Chapter Six

His Grandfather's Plan


Kat stared at the body in front of her, Harry was laying face down in the plush cream colored carpet. Blood began to soak through the carpet leaving a dark red puddle, Kat stared speechless as she stared at the bleeding stump were Harry's left arm use to be, before letting out a loud ear piercing scream. Dorian and Serena both shot up and pulled Kat to the side as the phoenix hopped over and and placed his head to the stump. Kat broke free sobs wracking her body as he tried to claw her way over to Harry's prone body.

'Harry...Harry talk to me...HARRY!' Kat screeched trying to shake him. Glacius gave an angry shriek.

'Kat come here,' Dorian demanded grabbing the girl under her arms and dragging her away kicking and screaming for Harry. Tears pored down her face as the phoenix moved back into position and began to cry over the wound. Serena was in front of Kat trying to hold her down wrapping her arms around the poor girl while Dorian held her in place.

Serena looked over her shoulder and gasped in suprise through her silent tears, Harry's skin was beginning to neatly stitch itself over the stump that was just below his elbow. Soon the phoenix lifted its head and the skin was completely stitched over the wound. Serena let go of Kat letting Dorian keep a hold of the sobbing wreck and flipped Harry over gently. He was paled he had lost a lot of blood, Hedwig had flew over and landed on the fainted boys shoulder and hotted sadly. Serena placed her hands around the mask and pulled it off with ease as it unwrapped its self. Serena placed the mask aside and checked looked at Harry's face it was pale like his arms and neck but his lips weren't blue.

Serena looked over at Glacius hoping the bird would know what to do, the bird nodded its head in way as if to say that it would be okay and then flapped his wings and went towards Harry's room. 'Dorian help me lift him up,' she ordered Dorian let go of Kat who was sobbing on the floor thinking the worst. Lifting the boy bridle style he brought the boy to a large room with a large king sized bed in the middle and set him down. The room had two night stands, one with a lamp and the other bare. Hedwig too flew in and deposited Harry's wand on the bedside table and posted herself on Harry's bed frame next to the phoenix above him.

'We need to take him to a hospital.' Dorian muttered as he set the boy down. The phoenix thrilled and shook its head from side to side.

'I think he's going to be okay Dorian.' Serena said trusting the blue and white bird.

Dorian scoffed, 'he just lost his arm and about a litter of blood Serena now is not the time to listen to a bird.' He muttered pulling out his cellphone.

'That bird is a phoenix there tears have healing properties they can heal almost anything not contaminated by dark magic.' she said pulling out her wand and doing a basic warming charm on Harry and stripping him to his underwear. There wasn't much she could do with magic but she had learned up to what Americans considered third year at the eight year school.

Glacius huffed at Dorian as if daring him to question it again. Dorian sighed before running his fingers through his hair. 'Fine but we have to keep checking on him...the minute he gets a fever or his lips turn blue we need to take him phoenix tears or not.' He said as he left the room to go get a cool towel. Dorian was in the kitchen soaking a towel in warm water when he saw Kat stand wiping her face tears still falling.

'Come on Kat you can lay with him, we think he's going to be okay.' Dorian said ringing out the towel and leading her into Harry's room. Dorian placed the towel on Harry's head as Kat crawled into the bed curling into him throwing an arm over his steadily rising and falling chest. Dorian and Serena left each would take turns checking on Harry every hour for the rest of the night.

He was furious, he stomped through the manor swiftly his black robes billowing like smoke behind him. He had sent out four of his followers out to raid a Muggle bar for fun only for them to get defeated. Bellatrix had been the only one to return, she had immediately been taken to the hospital ward in his manor. He made his way through the halls going to visit Bellatrix to see what he could learn from her. His blood red eyes were narrowed in furry and his slit like nostrils were flared in anger. The Bar had been brought to flame but the Aurors had swarmed in using a flame freezing ward and extracted his followers two of which had been , Crabbe, and Yaxley were now sitting in Ministry holding spells waiting to be carted off to Azkaban.

He entered the room throwing the door wide open with a bang. The terrified matron jumped back in fear. Severus on the other hand continued his work administering potions, 'my Lord, forgive me for not bowing but if I stop now she may die.' Severus whispered.

'As you are Severus.' he muttered starring at Bellatrix in fury. Her entire right side was covered in third and fourth degree burns he could she her lungs charred black through her mangled breast. Now he didn't have any friends or lovers they created weaknesses but he had to admit that he cared for Bella to an extent. Probably as much as he could care for someone other then himself. 'Who did this Severus?' Snapped the Dark Lord angrily.

