Chapter 1.

Regret and guilt shot through me the moment I opened my eyes, as everything that happened the previous night came rushing back to me.

"Oh, god." I groaned, watching the naked man's chest rise and fall with wide eyes.

"...please call me back. I'm sorry."

I wanted to scream, but the lump in the back of my throat held me back.

"Is he coming back?"

I shook my head, "no, I don't think so."

"He'll come back, he always does. Don't sweat over it."

"I know," I said after a long sigh and blowing a raspberry.

"So get your ass back in here and fucking enjoy your party." Grabbing me by the wrist, he began to pull me into the house where sweaty bodies swayed drunkenly to the pulsating music. Quickly, I budded my cigarette on the fancy flower pot and followed him into the house.

"Get up. Get the fuck up!" I yelled, quickly jumping out of the bed and wrapping the white sheet around my naked body. I was extremely hung-over and maybe a little bit intoxicated left over from last night, but I pushed my throbbing head and churning stomach in the back of my mind.

"Huh? Rosie?" The man said stirring awake.

I was too busy searching the room for my cell phone and clothing— throwing around clothes, CD's, game cases and other random stuff you would find in a boys bedroom, to pay attention to him waking up. I cringed, and gagged when I noticed the condom wrapper on the nightstand.

"No, idiot. It isn't Rosie. It's fucking Bella."

"What!" He yelled, sitting up immediately. "What the hell are you doing here? And why the fuck are you naked?"

I turned my back to him and dropped the sheet, not really giving a shit as I pulled on my jeans sans underwear. They were lost, and right now I didn't really care.

"You really don't fucking remember?" He shook his head, while one hand ran through his curly hair. "Well look around Emmett. What the hell do you think happened?"

He stayed quietly, seemingly thinking about last night, while I fastened my bra and continued my search for my shirt and phone.

"Emmy, what's wrong booboo?" I slurred drunkenly.

"Rose n' I got into a fight." He sighed, chugging the rest of his beer and slamming it down on the end table beside him.

"So'd me and Edwardo." I pouted.

"'Bout what?"

"Douchefuck Newton wanted to say bye, so I let him talk to me and he fuckin' hugs me. Assward didn't see when I punched him in the face. Anyway, it's just a fucking hug though, it's not like I cheated on his menstruating ass."

"Sounds 'bout right." He sighed, while opening another beer and immediately chugging it.

"Well, I'm gonna go find Alice- make sure she's not getting buttfucked by boys that aren't Jasper Whitlock." Emmett burped and raised an eyebrow. "I promised," I giggled and hiccuped. I stood up, but lost my footing and stumbled face first onto his lap. "Guess not,"

Emmett laughed, and wrapped his large arms around me, suddenly my eyes feeling very heavy. I swayed gently in his arms; as he rocked me back and forth like a child. "Emmett?" I said, looking up from his chest.


"You're a really nice guy."

Emmett laughed, "Okay Bella. Obviously you've had too much to drink."

I shook my head, making me a little dizzy. "That may be true, but seriously. You're a good guy, and I think any girl would be lucky to have you. You're really sweet and you'd do anything for anybody. I mean that. Plus, you're really hot." I giggled.

Emmett laughed, "Thanks Bella. You're pretty fuckin' hot too."

Then we kissed.

It started out as a peck at first, and quickly gravitated into heavy panting and tongues fighting for dominance. I soon found myself on top of Emmett, my legs on either side of his thighs and my hips grinding into his erection.

"So hot." He kept moaning over and over again, between kisses.

"Fuck," was all he said.

"I need you to drive me home. A-sap—" I groaned, flipping my cell phone open. Twenty-four missed calls. Thirty-six unread text messages and four voicemails. "...fuck."


"Edward called me only about a million fucking times."

"Yeah, let's get you home."

I nodded. Emmett got out of bed, with the sheet now wrapped around his naked body, while he searched for clothing in his dresser.

I called my voice mail to listen to my messages.

12:34 AM.


"I'm sorry."

2:26 AM.


"Where are you? I texted you a hundred times. Look, I'm sorry. I overreacted and I shouldn't have flipped over something so juvenile, especially because it's our last weekend together before you leave. Fuck, I'm sorry. Please call me back...I love you."

Sighing, I sat down on Emmett's computer chair and let the tears fall and waited for the next message.

4:55 AM.


"Look, I don't know where the fuck you are but Edward's gone on a fucking rampage. He can't find you and won't stop calling my phone every five minutes. So would you please call him back, so he'll leave me alone? PS: Jasper and I made out."

Everything seemed to happen at once, then.

"Hurry," I said, wiping my tears with the back of my hand.

"I'm trying. Fuck, Rosie's gonna fucking hate me." He said quietly running his fingers through his hair.

"Hate you? She's gonna kill me."

6:14 AM.


"I really hope you aren't doing what everybody is saying you're doing."

I closed my phone and Emmett threw me my missing shirt, which happened to be on top of his dresser. I had my hand in one sleeve, while Emmett had only his boxers on, and was searching in his dresser for pair of pants when we heard two soft knocks on the door. "Em, are you up?"

We both froze our eyes wide as the door slowly swung opened and Emmett's bombshell of a girlfriend, and my best friend stood on the other side.

I watched in horror and shame as she took in everything in front of her. Practically naked Emmett, my tear streaked face and my naked chest, the unmade bed and the condom wrapper on the nightstand.

"What the fuc—"

"I'm sorry." I rushed, almost stumbling over my words.

Rosalie's gaze flew to me from the condom wrapper. She narrowed her eyes and scrunched her nose, trying not to let her tears fall. Betrayal, jealousy, hurt and anger all wiped across her face. And when the first tear fell, she slowly started to back out of the room.

"Rose!" Emmett hollered after her, but she was already gone. He chucked the sweats that were in his hand onto the bed and ran after her.

I sat there, frozen and completely shocked, as silent tears fell down my face.

Emmett never came back, and after a while my phone started to vibrate in my hand. I opened it and stared at the picture of Edward and I that popped up every time he called me. Eventually the call ended and Edward's picture disappeared.

A/N: New story. Shocker? I've written this story about 10 times, and never once liked the outcome. But I think I'm in love with this one. What do you think? Let me know.