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Summary: On Harry's 16th birthday he comes into his inheritance as a legendary Ancient. Now all types of people and magical creatures have come to Hogwarts seeking to claim Harry as their own. The Ministry and Dumbledore are all trying to control him but only with the help of his friends will Harry be able to keep his independence.


Harry paced around his room angrily. He was furious that once again Dumbledore was keeping him at the Dursleys and not allowing him any access to the wizarding world. Even though Sirius was now dead and Dumbledore promised not to keep him in the dark anymore, Dumbledore continued on manipulating Harry like a chess master would do a pawn.

Suddenly an excruciating pain ripped through Harry's body like a thousand knives were stabbing into his body again and again. He fell to his knees his mouth open in a silent scream, and sweat poured down his body in streams.

The pain soon became too much to bear and Harry fell into darkness's welcoming embrace.

Deep with the ministry bowels was an office were a single wizard sat in a chair next to a dull crystal ball. The wizard was slumped lazily in his seat reading a play wizard when the crystal ball unexpectedly started flashing brightly. At first the wizard remained in his seat stumped as to what was occurring when realization hit him. He jumped out of his seat and hit the alarm that alerted all of the ministry officials that an Ancient had awakened.

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