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"Reports on the repairs on the world tree plaza. Is it finished yet?" The principal asked as he gazed at the mage teachers that surrounds him.

"We are not done yet sir, Negi-sensei really did a number on the surroundings of the plaza." One of the mage teachers answered carefully.

"That is understandable; the moon is a very potent and powerful magical energy." Professor Akashi exclaimed as he read a couple of documents. "The magical reading around the World Tree Plaza after Negi-sensei's onslaught is off the chart, even after three days after the attack, there is still some magical residue that's surrounds the plaza." Professor Akashi explained in mild-disbelief.

"Not to mention the magnitude of the attacks that Negi-sensei use three days ago." Kuzunoha said with a shiver. "It's still a wonder why the plaza is still standing after those spells." Kuzunoha stated causing the mages around her to nod.

"It is to be expected." Eva exclaimed in a bored yet interested tone. "With the exception of that brat, I haven't met any mage who has the ability to harness the energies of the moon and as all of you know, the moon is a very powerful and potent magical energy." Eva stated before chuckling darkly.

"In all my years, I never, ever thought of harnessing the energies of the moon and never thought that the effects would be that destructive." Eva stated in an amused manner. "Although, I need to lecture that brat about using an experimental spell, he's still hasn't regain consciousness and the damaged that he took physically is fatal to say the least." Eva mumbled to herself but it was still heard by everyone there.

"That reminds me, what's Negi-kun's status?" The principal asked with a mild worried tone as Takahata and Eva coughed a bit.

"Negi-kun is still unconscious but his condition is stable." Takahata exclaimed in a sullen tone."His wounds have healed and his magical energy had already recovered but he hasn't shown any signs of gaining consciousness any time soon." Takahata added with a sighed.

"In the bright side, Zazie-san had stayed by his side ever since." Eva added with a chuckled. "I actually felt a tinged of pity to those fools of a doctor that attempted to removed her from his side." Eva exclaimed as Takahata winced a bit.

"As well as I, I never thought that Zazie-san could throw such a hard punch." Takahata exclaimed as he clutch his ribs.

"I told you that you shouldn't force her to leave bozo's side but no, you didn't listen." Eva exclaimed with a snicker. "And look where you ended up, you ended up having three of your ribs broken by the little girl." Eve added with a chuckled.

All eyes suddenly turn towards Takahata as he laughed softly and he waved his hand dismissively. "It was my fault entirely, I shouldn't have asked her to leave Negi-kun's side." Takahata exclaimed with a small yet embarrass laughed. 'Although, she went a bit overboard,' Takahata added in his thought as he felt his ribs ache a bit.

"Now that you mention Rainyday-san; did any of you notices how possessive she is with regards to Negi-sensei?" Gandolfini inquired curiously. "I mean yes, most of his partners are attracted to him but they are not as possessive and as overprotective as her." Gandolfini stated with a small frown.

"Now that you mention it, she is a bit clingy when she's guarding Negi-sensei." Professor Akashi mentioned causing Eva to laugh absurdly.

"I can't believe we are discussing the brat's relationship with his partners. How pitiful, the once fearsome faculty of Mahora Academy is reduced to a bunch of gossiping adults that depends on an overly powerful ten-year old to fight their battles." Eva laughed as she head towards the exit, ignoring the glares that were thrown towards her.

"Eva-chan, where are you going? We are not done yet." The principal added as he gazed at the powerful vampire. Eva merely gave him a demented smile as she opened the door.

"Firstly, I am not a faculty so I am not required to be here and I only attend this meeting because, without the brat, I've been rather bored in the past three days. Second, I'm going to visit my apprenticed and his apprentice." Eva said as she excited the room before slamming the door shut.

(Scene Change)

Zazie held Negi's hand tightly as she caresses Negi's hair tenderly. It has been three days since the fight with the demons, and Negi hadn't even move a muscle. Because of his current state, Zazie had stayed with him for the past three days, not leaving his side even for a moment. The doctors and even Takahata had practically force her to leave his side, assuring her that he would be okay in their care and she should rest but Zazie didn't even listen to them. In fact, people that attempted to remove her from Negi's side ended up with a broken arm, a busted nose, a broken leg, or a concussion, even Takahata suffered a crack rib or two when he tried to remove her from Negi's side. After that incident with Takahata and after she had caused several injuries to several nurses, they just decided to leave her alone, to prevent any more injuries or casualties. Hell, they even put a second bed in Negi's hospital room for her luxury and to avoid her wrath.