'My best guess my Lord would be a Fire Elemental of some kind, there is no residue spell magic in her burns.' Severus stated calmly as the matron once again began healing her lung before closing her chest the best she could. Severus tipped a vial of some potion into Bellatrix's mouth causing the chest to close over more neatly.

Drawing his bone white wand he placed it gently on Bella's forehead and thought, 'Legilimens.' Images of the battle assaulted his conscious and he saw the figure hack off his own arm before summoning the fire. His eyes widened in shock the figure or more importantly his mask it couldn't' be it was the Mask of Grindelwald but the man himself was locked in a tower in Germany. Could it be? was this Grindelwald's heir? The man was powerful he had taken out three tier two Death Eaters and had come to a stalemate with the a tier four Death Eater possibly the winner. Bellatrix was strong and skilled but not the most skilled. Severus and Lucius both could better her in a duel and he had other more unknown agents that were more powerful but still Bellatrix was a Mage like the other two a very rare thing to have so many grouped together.

He lifted his wand and stalked out with out a word as he made his way back through the dark twisting hallways to his throne chamber he saw Wormtail cowering in the corner in his anger he sent the torture curse at the pitiful man who screamed in agony.

Harry jolted awake gasping in pain, Harry tried to push him self up only to lose balance and tumble out the bed. 'God Damn it,' Harry swore, how did I lose balance he thought trying to push himself up only to be shocked when he saw most of his left arm missing. The memories of the night before came flooding back to him. Harry laid there in shock staring at the stump, Harry couldn't believe he had let that bitch best him like that. Well she didn't come off any better either, Harry thought. At least she still has her arm you pathetic excuse of a wizard, he thought darkly. Harry looked up as Dorian rushed into the room, He sighed in relief and helped lift Harry up avoiding Harry's dark gaze. Harry figured that Glacius must of healed his stump and he settled himself on his bed.

Soon Kat and Serena joined him, 'What time is it?' Harry asked darkly grabbing his wand and summoning a pair of jeans and black t-shirt. Harry allowed the wand to slide into the holster which he was sure they couldn't of removed last night due to the charms in place.

'Its a little after 2:00,' Kat murmured as Harry tried to pull the jeans up his legs with one arm she bent over and helped him finish sliding them up and buttoned them for him. Harry looked away disgusted with himself. He grabbed the t-shirt and was able to get it on with out help after a few minutes of trying.

'Thank you guys, but I need you to leave for now please.' Harry said darkly not looking at any of them not wanting to see there pity.

'Harry you lost an arm last night, you need help.' Dorian said as Kat nodded her head wrapping an arm around Harry.

'No I need you to leave!' Harry snapped back glaring at the man with anger in his eyes. He didn't blame them, but he didn't need there pity. 'Glacius take them home,' Harry ordered standing and leaving the room. The phoenix thrilled sadly before flying over the three not knowing what to do they grabbed the tail feathers and left in a burst of cold flame. Kat shot one last sad look at Harry before she was gone. Harry entered the living room and with a yell he through the coffee table over with his good hand and threw a kick at his couch. How could I have let this happen after all of work I was no better then that filthy whore! He though furiously as he drew his wand and stalked into the dueling room.

Harry threw curse after curse at the dummy and everything else in the room. I'll never be able to beat him like this! He thought as he threw a killing curse into the wall Harry dropped his wand and charged one of the dummies and threw it to the floor. GOD DAMN IT! Harry though as he punched the dummy repeatedly Why why why why, 'WHY GOD DAMN IT WHY?' Harry yelled as he felt his knuckles give in and break. That didn't stop Harry though he continued to hit the dummy with fury that he had never before felt. Blood splashed back onto his face and covered the dummy and floor. 'I'm going to kill all of them god damn it ALL OF THEM!' He roared, 'Bellatrix, Voldemort, Wormtail, Snape, Fudge, Umbridge, Malfoy, and any one else that gets in my way!' He yelled striking the dummy between each name. His great grandfather had wanted to burn the ministry to the ground and rebuild to ensure that some one like Voldemort never appeared again to make sure that a corrupt and unjust government was never in place again.

