Chapter One

Falling Girls and Old Family Friends

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Harry groaned softy in his bed, the morning sun was shining through his window and try as he might Harry just couldn't ignore it and go back to sleep. With an exasperated sigh Harry took his pillow and tossed it across his room and sat up. Ignoring Hedwig's indignant hoot he continued to stretch and crack every stiff joint in his body. Harry hated his bed, if you could call it bed it looked more like cot. Harry looked down at the threadbare sheets and could clearly see a spring indentation in the mattress. Looking around the room he took in all of the old and useless broken toys scattered about his room and the rickety desk and matching chair. On the corner of the desk sitting in her cage was his beautiful snowy owl Hedwig, and a little the right of her was a stack of unopened had only been back to the Dursley's for two weeks and already Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and others were sending him mail.

Harry didn't want to open them, he didn't want to see the pity written down on the parchment, didn't want to hear them tell him it wasn't his fault his godfather was dead...taking a deep breath Harry reigned in his emotions and smiled ever so slightly. He missed Sirius, that much was true but there was no point in grieving it would only hinder him. There was however a point in revenge, his smile grew bigger at the last thought, and with that last thought it was time for him to get started. Turning Harry made his way to the old wardrobe and pulled out a pair of shorts and the smallest white shirt he could find that would fit. After he was dressed Harry slipped on his trainers and made his way out the door and down stairs. No one was up yet so when Harry slid out the back door he did it as quietly as he could manage. Once out side Harry took off in a very steady jog down the street. Harry made his way down Privet Drive watching as men and women in business suites left there homes with coffee in one hand and paper in the other while they gabbed away on there large portable phones. He watched as they all got into there shiny new cars and left to go to work. He watched as sprinklers buzzed on and started watering the well groomed lawns. Shaking his head at the just plain boredom at it he made his way to the end of Privet Drive and hooked a left onto Meadow Lane and continued down watching the same scene unfold.

Harry continued down Meadow Lane and then noticed a bit in the distance as a couple of girls were carrying a box down the ramp of a moving truck. As Harry continued forward he studied the girls. They were sisters but the resemblance was barley there, one was tall maybe about 5'8 with long brown hair, high cheek bones, sea green eyes set below a delicate brow, she had a somewhat large nose that seemed to fit her face perfectly though, large breasts, wide curvy hips, and long slender legs. The other was shorter maybe about 5'4 with long dark brown hair, the same eyes, smaller nose, average sized breasts, and had the same curvy hips and long slender legs. Harry had stopped jogging a few feet from the struggling and beautiful girls who had yet to notice the dark haired stranger staring at them. Then the first one tripped over a large garden stone. Harry was there with lightning fast speed and reflexes catching her around the waist.

The girl had let out a short scream and wrapped her hands around Harry's neck, chuckling Harry brought her back onto her feet. She untangled herself from Harry and smiled. 'Shit that was a close one,' she said in a shaky voice tinged with a bit of embarrassment.

'Yes it was,' Harry replied with barley restrained mirth. 'Here let me give you a hand with that,' Harry leaned down and picked the box up and hefted it up into a carrying position.

'No No we can do it, were fine don't worry about it.' The other girl said waving her hands in front of her quickly signaling to but it down.

'Nonsense just tell me were to put it,' Harry grunted as he started to make his way into the open door way Harry entered the home. He wasn't the least bit surprised to find that it was exactly like Dursley's home. Didn't the person who designed these houses have any creativity at all? Harry asked him self as he was led into the kitchen which too was replica of the Dursley's. Placing the box down in the counter he let out a breath and smiled at the two girls.

The one he caught bounded forward and held out her hand, 'Names Serena Gaunt, thank you so much for catching me and helping us with that box.'

Taking her hand he glanced at her long spider like fingers, 'It was no problem at all, I'm Harry, Harry Potter.' Harry felt her hand clench a bit but there was no immediate glance up to his forehead. Was it possible this girl wasn't a Muggle, Harry released her hand but never took his eyes off of hers and then before he could say anything the smaller of the two came bounding up and through her arms around him.

