One morning, a girl with bright cherry pink hair that stopped at her shoulders, bright beautiful sparkling emerald eyes, cute button nose, pink plump lips, heart shaped face, and snow white skin woke up.

She kicked her blanket off to show a magnificent figure. She had a curvaceous body, D-cup breasts, flat stomach, gentle hands, plump butt, and long smooth ivory legs. She yawned and stretched her arms. She looked at her clock and saw it was already 6 a.m.

The girl, also known as Sakura Haruno, went to the bathroom to get ready for her new school. 'Akatsuki High, huh? Why did Sakae put me into that elite school anyway?' Sakura thought as she showered.

She got out of the shower after a couple of minutes. She wore her uniform, consisting black skirt that stopped mid-thigh, white long sleeved shirt, a red tie, and a black jacket. Her uniform showed her assets beautifully, but she didn't care how she looked like. She only cares about getting education at her new school.

Her looks are natural, no make-up and what so ever. She naturally looked stunningly beautiful. She combed her hair neatly, and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled and went down to have some breakfast.

As she raced downstairs, she smelled pancakes and coffee. When she arrived downstairs, she saw her guardian, Sakae Morinozuka cooking for her big day. "Morning, Sakae," she greeted with a warm, beautiful smile. Sakae on the other hand, swore he just saw a flower bed popping out of nowhere behind Sakura.

"Morning," he grumbled. Sakura giggled childishly and sat down. "You know I'm not a good cooker. You're the better cook, so why did I cook for you?" Sakae asked.

"I don't know. Maybe you were nice enough to do this for me?" Sakura said cutely. Sakae blush a little, noting that Sakura looked cute and sexy at the same time. One day, he'll die of blood loss because his nose bleeds at the sight of a very sexy and cute Sakura Haruno.

"Get your vitamins and nutrients before you go to school. I don't want to hear you faint at school on the first day," Sakae warned sternly. "Hai!" Sakura chirped cutely, crumbs of pancakes were on her cheeks.

Sakae took a tissue and wiped Sakura's cheek. "Thanks, Sakae!" Sakura giggled cutely. After having breakfast, Sakura exited her house and head towards the school at 6.50 a.m. School starts at 7.10, and the time taken for her to walk to school is 5-8 minutes. She still got time before her first class start.

When she walked into the school compound, two girls saw her. "Hey! Hinata! Look at that girl!" a girl with dirty blonde hair, and forest green eyes called out as she pointed to Sakura. "Yes, Temari-san. She's cute!" Hinata, a girl with long blue hair and pearl white eyes said as she blushed a little.

"Thank you!" Sakura smiled as she walked towards Temari and Hinata. "Hi, I'm Temari Sabaku, a junior!" Temari grinned. "Hinata Hyuuga, a sophomore," Hinata smiled. "Sakura Haruno, at your service! I'm a sophomore too!" Sakura smiled.

"Please to meet you, Sakura! So, since you're a new girl, where are you headed to?" Temari asked. "The office. I need to get my schedule, locker combination and books," Sakura answered sweetly. "We'll take you there, no problem!" Temari gave her the thumbs up.

Temari and Hinata both led Sakura to the Principla's office. "Here you are, Sakura-san. Will it be okay if we leave you here? Our class is about to begin," Hinata said. "It's okay, Temari, Hinata. I'll find my way. Thanks a lot!" Sakura waved as her new friends went away.

Sakura knocked at the office door until she heard a faint 'come in'. She entered the room and saw the pricipal's secretary. She had black short hair, black large eyes and she was holding a small piglet. "Hi! I'm Shizune! You must be Sakura Haruno, the new student! This is Ton-Ton!" the woman said as she waved. Her pig, Ton-Ton oinked cutely.

"Hi! Nice to meet you! I came here to get my stuff. Are they ready?" Sakura asked, cutely. "Yes, they are ready. The principal would like to meet you tomorrow before assembly. She wanted to meet you today, but she was a little busy," Shizune giggled sheepishly as she lowered Ton-Ton to it's basket and went to get Sakura's schedule, books and locker combination. When she had all of Sakura's things, shegave it to the cute rosette.

"Thank you! Can you tell me where my next class is?" Sakura asked, hoping not to trouble the nice woman. "Or better yet," Shizune smiled. Then she turned to a door that wrote 'Student Council Room'. "Pein! Get your lazy ass over here right now!" Shizune yelled. A chibi Sakura sweat dropped at Shizune's action.

Then, a sigh was heard. Sakura turned to see a handsome, tall and well-muscled young men. He seems to be a senior. He has spiky orange hair, Silver ring eyes, and a lot of piercings on his face. He wore a cloak with the school's symbol on it.

