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"NEGI-SENSEI," Class 3A yelled in delight as they excitedly and carefully surrounded their beloved sensei. Negi would have fallen off his wheelchair if it weren't for Kaede supporting him from behind. Zazie, begrudgingly, decided to let her classmates have their moment with her boyfriend, although if they overstep their boundaries, then she will not be held responsible for the damaged or the injuries that she will caused.

"SENSEI, ARE YOU OKAY?" One of his students asked in a worried tone.

"SENSEI, YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD." Another one of his student exclaimed loudly as the entire class began fussing over him.




"NEGI-SENSEI, YOU SHOULD BE RESTING." Ayaka stated as she managed to push everyone away so that could knee; in front of Negi, much to Zazie's and Asuna's charging.

"Don't worry Ayaka-san, I'm okay, my body had already recovered from the beating that I endured." Negi lied, wanting to stick to the alibi that Takahata told to his class. And Takahata had also mentioned that Ayaka almost turned the entire town into a warzone, so he also decided to calm her down for the sake of their school. "And do not worry Ayaka-san; my attackers were already taken care of, right Mana-san." Negi exclaimed as he gazed at Mana expectantly.

Mana, seeing the look on her sensei's face, decided to roll with it. "Those cowards are taken care of sensei; I personally took care of them so there is no need to worry." Mana said in a very convincing tone. That alone was enough to satisfy his students that are not magically aware. All of them having enough brain cells and common sense to know that Mana had already given them a punishment that they would never wish on their worst enemy.

Mana smiled as Negi chuckled with unease. "And by the way sensei, I already mailed you my bill for my services and next time you come across that many enemies; show no mercy from the beginning." Mana stated with a sharp smile and voice.

Negi smiled as he nodded solemnly. "I'll pay you when I received my next paycheck, Mana-san." Negi assured her but unfortunately or fortunately, Ayaka would have none of that.

"That is not necessary Mana-san," Ayaka stated indignantly as she gazed sharply at the resident mercenary. "I would pay for your fee so you shouldn't bother with sensei at his current state." Ayaka exclaimed with a proud voice and with a slight blush, she wanted to impress Negi with her display for affection.

Negi's group on the other hand has one thought running through their mind. 'Incho is going to get robbed.' The group thought simultaneously. Normally, Negi would have intervene but the look that Zazie and Mana threw his way made him back down.

"Sure, I'll send the bill to your dorm room and I expect full payment in three days time." Mana said in a delighted tone. "And just a reminder, don't force me to come after my pay. Trust me, you wouldn't like the result." Mana added in a frightening sharp tone.

The class, and even Zazie and Eva, gulped at that threat while Ayaka merely nod, trying to act brave in front of Negi but she shouldn't have bother for even Negi was frightened. "I'll give you your pay the moment I receive the bill." Ayaka replied carefully as she diverted her gazed towards Negi. "And Negi-sensei, you should be resting until your body is fully recovered." Ayaka advised causing Negi to chuckle.

"Do not worry about me Ayaka-san," Negi replied with a small smile as he glanced at Zazie who was standing nearby. "Zazie-chan took care of me for three days straight so I am feeling quite refresh." Negi assured them and at the mentioned of Zazie's name, with the '–chan' suffix I might add,all the attention was diverted to the residen acrobat.

Zazie, being the stoic person that she is, merely eyed her classmates with an uninterested gazed. Chizuru smiled and approached the normally elusive girl. "Is that the reason why you were absent for the past three days, Rainyday-san?" Chizuru asked, not wanting the shy girl to be swarmed by their overly excited classmates.

Zazie merely nodd as she gazed at Negi. Negi knowing the meaning of that gazed, smiled at her. "Zazie-chan was the person who found me bloodied in the alleyway near the world tree plaza and she was also the person who took me to the hospital." Negi told them as he telepathically communicated with his partners.

'Guys, don't talk, let me and Zazie-chan handle this.' Negi instructed them.

'We'll leave this to you then, sensei.' Nodoka answered as the rest nodded.

