He let the large bird travel almost directly south. The look of determination refused to leave his features as they headed onward. The chocobo was being surprisingly obedient at the moment and Cloud was far from complaining about it. That was, until they came up to a bright green tree and the chocobo seemed to have its own ideas on where they were going and veered off to the greenery. Cloud growled slightly as he tried to get the animal back on track but he went unnoticed. The bird started to eat at the greens growing at the base of the tree. In his anger and frustration Cloud dismounted and looked around ignoring the happy 'wark's the bird was letting out. His gaze rested on the large tree next to his chocobo and noticed that there was a single piece of fruit in the higher branches. He hadn't eaten in quite sometime, so despite his better judgement he took the bow and arrow off his back and aimed the weapon at the fruit and fired with deadly accuracy letting the bright orange fruit fall to the ground. He picked it up and removed the arrow giving it a tentative sniff before biting into it, revelling in the sweetness of it, glad that he had decided to do this, he was going to need to be as ready as possible to fight this monster and a full stomach may help. Sure it wasn't much but it would do.

He gave it a moment while the chocobo decided it was finished and then got back on the animal and continued the ride south. As they got closer and closer to a cliff face he was pretty sure he had found where he was supposed to go. Just to be sure he raised his sword again and sure enough the beams of light pointed straight forward to the break in the cliff side, and slightly upwards. And he had a feeling he would have to do some climbing as he approached the cliff face and looked up seeing how it stopped not to high up. That was where he was going and he knew it. He dismounted the chocobo and it took a few paces away and sat itself down. Cloud rolled his eyes at it as he spotted a patch of ivy climbing the side of the cliff face up to a small platform where he would start. Pulling himself up onto the first platform on his journey up to the colossus he let out a sigh and wondered how long this whole journey would take.

There was a path to the left, which curled up along the cliff face which he instinctively followed he stopped, and nearly fell as he came up to a break in the path, a nearly five foot wide gap. It was something he knew he could jump though. He took a breath as he made a running attempt to jump the gap, making it without a problem, a small stagger when he landed on both feet on the opposite side. Ha paused before continuing along the path coming quickly to a while with another platform not high up the cliff face next to him. Jumping and getting a firm grip on the stone he pulled himself up and continued heading down the path, across a patch of wooden planks and he couldn't help but wonder who had been in this 'forbidden land' who could have possibly put them down. He came up to another gap not far from this wooden bridge and took another running leap at it, landing it perfectly once again.

This time a fallen pillar blocked his path. He frowned at the stone slab for a moment before deciding to roll under the two foot gap between it and the ground. Even with the hefty sword, and the bow and arrows on his back he managed to make it under with no problem. He knew not many people were used to this kind of work, but he had been an operative in Shinra for years and defeated Sephiroth, who was supposed to have been the most powerful man on the PLANET, so this wasn't that difficult, but of course he had no idea what these colossi would be like when he finally found them.

A bit farther down the path he jumped up onto another ledge and then another at the end of this path before he ran into a little bit of a problem. He came face to face with a stone slab on one side, and a sheer drop on the other. He sighed as he climbed down to the path before and looked around. He noticed that the path continued on the other side of the stone slab with a six foot gap. He examined the slab, looking for something he would possibly be able to grab on to. He noticed a small ridge along the sides, on top of an abundance of ivy all over the structure and he knew what he had to do. He climbed back up onto the platform next to the slab. Taking a breath and bracing himself before jumping up and grabbing onto the ledge, slowly making his way around the structure simply hoping he wouldn't slip. Upon reaching the opposite side he eyed the path lurking just past the gap. It was just one jump, but from his position making a six foot jump would be rather difficult and he knew that.

Positioning himself with both feet against the stone and keeping one hand firmly gripping the small ledge and ivy. He turned his body to look at where he was jumping. From this position the jump was not nearly as far and he would be able to build up more power in his legs, but he was not high enough to land on the path. He took a breath as he extended his legs and jumped towards the path. His eyes squinted slightly as the view of solid stone came to his face. He reached up and managed to grab the ledge of the path above him even as his body slammed into the stone forcing the breath from his lungs. He hung there for a moment as he let himself regain his breath, his arms were starting to feel very strained as he pulled himself up onto the path. He sat himself against the cliff face and looked along the path, taking a short break, and observing what was to be done next.

Much to his surprise he did not see any more cliff faces along this path, in fact about fifteen feet down the path opened up into a large flat area. Cloud sighed and closed his eyes in relief. Figuring he had enough of a rest he stood up and started down the path. As he neared the opening into the clearing the earth below him started to shake and his eyes opened wide as he looked down, then up as more quakes came periodically. His mouth fell open slightly as he braced himself, he had been expecting large creatures when Dormin had said colossi but this was far from what he had really been expecting. This 'creature' looked as though it was made of stone, with fur covering its back and legs but what had caught Cloud's eye was the sheer size of this immense being. It had to be at least forty feet high with a shoulder span of at least twenty feet. In one of it's large hands it held a club double the size of Cloud's chocobo which looked to be made of pure stone. He had no idea how he was supposed to take on such a beast.