'I'm going to finish what you started grandfather,' Harry murmured letting his hand fall limp and bleeding. 'I'm never going to be weak again, next time I will fight to kill and not to protect or subdue.' Harry stated softly as blood pooled on the floor, Harry flinched as he felt an ice cold liquid fall into the wounds on his hand. Harry saw Glacius drop tears into the wounds on his hand, Harry felt an icy coldness seep into his hand and the bones begin to mend and the skin stitch itself together. Harry stood shakily getting his balance, there were a couple things he needed to do. It was time to put his plan into action. He had thought about doing this for weeks but the his fear of being unprepared had scared him as well as the retaliation from the Ministry or Dumbledore had feared him too.

He was sick of being scared, sick of being weak, and sick of being beaten by people who where lower then fucking scum. Its time for me too do this but first I need to figure out what I'm going to do about this arm. He thought as he entered library and grabbed a hand full of parchment, a quill, and an ink well. Harry began to pen several letters, to those he hoped would become his followers.

Nymphadora Tonks was sitting in Grimmauld Place staring quietly into a cup of lukewarm tea, today she had long violet colored hair and hazel colored eyes. She was waring a pair of sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. After she received her inheritance from Sirius, she had taken a leave of absence with out pay from work at the Ministry so she could dedicate all of her time to working with the Order. Since she had taken that leave of absence her days consisted of mostly going through Knockturn Alley and observing the goings and comings of some notable Dark Wizards and trying to gleam some information from them. Some day's though were spent watching Harry from outside his home keeping guard. The other day he had disappeared from his home with some Muggles for a short time. Then earlier in that morning her sensors picked up that he had returned some how. Tonks had chalked it up to him sneaking through the back door but something in the back of her mind had nagged her to check. But she had stuck to Dumbledore's orders that none of them should have contact with Harry while on duty.

Tonk's remembered the first night she had met him, he was taller then her but not by much and he had the lean build of an athlete. Not to mention the gorgeous eyes, Tonks even though she was five years older then him couldn't help but be attracted to him. When Tonks had talked to Sirius about he laughed and told her to go for it. But she couldn't could she? I mean how fair or decent would that be? All she knew about him was what he had done at Hogwarts, she would come off as another raving fan girl.

Sirius and Remus had both told her about Harry and his character, about his brave actions, his charming nature, his fighting abilities, his kindness to all even half-breeds and magical creatures, and most of all about how much like Jame's he was...well according to Sirius. Remus believed he took after Lily a bit more, Tonks didn't care either way who he took after. She liked Harry for Harry and that was all but did she like the real Harry? Or Harry the Boy-Who-Lived? Who was also the young man who had stood up to Voldemort and dueled him and lived to see another day?

Tonks took another sip of her tea and checked the clock on the wall she had about another had about another half hour before it was time for her to switch shifts with Dung

Remus Lupin was sitting in the library in Grimmauld Place staring at a photo of himself, James, Sirius, and Lily. The edge next to Remus had been ripped off were Peter had been standing solemnly. Tears stung the back of his eyes as he thought of his friends and there deaths, Remus remembered the day Harry had been born. The day put a smile on his face as he recalled racing to the hospital and came in only to see Sirius and Lily arguing again.

'It's MY TURN!' Sirius demanded stomping his foot on the floor like a five year old child while James stood behind him smiling at his antics. 'Its MY TURN to hold Harry Lils stop being so selfish and give him over!' He demanded scowling at the young sweaty women with long red hair and sparkling green eyes.

Lily huffed, 'Harry is my son Sirius, you'll get a chance to hold him soon but right now he's all mine.' Lilly cooed the last part as she rubbed her nose against little Harry's as he seemed to giggle and reach out and try to grab a strand of Lily's hair. Being only hours old the you baby couldn't quite get his fingers to work the way he wanted them too.

'But I'm his godfather I deserve to hold him just as much as you do!' Sirius whined, Remus took a step back realizing what Sirius had just said was blasphemous to young Lilly. Sirius had seemed recognized what he said wasn't quite right either. James snaked his way over to Remus and threw an arm over Remus' shoulder.

'This will be entertaining,' James murmured into Remus' ear, Remus nodded in chocolate brown eyes seemed to light up in mirth at the scene.

'If you remember correctly Sirius Orion Black it was James who wanted you to be Harry's godfather not me! I wanted it to be Remus!' She said with a huff sticking her nose up. 'So Remus why don't you come over here and hold Harry for a few minutes so he can meet his other more suitable godfather.' Lilly huffed glaring at Sirius who glared right back at her his arms crossed in anger.

