled at the small girl. "Yes, my name's Kurosaki Yuzu."

They all stared at her. They all stared at the way her smile shined brightly and never faltered. It was sweet, kind, gentle, and meaningful. They all stared at how Ichigo could have such a normal and caring sister, a personality opposite of his. It was a new feeling around her and they couldn't describe it, but they liked her. But they all thought the same thing as well. She didn't belong there.

"My name's Yachiru! Ya-chi-ru!" she spelled out and pointed to the other three guys in the room. "That one's baldy, peacock, and ya already met Kenny."

"Oi, midget!" the bald one said. "Don't go makin names for everyone!" He turned to Yuzu and smirked. "Name's Ikkaku, 3rd seat."

"Peacock… What a wretched name. I am known as Yumichika, 5th seat of the 11th Division," he smiled.

She smiled kindly back, making the two happy for some reason, perhaps acceptance?

"How is your wound? It was ugly when I last saw it," Yumichika said.

Yuzu shook her head. "It's getting better. It doesn't hurt anymore. Thank you."

She watched as their captain strode across the room and sat in his chair, barely listening to the conversation.

Yachiru broke the silence with her loud voice, as if Yuzu was not right beside her. "You'll be staying with Kenny in his room. No extra spare rooms and Baldy said it's gonna be dangerous to share a room with another guy unless ya want to."

"Oi! It's IKKAKU! Get it right, shrimp," Ikkaku shouted while Yachiru merely laughed. Yuzu started to laugh comfortably as well, enraging Ikkaku just a bit more.

"It's not a big deal, you are bald and so face it," stated Yumichika.

Yuzu laughed a bit more. The continuing arguments and antics from the group seemed to lift Yuzu's mood. They got along well and talked for a bit. It looked like it was getting dark, though it was hard to tell from the single blinded window. Ikkaku and Yumichika left, saying they would await her return after she got back from the shinigami academy. It made her feel like she had a home to come back to at least. Yachiru stayed behind and played a bit more with Yuzu. They talked for a while, Yachiru very interested in her while Kenpachi sat in his chair all the while. After a few more minutes, seemingly like hours, Kenpachi finally spoke up.

"I don't care if ya don't sleep, just don't blame meh if yer late," he said to the girls.

Yachiru pouted but she was getting tired herself. Yuzu saw her eyelids open and close, trying to stay awake but feeling the night catching up to her. Yuzu smiled and got Yachiru into bed with her, tucked under the covers. It reminded her of the same thing she did to each of her family members. They would try to stay up late but ended up sleeping in a weird position, so Yuzu would tuck them up in bed.

Kenpachi saw the longing in her eyes and thought of nothing to say at first. Then he spoke loud enough for her to hear. "They like you, so stay a while."

He said it roughly, more like a statement or demand. But it brought comfort to her. It was true. They accepted her in their group or division easily and made her forget some of her worries. They offered her a home, a place to be until things settle down and she could settle in. She laughed and felt comfortable, around all of the new people she met. They even expected her to be back with them the next day. Ikkaku-san and Yumichika-san wanted to show her some fighting skills and Yachiru-chan wanted to eat candy with her, funny how it sounds. She smiled, at looked at Zaraki-kun, her savior who brought her to such a welcoming place.

"Thank you," she said, a soft voice just above a whisper.

He grunted and got up from his chair towards the bed where she sat beside Yachiru-chan. He pulled the covers over her head and turned back to his chair, closing his eyes. Yuzu smiled and went back into the bed. She was tired and was looking forward to the next day. Because tomorrow, she would have a new place called home waiting for her. She thought about her family in her dreams, but didn't cry much.

It was dark. Very dark. And she was all alone. Scared. Isolated. And dead.

Then there was a sound of bells. It was startling at first, but then it calmed her. The sound rang beautifully in her ears and she was peaceful as ever could be.

The sound kept moving, but never away from ear shot. She followed the sound with just her sense hearing. She reached out and she grabbed hold of it.

It was a strange feeling. She half expected a bell from the top of someone's head. Instead she felt a… hilt?


Yuzu woke up with a start. She turned to the cause of the disruption to her mysterious dream. Unohana was calmly in the doorway approaching the bed and smiling a most… happy… smile. She approached Kenpachi sleeping in the corner on his chair.

"Captain!" she said sternly, reiatsu focused on the sleepy captain.

Kenpachi seized his snoring and opened his eye, one that is uncovered by the eye patch. He gave a most unmannerly yawn and scratched the back of his neck before bringing up with head to glance at the 4th Division captain. After he saw her, he got up and walked out the door. Yachiru, who apparently woke up from the loud disturbance as well, jumped off the bed and jumped onto Kenpachi's back. She glanced back at the confused Yuzu still lying on the bed and gave a cute childish smile.

"See you outside!" she shouted with much enthusiasm in the early morning.

Yuzu merely stared blankly at the door where the two left and stared back at Unohana who was laying out a robe on the bed.