In the past three days, Negi's other partners had constantly visited him and often times stayed beside him overnight, together with Zazie. The only reason why they did not stayed beside Negi was the because the dean pleaded with them to help the Mage teachers scout the area in case of another attack, which they agreed begrudgingly, the only one who didn't agree was Zazie. When the Dean asked why, her simple answer was:

"I am Negi-sensei's partner first and foremost and to be honest with you, I don't care if this place burns in hell, I only care about Negi-sensei and his well being. And because I am Negi-sensei's partner, I take orders from him, and not from you, regardless if he takes order from you." Zazie stated coolly.

The Dean and the rest of Negi's partners was taken back at those words before nodding in understanding, it seems that she only takes orders from Negi, it was unnerving but sweet, according to Eva. Evangeline admired that kind of loyalty and Zazie had earned Eva's respect because of that loyalty.

"Negi-sensei, love, please wake up." Zazie whispered in a tender voice.

"The brat will wake up in due time, little girl." Eva exclaimed as she appeared out of nowhere. Zazie didn't even spare her a glance as she clutched Negi's hand tightly. "You know girl, for a demon folk and even for a woman, you are way too possessive of him and the teachers are taking notice." Eva commented as she stood behind Zazie.

"With the exception of a very few individuals, I could kill anyone there with little to no problem." Zazie exclaimed with a sullen tone.

"I know you can and as much as that would be a sight to see and as much as I would enjoy seeing that, I suggest you hold your temper." Eva advised as she placed a hand over Zazie's shoulder. "You're too much of a hot and ill temper when it comes to him and as minimal as that is, that is still a weakness." Eva commented as Zazie finally spare Eva a passive glanced.

"And as much as I abhorred weakness that is the one weakness I'm willing to have." Zazie stated as she returned her gazed to Negi, completely missing the disappointed expression on Eva's face.

"No matter how strong a warrior is, he/she must have a weakness in order for him/her to maintain a bit of humanity." Eva stated with a semi-sarcastic tone. "I despised that saying but it does have some reasoning behind it. A perfect warrior will only become a killing-machine." Eva stated nonchalantly as she grabbed a chair and sat behind Zazie.

"So tell me, how and when did you two started interacting with each other?" Eva asked as she narrowed her eyes on her. "And don't give me that crap that you told those girls. I live long enough to know when a person is lying, no matter how passive or how stoic they deliver the lie." Eva stated as Zazie once again glanced at her but this time, with a cold glare which Eva match with narrow eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment as the room was flooded by mild killing intents that was being emitted by the two. Zazie was trying to scare off Eva but it seems it was to no avail, in fact, it seems that she was the one being overwhelmed by the mild killing intent that Eva was emitting, evident to the fact Zazie was sweating a bit. "Your KI would work against those girls and probably some weaker opponents but it has little to no effect against someone like me." Eva stated with a small smiled as she send a very condensed killing aura towards her, almost causing her to stumbled but it did caused her to clutch her throat because of the fact that she was suddenly out of breath.

'Damn, the only time I lost my breath like this was when Negi-sensei blast me with his killing aura.' Zazie thought as she massaged her throat and regained her breath.

"Seriously Zazie-san, it will take you a few more years to overwhelm me with that kind of killing intent." Eva said with a smug tone before frowning at her. "You know, this is to convenient for the brat, I mean he got all his partners by mere chance, all of them by accidents, and all of them were only acquired because the situation demanded it. The only exception would be you." Eva exclaimed as Zazie narrowed her eyes on her.

"You made yourself practically invincible to the rest of your classmates, even I didn't notice you at first, but you made yourself visible to the boy and only to the boy. I don't know if that was your intent to begin with or it was only a spur of the moment but I don't care about that, the only thing I care about is why." Eva stated as she smirked at the stoic face of Zazie.

The room was silent for a moment as the tension between the two slowly rises. Zazie stared at Eva in a calculative manner while Eva merely looked at her with a smirk. After what seems like forever, Zazie sighed in defeat as she faced Negi's prone body once again.

"I never thought you would figure this out so soon." Zazie mumbled as Eva smirk in triumph.

"You're not the only who has her eyes on him all the time and you're not the only one who eyes her competition constantly." Eva stated nonchalantly as Zazie can't help but giggled at that before a frown graced her lips.

"Promise me first that whatever I would say right now will stay between you and me." Zazie stated in a sullen tone as she gazed at Eva with pleading eyes. "Negi-sensei had yet to know this and I want to tell him this when the times is right." Zazie explained desperately as Eva nodded, understanding the magnitude of those words.

