"Hey, Cloud...if I died, would you kill 16 giant monsters to bring me back to life?" Zack asked his Mako poisoned friend where they were seated in the back of an unfamiliar truck. The black haired man laughed at his own question. "I'd love to live knowing that someone would do something like that for me..." he said leaning back and staring up at the sky, holding his hand above his face to block on the bright glare of the sun. Cloud was silent, Zack had expected nothing less then that. He laughed lightly, "It's alright buddy, your silence says it all...I just want you to know that I would do it for you no question." he said with a nod. "It's just a crazy myth anyways, so who really cares."

The thoughts ran through Cloud's head as he looked up at the sky, blocking out the sun with one hand. He let out a brief sigh before looking down at his lap at the blanket covered body riding in front of him on his large yellow chocobo. "I would Zack..." he said his answer quietly wishing that he had been able to way back then. He looked out in front of him as the large bird stepped out onto a long thin bridge which led to a large brilliant, yet moss strewn, building in the distance.

"That place...began from the resonance of intersecting points..." An eerie voice filled his mind, he had been told to sit here and wait for Zack to return, so what was this voice, when there was clearly nobody around. Cloud didn't move, not that he could much anyways. "They are memories replaced by ens and naught and etched into stone. Blood, young sprouts, sky- and the one with the ability to control beings created from light..." the voice continued, "In that world, it is said that if one should wish it one can bring back the souls of the dead...but to trespass upon that land is strictly forbidden." The voice trailed off and that was the last Cloud heard of it.

After riding his chocobo down a long winding path to the depths of this building he rode out into a sun filled room. There was an alter at the end of this statue lined hall and what he was to do flooded his mind. He rode the chocobo down to the stairs in front of the alter before jumping off. He took the blanket bound body off the back of the large yellow bird which let out a loud 'wark' and flapped its wings at the loss of all the weight on its back. He stepped up to the table like alter and placed the body down. He took a breath as he pulled the blanket off. His throat clenched as he looked down at Zack Fair, wearing completely white, looking younger then ever, everything on him looking completely perfect, just like the man Cloud had lost all those years ago. He let go of the blanket and it started to blow off in a slight breeze which was ruffling Zack's perfectly spiked hair. Cloud could not take his eyes away from the lifeless form in front of him.

"Wark!" the loud cry of his chocobo filled the room and Cloud turned to look at what was causing the animal to freak out. His eyes widened slightly and his hand went immediately for the sword on his back as what looked like the shadowy forms of men raised from the ground. Five of them had gathered in front of him when he took the bright Ultima Weapon off of his back and pointed it at the creatures. The sword shone brightly and as soon as they had appeared the shadowy beings blew into dust and then to nothingness. Cloud slowly lowered his weapon as he heard the cracks of thunder from above him. He looked up through the hole in the ceiling for a moment before back down at the hall in front of him as words filled the air around him.

"Hmm? Thou possesses the Ancient Sword?" it started, "So thou art mortal..."

"Are you Dormin?" Cloud asked looking back up slightly, speaking the name that had filled his mind those years ago as he had been spoken to, before he discovered the death of Zack. He took a breath and continued, "I was told that in this place at the end of the world-" he paused only briefly to put his sword back in it sheath, "there exists a being who can control the souls of the dead." he stopped and waited for this voice to reply.

"Thou art correct..." it said after a brief pause, "We are the one known as Dormin." then it fell silent again, a silence which seemed to ask for Cloud's reason for being there. The blond glanced back at the unmoving form of Zack, then back to the hole in the ceiling, where he presumed the voice was coming from.

"This man...died protecting the one he loved..." or at least Cloud presumed that was his reasoning, "He died without true reason...at the time his fugitive status had been revoked and the men who killed him had no reason to have done what they did." he explained. He looked over his shoulder at Zack again, "Please..." he looked back to the whole of the hall, "I need you to bring back his soul." he nearly pleaded.