Ayaka then gracefully walk towards Zazie and offered her a curt nod. "Thank you Rainyday-san for taking care of Negi-sensei at his time of need." Ayaka exclaimed in appreciation while the rest of the class all gave her a thankful gazed.

Zazie narrowed her eyes for a moment before grinning a bit. "It was nothing and believe me it was a pleasure." Zazie said as the entire class looked startled for a moment.

"YOU COULD TALK," The class, with an exception of a few, exclaimed loudly as they suddenly gazed at Zazie in shock. That was the first time they heard her talk.

Zazie sighed as she glared at them mildly. "The last time I check, yes I could talk." Zazie retorted with an annoyed and cold tone. "Now if you please make way, Negi-sensei has an appointment with the principal and we really should be going." Zazie exclaimed as she calmly walked towards Negi.

"That wouldn't be necessary, Rainyday-san." Ayaka exclaimed as she suddenly appeared beside Negi. "I'll be taking care of Negi-sense until he recovers." Ayaka stated and Negi swore the he just saw the shadow of death hovering over Ayaka.

Zazie shook her head as she suddenly grabbed a fist full of Ayaka's face before pushing her away with such force that she flew all the way to the back of the room and crashing accurately to her sit. "Cool your head and don't touch sensei, you blond haired idiot." Zazie hissed as she grabbed Negi's wheelchair and began heading towards the door.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Ayaka yelled indignantly as she glared at Zazie. "And sensei shouldn't be meeting with the principal, he should be resting." Ayaka added with a tone that she usually used while arguing with Asuna.

Zazie merely look at Ayaka with in an uninterested matter and was about to throw another verbal jab but was prevented when Negi suddenly grabbed hold of her hand, a gesture not miss by the rest of the class. "Ayaka-san, like I told you, I'm fine and me sitting in this wheelchair is only until tonight." Negi assured his class with small chuckle.

"But sensei, you've just been released from the hospital, you shouldn't force yourself." Ayaka said worriedly.

"I can't Ayaka-san, even if I wanted to." Negi chuckled as he glanced at everyone in his class, giving all of them assurance. "If I remember correctly, there is a ball tonight and I don't want to disappoint my date." Negi told them as Zazie tried her best to hide her blush.

At the mention of his date, the atmosphere around the room thickened once again. "Sensei, you shouldn't be thinking of your date at your current state." Ayaka exclaimed, not even hiding the discontent she had on Negi's date for tonight. The class had forgotten that topic because of Negi's sudden hospitalization but now that Negi had once again brought it up, let's just say that they were reminded that someone out there was capable of capture the interest of their gentle teacher.

Negi smiled at that reaction, it was typical of her. "But I promised her and I can't back down now, not after the way she took care of me for the last three days." Negi said to them as all eyes widen when Negi gazed at Zazie. "So we are still good for tonight, Zazie-chan." Negi inquired expectantly.

Zazie could only smile as she nodded. "I already have a gown sensei." Zazie exclaimed with a smile as she narrowed her eyes on her classmates. "We'll be going now, so bye." With that said, Zazie hurriedly exited the room.

Their classroom was silent for a second as the two made their way towards the principal's office.

"Well that was entertaining." Negi commented and at the same time, his class had finally reacted.


Zazie smirked to herself as she took a second glance. "I say they took it well but you still owe me." Zazie exclaimed as Negi nodded.

(Scene Change)

"Negi-kun, I see that they had released you." The principal exclaimed as he eyed the two individuals in front of him.

Negi chuckled once again as he glanced at the principal. "Yes but my body is still recovering." Negi said as Zazie put a hand over his shoulder. "Every inch of my body still hurts but this is nothing compare to the pain I felt when I was under that spell." Negi commented as the principal nodded.

The principal nodded as he narrowed his eyes on Negi for a moment. "Negi-kun, you might not like this but I am forbidding you from ever using that spell while you are in Mahora." The principal told him as he leaned on his chair. "The destructive capabilities of that spell surpasses any spell that I know. Even your father is incapable of doing that kind of damage without using his full strength and trusts me; your father seldom fights with his full strength." The principal exclaimed as Negi nodded once again.