'THANK YOU!' she practically yelled as she let go. 'I'm Kat by the way, I'm so glad were finally done with all of those boxes now we can relax and return that stupid truck.' The girl was practically bouncing up and down. Harry chuckled and turned back to Serena who was rolling her eyes.

'Kat, here is 16 but you can hardly tell with the way she behaves.' Serena stated throwing the smaller of the two a look. Kat rolled her eyes and then flopped into a chair and pretended to pass out.

Harry chuckled, ' How old are you?' he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Staring into his emerald eyes she answered, '18, and how about you Mr. Potter?' she said the last part with a sarcastic bite.

Harry stood straight and stretched as he made his way too the still open front door, 'Turn 16 at the end of July, I guess i'll be seeing you girls around the neighborhood.' Called over his shoulder and then took back off down Meadow Lane back toward Privet Drive.

Serena and Kat watched him jog down Meadow Lane and make a right onto Privet Drive as he disappeared Kat leaned over to Serena and said, 'he's hot.' Serena was surprised to find her self nodding in agreement and shut the front door.

Harry made his way back to No4 and crept in through the back door and saw the Dursley's eating there breakfast ever since there talk with Mad-eye they had been acting indifferent to him and usually ignored him. He was aloud to come and go as he pleased and eat whatever he wanted as long as he cleaned up after him self. This time however Harry picked up and apple and bit into it with a loud crunch and as he chewed to him self he stared at Vernon and swallowed. 'Uncle Vernon?' Harry asked trying to get the beluga whales attention. The man grunted from behind his paper.

'Since you have to go to London Today is there anyway I can tag along?' Harry asked waiting for his Uncles response.

Throwing down his paper he looked up at Harry red faced his chins quivering in anger. 'Now see here boy, our only job is to keep a roof over your head and feed you during the summer. Do not go tromping through our kitchen in the state your in take our food and ask me to take you to London.' The large man bellowed, Harry smirked he knew this was the way his Uncle would react.

'OK, well I'll just go up stairs and finish my letter to Mad-eye.' Harry said for a split second fear passed over his Uncles face and he clenched his jaw.

'Were is it you need to go boy?' He hissed through clenched teeth. Harry smirked he thought his Uncle was going to have a stroke.

'Charing Cross Road,' Harry said staring at his Uncle closely who seemed to way the pros and cons in his head.

Then with an exasperated sigh the man grunted 'Be ready to leave in 15 minutes or I'm leaving you here.' Aunt Petunia and Dudley stared at him in shock and disbelief. Harry's smirked widened and he darted up the stairs. Harry quickly got out of his cloths and wiped him self off with a towel before dressing himself in jeans and a t-shirt. When Harry got down his stairs his Uncle was standing at the door glaring at him. 'About time boy, now go get in the car.' Harry made his way to the back of the car and sat down.

As they made there way to London Harry thought to him self, I need a wand to practice magic with, with out getting caught, I need a book on Wandless magic and book on the Dark Arts, I cant sit by and watch people die anymore I need the to bring the fight to them even if I have to sacrifice my self to the Dark Arts. Harry watched as they passed by all the other cars as Vernon made his way into Charing Cross Road. I need dueling robes and some muggle cloths...a new trunk would be nice. Harry looked up quickly and called out, 'this is it pull over when you can.' His Uncle grunted and pulled over right in front of the Leaky Cauldron.

'Be out back out here by 5 boy or be left here and find your own way home.' His Uncle spat out as he took off. Checking his watch Harry saw that gave him about six hours. Should be enough he thought to him self as he made his way into the Leaky Cauldron. Luckily at 11:00 in the morning the place was practically deserted and Harry made his way through with out being recognized. Taking out his wand Harry tapped the appropriate bricks and make his way into the alley way. Harry couldn't help but marvel at the Diagon Alley as he saw witches and wizard bustle through from shop to shop. Harry looked up at the brilliant white building that held the wizards bank Gringotts.