Zazie sighed as she revealed a tattoo to Eva and at the sight of that tattoo, Eva's eyes almost budge.

"YOU'RE PART OF THE," Zazie quickly covered her mouth with her hand as she pointed a dagger to her neck.

"Yes I am but I have a good reason why I'm here." Zazie hissed as she summoned her scythe from nowhere. "Let me explain but please, be silent." Zazie requested as she pulled the dagger back to it's holster.

(Scene Change)

(In Negi's subconscious)

Negi flinch as he removed another chain that was wrapped around him; since he lost his consciousness, he decided to train in order to master his ultimate spell and he has been training none stop since then. His two spirits was a bit peeved about his relentless training but his darkness spirit merely look uninterested. Obscurum was merely interested in being used by his so called master unlike his two counter parts but he was a bit shock that his master would train this hard, he didn't care but he was a bit curious.

And after three days of none stop chain pulling, Obscurum decided to question his master, in order to pass of some time.

"Hey stupid master, what's up with the relentless training, this is so unlike you."Obscurum asked with a bored tone as he appeared in front of Negi while wearing a bored expression. "I mean, I'm use to seeing you train like there's no tomorrow but this, this is even beyond you." Obscurum added with zero interest in his voice.

Negi merely smiled at his darkness spirit, among his three spirits, he was his favorite. He was mostly rude and a jerk but he was also the spirit who always tells him the truth, boldly and straight to his face, something that he really appreciated. "I made her cry," Negi stated in a sullen tone as Obscurum merely look at him with a bored expression before laughing out loud.

"Goddamn it boy, you are really smitten with that demon girl." Obscurum commented with a sadistic laughed causing Negi to chuckle, he was so sure that that laugh was the only laugh Obscurum knows. "Let me just ask a question, I mostly don't care about you as long as you use me but what the heck, what do you see in that girl, I mean you teach a class filled with girls that are physically beautiful but why did you choose her, you choose her among your thirty-one student that are all willing to throw themselves at you feet, but my question is why? Why her?" Obscurum asked in a sadistic tone, for the first time, finding interest in his master's love life.

Negi chuckled as he forcefully pulled another chain off him, after three days of this; he was use to the pain. "To be honest with you, I don't know why I fell for her, I mean, you're right, I teach thirty-one beautiful girls, some of them admired me for reason I don't know but Zazie-chan, she was special." Negi said with a chuckle as he pulled another chain from him.

"Elaborate idiot, I'm a spirit not a human, therefore, I am not able to understand emotions."Obscurum spat but he couldn't contain the curiosity in his voice, this was the first and normal conversation that the two had since Negi materialized him.

Negi laughed a bit at that. "Well for starters, she's very anti-social but she's a good company, she's very smart but she prefers actions than words, she's also a gentle person but when it comes to a fight, she's like an unrestrained monster, she's timid and shy at times but she's very forwards when it comes to her affection, there are so many things I like about her and I unconsciously fell for her." Negi explained causing Obscurum to snort.

"I don't know anything about this love crap but come on brat, your ten, what do you know about that word." Obscurum inquired, earning a gentle smile from Negi, a smile that he loathes so much.

"You right I don't know love but I'm pretty sure that Zazie-chan will teach me the meaning of that word in the future." Negi exclaimed as Obscurum almost blast him with a dark spell of his own creation.

"Give me a favor brat and don't smile that smile on me, I hate that smile of yours." Obscurum threatened before letting out a sigh. "Is she more important to you than your father?" Obscurum asked causing Negi's smile to falter for a moment before brightening a bit.

"Yes," Was Negi's simple answer as the chains that were bounding him to the ground were all ripped off from the sky and with a thud, the chains fell to ground. "She's more important to me than my father." Negi affirmed him as a black axe was pointed at him.

"If the time comes when you have to choose between her and finding your father, what would you choose?" Obscurum asked, his voice lacking the sarcasm and the demonic that he always used when they talked with each other.

Negi smile as he glanced at Obscurum right in the eyes, his eyes burning with passion. "I would choose her." Negi exclaimed as the chains below him suddenly crumbled together to form a round sphere above Negi.

Obscurum snarled at him as he smashed his axe beside Negi. "I don't like you but I'm giving that to you, the access to my Soul Caliber, use it well and get out of here, that demon-girl of yours has been crying none stop since you fainted." Obscurum sneered as he walked away from his master. "By the way, congrats, you could finally start the next step, I'm not saying I'm looking forward to it but damn, at least use my axe first before you try that stupid plan of yours" Obscurum exclaimed, not even bothering to looked at Negi's smile before he disappeared, taking the giant axe with him.