"Do not worry sir; I am not planning on ever using that spell until I finish it and until my body could take the aftermath of the Sonata." Negi assured the principal as he gazed at Zazie. "I promised," Negi added sincerely as Zazie smiled at her young lover.

"Good to hear, Negi-kun." The principal said, not feeling comfortable at how Zazie and Negi looked at each other.

"Can we go now, principal-sensei?"Zazie asked in a respectful tone, not feeling comfortable at how the principal was gazing at her.

"Not quite, I have one more thing to discuss with Negi-kun." The principal stated as Negi fidgeted on his wheelchair. "I going to be frank with you Negi-kun, I do not like the way you treat Zazie-san." The principal exclaimed frankly.

Negi gulped a bit as that subject was brought up while Zazie merely narrowed her eyes in irritation. "You are the sixth person who had said that and I'm getting sick of it." Zazie all but snarled as she clenched her hand into a fist. "You have a school to run; I suggest you focus on that and not with the personal life of your employees." Zazie said as the principal sighed a bit.

"I am well aware of that but I am just saying that, in the short time that I had seen you two interact, I have noticed several unnerving things." The principal stated as Zazie held back a growl. "I hope the relationship between you two won't pass the teacher-student relationship."

"I'm am sensei's apprentice, he treats me accordingly." Zazie argued as Negi put a comforting hand over hers.

"Can we go now, sir?" Negi asked in a passive tone but the principal could detect a bit of an uneasy tone in his voice.

The principal merely nodded as Zazie pushed Negi out of the principal's office, leaving the old man to ponder in his thoughts.

"Takahata-kun, what do you think about those two?" The principal asked as Takahata emerged from the background.

"I don't know what to say, I didn't even know that Negi-kun took an apprenticed or that Zazie-san is a demon-folk." Takahata said as the principal sighed a bit.

"Zazie-san, remind me too much of Arika-chan, the only difference between them is that Zazie-san is a bit possessive of Negi-kun and Arika-chan is prettier than her." The principal commented as Takahata chuckle.

"You fear that Negi-kun would fall for her, right?" Takahata inquired and the principal could not help but nod.

"I have nothing against her, but her kind is a different case." The principal stated as he remembered what clan Zazie belongs to.

(Scene Change)

"That little succubus," Ayaka growled in irritation. Class 3A was currently changing for gym class and Ayaka was still shocked, outraged, irritated, and many other emotions that were negative to say the least. After Negi had deliberately announced who was his date for tonight's festivities, the reaction was in order, first there was shocked, then second was deafening silence (I don't know if that was a reaction not), third was outraged, fourth was chaos, and lastly, a certain cheerleader began collecting her winnings causing most of the student on their class to groaned at the lost of their money.

"I never would have thought that Zazie-san would be Negi-sensei's date." Haruna commented innocently, wanting to see how her classmates react to the current situation. She knew that Zazie was Negi's date since two days ago; the way Zazie act around Negi was a dead giveaway. Although to be honest with herself, it took her roughly a day to figure it out because of her fear for the young demon-folk.

"That little, seducing succubus," Ayaka hissed ignoring Haruna's comment. "I can't believe, I can't fucking believe it, I thought that she wasn't interested in sensei but, Kami I hate her." Ayaka growled as she slammed the locker door so hard that it almost break.

"Looks like what they say is true, it's always the quite ones." Makie stated, a bit dishearten at how Negi looked at Zazie. She may not be that smart but she had seen how tender Negi's eyes were he looked at Zazie, and that unnerved her.

"Asuna, how could you let that girl be close to Negi-sensei?" Ayaka asked her rival as Asuna growled.

"Don't give me that tone, Incho." Asuna growled, not wanting to have this kind of talked. "I was as surprise as you when I saw those two in my bed four days ago." Asuna retorted in an irritated tone. There was silence at that outburst as most of the class was stunned at that declaration and it only took Asuna a minute or so to understand the magnitude of her outburst causing her to slowly inch to the door. Unfortunately for her, her classmates, more specifically Ayaka, had finally regain their senses as they all surround Asuna, yelling at her in outrage.


"WHAT WERE THEY DOING, ASUNA-SAN, TELL US." The class all but demanded as Asuna laughed uneasily.

