Deepcheese again! Time for the second chapter. I just want to point out once again that this is NOT cannon. Please do not take anything in this fic seriously. I wrote it when I was 16 and retarded. Thank you for understanding.

Chapter 2- Human Sanctuary part 2

As our heroes seem to have landed themselves in quite a predicament (and right on top of Karen) (yes, they landed on top of her now. I can change things like that) we will now begin chapter 2. Please enjoy the ride.

The guards in the dungeon, the guards were not happy.

"Cell three is making an awful lot of noise."

"That's just our luck." The second guard sighed

It is at this point that the researcher drags Macho Man back to the cellblock, leading Nobu to the ever-noisy cell three.

"They just sort of landed in there." He pointed

Nobu smirked

Adrian exploded. "WHAT'S THAT LOOK FOR?"

Nobu's smirk widened. "It's just funny. Is that such a crime?"


"What are you going to do? Scream till my eardrums burst?"

Nobu then begins laughing maniacally; earning sweat drops from everyone in hearing distance. This just aggravates Adrian even more, until he yells, "THAT'S IT!" And bursts through the bars using light magic.

Karen looks ultra shocked. "How did you do that?"

Adrian grinned "What? Didn't you know about the awesome power of angels?"

Now she just looked confused. "Why didn't you do that… before?"

"I was hoping that Iri would do it for me. I'm sort of lazy."

"Yeah! Adrian's too good for work!" Gaki cheered


"Uhh…"(blank stare)


With that, they escaped the dungeon, leaving behind two stunned guards, and ash-charred Nobu, and the researcher yelling "GO MACHO MAN! ATTACK!"

Macho Man grumbled in consent.


Macho Man was closing in on our heroes. (DUM Dum… dum?) Eventually, after much running, they were cornered.

Karen's smile was conused."I don't understand, Adrian. After seeing what you did to that prison door and what Gaki did to those guards, it shouldn't be any big deal to beat him."

Adrian got an evil look in his eye. "Oh, so you want me to kill him. Well, if you say so..." Beams of light began to form around his fingertips.

Karen stared at the light for a while, then it looked as though something finally clicked in her brain, and she began flailing her arms about. "I never said that!"

Adrian grinned. "What are you talking about? That's exactly what you said!"

"No it isn't!"

Gaki had pulled a pair of pom poms out of nowhere and was jumping up and down, shouting something along the lines of "Go Adrian! Kill! Kill! KILL!"

Karen looked shocked. "What kind of little kid are you?"

Gaki looked extremely annoyed. "I'm not a little kid!"

There was a massive explosion in the distance.

Gaki watched, wide-eyed. "Cool!"

Karen's smile looked very, very surprised.

Iri just stood there, completely unfazed by it all.

After a couple minutes of needlessly big explosions, Adrian walked back over. "Come on, we need to go to the tower."

Karen tilted her head. "Why?"

Adrian just looked annoyed. "If you don't know what we're doing, than you shouldn't be following us!"

"Come on! Tell me why!"

"Why should I? It's none of your business!"

Gaki nodded in approval.

Karen's eyes became very big and pleading. "I just want to know what you guys are doing! Is that so much to ask?"

"Yes!" Gaki shouted

Iri stood in a corner somewhere, and blinked dust out of his eye.

Meanwhile, in the tower, the researcher is sprinting up the stairs, grumbling all the way up, "We really need to install an elevator." Finally, he makes it to the top floor, shouting "Lord Nobu! They have escaped from the jail cell!"

"What? How!"

"They blew the door right off the hinges. And…"

"And what?"

"They defeated the Macho man assassin. Very quickly, too."

"Was he human?"

"… Yes."

"Well, then what did you expect, you fool! Send a demon! We do have a demon somewhere in that vast dungeon, don't we?"

"I'm not entirely sure."

Nobu sighed. "Do the best you can."

"Yes sir."

Meanwhile (again), Our heroes are wandering through the hallways, trying to find the stairs. Karen was blabbering on about something that no one cared about, Adrian looked like he was about to kill her, Gaki looked like she wanted to help him, and Iri was ignoring her (I think. It's sort of hard to tell.) They opened door, after door, after door, but no luck. No stairs. Eventually…

"Hey, Look! Stairs!" It was Karen. Adrian stomped over to the door she had opened and peered down.
"Idiot." He grumbled as he walked to check the next door.

"Why don't we go down these stairs? Is it because I found them?"

"That has nothing to do with it!"

"Then wh-"


"You don't have to yell, I know that!"


