Sakura was too engrossed in her book as she and the members of the Akatsuki head to their destination. She didn't notice that she and the rest of the Akatsuki had arrived at their destination; Physics class with Orochimaru, so as she continued to walk, she bumped against Kakuzu's back.

She stumbled back, rubbing her slightly reddened forehead. Man, Kakuzu-senpai is hard like a rock! He reminded her of Schnitzel, the rock monster from a cartoon called 'Chowder'.

"Sorry," Sakura mumbled, refusing to look Kakuzu right in his black and green eyes. Then, she felt something soft on her forehead, at the exact spot of her bruise.

She looked up to see Kakuzu kissing her forehead sweetly, and she swore she saw pink and orange sparkling bubbles floated everywhere around her and Kakuzu. Sakura's cheeks reddened automatically, as she watched Kakuzu with wide eyes.

"It's okay. It's not your fault," Kakuzu's deep voice was heard as he tilted his mouth a bit, forming a smirk. Sakura's blush increased as smoke literally came out from her ears.

Soon, Sakura backed away from the older and taller man, too embarrassed and too shy to say anything. She bumped against Zetsu's chest, afraid she might get yelled at by the other Akatsuki member for touching them.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" Kakuzu asked, his eyes showing concern and regret, but it went unnoticed by Sakura. "N-No, it's just that… I'm not scared at all," Sakura said with a reassuring smile. Kakuzu nodded and followed Pein and the others enter the class. Sasuke stared at Sakura and then closed his eyes. He followed the other members that were entering the classroom. Karin glared at the pink haired girl and ran to Sasuke.

Sakura sighed and entered the classroom, with Zetsu following her. When they both entered the class, it was very quiet; too quiet. Soon, they were greeted by a man with long black hair, and golden snake eyes. He was very pale and he scared the life out of Sakura when he randomly popped out from who knows where to greet her.

Sakura clutched her shirt while panting a bit, scared. She looked at her teacher with wide eyes. He's… scary. Sakura gulped and walked towards an empty seat next to Deidara. She made sure to be cautious around Orochimaru-sensei.

She sat down slowly with fear crept into her mind. Deidara looked at the pink haired girl with worried eyes. 'Is she okay?' he asked himself.

Sakura eventually calmed down and listened to Orochimaru's explanation about…something. Sakura didn't even try to listen; she was too sleepy. It wasn't long before she was having dreams about her new, weird school. Meanwhile, when Orochimaru was distracted trying to get Sasuke to join Sound, the Akatsuki - who sat in an almost complete circle around Sakura - were distracted by her adorable sleeping face; something that had never happened before occurred.

Just as Pein was about to complete the circle around Sakura, Sound's leader Kimimaro sat down next to her instead, closer to the Akatsuki than he had ever been, (outside of fights) and without the protection of even his right hand man Kabuto.

Both Sound and Akatsuki looked at him like he'd lost his mind. Kimimaro smirked at Pein, who was too stunned to do anything, and stretched his hand out to caress Sakura's face just light enough so she didn't wake up.

The Akatsuki weren't advanced students for nothing. They saw how gentle Kimimaro was with her and noted that a blush appeared as he made contact. It was so faint it would have been invisible on someone just a bit tanner but Kimimaro was just pale enough for them to see it.

Oh there was going to be HELL to pay.

Kimimaro had just been intending to use the girl to get the Akatsuki riled up; to annoy the Akatsuki to death. He had known that most of the Akatsuki had grown fond of the girl, even if they knew her just today.

He hadn't wanted the feeling of something in his chest that made him tingling inside, nor did he want the feeling that he would be melted just by looking at her. His heart was beating too fast!

He hadn't wanted the girl to appear so pure when he thought innocence was lost in this school. Most of all he hadn't wanted her skin to be so silky smooth that it completely captivated him and forced him to forget why he wanted to mess with Akatsuki more than he wanted to just touch her.