After sensing that Negi was gone, Obscurum sighed as the two spirits he was force to live with appeared in front of him, both wearing identical grins, something that greatly annoyed him. "What I did just now means nothing. I still think the brat is worthless and I still don't care whether he dies or not, just as long as he use me." Obscurum snarled as the two female spirits chuckled.

"Keep telling yourself that," The two said in unison causing him to snarled at the two, regretting the fact that he gave his axe to Negi.

"The brat," Obscurum muttered as he gazed at the spherical chains above him. "Oh well, at least he found someone more important to him than that asshole he calls a father." Obscurum exclaimed in a sullen tone as a low smirk graced his lips.

(Scene Change)

Eva stared at Zazie for a while as she finished retelling her story. "Does the brat know about you, about this little secret of yours?" Eva asked as she massaged her temple, finally feeling a bit frustrated at the girl in front of her.

"No not yet, I haven't told him yet because I'm not sure how he would react." Zazie exclaimed in a sullen tone.

"If he finds out about this, the odds are he'll be using that form to kill you." Eva commented before letting out a sighed. "Tell him, he has the right to know." Eva advised but Zazie merely look at her with a sad expression.

"I was hell bent on fulfilling my promise to the queen, my mission given to me by my clan, my duty to my queen but I didn't foresee falling for in love with him." Zazie said as she caressed Negi's hair tenderly. "I was trained by my clan to be the perfect assassin in order to protect the last prince yet Negi-sensei thought me things that none of them ever thought me. He taught me how to use magic, he taught me how to use my Youkai to such amazing extent but most importantly, he taught me how to be human and he taught me how to love." Zazie exclaimed in a tender voice as she gazed at Negi lovingly.

Eva sighed dejectedly as she placed a hand over her shoulder. "But regardless, this is a secret that the brat should know." Eva told her in a rather gentle manner.

"I'm too afraid of what his reaction would be if I told him." Zazie replied in a depress tone. "I'm too afraid that he would never look at me the same way after I tell him this secret." Zazie added sadly.

"Of course he wouldn't look at you the same way ever again." Eva told her in an exasperated tone. "You should have told him already, he has the right to know." Eva lectured as she gave Eva a cold look.

"Even if the secret involves his long, lost mother?" Zazie inquired carefully as Eva flinched a bit before narrowing her eyes at the girl.

"As much as I don't like it, yes he deserves to know." Eva exclaimed with a growl. "I can't believe that man, already having a wife even before we met." Eva muttered irritably as Zazie chuckled at her expression.

"Do not be insulted, Eva-sama, Arika-dono has the beauty that would put any goddess to shame." Zazie assured, causing Eva's eye to twitch violently.

"You are not helping." Eva whispered in an irritated tone as leaned closer towards her. "Tell me this, is she alive and if in a fight, would I win against her?" Eva asked in a silent whisper.

Zazie sighed as she leaned closer to her ear. "For your first question, even I don't know the answer to that, the second one on the other hand, even with your full strength and at your strongest form, I doubt if you would last ten minute against her." Zazie stated knowingly as Eva sighed a bit.

"I see," Eva said in a dangerous tone as she slowly made her way to the door. "I do hope that the wife of the thousand master is still I alive and I also hope that I could meet her someday." Eva whispered darkly as she exited Negi's hospital room.

'Because I want to see why the thousand master choose her as his wife.' Eva thought darkly as she disappeared from the door.

Zazie sighed once again as he gazed at the still sleeping form of Negi. "Arika-dono of all the warriors that was loyal to you and at your disposal; why did you choose someone as young as me to protect this treasure that you call a son?" Zazie wondered as she rested her head over Negi's chest.

(Scene Change)

Negi's partners were sitting in the cafeteria with a depress and a solemn expression. The once cheerful and energetic group has been rather gloomy in the past three days for the simple reason that Negi has been bed-ridden because of the injuries he obtained during the fight three days ago and they were not the only people who were affected by thier, their energetic class has considerably calm down since Negi was hospitalized, especially Ayaka who has been in a war path. Because of the lie that Takahata told the class, Ayaka had practically tore the entire city in half in search of those who had attacked her precious sensei, much to the groups utter amusement and annoyance.

"Can't believe I'm saying this but I miss that brat." Asuna commented with a bored sighed as she rested her head on the table. "It's more fun when his around." Asuna added in a sullen tone.

