Comments I have to reviews:

Niwaki: You have a very good point and you're right Harry should be practicing his powers, but the poor guy was so exhausted, and I mean emotionally and mentally, after the beginning of the competition that he just sort of passed out. He's been so busy and everyone's been keeping an eye on him so he hasn't yet had the chance. And when I say "yet" I mean Harry is going to take his powers on a test run soon enough. In his defense Harry hardly knows what an ancient is let alone what they can do, he surprised himself.

AspergianStoryteller: That would be an unexpected twist! Though Harry isn't around any muggles, not to mention I think the competitors would have a conniption. (yes that's a word my grandma used to say it)

Sakura Lisel: I wonder about that too. For my way of writing I just establish my characters (or in this case Rowling's), and basis idea. I may or may not make ideas for the plot because usually I just let my characters interact and the plot and dramas just unfold themselves, usually they're not where I want to go at all! But that's just what my characters do, they make their own stories I just type them =)

NewBlueTrue: I love that gremlin 3 and you'll find out later I promise.

Yana5: They haven't come in yet. This was just me establishing where the previous writer left off. There is a legitimate excuse for them not being here yet but they will be, but first things are going to get a lot more hectic.

dogsby: Harry is not powerless (let me tell you). He's just been overwhelmed by a million things coming at him at once. Harry has no idea what exactly he is. Hardly anyone does there hasn't been an ancient since Merlin so you can't expect him to know everything right off the back. That's kind of like finding out you're half Norwegian, or German, or Italian, or African, or Japanese, or Atlantian, and then be expected, not knowing anything about the culture, what they eat, wear, customs, the language, and everything else. It kind of would get overwhelming so Harry is not weak, he's just being forced to do something he doesn't want to do over something he didn't even know he had. And he didn't beat the shit out of Pansy because he's chivalrous, like most Gryffindors, and she just wasn't worth the effort. Also the fact that she's kind of a bitch.

HeidiFox: Happy belated Birthday!

Mizzrazz72: Darien knows but he's not saying…

SnowTigerQueen: You get more back-story on Darien later on it will tell you.

Ireadtomuch: You're just going to have to wait and see now aren't you ;3

Jackanapes: The competition has to commence without the ministry being there, you'll learn more about that later on. They will be present though; and though it doesn't seem like a controlled competition yet is because the competitors (their species') don't usually adhere to rules, especially not the ministry's. The only reason why they're obeying is because of Harry, you'll find out more about that later too. And no one knows a lot about ancients that's why there isn't much information though that will be rectified soon.

Also! I've been noticing a lot of reviews about why the species only sent one competitor to Harry, some male, and not two; this is because the competitor's are only there to court Harry to their own species, doesn't mean that they'll be the one that he chooses, they just picked the best qualifying individuals that expressed what the species is all about. The "pride and joy of the clans" if you will, and they didn't want to overwhelm or confuse Harry about how their clans are; there was also an sacred agreement made between the clans long ago but more on that later...

I will probably make this a slash fic depending on who wins; this is chalking up to be a long story…

Now on with the story =3

Kaid and Darien both moved past the crowds of passing students, bustling through the corridors. Darien had become suspicious when Harry had failed to return with the rest of the Care of Magical Creatures class who'd all come out from the forest looked half terrified, and was on his way to investigate. None of the competitors knew which class the others were in with Harry, but when he observed Kaid hustling towards the castle from the forbidden forest, he could have taken a guess.

A third year student who wasn't very keen on paying intention nearly knocked into him, he very narrowly avoided her before following Kaid up towards Ravenclaw tower.

It took them little time to reach the top of the tower due to their natural speed and agility. Once they'd reached the door Kaid took hold of the rather well crafted eagle door knocker and rapped three times gently.

At once the bronze eagle turned it's head and asked, "If the gods created man what created the gods?

"Man did, as god made man man molds the image of his god to his own. A god is only as good as the man who serves him," Kaid answered at once.

"Articulate response," the eagle said before swinging open to admit them to the raven claw common room.

The Ravenclaw common room held many more books than the Slytherin one did. Darien followed Kaid towards the pair of winding staircases, he waited at the bottom as the elf quickly took the stairs two at a time, towards the top.

The window next to the staircase overlooked the forbidden forest. Darien glanced out, half hoping that Harry would emerge unharmed; as he glanced over the treed he noticed movement in the distance. A tree was being shaken from it's trunk far into the forbidden forest. A distant, eerie cry caught his ear as his tension rose.

Kaid appeared then carrying a small brown bag tied at the top. Sparing no words he breezed past the vampire and out of the room, Darien hot on his heels.

Harry stared at the carcass at his feet, petrified for a second before looking up into the eyes of the minotaur who let out an ear-splitting howl that shook Harry to his core.

It was all happening so fast, though Harry could see every detail as though it were happening in slow motion and seemed to drag out forever. The centaurs around him were pushing themselves well past the point of exhaustion, trying to disable the minotaur but being thwarted at every turn at the creatures seeming invulnerability.

Moving quickly Harry reached into his robes and wrapped his hand around his wand.

