Prologue: Spinning

Everything was spinning... that's the thing that was the clearest to me. Everything just spun and spun like a mary-go-round, like a carousal. Spinning, spinning.

There were the strange distant noises that I heard; the screeching, the loud horn honking, the horrible cry, the bending of metal.

I felt sick. I felt alone. I felt... strangely not much at all.

I felt empty, hollow even, like I was all alone.

And so I closed my eyes and felt my hair wrap around my face as the world spun in what seemed to be slow motion.

There were three main thoughts that rang out through my head.

One: Would I die?

Two: Where was Edward?

Three: Did he know I loved him?

I exhaled slowly and felt the world begin to speed up. The spinning grew faster, my heart beat louder, beating in my ears. My hand flew to my stomach.

I love you Edward, was the last thing I thought before I blacked out, only hearing the sound of a sickening crunch.

And then there was nothing at all.