"I know what you mean," Haruna said in a sighed as she put a hand over the shoulder of her two friends. "This two had been sulking for the past three days, their no fun right now." Haruna exclaimed dramatically at the lack of entertainment in the past three days.

Nodoka and Yue paid her no mind as they continue reading the books that was in their hands; the books were tomes that were related to the theory of basic magic. The reason why they were so focused was because they were only able to watch helplessly as Negi, the one they love, was force to use a suicidal spell that was so powerful that it actually left him in a coma and with a injured body to booth, and the fact that they were so helpless during the situation was eating them alive. The look of his lifeless body haunted them for the past three days and every time they visit, they could feel their heart ache at how lifeless he is.

'I won't allow that to happen ever again.' The two thought in unison and in determination.

The group merely gazed at the two with a worry expression before sighing, among all of them, Nodoka and Yue took Negi's hospitalization the hardest, well Zazie was the person who really took it harder than the two combine but unlike her, they don't have anything to vent their frustration on (Zazie took her frustration on the doctors and nurses that attempted and failed to separate her from Negi).

Asuna and Haruna sighed again as they look at Konoka and Setsuna. "Hey Set-chan, what did you do to that girl we captured during the attack, Chigusa I think her name is?" Haruna asked out of boredom.

Setsuna smiled sadistically at that, a smile that she hid from her Ojou-sama. "Let's just say that she will now stay in the Kansai Magical Association Prison Cell, permanently." Setsuna stated with a sadistic tone, causing every in the table to shudder at what she did to the poor criminal.

"By the way, where are Chisame-chan and the rest?" Konoka asked as she gazed around. "I thought we're going shopping for the ball tomorrow." Konoka exclaimed as Asuna sighed a bit.

"Ku-Fei is out training with Kaede and Kotarou while Chisame is lockup in her room, doing God knows what." Asuna answered with a sighed.

"Kotarou-kun really took a hit on his pride after Negi-sensei's display of strength, didn't he?" Konoka inquired as Setsuna nodded.

"Kotarou-san thought that Negi-sensei and he are at the same level or that Negi-sensei's level is only slightly higher than his but after seeing sensei wiped out an armada of demons with three spells and after seeing the display of power that sensei showed during the fight, I think Kotarou-san is desperately trying to catch up to him." Setsuna concluded knowingly. "As for Kaede-san and Ku-Fei-san, they were with Negi-sensei during the fight and I think that like Zazie-san, they blame themselves for forcing sensei to use that double edge spell, so I think their training to get even stronger than they are right now." Setsuna added with an unreadable expression.

Asuna look sadden at that as she was, once again, reminded about their fight against those demons. "We really depended on Negi in that fight, didn't we?" Asuna exclaimed in disappointment as the group suddenly sighed in anguish.

"At least you guys were able to fight by his side." Nodoka commented sadly as she gazed the group with hallow eyes.

"Unlike us, who were only able to watch him fight in a safe distance, watching him get injured like that wasn't really a pleasant experience." Yue added sadly as she closed the book that she was reading, already done memorizing the book at heart.

"I know what you mean but could you guys imagine what Zazie-san is feeling right now?" Konoka inquired with a serious tone. "She is Negi-sensei's favorite and she seems to be rather close and intimate with him, could any of us comprehend what she is feeling right now." Konoka exclaimed as the group look solemn for a moment.

"Well basing it in her rather moody and temperamental behavior when it comes to those nurses and doctors that were tending Negi-sensei's injuries, I can deduce that she feels like shit right now." Haruna exclaimed as the group nodded at that.

"Yeah, that about sums it up." Asuna commented in a rather convince tone causing Konoka to shook her head.

"She's probably the person who loves Negi-sensei the most; I think she must feel miserable right now." Konoka commented in a convincing tone as Yue and Nodoka glanced at her. "I mean come on guys, Zazie-san may be cold and stoic but she is very passionate when it comes to Negi-sensei and vice-versa." Konoka exclaimed as death glares from the two book worms were suddenly thrown her way but that statement instantly caused the group to wonder what the real relationship between Negi and Zazie is.

(Scene Change)

Tsukuyomi, the sadistic swordswoman and an all out lunatic, was not in a good mood, evident to the fact that the surrounding forest around her were reduced to shreds and the fact that the sadistic smile that was always plastered on her face was gone and was replaced by an angry and demented growled. She was cutting down everything that she set her eyes upon but her lust for blood was not satisfy, in fact, as she cut down the defenseless trees and rocks around her, her wanting for blood increases.