Smiling Harry made his down the alley keeping his head low and avoiding eye contact. Harry passed by Ollivander's which was abandoned and dirty, was that crazy old man taken? or did he join them? Harry asked him self remembering Ollivander's words about how Voldemort had done great things. Shrugging Harry continued until he made it to the large bank. Jogging up the the white stairs Harry nodded politely to the goblins who guarded the bank, the grunted and sneered and Harry smiled and rolled his eyes. Harry made his way into the bank and picked the teller with the shortest line. Harry waited patiently trying to keep his hair over his scar as the goblins slowly led customers off down to there vaults. After the longest 15 minutes of his life it was finally his turn. Approaching the tellers both he placed his gold key on the desk. 'I would like to make a withdrawal please,' Harry stated. The goblin looked over the key and nodded an affirmative and with a snap of his fingers a smaller goblin came hustling over.

'Right this way Mr. Potter,' the goblin said as he led Harry down the steps and over to were the carts departed. Harry climbed into the cart and enjoyed the thrill ride through the catacombs as they speed deeper into London. For a minute Harry thought of the two girls he had met today realizing that a normal occurrence like this for him would be amazingly extraordinary for them. It really made Harry wish that he could experience that feeling of wonder once again. Harry was pulled out of his thoughts as they reached his vault and the goblin stepped out of the cart and turned to Harry and asked, 'Key please?' Harry dug into his rather large pockets and handed him the small key. The goblin walked, or what really looked more like waddled over to the vault door and opened it. Harry was surprised when he saw all the gold and silver in his vault.

'Excuse me sir, but shouldn't I have less then this? I mean its the exact same as it was when I was a first year.' The goblin looked through Harry an extremely surprised look, 'I'm sorry sir, did I offend you? I didn't mean to if I did.'

The goblin shook his head rather swiftly, 'not at all Mr. Potter its just we goblins aren't used to being addressed so formally by humans. You spoke to me as if we were equals.'

' 'Well we are equals, and if anything your above me, you have a job and I'm still just a student.' Harry said with a chuckle causing the goblin to smile, which Harry had to admit he found the sight a little uneasy.

'Well, uh thank you very much Mr. Potter, the reason your trust account is full is because it is replenished yearly from the Potter Family Vaults.' The goblin said straightening up seeming to try and make himself taller.

'Potter Family Vaults?' Harry asked

'Yes many very old pure bloods have Family Vaults and yours as well has several of our largest vault in fact your family is our fourth wealthiest customer. If you would like to discuss your Family Vaults you can set up an appointment with one of account managers when we return to the surface.' Harry nodded and grabbed one of the bags from the wall that was enchanted to hold more then it should have been and to be light as a feather. He then scoped in Galleon's into the bag until it couldn't hold anymore. Sliding the bag into his pocket Harry smiled at the goblin and headed back into the cart. Harry enjoyed his ride back up to the surface very much. Once he was there he decided that he would rather owl Gringotts latter about the family vault and headed out into the alley way. Harry was standing at the entrance of Gringotts and was wondering what to do first, sucking his teeth he decided that he should get a new wand to practice magic over the summer but needed to be unnoticeable first.

Turning to the Goblin guarding the door he asked feeling rather stupid, 'Sir, I know you guys don't use wands but now that Ollivander was gone do you know of another place for me to get one?'

The goblin eyed him with surprise and then grunted, ' There is a wand shop Knockturn Alley named Magical Mediums.' Harry thanked the goblin and made his way down the alley stopping first at Madam Malkin's.

'Hello there,' Harry greeted. The portly middle aged witch nodded and greeted him with a smile. 'I need a set of every day black robes please as well as a set of everyday cloaks and a couple winter cloaks.'