Yes, he forgot until he felt a tightening hold on his wrist. Pein grabbed his wrist in order to prevent him from reaching out again. If Kimimaro a lesser man he would have yelped in pain at the grip, but being who he was, he leveled a glare at the Akatsuki leader instead.

"Don't touch her!" To everyone's surprise the animalistic growl did NOT come from Pein. It had come from the stoic older brother, Itachi Uchiha.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he stared at his usual stoic older brother. He had never heard Itachi said anything to prevent anyone from touching a girl, nor did he ever heard Itachi growl to protect a girl.

Orochimaru sighed and drifted his eyes to the sleeping girl. He couldn't help but melt at her cuteness, but she needed to wake up soon to stop the fight that was going to take place in his classroom. Then Sakura mumbled in her sleep and her eyelids fluttered opened.

She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes sleepily, tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. She fought back a yawn and looked around her. Almost all of the people in the classroom were staring at her.

Sakura's face reddened and she shrank in her seat. Not too soon, the bell rang and signaled the students to their next class. "Miss Haruno, I would like to speak to you," Orochimaru called out.

Sakura nodded numbly and walked towards Orochimaru's desk. Orochimaru didn't spoke a word at the pink haired girl until everyone exited the classroom. Sakura lowered her head in embarrassment and she glanced at the long haired teacher with saddened eyes.

"Miss Haruno, your actions in the classroom is not to be let unnoticed, but since you're a new student here, I will leave you with a warning. Don't repeat this action once more," Orochimaru said, slightly annoyed. Why didn't he take a picture of Sakura's sleeping face when he had the chance?

Sakura nodded and bowed. "I'm sorry, sensei. I'll never repeat my actions," Sakura said sadly. "You may go," Orochimaru said with a soft sigh.

Sakura left the classroom quickly and she heard a group of girls insulting her.

"Look at that pink haired freak. She just transferred here today, and she's already in trouble."

"What a geek!"

"I heard she tried to steal the Akatsuki boys as well as she tried to steal Kimimaro-kun!"

"Ugh, she's too desperate!"

Sakura sighed and walked towards her next class, Calculus. She arrived to the class, a bit late since she didn't receive any help to get through this school. She wiped the tears that was forming in the corner of her eyes and opened the door.

"Sakura!" the teacher called out. "Ibiki-san?" Sakura said with curiosity, "What are you doing here?"

"Sakura, I'm a teacher. I teach this class," Ibiki smiled and then scowled at everyone else. "This is your new classmate, Sakura Haruno. Be nice to her!" Ibiki growled at the students and then smiled at Sakura.

Ibiki told her to sit at an empty chair next to Kakuzu. Sakura did what he told her to do and sat next to Kakuzu.

The students were quiet during the lesson. Sakura heard Karin talk about how 'hot' Sasuke was. Sakura rolled her eyes and got up, when she heard the bell rang.

She pulled out her iPod and placed an earphone in her right ear. She turned on Grenade by Bruno Mars and listen to it without any worry. All her troubles went away when she heard music, every single day she'll listen to music to make all her troubles go away.

Sakura did have a talent for music. Sakura's eyes widened when she remembered her next class was music. Sakura ran to the music room which Pein had shown her earlier.

She arrived at the music room; panting a bit. When she entered, she saw a young adult, about 23 years old with dark brown hair and it was styled almost the same as Shikamaru's pineapple hair. The man was a bit tanned and had a scar across the bridge of his nose.

She remembered seeing the man in one of Ibiki's photos. The man turned and saw Sakura, and smiled. "Come in. You must be the new student, Sakura. I'm Iruka Umino, your music teacher," the man said with a grin.

Sakura entered the class and saw no one in here, except her and Iruka himself. She arched an eyebrow at Iruka.

Iruka caught it and sighed. "Students aren't interested in music nowadays. It's all acting, fame and riches for them," Iruka explained as he walked towards his table.

Sakura noticed a large black classical piano in the middle of the room. Her eyes widened in delight as she skipped towards it.