"Calm down," Fate calmly ordered as he approached his pissed off colleague. "We'll be discoverer if you continue destroying everything in sight." Fate exclaimed as he caught a sword strike that was meant to cut his head off.

"Fate-han, I want her, I want another shot to kill that clown." Tsukuyomi all but demanded which earned her a curious gazed from the stoic mage.

"If my memory serves me right, you were lucky to have survived that fight with his new partner." Fate commented as he summoned a thick block of earth to stop Tsukuyomi from taking his head off with her sword.

"She was lucky," Tsukuyomi snarled as an ominous aura was being emitted from her body.

"She outclassed you in every turn, remember." Fate exclaimed as Tsukuyomi growled as the fight where she had lost oh so beautifully flooded her head.


"I see that you fought my sister before; if you managed to survive her, don't expect to survive me." Zazie commented as she pushed Tsukuyomi backwards. "Seventh Dance of the Thirteen Waltz, Tulido Rosales." With those words the vicinity was suddenly surrounded with black roses.

"This technique again, looks like you are far deadlier opponents than your sister." Tsukuyomi commented as she smirked dementedly. She had already seen this attack which makes dodging the attack easier. She instantly jumped backwards in order to dodge three cyclones of rose petals that was heading towards her, which instantly created a large crater on impact to the ground.

"Zantetsusen," Tsukuyomi whispered as she swung her sword towards Zazie, sending a spiral like slash towards Zazie while she merely swung her scythe downward, causing a wall of rose petals to rise and block the attack with ease. Tsukuyomi's smiled grew even larger as she charge towards Zazie in an incredible speed.

Zazie didn't waste any time and block the attack with the handle of her scythe. "Again with this sword style, if I have a yen for every time I see Shinmei-ryu sword style in action, I would already be rich." Zazie commented airily as Tsukuyomi began throwing barrage of sword strikes towards Zazie.

Zazie, knowing the tactic that her opponent was using able to block most of the attacks and was able minimized the damaged but the strength and power behind Tsukuyomi's attack was still able to leave some scratch mark on her body thanks to the backlash of the blows. Tsukuyomi grin sadistically as she force Zazie backward with her blows. "Come on now, I thought I won't survive you." Tsukuyomi taunted as she prepared another one of her techniques.

"Messatsu Zankū Zanmasen," Tsukuyomi exclaimed loudly and was about to send a strong burst of ki towards her opponents but was stop when Zazie swung her scythe and diverted the blow elsewere, which in turn, startled Tsukuyomi.

"Again, your style is too predictable." Zazie stated as she knee Tsukuyomi to the gut, sending her a couple of feet away from her, creating enough distance for her to perform one of her kata. "Fourth Dance of the Thirteen Waltz, Nex Row Numerous (Death row number)," Zazie exclaimed as she suddenly rotate and charge towards her opponent.

" Hyakuretsu Ōkazan," Tsukuyumi mumbled as she drew with her sword, sending a shock wave to the ground. She use the shockwave to dodge Zazie's attack which was quite fortunate for the attack was so devastating that it destroy everything her scythe hit, only leaving a large crater with the mark 666 in the middle of the crater.

Tsukuyomi was propelled upwards because of the backlash of the attack but she able to regain her bearing and descendent towards Zazie, her sword already prepare to use another one of her special attacks. "Kessen Ougi, Shin Raikōken," As she uttered those words, her sword was suddenly enveloped with lightning energy as Zazie pointed her scythe towards her.

"Ninth Dance of the Thirteen Waltz, Fangs of Teres (Fangs of the Elegant)," Zazie mumbled as she swung her scythe upwards, her scythe suddenly taking the form of an elegant halberd-like blade. The two attacks clash, causing the ground beneath Zazie to shatter while the air around Tsukuyomi vibrated causing a small tornado to be formed around them.

Tsukuyomi, seeing that she was on top tried to overpower Zazie but it was to no avail as she managed to effortlessly keep her bearings even after being in the wrong end of the clash. After a couple of minutes, both of their techniques died down, giving Zazie the opportunity to grabbed hold of Tsukuyomi's hand before pulling her closer.

"This is going to hurt." Zazie whispered as she enhanced her fist with Kankahō before punching Tsukuyomi on her stomach with such force that it cause her to spat out some blood. Zazie instantly follow the strike with another punch, this time it was straight to gut and this time, the force behind the attack was enough to send her flying to the nearest wall.