She turned to Yuzu with a kind smile. "Please dress in these robes. There is a dress code at the academy and today, you shall be attending, do you remember?"

Yuzu nodded, too tired from last night's events to answer but smiled in assurance. She picked up the robe and shyly glanced at Unohana.

"I will help robe you this time and then you must learn to do it on your own."

"Ah. Thank you. But I have worn these similar types of clothing before. It is similar to a yukata, just a bit," Yuzu said with a smile.

Unohana smiled back and left the room for her privacy, probably waiting behind the door with Kenpachi and Yachiru.

Yuzu took a look at the outfit again. It was simple, a red and white color and easy to put on. She undressed out of Kenpachi's overly large shinigami black robe outfit and folded it carefully, placing it on top of the bed. She took the top portion of the uniform and slipped it on, tying the sash around her waist so it would not open to reveal the bandages and chest underneath. Then she pulled up the red length skirt over the top. She saw a pair of socks and sandal looking shoes so she wore them on her feet to complete the outfit. She thought of a shower then thought against it as she was bathed by Unohana last night and she wanted to eagerly attend the school, keeping her mind off of other things, like her current condition.

She breathed in and out and flashed a smile, ready for a new, different day in a different world. She headed out the Kenpachi's quarters and saw pink in front of her. Yachiru jumped up and down and called Yuzu to follow her to where Kenpachi and Unohana were waiting.

When the two reached outside, Yuzu bid good morning to both captains. Kenpachi grunted in response and Unohana nodded.

Unohana spoke first, "All your books and materials are at the academy. I will lead the way to school and your classes but will leave shortly after. Captain Zaraki has been given special permission to be with you for the first week until things… settle down and you are comfortable there as a request from Captain Yamamoto." She glanced at Zaraki and added, "Please remember where to go."

"Yes, I will," replied Yuzu confusingly. "Thank you."

"What a pain. Seein' weak brats," muttered Kenpachi. Yuzu looked down. Yachiru poked at Kenpachi and then he added more to his earlier comment. "So ya better hurry up and get strong to get outta there!"

Yuzu replied loudly with more confidence, saluting even. "Yes, captain!" She smiled and ran after Captain Unohana who was ahead, Kenpachi and Yachiru following close behind, both with a smile.

At the academy, Yuzu felt all types of emotion. The first was excitement to see all these soon to be shinigami's train to be just like her brother and captain's. They all looked like hard workers. Of course she saw some differences in each person. There were some who looked rather weak and other's who looked just like a delinquent looking for a fight all the time. Unohana explained to her that each person, when they graduate to be a full-fledge shinigami, will be placed in a division suitable for their abilities, thus the difference in people and groups formed.

Next, Yuzu was feeling overwhelmed. As the two captains, vice captain, and her self walked through the entire academy, there were many things to remember. There was an A and B class. A being the sort of honors class that are more suited for sword fighters, as the majority have their swords already. She would be in the latter, as she did not have her very own sword just yet and it was the suggestion of Unohana to the head captain which Kenpachi scoffed at. There were outdoor training grounds for a form of an art, or spiritual weapon called Kido. There were indoor training rooms for sword practices, skirmish, and the such. Some rooms were not permitted to students, others were. She had to remember everything.

Then she felt a bit nervous. All morning, all before school started, she felt numerous stares and whispers surround her, but nobody would approach her. Was it the way she dressed, though every girl dressed the same as her. Was it her smell? She was bathed thoroughly yesterday to get the stench of blood off of her. Did she look weird? Yuzu continued to worry. She never took into account that two very different captain's were by her side, guiding her through the great halls of the academy so early in the morning.

Yuzu clicked back into reality when Captain Unohana spoke out loud. "That is all there is to know Yuzu. I hope you get along with everyone here and feel welcomed. I should take my leave. Do you know your way?"

"Yes. Thank you very much captain," Yuzu replied and bowed respectively as she had seen other students do when they passed by the two captains.

Kenpachi, Yachiru, and Yuzu saw Unohana off and then headed towards the classroom where Yuzu would be formally introduced to her new classmates. Along the way, all the students backed out of their way, as if in fear, and she remained confuse to their strange reactions. Kenpachi merely shrugged it off when she asked and Yachiru simply giggled, swinging on Kenpachi's back.

"Zaraki-kun, you don't have to stay here if you don't want to," Yuzu said as they entered the classroom.

Kenpachi contemplated for a moment. "I'll be in the training room toughening up those brats if ya need me. I'll meet ya there afta' ya' lesson's over." And with that, Yachiru and Kenpachi left the room off to cause some ruckus elsewhere.

Yuzu giggled and took a seat near the door in the front, just in case anybody called out to her and she could leave almost immediately. She opened a book that Unohana had given to her, the rest of the books back at Kenpachi's quarters and was not needed for the day apparently. She was reading on how to form a simple ball of reiatsu when a group of girls approached her warily.