"You can play it if you want," Iruka smiled, happy that one of the students in the school has an interest in music. Sakura sat on a bench in front of the piano and placed her fingers lightly on the keyboard. She pressed some of the keys and started to play 'All is My Love'; composed by Miranda Wong.

Iruka's eyes widened as the beautiful melody danced in his head. Happiness showed in Sakura's bliss face. Her eyes were closed as she held a soft smile on her face.

Not too soon, the music danced out of the classroom and was heard by the students that were passing the hallways. The class in front of the music room also heard the lovely melody and rushed out of the class to see the one who intertwined themselves into the lovely melody.

They all saw Sakura with a blissful face playing the piano, slowly and gently moved her fingers to the rhythm.

Sakura stopped playing and started to do another song; Winter Romance by Yuriko Nakamura. Iruka smiled as he remembered when he used to listen to his grandmother playing the piano for him when he was 7.

The way Sakura played was almost similar to the way his grandmother played; Sakura was better and more passionate in her music.

More students and teacher entered the classroom to see the young woman played the piano. The Akatsuki and Sound members were already there as they watched Sakura play the piano. Sakura's new friends were also there to watch the pink haired girl.

The melody stopped as Sakura removed her fingers from the keyboard. Then, Sakura heard loud clapping noises and turned her head. Her eyes widened when she saw some students and teachers crowded in the room.

Sakura blushed and stood up. She heard the bell rang and she grabbed her books. She swiftly passed the students and teacher that were crowded at the door and exited the classroom. She was grabbed by Temari, TenTen and Hinata.

"What?" Sakura asked, curios why her friends stopped her.

"We have health class together," TenTen answered. Sakura arched an eyebrow, 'how did they know?'

"We got a peek of your schedule when you were playing the piano," Temari answered her curiosity. Sakura blushed, remembered the moment in the music room. Sakura turned to hide her blush and walked away, followed closely by her friends.

When they arrived at health class, Sakura saw that all of her other friends were in her class. Sakra went over to seat on an empty spot, next to Hinata and Sai. Not too soon, Ino and her girls came in the class, all high and mighty.

Tenten and Temari groaned as they watched Ino and her friends flirt with some boys. Sakura didn't pay any attention as she was already asleep. Hinata continued to watch her pink haired friend sleep until Naruto yelled and woke Sakura up from her deep slumber.

"Argh! What the hell?" Naruto yelled making Sakura jumped out from her seat and accidentally fell on the floor. "Ouch…" Sakura winced in pain, as she glared at Ino who was laughing at her misery.

"Sorry, Sakura-chan…" Naruto said as he pulled Sakura up. "No problem," Sakura said as she rubbed her hips. Then, the teacher came in. he had long white hair and black eyes. He was wearing a green shirt and white pants.

"Well, since we have a new student, I'll introduce myself. I'm Jiraiya, your teacher for Health class, please to meet you," Jiraiya grinned. Sakura smiled and said, "I'm Sakura Haruno, please to meet you too, sensei."

"I hope we can get along," Jiraiya grinned as he patted her head. He walked away, towards his desk which was in front of the class. Sakura sat down on her seat, listening to Jiraiya's explanation about… something.

Ino and her friends won't stop talking about boys, makeup and shopping. Sakura's brain was on the verge of explosion.

The school ended with the sound of the last bell, and all students hurriedly ran towards the school exit. Sakura sighed as she stood up, grabbed her bag and walked out of the class. On her way towards her locker, she met with Kabuto Yakushi, Sound's second man in charge.

"Sakura Haruno," he grinned and sent shivers down Sakura's spine. "Kabuto Yakushi, what do you want?" Sakura asked nervously. Kabuto strolled towards the girl and smirked. He shoved Sakura against the lockers and the smaller person grunted. Kabuto slowly licked the shell of Sakura's ears, and grinned, "You will be mine."

Then, Kabuto released Sakura who was panting and glaring at him. "Bye, see you tomorrow," Kabuto said nicely as he waved. He walked away with a smirk leaving Sakura alone in the hallway.

She was right about one thing- Akatsuki High is very weird.

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