Zazie, seeing that this was her chance to finish the fight, instantly went to her favorite stance. "Ninth Dance of the Thirteen Waltz, Postul of Lotus." Zazie mumbled as she spun around in mid-air, gathering the wind current around her before redirecting the wind current that she gathered towards Tsukuyomi, which took the shape of a large, crescent blade.

"Shit," Was the only thing Tsukuyomi could mumble as she coughed up blood before going into a special stance. "Ougi, Kyokudai Raimeiken," Tsukuyomi whispered in an audible tone as a massive scale lightning blast to block the wind current that was tearing anything in its path.

Tsukuyomi, seeing that that her attack won't hold for long, hurriedly move to the left, narrowly dodging the attack that decimated one of Shinmei-ryu most powerful technique.

"Fantastic, you are able to doge that attack." Zazie complimented in a taunting voice as she appeared behind Tsukuyomi. "Sadly, this is the end." Zazie whispered grimly as she swung her scythe downward.

"Not in this lifetime," Tsukuyomi mumbled as she brought her sword up, instantly blocking the strike that was meant to cut her in half. "Ōrō Gekka," Tsukuyomi shouted as she threw a ki induced punch on Zazie's gut, the punch had enough strength in it to send her flying a couple of feet away from her.

"If you added magic on that technique, I would've been toast." Tsukuyomi exclaimed as Zazie gracefully landed on her feet.

"If I used my magic or my demonic abilities, you would already be dead." Zazie stated as the stared at each other, waiting for their opponent to strike.

And at the same time, behind them, a pillar of magical energy erupted to the sky.

(End of Flashback)

"She outclass you in that fight, even if she was holding back two-thirds of her abilities she was still able to hold the advantage in the majority of the fight." Fate concluded in a logical way as he conjured a chair made of rock. "Could you imagine what kind of state you would be if she wasn't holding back?" Fate inquired seriously as Tsukuyomi swung her sword to the side, blowing large debris of earth beside her.

"I want another shot against her and you will either allow me to do it or I would just waltz in that school, cutting down everyone until I find her." Tsukuyomi threatened as Fate passively glared at her.

"Is she didn't end that fight with that spell, you would have lost more than that fight." Fate commented with a sighed as he stood up. "But if you really desire to beat her, then I shall give you my assistance." Fate exclaimed as a large key suddenly appeared in front of him.

(Scene Change)

Zazie stirred a bit as she felt at the sudden lost of warmth. She slowly opened her eyes only to absurdly close it again when the rays of the afternoon sun suddenly hit her eyes. 'Don't tell me its afternoon already.' Zazie thought as her eyes adjusted to the sun rays that were hurting her eyes a bit.

After her eyes was fully adjusted to the light, she instantly glanced at Negi's hospital room and instantly notice three things, one is that she was lying on Negi's hospital bed, two she had a blanket over her body, and three and most importantly, Negi was nowhere in sight. The third part instantly caused her to be frantic as she absurdly stood up and head straight towards the exit.

She didn't take five steps when she was suddenly prevented from moving any further when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. "Hey," A voice whispered to her and for once in the past three days, she had finally smiled her true smile that caused Negi to fall for her in the first place.

"Your finally awake," Zazie whispered in an audible tone as she turn around and gazed at Negi, who was awake yet, with one look, she could already tell that he has yet to fully recover.

"My body still hurt a bit but I'm okay." Negi answered with a small smile as the two, for a moment, stared at each other with love filled eyes. Unfortunately for Negi, it only lasted for a moment for him before Zazie slapped him across the face so hard that he fell to the ground. "Okay, I deserved that." Negi mumbled as he rubbed the cheek that Zazie slapped. Zazie growled at those words as she pinned Negi to the ground and a look of pure anger graced her face.

"You idiot, you idiot, you idiot," Zazie mumbled repeatedly as she pounded on Negi's chest lightly. "Why did you used that spell, you should have waited for me to end my opponent. The two of us would have been enough to win that fight." Zazie wept in both joy and anger as Negi wrapped his arms around her.

"I know, I'm sorry," Negi said sincerely as he kissed her cheeks tenderly. "I should have used one of the Soul Calibers but that spell was the most appropriate spell for absolute victory." Negi explained he sit up and held Zazie's crying form.

"I know that the Sonata of the Moonlight Goddessisn't perfect yet and I know that that spell is currently a double-edge sword but I didn't have a choice. I can't risk my partners or the school and I don't like the thought of you being hurt." Negi stated lowly as Zazie gazed at her boyfriend with discontent.

"I can take care of myself." Zazie mumbled as he grip on Negi's clothes tightly.