Karen grinned. "Well, you never know, there could be more stairs down there! It could lead to a room full of stairs!"

Gaki sweat dropped. "Do you have any idea what the chances of that would be? That's completely illogical!"

"Well, it's three against two, we're going down anyway!"

Long silence. "How the hell did you work that out?" Adrian finally muttered

"Iri's on my side!" Iri looked as though he couldn't care less.

"But still… that's only two against two!" Gaki looked flabbergasted.

"You didn't count Miss Lilia!" She held up an old, tattered teddy bear, grinning childishly.

… … …

….. … … … … … …

"What the hell…." sweat drop

For whatever reason, they ended up walking down the stairs. "Adrian, why are you doing what she says?"

Adrian grumbled, veeeeery unhappy about how things were turning out. "Because, she seems to me the type of person that might turn out to be a serial killer. I don't want to risk upsetting her."

Later, having trekked down all of the stairs, our heroes have found themselves… in a basement.

"I told you! I told you, but did you listen, noooo, you were to busy talking to that old teddy bear! Well that's just great!"

"Don't call her that! You'll hurt her feelings!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I guess I'm just so rude, that I hurt the feelings of an inanimate object! Oh, Woe is me!" Sarcasm dripped from his voice.

"Stop it! You're making her cry!"


"YES SHE IS!" Karen shouted back, insistent as ever on smiling.

"NO SHE ISN'T!" A loud thud echoed through the empty room as he slammed his fist into the wall. Then there was a soft clicking sound as the trigger mechanism that was hidden behind that certain tile activated. The far wall pulled away to reveal a staircase winding upwards into the tall tower.

There is silence for a while, a long silence.

At the exact same time, Nobu is agitated that his pastry craving has not been alleviated yet. He heard a sound in the far corner. "That had better be you, Cook!"

No reply.

"Is that you, Mr. Not-Named-As-Of-Yet researcher? Did the assassin die again?"

No reply.

Maybe it was the cook after all. "If that's you Mr. Cook, then WHERE'S MY PASTRY!"

A voice drifted across the room. "How pathetic. You really can't do anything, can you?"

"Who goes there? You're not the unnamed researcher! You're not my cook! What are you doing hear? Who are you! What happened to my guards? Guards! Where is every body?"

"My God, would you SHUT UP!"

Nobu was silent.

"Much better." The person stepped forth from the shadows revealing…

A mess of long, stringy blond hair covered glinting, narrowed eyes. Eyes that glowed eerily yellow.


"Now then…" The shadow man replied, his voice soft and frighteningly casual. "Let's end this game. I believe that you have something that belongs to me."

Right then, walking up those winding stairs, Karen gasps. She smiled as usual, trying to remain positive. "Well, it sure is nice that they have such wonderfully made stairs! Most people, in this sort of building, used to just throw stairs together, but these"- and so on. Meanwhile, Adrian was flying ahead, grumbling over the fact that he couldn't fly fast enough to separate himself from her never-ending blabber, when all of a sudden…

They reached the top

Adrian burst through the door, and was about to say something when he froze in shock. Mechanical equipment was scattered across the room, wires spread as though someone had moped the floor with wire-pasta. A guard was slumped against the wall, and a cook was sprawled across the floor, clutching a pastry. Nobu was nowhere to be seen.

Gaki ran up to see Adrian rummaging through the destroyed room, digging through the piles of ruined equipment, then re-digging, then re-digging. Eventually, he pulled out an ornate box. He shook it open. Nothing

Karen panted up the stares. "Umm, Adrian? Why are you looting?"

"I'm not looting!"

"Then what are you looking for? Is it yours?"

"Well… not really."

"Then you're looting!" Karen's smile broke into a goofy grin.

"Okay, so I'm looting. What of it? It's not like he's going to need it!"

"What are you looking for anyway?"

"It's none of your business!" He was annoyed now. Why did he have to deal with this?

"Yes it is!"

Gaki turned to face her. "Look, if Adrian says it isn't your business, than it isn't any of your business, so don't complain you happy-go-lucky freak!"

"That wasn't very nice!" For a brief moment, her smile looked somewhat hurt. Just somewhat.

Then Adrian threw a chair in her direction.

"Woah!" she screamed, with a shocked smile "What was that for?"
"We're leaving" was his reply.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"No. That yellow eyed freak must have gotten here before us."
"Adrian, it's not nice to call people names! You'll hurt their feelings."

"I don't want to hear it. Let's go." He stormed down the stairs, Gaki hurriedly following.

Karen shrugged, and chased after him as well.