Remus made his way over to the hospital bed and lifted Harry up who smiled at him and giggled moving his little arms around...

Remus couldn't help but smile at the memory, poor Sirius had felt so put out that it took James, himself, little Harry, and eventually Lilly to make him feel better. Remus sighed when he thought about Harry and wished they could have been closer but Dumbledore had blocked him from all contact no matter how many times he tried until third year when he felt that Harry had become adjusted enough too the magical world. Remus looked up in time to see Hedwig fly in through an open window with two letters attached to her leg one for him and one for Tonks surprisingly enough. Remus took his own letter and read it his eyebrows arching in suprise.

Dear Moony,

I'm writing you and Tonks because I need to meet both of you, implore you both to keep this to you're selves as this meeting needs to be held in secret I have several things I need to discuss with you concerning the Dark Lord and my self and the prophecy. If you agree to meet me send a reply to me asap and I will send you the address of were we will be meeting.

Prongs Jr.

Remus had know idea what Harry wanted to tell him about the Dark Lord that he couldn't talk to Dumbledore but Remus had a feeling that he should meet with Harry, James and Lily would want me to trust you Prongs Jr and I will. He thought to him self as he grabbed Tonk's letter and headed up stairs already knowing what her decision would be as well. Latter on that day that day Hedwig delivered four more letters to very surprised but willing addressees

At the same time that Remus was receiving his letter Harry had placed a glamor on his left arm making it look as if he still had his arm and was making his way through Diagon Alley towards Gringotts. As Harry entered the bank he felt an unfamiliar tingle and watched as several goblins looked at his arm in surprise. Glamor detections, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, Harry thought to himself as he made his way to a teller. The teller looked over the counter a Harry with a sneer.

'Can I help you?' the goblin asked suspiciously eyeing his left arm.

'Yes you can, I need to see my account manager .' Harry stated glaring right back at the goblin. The goblin nodded and hopped down off of his stool and coming around the counter.

'Follow me,' the goblin ordered harshly. Harry followed the goblin though the large marble bank and down several hallways until he made it to the last office door. The goblin knocked 'Mr. Potter is hear to see you sir.' The goblin said, to Harry the goblin sounded like in the short walk from his station to Sharptooth's office he had picked up some manners finally.

'Please come in Mr. Potter,' Sharptooth called Harry opened the door not sparring the other much ruder goblin a second look.

'I was wondering when you would come to see me Mr. Potter,' Sharptooth muttered pulling out a velvet case and placing it the table in front of Harry. 'This showed up in my office late last night, that usually only happens when the head of the family dies. Instead of causing a bunch of mayhem though I thought it would be best to give you a day or two before I called the Ministry.'

'Thank you but as you can see I had a bit of an accident with my left arm,' Harry said bitterly waiving around the useless glamored hand.

'I see that Mr. Potter,' Sharptooth muttered staring at Harry;s arm. 'I would suggest visiting Mr. Glyph again I'm sure a man with his connections would be able to point you in the right direction to get some type of replacement.' Sharptooth said as he opened the case and drew the ring out and handed it to Harry. Harry set the ring down and with a wave of his hand vanished it to his trunk.

'That's what I was planning on doing after I left, I'm here for another reason as well. I need the address to Potter Villa in France and ten reusable portkeys if possible as I'm sure you know money is no object for the portkeys. '

'Of course , just to inform you the total for the portkeys will be 500 Galleons.' Sharptooth said writing down the address on ten separate pieces of parchment and charming them. I really need to learn how to make these, Harry thought to him self as goblin finished up.

'Okay to use theses all you have to do is tap on the parchment with your wand and say the full address. Doing it a second time will return you to were you where before,' Harry nodded and placed the parchment carefully into his robe pockets.

'Thank you for your time I hope you have a wonderful day.' Harry stated bowing his head a bit in respect and leaving the office.

Harry left the office and made his way through the winding marble hallways until he got back to the lobby. Harry made his way through the lobby and paused slightly as Draco Malfoy entered the bank and strutted over to a teller with a snide look on his face. Harry drew his hood with his right hand and made his way out of the bank. Harry made his way down the stairs nodding towards the goblins politely. Harry turned down Knockturn Alley and dodged a hag soliciting her body and stepped over a drunken wizard passed out on the street. Harry finally made it to Glyph's store and entered dropping his hood.