"Well, you see," Asuna began mumbling coherently, trying to find the right words so she could avoid the wrath of her classmates.

"Negi-sensei was exhausted after one of his training sessions and Zazie-san was the one who brought him back to our room." Konoka answered for Asuna's sake. "Zazie-san ended up laying sensei down onto Asuna-chan's bed and she kind of drifted to sleep herself." Konoka explained as their classmates seems to be satisfied with that explanation, barely satisfied.

"Konoka-chan, did sensei ever told the two of you why he's taking that clown to the dance?" Ayaka asked curiously.

"Not exactly, we didn't know that Negi-sensei would take Zazie-san to dance until this morning." Konoka mentioned before giggling a bit. "But we should have seen this coming; Negi-sensei did tell us that she is his favorite student." Konoka exclaimed causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"Wait, what?" Ayaka exclaimed in a troubled tone. "Konoka-san, did I hear right? Did sensei really refer to that clown as his favorite student?" Ayaka inquired, wanting to confirm her worst fears.

Konoka merely smiled brightly before nodding. "Negi-kun said that he has been tutoring Zazie-san with her math since the first semester, I guess that they bonded during that time." Konoka said with a rather clueless tone, oblivious to the murderous expression that was slowly crawling on Ayaka's face. "We didn't know what exactly happened at that time or every time that they spend time together but it's safe to say that those two are rather comfortable with each other because, right at the bat, sensei introduced her to us as his favorite student." Konoka stated as her classmates began whispering to themselves.

"Sensei's favorite student, I didn't expect that." Yuna mumbled in a rather excited giddily way.

"Yeah, I know, never would have thought that sensei prefers the silent, mysterious type." Misa commented with a small blush.

"But you guys had got to admit, Zazie-san is quite a beauty in her own way." Madoka exclaimed as the other girls nodded in agreement.

"And not to mention that her mysterious aura is quite alluring," Haruna commented, wanting to add oil to fire.

"But come on now, she doesn't have the best body in our class." Sakurako commented as most of them began cupping their breast.

"Now that you mention it, you're right; Zazie-san has one of the smallest breast sizes among us." Misa stated as Ayalka growled loudly.

"Is not just about breasts, baka's," Ayaka yelled before sighing. "Let's talk about this later; we're going to be late for gym-class." Ayaka stated causing everyone to nod before heading out towards the open court.

(Scene Change)

"That senile old man," Zazie growled as she led Negi around the campus. It was an hour before recess so Negi and Zazie decided to have a stroll around the campus to pass up time.

"The dean's getting suspicious," Negi mumbled sadly. "Oh man, I should have used the wind or the lightning Soul Caliber." Negi whined, scolding himself.

"You should have but it wouldn't have changed anything." Zazie exclaimed as both of them let out a dejected sighed. "This is going to get complicated, and it was already complicated having rendezvous with you." Zazie muttered as Negi held her hand tenderly.

"We'll get through this," Negi assured her with a smile. "Remember, if we are together, we are unstoppable." Negi added causing Zazie to chuckle.

"Don't be cocky sensei, remember, no one is unstoppable in battle." Zazie scolded playfully, although she's quite happy that Negi still holds her skill in high regards. "Where do you want to go sensei, we still have thirty minutes to waste before recess?" Zazie inquired with a small smile.

Negi thought for a moment before motioning her to go to the nearest shade, which she did. "I haven't played my violin for a week now; I think it's time for me to refresh my skills or something." Negi mentioned as he grabbed his violin case.

Zazie laughed softly as she removed Negi from his wheelchair and gently laid him into a sitting position next to her. Negi instantly leaned to the tree behind him before getting his violin. The violin glowed vibrantly as the sunlight shine directly on the crystal violin.

"I thought you hate playing that," Zazie commented with a small smile. "You always complain every time I asked you to play the violin before." Zazie added as Negi chuckled goodheartedly.

"I used to hate playing the violin because Nekane-nee force me to learn how play this instrument but because you like my music, who am I to complain." Negi told her as both of them chuckled goodheartedly as Negi started playing the violin, and instantly, a beautiful, melody flooded the air.