"Yes, Shizune-sensei? Do you need any help?" his masculine voice was heard. To any ordinary girl, they would've melt. But Sakura wasn't any ordinary girl. She had no attraction to men since she was a child. She was thought to stay away from boys until she became 13.

"Pein, just the young man I wanted to see. Today, our new student, Sakura Haruno need someone to show her around the school. I would like you to do the honors, please," Shizune smiled. Pein only nodded and helped Sakura carried her books. "Thank you, Pein-senpai," Sakura smiled. Pein looked at her for a while and said, "It's okay. Now, let us continue, Haruno-san."

Sakura only nodded and went to her locker first. She did the combination and placed her books and bag in it. She only brought a note book and some school books. Then, Pein showed her around the school. "Amazing. This school is bigger than I thought!" Sakura's eyes held amazement. "Indeed. Now, what is your next class and where is it?" Pein asked, looking warmly at the shorter girl. She is not a fangirl like most of the girls in the school. He was certainly grateful for that.

"Um... Homeroom with Kakashi Hatake. Class 1-A," Sakura said. Pein nodded and ordered the rosette to follow him. Sakura followed her senpai towards her class. When they both arrived, Pein knocked on the door twice before opening it. The whole class stared at both Pein and Sakura with slight shock.

"Hm? A newbie, huh?" Naruto Uzumaki said. He has spiky yellow hair, whiskers like tattoos, sapphire blue eyes and tan skin.

"What is going on here? It's seems to be very amusing," Sai, a pale boy with black hair and eyes smiled to himself.

"Sasuke-kun... It's leader," Karin, a girl with long red hair, one side unkept, the other side combed and scarlet eyes said to her beloved 'Sasuke-kun'. 'Sasuke-kun', also known as Sasuke Uchiha, turned to see his superior with a pink haired girl. Sasuke has raven hair which spiked and looks like a duck's butt. He also has onyx eyes, a well-muscled body and he's tall. "Hn," Sasuke answered his annoying team mate.

"What's with the looks?" Sakura asked herself. Pein heared her but chose not to answer the beautiful rosette.

"Ah, Pein-san. How nice of you to drop by. Who's this young lady?" a man with spiked up silver hair, one black eye asked. The other parts of his face were covered. 'So he must be my sensei. Kakashi Hatake, huh?' Sakura thought as he examined the man carefully.

"This is young Sakura Haruno-san. She's the new student Tsunade-sama has told about," Pein explained. "Ah, it's very nice to meet you, Haruno-chan! I'm your sensei, Kakashi Hatake!" the man chirped.

"It's very nice to meet you too, Kakashi-sensei," Sakura smiled. "Well then, I'll be leaving," Pein walked towards the door. "Pein-senpai!" Sakura called out. Pein stopped at turned to look at the rosette. "Thank you, Pein-senpai," Sakura warmingly smiled.

Pein's eyes widened and blushed a microscopic blush. No one could see it. Pein gazed at the girl warmingly and left without saying anything. "Haruno-chan, please take a seat in the back," Kakashi smiled. Sakura only nodded and searched for a seat. She was invited to seat next to Hinata, which she accepted.

"Man, I think I'm in love!" Naruto said proudly. "Well, it is you Naruto-kun. With a brain size of a pea, you could probably fall in love easily," Sai said with a fake smile. "Sai!" Naruto said, ready to pounce the pale boy.

"This school is a little weird," Sakura said. Hinata only nodded with a slight smile. You could hear Naruto and Sai fighting in the background. In the background you can hear Naruto yelling: "Shut up, Sai! You jerk!"

"Hey, shut up! You both are a disgrace to Akatsuki High!" Karin yelled pointing at Naruto and Sai. "Sorry," both Naruto and Sai said.

"Whoa! They just stopped!" Sakura said, shocked. "Is that better, Sasuke- Kun?" Karin asked, giggling fan girlishly. Sasuke Uchiha answered with an "Hmph."

'Ah! That guy is cute,' Sakura thought as she looked at Sasuke. "Eh!" Sakura said as she was pulled by Hinata. "I can't believe you had Pein-senpai bring you to class!" Hinata said timidly.

"Well, Pein- Sempai showed me around the school and brought me here," Sakura said, "Was that the reason everyone stared at me?"

"Yeah! He's the leader of the Akatsuki and he doesn't talk to people outside the members," Hinata explained.

"But isn't everyone a member of the Akatsuki High?" Sakura asked clueless.