Yuzu flashed a warm smile. "Hi. I'm sorry, is this your seat?" She asked not knowing why else they would approach her as no one did that day.

One of the brave girls spoke up, shaking her head. "No, but who the heck exactly are you?" she started, getting to a cocky yet still nervous manner of speaking.

Yuzu blinked and tilted her head in question. "Um. I'm Kurosaki Yuzu. Ichigo's little sister. I heard he is the 5th division captain here. Nice to meet you."

The girls' went wide-eyed. In the next second, they all spoke at once, catching the attention of all the other students in the room.

"No way!"

"You're his little sis?"

"He's so cool!"

"But hey! Why were you with the other captains?"

"Captain Unohana is awesome but Captain Zaraki is scary!"

"Why were you with the most opposite captain's together?"

"Tell us!"

Yuzu was silent and in shock for a moment, listening to the girls shout over each other and more curious people came to surround her. She giggled softly at the turn of events and smiled very cutely in everyone's opinion. They slowly stopped throwing their questions and even laughed a little with her.

She looked up at everybody and told a bit of her story. "Well, there was an accident in the real world and I got sent to a strange place. Captain Unohana said I have some reiatsu in me because many who get sent to soul society don't remember much of the life they use to live." The student's listened intently and intrigued. "Anyways," Yuzu continued, "Zaraki-kun saved me in Rukongai and brought me to Seireitei where Captain Unohana patched me up. And now I am under their care until onii-chan comes back from the real world on his monthly visit."

It was quiet for a moment once again. And as expected, everybody in the classroom started rambling on their questions and comments.


"Zaraki… kun…?"

"It must be tough for you."

"Was it that bad in Rukongai as they say?"

"Were the captain's scary?"

"I want to go to fourth division to be with Captain Unohana!"

"No way, 11th division is the way to go!"

"So you are Yuzu? Kurosaki Yuzu? Welcome!"

"Cheh. Not that great."

"Okay now! Quiet down class and get to your seats," shouted the teacher above all the students. As all the students went back to their seats and all was quiet once more, he began. "I see you have met Kurosaki Yuzu, Captain Kurosaki's younger sister. She will study with us and is new to everything here. Treat her kindly and teach her for her to catch up. Captain Zaraki will be escorting her and so I advise everyone to be on their best behavior as we have a captain in our presence to observe the great academy. Don't ruin our reputation and do your best this week. Not class is in session."

Yuzu became excited and started to read a little paying much attention to what is being taught. It seems for her convenience, the first few days would be for basic review and introduction and the days after would be for Kido practice.

From the corner of her eye, she thought she saw Kenpachi pass the door through the halls, as if looking over her and deciding it was time to leave her and wander around looking for a fight elsewhere. She was then sure she saw him as a head of pink hair moved swiftly after him. She smiled and continued her focus back on the board where there was a practice to make a ball or reiatsu as she saw earlier in the book. Groups gathered around her in assistance and she had many tries.

It was going to be a great day where she would forget all her worries. At least for a while, the pain in her heart could be distracted. Just for a while…

Meanwhile, back at Karakura town at a small family clinic, nothing was right.

Kurosaki Ichigo lay devastated on the seemingly now small family couch. His head down and life right out of him without any light. His eyes were blank and face without any emotion. Rukia was by his side and remained quiet, looking out the window to a small black butterfly, barely paying attention, eyes half glazed, half wet and hot from streaming silent tears. Inoue Orihime wept on the kitchen floor quietly, as if expecting someone else to be there with a bright smiling face, but knew the impossible, so tears flowed ever more. Sado and Uryu stood against the wall, next to where pictures of the Kurosaki family were placed all face down, head hung down and useless. Isshin stepped outside to turn the open sign over to close and probably for a smoke on this rare depressing event he would never forget. That no one would ever forget. Karin was locked in her room, head in her beloved sister's pillow, weeping, shouting, screaming, and completely alone. It was her room, not theirs anymore and she screamed even more.

The news came the night before all too suddenly. Everyone was home and happily reunited, awaiting the smell of a freshly cooked homemade dinner from their lovable little girl. What they received instead was a phone call from Uryu's hospital, informing the family of a deceased little girl, just like in the state her mother was in.

It was chaos. Tears wouldn't stop flowing. Things, objects, were thrown and smashed. Screams and shouts were heard. And nobody could stop it. Nobody wanted to stop it in their fit of rage and depression. The rain hit them all heavily and the thunder made as much noise as the heartbroken family did. All the rest of the time they knew, it would be raining. Life would be bleak, plain, and grey without that happily cheerful face to see.

Ichigo looked up. Suddenly, he just shouted. He screamed her name so loud for the whole world to hear it. But nobody could look at him. Nobody could look at that devastating expression that wore on all of them. It would cause more of a breakdown than what was already done.

He, Isshin, and Karin just silently whispered her name over and over again, like a chant to hopefully bring her back, while everyone else listened with a heavy heart.

"Yuzu… Yuzu… Yuzu… Yuzu… Yuzu."

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