Zazie smiled gently at that as she rested her head on his lap, enjoying Negi's talent in music.

(Somewhere in the open court)

Class 3A suddenly stopped from their tracks as the gently melody reached their ear.

"Where is that heavenly sound coming from?" Surprisingly, it was Eva who asked the question.

"Don't know but damn, whoever is playing this must be pretty good." Ako commented as all of them began walking towards the source of the melody.

(Back to Negi)

Zazie was thoroughly enjoying herself as she began to hum the melody that Negi was playing. The melody was gentle, comforting, and calming, three characteristics that were always present in every musical piece that he played for her. The only noticeable difference about this piece in comparison with his other musical composition was that, this piece was a bit livelier, like the music that was used in festivals.

After five minutes of playing, the piece was finally finished as Negi put the violin to his side. "Did you like it?" Negi asked with a small smile.

Zazie chuckled before nodding a bit. "Do you know a piece that is a bit, you know, my nature." Zazie asked curiously.

Negi pondered for a moment before nodding uneasily. "Well yes but I'm not used in playing that kind of music." Negi commented as he prepared to play his instrument. "I hope you could bare with this for a bit." Negi said as he started playing but unlike the last piece in where he played the violin gently and slowly, this time, he played the violent in a quicker pace. His bow movement and his strumming was quicker, creating a very distinct melody.

The melody, for lack of better words, was creepy yet beautiful. It was the perfect melody for a haunted housed for its disturbing melody was quite alluring and at the same time, it was giving off a mysterious aura that you can't help but be attracted to.

Zazie's smiled widen at the sound of the musical piece, this type was her taste. She didn't dislike Negi's gentle music but she prefers haunting ones, those that sends shivers down someone's spine kind of music. Zazie enjoyed herself with Negi's violin playing that she didn't mind her classmates watching them, although she will deal with them later on.

Negi didn't know why but he liked the sound of the melody from the musical piece that he was playing, it wasn't his usual music but it sounded and felt right. He began enjoying playing the disturbing melody, causing a breeze of wind to surround the two of them. The breeze was quite relaxing as it slowly turned into a cyclone.

"Okay brat, that's enough." Eva shouted as she suddenly appeared beside the two. Negi instantly stopped playing and glanced at his master while Zazie had the decency to glare at her. "I don't even want to know how you learn how to play that but control your magic, you almost created a tornado." Eva scolded as Negi smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry for that," Negi apologized with a curt nod.

"And when the hell did you get a crystal violin?" Eva asked curiously as she glanced at the crystals violin that her disciple was holding.

Before Negi could answer though, Zazie carried him off and gently put it on the wheelchair. "We'll be going now Eva-sama," Zazie whispered before getting a dagger from her pocket and throwing it to the nearest wall before walking away with Negi. "Eavesdropped on us again, come hell or high water, I will make you all regret it. Seriously, I was really enjoying myself" Zazie threatened coldly, not even bothering to look at her classmates or the shattered wall behind her.

"We got ourselves a new player." Haruna exclaimed silently.

(Scene Change)

"I despised that girl." Ayaka growled as she served the volleyball with such strength that the receivers dodge rather than to make an attempt to send it back.

"Well, Zazie-san did say that she has some certain privileges with sensei for being his favorite student." Haruna commented evilly as their opponents in the volleyball match growled at her for angering their already ticked off class representative. "What kind of privileges are those? It really makes me wonder." Haruna mumbled snidely as Ayaka clutched the ball tightly; the ball was in the verge of bursting.


Haruna chuckled deviously as she whispered several words to their class representative."Come on now Incho; remember what happened just a few moments ago, Zazie-san's head was on Negi-sensei's lapped, making herself as comfortable as humanly as possible while sensei serenades her with such wondrous music, music that sensei composed and performed himself." Haruna then let out a silent, disturbing laughed that send shiver down their teammate's spines. "Sensei never serenades us with his violin before but Zazie-san acted like she was use to it, makes you wonder what more privileges Zazie-san is in the expense of sensei, huh." Haruna finished as she hurried back to her position.

