Hi everyone! Deepcheese here! So my friend somehow managed to get a category for The Garden, and I figured, what better place to post some of the earlier, no longer cannon versions of the story. This was written in 2006, back when magic was present in the story and Gaki was still a character. You can just pretend she's an OC now if you want.

The sky was a crisp blue, and it was unseasonably warm for the middle of the fall. The girl who had introduced herself as Karen smiled up at the sky, her large bubbly eyes reflecting the cloudless expanse of above.

She let out a happy sigh, smiling a happy smile "Ah! It's such a nice day!"

The butcher knife whirled past her head and stuck with a thud into the tree next to her.

Karen's grin grew. "You missed again!"

The angel in the distance muttered under his breath. "Stupid Iri. You made me miss again."
The girl was still smiling.

Adrian growled at her attitude. "I swear, if you make another of those happy-go-lucky remarks, I will kill you."

Gaki, the little blue haired brat that always followed him around piped in. "Yeah!"

Karen kept smiling. "Whatever you say!"

"You know, you don't have to act so casual! I just threw a butcher knife at you; you could at least TRY to act scared, or angry, or SOMETHING!" The girl kept smiling. Adrian snapped. "STOP SMILING" She kept smiling.

The poor tree next to her was soon covered in various assortments of blades, arrows, katanas, bullet holes, and a few ninja stars. (Don't ask how he got all of this stuff.)

Gaki let out an aggravated sigh. "This stinks. How long is she going to keep following us?" Adrian was even more aggravated, if that's possible. And, let me check… yes, Karen was still smiling.

And, standing alone in a neglected corner somewhere, Iri just… stood there. No, seriously. There were spider webs growing on him and everything. Poor Iri. He hasn't even been introduced yet.

The Human sanctuary loomed in the distance, ruins of the impossibly tall buildings still standing, as a memorial to a time that is no more than a dream, a fond memory of a time long past and gone. The angel paused, looking at the gate guards' dead, lifeless bodies. The gate built to protect the city, pried open with magic, and the townsfolk's terrified faces. Iri managed a disapproving glare through his silence. Karen was still smiling, completely unfazed by it all. Adrian, the angel smiled. Nicely done. He gave himself a mental pat on the back. Karen, on the other hand, wasn't so pleased with his handiwork.

"That was… a bit overdoing it in my opinion." She was referring to the bodies.

"What would you have me do! He wasn't going to let me in!" He was referring to the guards.

"You didn't have to kill them!" She's still smiling by the way.

It was about this time that the townsfolk began to panic, running around in circles, screaming, "RUN! AN EVIL ANGEL AND A DEMON ARE ATTACKING THE CITY! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AAAAAAH!" screaming so loud you couldn't hear Iri talk… I mean… hear … people… scream…?

Karen somehow managed to scream while smiling. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO MAKE A SCENE!" Adrian growled. "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? IT'S THEIR OWN FAULD FOR BEING TOO EASILY EXCITEBAL!" It looked as though he was going to say more, but then he looked in the distance, and darted off the road. Karen sighed (smiling!). "Adrian, you always have to cause trouble for us." After a long silence, she finally turned around, discovering that Adrian was nowhere to be found.


"HE'S GONE!" Worry was beginning to show through her smile as she franticly searched for her angelic comrade. After several minutes of no success, she finally turned to Iri. "Did you see where Adrian went?" Iri was silent, but managed to point in the direction of the town square.

There, Adrian was standing on top of the town monument, along with a Gaki. The townsfolk were crowding around, listening intently to what he had to say.

What occurred went something like this-

"I HAVE COME TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON THIS HUMAN CITY!" Adrian shouted at the panicking townsfolk

Karen's eyes nearly popped out of her head. (still smiling)


Iri looked slightly annoyed.

Adrian was still yapping. "He may be silent but he is deadly, and mark my words, you do not want him as your enemy."

It is at this point that a random dude popped his head up from the mass chaos of the crowd. "What would a demon travel with an angel for? I thought demons and angels were enemies."

Adrian was somewhat taken aback "Well yes but… you see … This demon is… I have subjugated this demon, and he serves me now!"

Iri looked slightly more annoyed now.

"And uh… he will kill on my command! Don't play with fire my friend, you might get- OMG! MY HAIR'S ON FIRE!"

Iri managed a silent smile.

Adrian began running around in circles around the podium, trying desperately to put out the fire, Gaki doing her best to help, but just ending up making it worse.

After the fire was finally put out, the guards had made it to the square. "There they are! The angel and the demon that breached the gate!" Adrian looked around, panicking "My followers! ATTACK THOSE GUARDS!"

"Who said that we were your followers?" The random dude screamed as he ran as far away from the destruction zone as humanly possible.

Everyone else did the same.

But just as it seemed all hope was lost, Gaki charged at the guards. The guards started to laugh. "Look! The only one stupid enough to follow that crazy angle is a little OOF!" The girl drew her hand back, a mysterious charge emitting from it. The guard fell to the ground, twitching. Another guard swung at her with an enormous broadsword, but she nimbly ducked, and in the same movement, latched her hand onto his collar. There was a slight pause, only to be followed by a loud THUD as her boot met the side of his head. Sparks were flying everywhere. After the fifth guard fell, the remaining one screamed into his walky-talky "BACKUP! I NEED BACK- OOF!" The girl smiled, striking an odd little victory pose. "I won, Adrian!"