"I guess Pein- Sempai didn't tell you. But that's alright! I'll explain it to you instead," Hinata said. "You see, here in Akatsuki High, we have a group of people in all grades called the Akatsuki members. They're the students who got the highest grade, the highest physical pace and they are also popular. And sometimes, thay are totally hot! The Akatsuki members wear the cloak with the high school logo on it. They have it but don't wear it that much. There are 13 members so far. 9 in the senior grade and 4 in our grade," Hinata explained.

"There's Suigetsu Hozuki. He's sometimes a little weird. Next is Juugo- San. He's nice and gentle but don't get on his bad side. He can get angry the next minute. Next is Karin. She is a total fan girl. All she does is cling on Sasuke- Kun. And uses the fact she's a member to push people around. Last is Sasuke Uchiha- Kun! He is the hottest in our grade, or so I heard. He's on every girl's hit list. He is also top in everything. Grades, sport, topless everything!" Hinata said. Ino Yamanaka, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes squealed when Hinata mentioned about Sasuke.

"Sasuke also has an older brother named Itachi. He is hot too," Ino said smugly. "There are Uchiha brothers?" Sakura said.

"Yes! And since they're both super hot, they both have their own fan club!" Ino said. "Fan clubs?" Sakura said.

"Ta- Da!" Ino showed Sakura a heart shaped pillow that wrote 'Team Sasuke' on it, "I'm part of team Sasuke!"

"Ino! Don't talk to the girl who tried to steal Pein-senpai!" a girl with long black hair and black eyes said. Her name was Kin Tsuchi. "Oh yeah, right," Ino scoffed then, scowled at Sakura. "You are not allowed to speak to the Akatsuki at all! They belong to me and my friends," Ino sneered.

Sakura sighed, "Fan girls."

-Outside the class room window, in the hall-

Pein was staring at Sakura intently. "Pein?" a young men with long black hair tied into a ponytail and red crimson eyes walked towards Pein. He was Itachi. "She bothers me," Pein said.

"I don't like the blonde one either. She's as bad as Karin," Itachi said coolly. "Huh? No, not the cheerleader. The pink haired one," Pein said looking at Itachi. Then he looked at Sakura again, this time Itachi joined him.

"Oh… Why?" Itachi asked. "It's her hair…" Pein answered. "Her… hair?" Itachi repeated. "It's the hair, man! It looks so soft and it's driving me crazy!" Pein grunted.

Itachi looked at his leader weirdly. "You scare me sometimes Itachi," Pein said as he sweat dropped.

To Ino and cute little Sakura, Ino noticed Itachi and Pein outside their classroom through and indoor window. "Hey, looks who's here!" Ino giggled fan girlishly. "Huh? Pein- Sempai?" Sakura said when she heard Ino squealed. She saw Pein and Itachi through the indoor window.

'Hm? Who's that man? He looks like Sasuke-san,' Sakura thought, noticing Itachi. "Ah! Sasuke's Aniki!" Ino squealed.

"Sasuke- San's aniki?" Sakura said when she heard Ino squealed like a squirrel. Sakura thought Itachi looked cute.

To Itachi and Pein, Itachi said, "I agree with you, leader- Sama." "Huh?" Pein sounded. "But it's not her hair," Itachi looked at Sakura beautiful emerald orbs, "It's her eyes."

"And you gave me a weird look when I rant about her hair," Pein said as he looked at Itachi. Itachi only sighed and clutched his leader's collar. Itachi dragged his leader away as his leader struggled to get free. "Itachi! You're knocking the air out of me!" a chibi Pein wailed out.

At one corner, Karin was talking with a guy with baby blue white- ish hair, purple eyes and one fang poking out of his mouth. I believe his name is Suigetsu Hozuki.

"So? Leader brought a girl to class. What's the big deal?" Suigetsu said, and then slurped his water. "But leader wasn't bothered by her! He never looks at me like that!" Karin whined. "No one would. We all know for a fact that you're in the Akatsuki is because Kisame- Sempai likes you… or used to like you," Sugetsu said.

"That's not true. I'm in the Akatsuki is because… Sasuke- Kun loves me. Through middle school until now, he still shows it," Karin saighed dreamily (talk about into yourself much). She remembered the lines Sasuke said.

"I don't want to go on a date with you."

"I'd rather kiss Chouji then go out with you."

"No, I don't want to be your date for the 9th grade dance."

"You're the reason I might go gay."

"Get lost."

"Your annoying."

"I hate you."

"He's in love with me! I know he is!" Karin squealed, hearts popping out of nowhere. "Yeah, I can feel the love," Suigetsu said sarcastically. "Really? Me too!" Karin said.

I rewrote this chapter a little bit. And the second chapter a bit too. I wanted to make Ino a little snobby and evil. Hope you like it!