Ayaka's face was frightening to say the least as she served the volleyball so fast and so strong that the opposition decided to run as fast as possible, forfeiting the game in the process.

Haruna chuckled even more deviously as she walked towards her friends. "Now that was a strategy." Haruna stated with an evil smiled as Nodoka and Yue shook their heads in disappointment.

"That was evil, Paru, that was pure evil." Yue commented as Haruna merely smirked at the two before putting an arm around her two companions.

"I know that I'm evil but I'm evil with a cause." Haruna said to the two as she effortlessly dragged them towards their dorm. "Okay, now that Zazie-san has become more active, both of you should really start taking this seriously. I mean, look how far Zazie-san is right now with her silent tactics." Haruna commented as both Nodoka and Yue sighed dejectedly and didn't even bother to voice their opinions.

Deep down, they couldn't help but agree with her words, Zazie was leading in their beloved's heart and it was slowly driving them insane.

(Scene Change)

"Seriously that brat, a day out of the hospital and he is already making a scene." Asuna grumbled loudly as she stomped to their dorm room, Konoka and Setsuna behind her.

"But you had got to admit, sensei knows how to please his date." Konoka commented as she clung to Setsuna's arm, much to the embarrassment of the samurai girl. "Set-chan, could you serenade me like that as well." Konoka asked in a flirtatious tone as Setsuna blush.

"Never thought Aniki would play the violin again. He always hated playing that instrument." Chamo commented, remembering the tantrums that Negi used to throw whenever Nekane requested him to play the violin for her and her friends.

"He hated playing that instrument, how come his so good at playing it then?" Setsuna inquired critically.

"I don't know," Chamo answered nonchalantly before smoking a cigar. "Although, if my memory is correct, he was always talented with that instrument, he just doesn't like playing it." Chamo stated before blowing some smoke. "Wonder what caused the sudden change."

The three girls shrugged at that question as they reached Asuna and Konoka's room. "Okay, where here so let's change before the brat comes and…." Asuna didn't finished his statement as the door opened, revealing Negi who was already wearing a tuxedo.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Negi greeted as he fixed the waistcoat of his tuxedo. Negi was wearing a tuxedo similar of that Lee Chaolan of Tekken, complete with a rose, the only difference is, the tuxedo was white while the shirt under it was black. His hair style was similar at the time when he was under the effect of the Moonlight Sonata spell of his only shorter. In short, he looks goddamned handsome.

Asuna gawked at how handsome Negi looked like at the tuxedo that he was wearing while Konoka assisted Negi in fixing his suit. "You look absolutely dashing with this tuxedo, Negi-sensei." Konoka complimented as Negi blush slightly.

"You think Zazie-chan would like this or should I change to another one?" Negi inquired worriedly.

Konoka chuckled as she patted his head. "Don't worry, Negi-sensei, Zazie would absolutely love you in this, right Set-chan."

"Ojou-sama is right, sensei. Rainyday-san would truly love you in that." Setsuna assured her sensei causing Negi let out a sigh of relief.

"That's good, by the way, who are you guys taking for the dance?" Negi asked curiously as the three girls blush a bit, especially Asuna.

"Well, Takahata-sensei would be taking Asuna-san." Konoka mentioned as Setsuna began grumbling a bit.

Negi smiled at Asuna after hearing that news. "Good luck, Asuna-san," Negi said with a gentle smile before gazing at Konoka and Setsuna. Negi instantly frowned at the expression that the two was wearing before letting out a light chuckle. "Konoka-san, can I borrow Setsuna-san for a while? I need her to check on the edge of my sword." Negi asked as he took Setsuna by the hand and gently led her to the room. "This will only be take a couple of minutes." Negi said to the rather confused and clueless Konoka as he shut the door.

"Sensei," Setsuna mumbled as Negi closed and locked the door behind them.

"You and Konoka-san don't have dates for the ball tonight, huh?" Negi asked knowingly as he approached his closet. The lack of response from Setsuna was all the answer Negi needs as he threw a roll of bandages towards Setsuna, which she caught rather easily. "I think you know how to use that."Negi said as he searched for a certain something from his closet.