Adrian grinned, surveying the wreckage. "Yes. Very well done." (Evil smile)

Meanwhile, in the dark fortress overlooking the city, (wow. How cliché is that?) Trouble was brewing. The lord of the human sanctuary, Nobu was speaking to a dark figure on a tv screen

The demon on the screen began to grin, golden eyes glowing "Are you certain?"

"You should know that I'm not one to make jokes. This is certain."

"Very good. You have exceeded expectations. I trust you to make the right decisions."

The screen switched off.

A grin broke on Nobu's face. He turned to a young researcher.

"Send an assassin"

"Yes sir." he replied



"Make sure… that it's some one who can handle it."


With that, he headed for the dungeon.

We now return to our heroes! (Or something like that) The town square has been all but completely destroyed. Our group is hiding in an ally as several members of the swat team/ army/ police force are patrolling the streets. "This is no good. We'll never be able to defeat all of those guys." Adrian whispered.

"Well if that's the case, you shouldn't have blown up half the city! You should have known that they would have gotten upset!" (Still smiling)

"It was Iri's fault!"

"Yeah! Iri's fault!"

"How is it Iri's fault!"

"It's always his fault!"


"But he didn't do anything!"
"He set my hair on fire!"

"Yeah! Anyone who does something like that to Adrian deserves to die!"

Karen managed to sweatdrop while smiling.

Adrian sighed. "Regardless, we still need to think of a plan to get through all those guys."

A little light went on above Gaki's head. "I know!" She and Adrian begin whispering at great length.

Karen had a stupefied smile pasted on her face. "Huh?"

Adrian turned around with a grin on his face. "Ok, Karen, I need your help on this one. I need you to act as a distraction. I'll attack them with magic, and you run out in front of them. They'll turn to attack you, and we'll attack from behind, got it?"

Karen grinned excitedly. "OK!"

And so, the plan began. Adrian attacked the guards with light magic, and Karen ran out in front of them. Then…

Karen stood in the middle of the road, surrounded by guards "Um… Guys… I need your help here!"

(No response)

Interesting fact: Karen is able to scream while smiling. "AAAHHH!"

She screams and smiles and screams and smiles, all the way back to the ally with the swat team on her tail

But there was no one in that old ally. The only remnant of the group was a small piece of paper wit the word SUCKER! scrawled on it

Karen stood for a while in silence. " …AAAAHHH!"

And the guards drag her to the dungeon.

In the dungeon…

The guards are not to happy about the new inmate

"Ugh. The new girl keeps making so much noise!"

"Tell me about it."

Said girl yells while smiling. "IT WASN'T ME! IT WAS THE ANGEL! THE ANGEL!"

"Lady, that sounds wrong on so many levels."

"Yeah, and if you know what's good for you, you'll shut up!"

It is at this point that the researcher comes in. "I need an assassin. Someone that's both loyal and powerful." Both the guards immediately point to Karen, hoping that the researcher will take her off their hands.

Karen: (blank stare)

The researcher looks very annoyed. "Don't play games with me."

"I guess it was never going to work, huh?"

"Yeah. If you want someone strong, try that muscled guy in the corner. He looks like he could handle a fight."

The researcher seemed satisfied. "Ok, I'll take him."

As the guards fumble with the keys, Karen begins to hear a strange creaking sound above her. As she looks up, she is startled to see the ventilation duct above her begin to give way.


The researcher and both of the guards turn toward Karen's cell, where a slightly injured Adrian, Gaki, and Iri had just fallen from the ventilation duct above.

"This is your fault Iri!" I told you that you would be too heavy!"


Karen sates at them for a while and then, the sparkles begin to form around her.

"You came to save me!"

Adrian looked exceedingly confused, "great. Of all the places that we could of crashed, we had to end up with her! AND IN A JAIL CELL! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!"

The guards seemed exceedingly confused. "Do you think we should let them out?"

"They were obviously trying to sneak into the castle."

The researcher piped in. "On top of that, it is forbidden that an angel or a demon be allowed into the human sanctuary, so they probably would have ended up in here anyway."


The researcher adjusted his glasses. "anyway, I'll take the macho man. Lord Nobu requires an assassin."

The guards give him the key

The researcher sighs as he drags Macho Man out of the prison. "I hope that this works."

Later on, in the sanctum, the researcher dragged Macho Man to report to Nobu.

"I found a Macho man that will be an excellent assassin. All we need to do is-"

The Macho Man looked annoyed. "Hey."

"What is it Macho Man?"

"What's the deal with my name? Don't I get a real one?"

"Let me think…. No."

"Aww. Come on!"

"Hey, I don't get one either! Anyway, my lord, all that remains is that you tell me were to send him."

"Ah, yes. There should be an angel and a demon sneaking around somewhere in our fortress. I need them to be stopped."


Nobu looked confused. "That's an odd look. What is it?"

"It's just… An angel and a demon sort of… crashed from a ventilation duct."

"What? Where?"

The researcher sweatdropped. "Strait into a jail cell."

Nobu sweatdropped. "Now this I've got to see."