To his relief the creature walked right by him, shaking the earth with every step. Cloud's eyes never left it until he heard a voice in the back of his head, "Hold up thy sword to reflect the light onto the colossus. Its vitals shall be revealed..." this confused Cloud for a brief moment before he tried what he was told and raised his sword into the air like he had to find where the colossus was in the first place. He was slightly shocked as the beams of light split to point at two points. One; the patch of fur on one of the creatures ankles. Two; the creatures head way up in the air. These must have been this creatures 'vitals' like Dormin had said. Cloud also figured he would be aiming for the ankle first.

He started making his way over to the large beast, staying behind it as he did, not wanting it to see him...if it could see. It didn't even as he closed the space between them completely which he was grateful for. He braced himself as he jumped and grabbed the fur on the creatures ankle and braced himself for the worst. It started to flail it's leg to try and knock him off as it finally noticed his presence. Cloud clung on, closing his eyes to keep the fur from irritating them. When it stopped moving so vicious. He lifted his sword, positioning it above it's ankle and plunging it deep into a slightly glowing mark beneath the fur. The creature let out a scream as it fell onto it's knees, shaking upon impact, but what was bothering Cloud more was the sudden surge of nearly black blood that shot out of the new wound like a geyser spraying into the blond's face, he almost let go of the creature to cover his face, when he realized now was his chance to start climbing up it's back to it's head. He jumped and grabbed onto a cuff at the top of it's thigh before grabbing onto more fur and onto what seemed to be a platform on the creatures back. He sat down briefly keep a hold on the fur as the creature sat up. It was nice to rest his arms though. This rest didn't last long though as he stood up again and continued to climb his way up the monsters back and onto it's shoulders.

There was little shaking as Cloud finally managed to stand up on this beasts massively broad shoulders. He took another short break, one hand clinging to the spines on the creatures back to keep himself balanced when the beast decided to move suddenly. He held his sword in hand as he looked onto the creatures head. He took a step closer, keeping a hold of the spines and he noticed a glowing cyan insignia on the monsters head. He had never seen a creature with such an obvious target. He knelt down and grabbed onto the fur again and he crawled out onto it's flat head. It made no move to shake him off and he took a sharp breath as he plunged his sword into the creatures head. Another geyser of blood met his face as he removed the blade and the colossus finally decided to show it was agitated and throw it's head about in a small tantrum. Cloud only managed to hold on with one hand, only able to use his feet slightly to keep himself from falling off the side of the colossus's head. He lifted his sword and hit the same spot again. It's movements had started to slow as Cloud gave it one last hit. It let out a screech as it fell to the ground.

Cloud couldn't hold on any more as he let go and hit the ground moments after the colossus did. The breath was pressed out of him and he huffed lightly into the ground which he noted was covered in blood, mainly the blood rubbing from his face. He pushed himself to his knees and noticed that he was covered in the monsters blood. He raised his lip in disgust and took a step away from the deceased monster which was still spraying blood. Suddenly a sharp pain surged through his body from his chest as though he had been stabbed. He staggered and saw these black tendrils making there way into his body. His eyes started to close, he tried his hardest to keep them open but it was to no avail as he fell to his knees and he was completely passed out before his shoulders hit the ground.

A bright light filled his vision, and he thought for sure this was it he was dead. Why hadn't he been able to do more then this. As his consciousness slipped completely from him and everything went black in his vision and mind. There was the faintest of whispers which sounded like Zack's voice as his mind escaped him.

It seemed like a dream when he opened his blue eyes again. Slowly he came to his senses and pushed himself up onto his knees. He looked around to see he was back at the shrine. He could see Zack again, still lying lifelessly on the alter. Cloud pushed himself to his feet and headed towards the alter putting his sword on his back. Upon a foot of the stone slab he fell to his knees and let out a heavy sigh resting his arms beside Zack. He was rather spent and he hardly noticed that now he as completely clean, not a drop of blood anywhere on his being. "I don't know if I can do this. I don't think I'm strong enough." Cloud whispered to Zack. Cloud's blue eyes kept there place on Zack's peaceful looking face, he wanted to see this man smile again...if only he were stronger. He reached out with one hand and brushed up Zack's arm and across one cheek with the lightest of smiles at the thoughts, the memories, and his dreams of the life they should have had together. He was pulled out of these thoughts by a rumbling behind him. He jumped to his feet again and turned around to see one of the many statues in the room started to glow and shake as deep cracks started to cover it before it crumbled without being touched. Cloud was shocked...he had managed to destroy one of them. He couldn't help the almost giddy feeling rising up inside of him at this miniscule victory. He took a step towards the stairs when the voice of Dormin filled the room again.

"Thy next foe is..." it started, "In the seaside cave, it moves slowly. Raise thy courage to defeat it." And that was it, the voice disappeared as quickly as it had started leaving Cloud with this...almost riddle like statement to work through. He turned back around and looked out of the shrine to the landscape beyond, actually filling himself with this hope, he had a sudden thought that maybe...just maybe. He could actually do this. Maybe he had gotten as strong as he had to be, maybe he was fit to save his friends, family, even love.

I can officially play this game well 83. I'm going through the time trials and I beat the one I found the second hardest (Number VIII- BUDDY!) in 5 minutes, I was in shock. I also managed to beat 4(evil horsey), 10 and 14 in the time limits; I was showing my friend some of my faves, hence the randomness. Anyways~ I took a break in writing this because I have to get back to the fourth one in the game to record it because the stupid Dazzle didn't recored my defeat 3,4 and 5 even though I had it recording B| So yeah, whatever~.