The shop was as neat as ever, not a spec of dust and all of his ingredients were stacked neatly on there shelves. Nicholas came out of the back room and greeted Harry, 'Why hello there boy, I just finished reading your letter.' He said slickly crossing his arms over his chest, Harry saw his eyes dart over his left arm. With a flick of his wrist he dropped the glamor and Nicholas stepped up closer to the counter in shock.

'I'm here about this, I lost it last night in a duel with Bellatrix.' Harry said shacking up the sleeve and showing the stump.

Nicholas cleared his throat, 'that doesn't look to good boy.' He muttered softly looking at in suprise. 'Shouldn't you be in bed?' Nicholas muttered as he moved from behind the counter and observed the perfectly healed appendage.

Nicholas looked up and was about to ask a question when Harry answered him,' phoenix tears, it still aches like a bitch but it seems okay other then tat.' Harry answered waiting staring Nicholas in his dark eyes .

'There are create appendages mostly used on animals or inferi to make them more deadly. For that reason and the fact that they are extremely magically draining they are labeled dark.' Nicholas muttered taking a steep back Harry let the sleeve fall and cover his stump. With a flick of his wrist Harry reapplied the glamour and a fake useless arm hung to his side. 'I know for a fact that Borgin and Burkes has a copy of a very rare tome on magical healing both light and dark but the price has been too steep for most.'

Harry nodded, 'Well not for me, I'm going to need this in the days to come.' Harry said motioning to his useless arm. 'Now as for my letter...'

'You can expect my RSVP in the mail in a few hours, I at least want to hear what you have you have to say.' Nicholas answered immediately stepping back around that counter he turned his head, 'I will be seeing you soon Mr. Potter.'

Harry nodded his head and thanked the man before exiting the shop. Harry entered the dark and dank streets of Knockturn Alley and turned back towards Diagon Alley and made his way up the streets knowing that Borgin and Burkes was the second shop to the left of the entrance. Harry drew his hood up and entered the shop. It was almost the exact opposite of Glyph's store it was covered in dust, it was dank and hard for Harry to breath comfortably. Harry thought of casting a bubble head charm but decided against it.

Harry began to browse the shelves looking for any indication that there was a book on healing spells of any kind but he could not. Harry wasn't in there long before a seedy looking old man with liver spots on his head approached him. 'Is there anything I can do for you sir?' He sneered as his eyes darted around looking for a money pouch. Harry was glad he still had about 800 Galleons in on him from his very first trip about a month ago to the Alley because he didn't want to sigh a voucher and give away his identity.

'I heard you had a very rare tome on powerful and rare healing spells in your possession and I am looking to purchase it.' Harry barked at the man filling his voice with authority and contempt trying to pull off the snobby pureblood act.

The man smiled a yellow grin,'Why yes I do, but that book wont be with these old rags, its up behind the counter.' The man turned and hobbled away rubbing his hands together in glee as they made there way up to a glass counter he was finally going to be able to sell that book not many of his usual customers like Malfoy were not willing to pay so much for a book on just healing spells know matter how rare they were. Sure the book was a bit over priced but he had to make a living somehow. The man made his way behind the counter and Harry looked behind the glass and saw the book immediately Healers Guide to The Most Powerful Healing Spells Ever Created. The book was large and thick and the pages had turned from a cream color to a sickly yellow color but Harry was sure it was still legible.

'That sir will be 350 Galleons, I know the price is a bit steep but there were only 40 of these put into circulation before the Ministry banned them.' The old man croaked out eagerly wishing he could see the mans face to see if he had the sale.

Harry sneered underneath his hood and pulled out his money pouch, he was obviously being gouged but he needed that book. Harry counted out the Galleons and tossed them in a rather messy pile on the counter. The man was more then eager to get his hand on the gold and as he scrounged it all up and counted it frantically.

Harry wanted nothing more then to hex the man, but he waited patiently. When the man was finished he grabbed the book and dropped it on the counter with a thump. Harry grabbed the book with his right hand and stormed out of the store and back into Diagon Alley. When Harry was back in the open he made his way behind Gringotts, 'Glacius its time for me to return.' Harry spoke out loud. Minutes latter Harry disappeared in a burst of bone chilling blue fire.