The minotaur thrashed and kicked, knocking the horse-men about before they were too tired and worn to actively attack him. Sluggishly they knelt their beaten and bloody bodies down, waiting for the minotaur to finish them.

The minotaur though wasn't interested in them, as then had lain their bodies on the ground he had turned his attention towards Harry.

Holding out it's axe it swept it across, moving the body of the old centaur out of it's way as it cautiously stepped towards Harry.

Harry moved back, pulling his wand out and aiming it at the hulking mass.

The minotaur's lips curled in what seemed like a sneer as it moved it's axe to point at Harry.

His want tip began to glow, an Expelliarmous spell riding on the tip of Harry's tongue, but before he could utter the word the magic from his wand suddenly blasted out of it's end and straight towards the minotaur.

The force of the blast knocked the creature back into the tree trunk, the arrow and spearhead that had lodge themselves inside it's body now poked through it's back and into the tree.

Harry looked over to see one of the centaurs trying to get up, he kept stumbling through as one of his front legs was turned at an angle.

The others looked dead.

Gasping, heavy breaths invaded his ears as he looked up at the trapped minotaur, who was looking up towards the canopy, breathing deeply. Slowly it pushed itself away from the tree, the weapons, still stuck in the tree, made wet slurping sounds as they left his flesh.

At once it took up the nearest centaur, who wailed as he was taken over the minotaur's head and throw. It hit the ground a foot from Harry and slid onto him, knocking his wand from him. Harry let out a grunt as the full weight of the centaur crushing his pelvis and legs to the floor.

Harry pushed against the centaur trying to dislodge himself, it was with faint relief that he could feel the body expand and knew that the centaur wasn't dead. Though he doubted that he was capable of even lifting himself from Harry in his present condition.

The minotaur let out what Harry could only describe as a chuckle as it shakily moved forward, the force of Harry's blast taking it's toll on the massive creature.

Harry laid as still as he possibly could while the minotaur moved at him, almost leisurely; stepping around the centaur his hands moved to pull Harry up by the front of his robes.

Licking it's lips the minotaur pulled Harry up towards his snout and pressed him against it, sniffing him, inhaling his scent deeply.

Completely terrified and angry Harry threw his hands out, grabbing the monster's nose, his fingers catching against the backwards slit, and ripped them.

The minotaur let out a deafening howl of rage as it pounded Harry against the ground over and over till Harry almost lost consciousness; his glasses shattered against his face.

The thing let out a snort along with what sounded like a chuckle, though Harry couldn't be totally sure, his head was way too dizzy and he felt liable to pass out.

The minotaur held him again, close to his face as he continued to inhale Harry's scent.

Harry felt the monster's tongue licking slowly and rhythmically against his jaw and throat. As Harry weakly struggled against his urge to throw up.

Suddenly Harry felt something "whish" by his head. He looked up warily and saw that the right eye of the minotaur was gone, replaced by the back-half of a long, elegant arrow, sticking out through the socket.

It took the minotaur a second before it dropped Harry heavily against the ground.

Before Harry could blink he was being scooped up by a strong pair of arms and whisked away from the frantically thrashing minotaur, it's axe swishing erratically. Harry felt a whisk of air as the axe came dangerously close before they darted out of range.

Harry heard the thundering of the minotaur chasing after them, though he didn't want to open his eyes for fear the sudden movement would make him hurl. The sharp "twang" of a bow sounded and the minotaur screamed again, halting his pursuit of Harry and his savior.

The air whooshed in the distance and a cry was let out, not the minotaur, though Harry was certain he knew that voice before.

Lolling his head to the side Harry briefly chanced to open his eyes. He saw the elf prince pinned against a tree, the axe just barely missing his frame and the handle strapped across his chest. Though Kaid was strong, the axe head was half buried in the tree and wouldn't budge.

Harry could see the minotaur closing in on the elf, as another effortless leap brought him farther away from the scene.

Harry struggled and pushed against his captor, though that's only made him tighten his grip.

"We have to go back, we have to help him!" Harry said, getting over his motion-induced headache, though the speed at which they were moving didn't help quell the nausea.

"He's knows his fate, he chose it, you're safety is higher priority," Harry recognized the smooth, articulate voice of Darien, who'd nestled the back of Harry's head with his arm.

Harry squirmed in his grasp, trying to break free so that he could go back and assist the elf.

Darien clutched him tighter and picked up speed.

"Darien, Stop Now!"

Against his will Darien's legs refused to move and he slid to a halt.

Darien looked slightly confused but hid it behind a grimace as he looked down at the ancient in his arms.

Harry huffed out a few breaths before tearing away from the vampire and sprinted back down the path towards the minotaur and Kaid.

He ran at a slightly faster pace than he usually would, though it was still embarrassingly slow compared to how fast both Darien and Kaid could run. He'd gotten far enough where he could hear Kaid yelling out in pain before a pair of arms swooped him up.

"Thank you," he said as Darien carried him back towards Kaid, and back towards the minotaur.

I didn't really want to end it here… but I thought you guys might be anxious for an update…

I'm an evil author aren't I?…