' Oh my, well then come with me deary and lets get you measured out.' Harry made his way to the back of the store and stood still while the tape spun around his body on its own and she made notes on her parchment. About two hours latter and about 80 Galleons latter Harry made was walking out with two bags and in a fresh set of robes. Throwing the hood of his cloak over his head Harry made his way down Knockturn Alley. Harry walked through the dirty streets ignore the calls of the hags and whores and side stepping the drunken trash until he got to the wand shop.

The shop unlike Ollivander's was immaculate not a spec of dust any were. Instead of rows filled with dusty unused wands waiting for the best match, there were rows of jars with ingredients floating in or just sitting in the jars. And blocks of wood, stone, and others. The door behind the counter opened and out stepped a relatively young man perhaps in his mid thirty's with black hair slicked back into a pony tail. He had dark brown eyes and a goatee that went around his thin pail lips. 'Welcome to Magical Mediums, how may I be of service,' he greeted barely above a whisper.

Clearing his throat, 'I need a new wand, one that cant be tracked while im on summer break. Money is no object.' Harry replied in the same whispered tone. The shop keeper nodded and smirked at him.

'You wouldn't be the first student to come in here for a second wand, though you would be the first non pureblood to.' He stated as he pulled out a cauldron and dumped several potions into it and stirred.

'How do you know I'm not a pureblood?' Harry asked moving forward setting his bags down.

'If you were you would have been in here before,' the man replied with out hesitation as he stirred the potion and then with a tap of his wand a puff of blue smoke rose up from the cauldron. 'I can also lower your hood Mr. Potter.'

Harry's head shot upward his hood sliding off his face looking shocked, 'How did you know it was me?' He asked staring at the mans dark eyes.

The man smirked ' I could see through your hood, its a little spell I picked up in the Auror corps...its not that powerful but now you have learned that simply wearing a hood will not hide your identity at all times.' He stopped and stared at Harry's incredulous look, 'I may have been an Auror boy but trust me this wand will be untraceable.' He sat working on the potion for a few minutes before finishing. ' Give me your hand boy,' he demanded Harry lifted his hand and tried to pull back as the man pricked his finger and let a few drops fall into the potion making it turn from bright blue to a shocking green. 'I was good friends with your father...he was on my team back when we were Aurors.' Harry gave the man a shocked look as he sucked on his finger. 'I normally don't do this but your father saved my life so this will make us even.'

'What are you doing?' Harry asked as the man took some tongs and a piece of parchment and dipped into the potion before letting it out to dry.

'Usually I feel out your magic using a spell and use the components that I feel are best for the custom wand but as a favor to your father I'm using this potion to analyze your magical gene and break down all of its aspects to make the absolute best match and give you a more complete break down of your ability's. This potion is the only one of its kind and is made by mixing some other potions and other ingredients. It was invented by my fathers family some five generations ago. I did this for your father and Black once...they truly were powerful wizards.'

'What do you mean? I mean how can you tell it was never explained in Hogwarts.' Harry asked looking as a fading ink began to appear on the parchment.

'It will be your seventh year...a short break down that all wizards have power levels per say. You have your wizards, the average Auror is a very powerful wizard. Then you have warlocks, there are about 3 warlocks born for every one hundred wizards. Both your father and Mr. Black were Warlocks. Then you have Mage's there is maybe one Mage born every two generations or so they are extremely powerful most of your teachers are probably Mage's or at least warlocks. Then you have sorcerers there births cant even be recorded or measured because of how rare and sporadic it is then there are high sorcerers like the Head Master or You-know-Who .'

Harry nodded listening diligently...towards the end Harry began to feel extremely discouraged if Voldemort was a high sorcerer then what luck did he have ever bringing him down Harry was more then sure that there was know way he could be at any other level other then Mage at the very least.

'Then there is Magus the most powerful of magical beings able to do magic with a simple thought and wave of a hand the last recorded Magus what Merlin.' The man finished as the ink on the paper finally darkened and finished appearing.

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