"I know but I still can't risk you," Negi stated with a small smile. "I'm sorry," Negi said again with a very sincere tone as Zazie wiped the tears of her eyes.

"Why didn't you use one of your soul calibers, the wind caliber or the lightning caliber would have been enough." Zazie scolded a bit as she snuggled closer to him, finally enjoying their current position.

"I can't, as much as would want to use the Soul Caliber, I just can't and I think you know the answer why." Negi mumbled and the silence was the only answer that Negi needed.

"Whoever planned this had his cards well played." Zazie commented as he noticed a tattoo on Negi's arm, the sight of that tattoo cause her to smile. "So he finally give in," Zazie commented with a small chuckle.

"Actually, he didn't give in, Obscurum still hates my guts but I think he liked my answer to his question." Negi commented as he fondly stared at Zazie.

"He gave you the access to his caliber for merely answering a question." Zazie inquired with a surpised expression.

Negi smile at her as he nodded. "He asked me what I will choose when there comes a time when I will choose between finding my father and you." Negi repeated Obscurum's question as he smiled at her. "And if that time really comes, I would choose you, no questions asked, and with no regrets." Negi answered sincerely with a smile. Zazie smiled at that statement before pinning Negi to the ground again. Their foreheads touched as they stared at each other for a moment.

"Remember what you said to me," Zazie whispered in a low tone. "You said that your mine after your awake." Zazie reminded him in mischievous tone.

"I remember," Negi exclaimed with a small smile as he let his arms fall beside him. "Do as you wish?" Negi exclaimed willingly as Zazie began to loosen her top.

(Time skip, the next day)

"Good morning Takahata-sensei," The class greeted in a not so enthusiastic tone as they watched their temporary homeroom teacher enter their class for the fourth straight day in a row.

"Okay class before we begin, I hope all of you have your partners for tonight's ball, remember, this class would perform the opening dance." Takahata reminded as their class look bored at that subject. Without Negi, their interest in the ball went to zero.

"Now, let's begin our lesson." Takahata mumbled as he picked his textbook and opened it to a certain page. "Please open your textbook on page," Takahata exclaimed loudly when suddenly the door was slowly open, diverting the class's attention to the door.

Their eyes widen when Zazie entered their class while pushing a wheelchair, and the person sitting on the wheelchair, was Negi.

"Negi-kun," Takahata exclaimed in surprised.

"NEGI-SENSEI," The class shouted in shock at the first sight of their teacher in three days.

Negi smiled at his class while Zazie push the wheelchair towards Takahata. "Negi-kun they released you already?" Takahata inquired in shock as he stared at Negi in mild-surprised.

"Well to be honest with you, I'm surprise myself. Normally, the backlash of the Sonata would be two weeks of being bedridden but it seems my body recovered faster than usually." Negi replied in a whisper so that the three of them were the only who could hear him. "But still, my body still feels ache a bit and because of the story you told my class, I force to sit in this wheelchair." Negi whined causing Takahata to chuckle.

"Sorry Negi-kun, it was the only excused that actually work with your class." Takahata answered with a goofy grin. "But in my defense, your class has been hell on me; they've been trying to pry out from me the hospital on where you are staying." Takahata mumbled uneasily.

"And you can' tell them because it's a hospital for us magical teachers." Negi concluded as Takahata nodded.

"More or less," Takahata whispered as he stared at Negi's class, it seems that their attention was solely to the two of them. "Negi-kun, I think you should rest for a while and let me handle your class for today while you recover."Takahata advised, feeling the unrest of the class.

Negi shook his head as he glanced behind him and smiled at his class. "I can't do that, Takahata-san. My class has been extremely worried about me and I think they deserved some answers." Negi stated as Zazie narrowed her eyes on Takahata.

"In other words, leave before I throw you out the door." Zazie whispered threateningly causing Takahata to chuckle a bit.

"Takahata-san, she's actually serious when she said that." Negi warned silently as Takahata nodded wearily.

"I know," Takahata chuckled as he leaned towards Negi. "Negi-kun, Zazie-san is similar to your mother when it comes to her possessiveness and her violent tendency towards your father. The only difference is that her violent tendency is directed to the people around her and not to you." Takahata whispered deviously as Negi blush bright crimson at that. Takahata would have chuckled some more but he was suddenly lifted by the collar and dragged out by an annoyed Zazie.

"You shouldn't say that to Negi-sensei, Takahata-sensei." Zazie mumbled as she ceremoniously threw Takahata out the door and proceeded to shut the door on his face.

"Just like Negi-kun's mother." Takahata commented with a chuckle.