Setsuna looked at the bandages and it took her a moment to realize what Negi was implying, causing her face to take a shade of red. "SENSEI," Setsuna shouted in embarrassment as Negi suddenly pulled a black tuxedo from his closet, the tuxedo was Setsuna's size.

"You two won't be getting off the hook that easily." Negi commented mischievously as he threw the tuxedo towards Setsuna.

(Five minutes later)

Asuna and Konoka waited patiently for the two warriors to emerge from the room, Konoka being more nervous as they heard several ramblings behind the door. The ramblings suddenly stopped as Negi suddenly burst out from the room, this time wearing a pitch black blindfold. "Konoka-san, you don't have a date, right?" Negi asked as he removed the blindfold.

Konoka could only nod as Negi nod back. "Like I told the class before, all of us would be attending the ball, no exceptions, so." Negi then pushed a blushing Setsuna in front of Konoka. Setsuna was now wearing a black tuxedo, quite different from Negi's. The tuxedo perfectly fits Setsuna while hiding her feminine features. "This explains the blindfold and she's your date, you fix her." Negi stated with a small smile.

Asuna gawked at those words while Konoka blushed deeply before a beautiful smile adorned her face. She gave Negi a quick hugged and a pecked on the cheeks before dragging Setsuna back to her room. Negi chuckled as he exited the room.

"THANK YOU NEGI-KUN," Konoka squealed as Setsuna let out a scream.

"OJOU-SAMA, PLEASE CONTROL YOURSELF." Setsuna yelled Konoka locked the door. Asuna sweat dropped as Negi laughed a bit.

"Good luck Setsuna-san, you'll need it."Negi said behind the door before glancing at Asuna, offering her a smile. "Good luck with Takahata-san, Asuna-san." And with that said, Negi walked away, both of his hands were inside of his pockets.

"Negi," Asuna called as Negi glanced back at her.

"Yes, Asuna-san," Negi answered with a causal tone and a casual smile.

Asuna bit her lipped for a moment, not entirely sure how to talk to Negi. After the incident with Zazie and after seeing the interaction between the two, she was unsure on what to say to Negi. She thought that she knew Negi more than anyone but it seems that Zazie had proven her wrong, and had beaten her in the most humiliating fashion but she didn't want to remember that. But still, Zazie had proven to her that the Negi that she knew was only a tip of the iceberg compare to the real Negi.

Negi shook his head before continuing his walked. "Let's talked after the ball, Asuna-san, I can imagine that you have a lot of questions." Negi said as he suddenly disappear from her sight.

Asuna didn't have time to be startled as the door suddenly burst open before Konoka pulled her inside the room.

"Asuna-chan, help me fix Set-chan's hair?" Konoka all but demanded as she dragged Asuna in their room.

(Scene Change)

Negi fidget a bit as he stood in front of Zazie's apartment door. "Okay, Negi, you've been here most of the semester, there's no need to be nervous." Negi mumbled to himself as he knocked on the door and waited for Zazie to answer the door. "Calm down Negi, calm down, you've been through worse anyway and it is just Zazie-chan, you've been through many dates with her." Negi mumbled to himself as the door slowly opened.

"Your just in time, sensei." Zazie said as she showed her dress to Negi. She was wearing a white, strapless evening dress that came down only half way to her knees. The dress was also showing off her curves much to Negi's amazement, he knew that she was cute before but now, she was just that damn beautiful. "Hey Negi-sensei, you like what you see?" Zazie asked shyly as Negi nodded dumbly.

"You look amazing." Negi said, still stunned on how beautiful his girlfriend. Zazie chuckled as she grabbed hold of his hand.

"We should be going now, sensei." Zazie said as she and Negi walked hand in hand. The two were oblivious to the figure that was watching them from the shadows.

The figure was wearing a Mahora uniform under a black cloak that covered her face. The figure was also holding a scythe and a giant demonic silhouette hovering behind her. "My foolish little sister, how dare you fall in love with the prince" The figure mumbled with a disappointed tone. "I should have known you'd be incapable of properly protecting him." The figure then shook his head as her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Arika-dono would be disappointed but I would fix your mistake, one way or another." The figure mumbled as she followed the two silently.