When Harry returned to the trunk he dropped the glamor charm and and pulled off his robes leaving him in just a pair of slacks and shoes. Harry immediately made his way to the library before sitting down and opening the book. Harry began to leaf through the pages before he stopped at one that look familiar. There was a moving picture of a blob of silver shifting into a new leg and attaching itself onto the legless man.

The Reproba spell was designed by Robert Ravenclaw the son of one of the Hogwarts founders, Robert created the spell in hopes that he could help replace lost limbs to those who had lost some wither too disease or war. This spell was found to be extremely difficult to do and only those of Mage status should even attempt it. After being preformed it can dramatically weaken a Mage by taking 1/4th of there magical reserves. The spell is performed by picturing the body part you need in every detail possible and then using the non-verbal incantation Reproba. The wand movement demonstrated in the picture is a clock wise motion of the users wand followed by a half completed counter clockwise motion. There are several types of material that the spell can conjure up.

Silver-Silver is dangerous to Werewolves but is highly magically conductive. It works great with Metamorphmagus' and Animagus' and is the best at channeling magic. Silver though is also easy to be destroyed a tier three blasting or bashing hex could easily destroy the appendage. It is also surprisingly the hardest to conjure most likely due to how magically conductive it is.

Diamond-There is no danger to any type of creatures with Diamond. Diamond is the second most magically conductive gem in the world only and in this set of spells is only behind Silver. Diamond itself is the hardest material in the world and most likely will never break. I have yet to test the Killing Curse's side effects on the Diamond and doubt I ever will. It is the second hardest to conjure, most likely due to its hardness and how magically conductive it is.

Ruby-There is no danger to any type of creatures with Ruby. Ruby is the third most magically conductive but it pales in comparison to the others most wizards have found that they can no longer wield there wand properly or shift forms if they are gifted with the ability to due so. Though Ruby is slightly more powerful then Silver it is still relatively easy to destroy. This is extremely hard to conjure for the inexperienced wizard.

Sapphire-There is no danger to any type of creatures with Sapphire. Sapphire is the fourth most magically conductive in th series but it pales in comparison to the others more then half of the wizards who have used Sapphire have found that they can no longer wield their wand properly or shift forms if they are gifted with the ability to due so. Though Sapphire is slightly more powerful then Silver but weaker then Ruby it is still very relatively easy to destroy. This is modertly hard to conjure for the inexperienced wizard.

Emerald-There is no danger to any type of creatures with Emerald. Emerald is the fifth most magically conductive but it pales in comparison to the others. Pretty much all of the wizards who have used Emerald have found that they can no longer wield there wand properly or shift forms if they are gifted with the ability to due so. Though Emerald is slightly more powerful then Silver but weaker then Sapphire it is still very relatively easy to destroy. This is hard to conjure for the inexperienced wizard.

Wood- There is no danger to any type of creatures with wood unless you stake a Vampire. Wood can not conduct magic at all and is weaker then them all and is very very easy to destroy. It is barley hard at all to conjure even for the inexperienced wizard.

Harry finished reading through the passage fifteen minutes latter and had already decided on the material he was going to use, he briefly wondered if it could be done. Harry closed his eyes and visioned his old arm in perfect detail. Being a Mind Mage helped tremendously, Harry allowed his wand to fall from the holster and began the wand movements Reproba he thought. Harry could feel almost over 1/6th of his magical reserve channel through his wand. Two blobs shot out of Harry's wand one was bright shining silver that reflected the light and the other was a clear shimmering blob that caught the light and fragmented it into several different colors kind of like a rainbow.

The sliver began to shift and form a kind of bony skeleton figure that lodged its self with a searing pain in the middle of Harry's stump. The diamond shifted into an outer layer looking just like replica of his arm before sliding over the silver skeleton like a glove and lodged its self on his stump with the same searing pain. The pain passed instantly and Harry admired his work greatly. It was beautiful, Harry held his silver and diamond hand up to the light causing the light to fragment into the silver and make tendrils of multicolored and bright light appear inside the arm. Harry was amazed it moved and worked just like a regular arm even though he could not feel anything with it and would probably have to watch his strength with it. Unless it would mimic his real arm in that sense too and stop at his other arms point of strength. Harry looked at the inside of his palm, and like he had desired there was a round opening in the palm allowing a circle of silver appear so he could use the most powerful magical conduct with full use if need be.

Harry continued to smile as he admired his new arm, finally though when he saw Hedwig fly into the open door of his trunk with return letters from his original letters he stopped admiring his work of art and began to open them all.

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