"That man's soul?" the voice repeated it paused before continuing, "Souls that are once lost cannot be reclaimed. Is that not the law of mortals?" Cloud flinched at the words and looked down at the stone beneath his feet knowing that his claim would be turned down. "With that sword, however..." Cloud looked back up hope fluttering inside him, "it may not be impossible."

"Really!" Cloud questioned in his sudden excitement taking a small step forward, glancing at the sword on his back.

"That is, of course, if thou manage to accomplish what We askest." Dormin said in a rather matter-of-fact tone.

"What do I have to do?" Cloud asked, he was not going to turn back, he was willing to do anything for Zack.

"Behold the idols that stand along the wall...thou art to destroy all of them." Cloud looked around at the statues that lined the wall of the hall as Dormin continued, "But those idols cannot be destroyed by the mere hands of a mortal."

"Then...what am I supposed to do?" Cloud asked shaking his head slightly, not understanding what he was being asked to do completely.

"In this land, there exists colossi that are the incarnations of those idols. If thou defeat those colossi-" Dormin's voice rang through the building and Cloud did not like the sound of defeating colossi, "the idols shall fall." Cloud sighed, for some reason he had known this was coming. He lowered his head, a look of determination finding its way onto his pale features.

"I understand." He said looking back up at the idol filled hall wondering exactly how many of these things there were. He counted the statues in his head and couldn't help but find it ironic when he counted the last of them, the sixteenth.

"But heed this, the price you pay me be heavy indeed." the voice warned.

"It doesn't matter." Cloud said without hesitation. There was a silence before Dormin spoke again.

"Very well..." it started, "Raise thy sword by the light and head to the place where the sword's light gathers. There, thou shalt find the colossi thou art to defeat." Cloud turned around and faced the table like alter where a peaceful looking Zack was lying before looking out at the landscape outside of the stone shrine. He knew that there was a chance that he was not going to live through this, but he was willing to risk everything for Zack.

"Now be on thy way..." Dormin's voice trailed to a whisper and then to what seemed like a just of air as it disappeared and let Cloud know that he was to start this journey of life. Cloud sighed as he stepped around the alter and out into the balcony off the side off the alter. The sun light was bright and he covered his eyes for a moment as they adjusted, his other hand reached to the sword on his back. He lifted it into the air, the sheer weight of the item nothing to him. Sure enough light reflected off of the sword sending beams of light everywhere. Slowly the beams of light started to gather to point at one area almost directly south of the temple. Like Dormin had said...so that was where his first opponent would be waiting for him.

He put the sword on his back again and walked back into the temple. He stopped beside the alter and looked down at Zack's face. He frowned as he brushed a piece of hair from his face and traced a finger over the X shaped scar on his cheek. He lowered his own face to Zack's and placed the smallest of kisses on his cold lips. "Only for you...only for the one I love." he stated lifting his face from Zack's with a morbid smile. He looked down at those closed eye before walking around the alter and and getting on his chocobo with minor protests from the yellow creature before kicking it's sides and letting it start to run down and out of the shrine and onto the first colossus.

SO SHORT! I'm not used to the shortnessnitude. TT-TT anyways I had this idea a while ago. I was upset by the lack of sexy men in SotC so I decided to pull in my sexy FF7 guys. Though there isn't any actual yaoi in it.

I am sorry for the slight Necrophilia at the end there too. But Cloud just loves Zack so damn much. ALSO This is pretty much a walkthrough for SotC...trust me, I recorded myself playing the game with my friends Dazzle, and it is my only reference. The paths I follow and my ways of defeating the colossi are exactly what you have to do. ALSO yes I did use the exact dialouge from the opening of SotC for this one heh. And I know, you have to aim your sword for the light to gather, that doesn't work in RL my friends. Chocobo = Only Comic Relief!

ALTERNATE BEGINNING/ENDING(from my friend Melanie):

"Hey, Cloud...if I died, would you kill 16 giant monsters to bring me back to life?" Zack asked.
"Ah hell no. Sorry dude." ~The End~ LoL 83