"Hello there, looking for car insurance?" The ever chipper Flo asked as she approached a dude in tattered clothing.

The man turned around and looked around nervously. "Well yes, I've had a lot of bad luck lately. Every time I get a new car, something happens to it. I don't know how, it just freaking does, man. And usually it's thanks to some jackass flying around saying-"

"I am Iron Man." Tony Stark said as he flew through the roof and landed in front of the two. "And you are freaking me out, lady..."

Flo laughed and waved her hand a bit, taking the insult in an eerily happy way. "Happens all the time."

"That's him, man! That's the dude that ruins MY CARS!"

"Oh yeah, speaking of that...whoever owns that blue one right near the door, sorry. Kinda landed on it when I got here, wanted a smoke and a beer before coming in." Iron Man said, looking around the room. "Everything's so white."

The nervous dude quickly ran out of the room and outside to see the car in shambles. And so, from inside everyone heard. "MY CAR!"

"Two days in a row with that, really?" Iron Man asked the camera. Keep going, you're almost done. "Fine."

"You know Mr. Man." Flo took Iron Man's arm and started to walk him to the register. "We also offer super powered technological super suit insurance if you're interested!"

Iron Man gently removed her hand and backed away. "Yeah, no, I'd rather use that money on beer and booze." He started to hover off of the ground. "Plus you really freak me out, lady." He raised his hand and blasted some random dude nearby. "LATER!"

Flo stared up at the two holes he made in the ceiling and laughed loudly. "Okay, have a nice flight!"