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Chapter 3: Take My Breath Away


As we were walking away from Edward's group of friends, we passed the table of God-awful food, and I saw red plastic cups and gallon jugs filled with delicious sweet tea.

Edward nodded toward the table as we approached. "D'ya need anything 'fore we go any further?"

The sensible thing to do would have been to ask for a bottle of water. But, that tea was delicious-and I hadn't really been accepting of any 'southern hospitality' that anyone had offered me. If I took more tea, I could practice being a little more gracious to the people that had been so kind to me, and get something I really enjoyed. It was a win-win situation.

"Can we get some more tea before we go?"

"Sure thang," he said, and led me toward the table.

Grabbing a cup, I took a large drink. When I brought the cup down from my lips, I was more than a little surprised to see that I had drained the entire glass.

Edward noticed the situation, and chuckled in my direction.

"Y' like sweet tea, huh, darlin'?"

Embarrassed, I said, "Um, yeah, I guess so. More than I realized."

"Let's get som'more 'fore we go down to the dock, y'wanna?"

Against my better judgment, I simply nodded in his direction.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I watched him pour my drink.

It was odd having someone do things for me. From the shirt over his dirty truck's seat to throwing my trash away, he had been oddly... attentive this evening. I had thought it would bother me, but it had actually been nice.

He handed me my drink and I smiled a quick thanks in response before he poured his own.

As we walked down toward the lake, he spoke again. "It pro'bly seems kinda strange goin' down to the lake when ya cain't see nothin' out thur, but it's one of the best times t' see it. The lights 'n the stars 'n all. 'S kinda purdy."

I simply hummed in response, glad he didn't want to go back to his friends. Emmett's boisterous behavior was obnoxious, and I was glad to be rid of him quickly. And, even if I hated to admit it, I enjoyed Edward's company.

We wandered down through the crowd of people toward the water, Edward guiding me with his hand at the small of my back. We reached the edge of the water and turned to walk toward the pier where people had been fishing earlier.

There were only a few fishermen remaining, mostly what looked like the serious type, with chairs set up and coolers by their sides.

Edward ambled out onto the pier and I followed, both of us walking in silence as we made our way to the end.

"You havin' fun here?" he asked when we stopped walking. He leaned back against the railing of the pier and crossed his arms over his chest.

I shrugged and leaned against the railing next to him, looking out over the water. "It's been okay," I replied. "I like Alice and Rosalie."

He laughed softly. "They seem to like you too."

I smiled back at him.

He turned around so that he was looking at me as the smile faded from his face. "You didn' wanna come t'night."

It wasn't a question, but I felt like I needed to defend myself.

"No, it's fine," I said, glancing down at the water, away from him. "It's great."

His hand moved to the small of my back again and he nudged me slightly so that I would look up at him again. "Don' lie to me."

"I'm sorry," I began. "I got into this whole mess because I insulted you and lost my temper-I just didn't want to do that again."

He nodded slowly, scrutinizing my face as I spoke.

"Which I really am sorry for," I amended. "I should never have said those things to you at the diner. I felt bad all afternoon."

His hand began a small circuit around my back, up to where my hair fell, down to the small of my back. It made me feel better-knowing I hadn't offended him too badly.

"I told ya it's alrigh', Bella," he said. "Ya know ya made it up t' me by comin' out here t'night."

I smiled gently in response.

I would have liked to stay angry at him-to ignore this redneck slob for the duration of my visit and leave without a backward glance-but he was too damn kind to ignore, even after I insulted him. I had been a bitch and I had been rude and insulting, yet here he stood, rubbing my back and offering forgiveness when we both knew it wasn't deserved. There was something about him that drew me in; when I let myself forget about the deer piss and dirt, he was oddly comforting to me.

His hand had stopped moving in circles on my back, and his fingers were now running through the ends my hair, twirling the wavy pieces and letting them unwind before he twirled a different strand.

I studied the water in front of us, watching the blurry shape of the moon dance on the small waves and tried to pick out the stars from the dark surface. I could see several of the brighter ones, dancing along the waves just like the moon, coming in and out of focus as the water moved.

"There's so many stars here," I mused, looking from the water up into the actual sky above us. "I've never seen so many."

"Cain't imagine ya would out there in San Francisco," he replied. "They're there, just like they are here. When there's less goin' on you notice the little things like that. Folks don' got time for stars in San Francisco so they just block 'em out with their city lights and pretend like they ain't missin' nothin'."

I hummed lightly in response while I looked at the sky. "I've never noticed before."

From the corner of my eye, I saw Edward lift his shirt over his head, leaving him in a tight, black muscle shirt. I refused to ogle him-I had to keep my mind focused, and Edward in a tight shirt was too distracting.

"Ya wanna sit, Bella?"

I turned toward him to see that he had spread his tee shirt across the worn boards of the pier, providing a cozy place for us to sit.

Without speaking, I sat beside him and stretched my leg in front of me, mimicking his position.

Our bodies were connected, our shoulders, hips, and thighs nestled together. I could feel his warmth even through the thick summer heat around us, and even through the stifling climate, it was a pleasant, comfortable, secure feeling.

After a moment, I began feeling awkward sitting so close to him, not saying a word. It felt too intimate for my own liking. I needed a distraction. After studying the sky for another moment, I pivoted back toward Edward.

"What do you do all the time out here? Besides killing deer. It seems... well, really boring, to put it bluntly," I asked.

He chuckled as he turned his face down to look at me again. "It can be. Me an' Jasper an' Emmett go huntin', fishin', hikin'. I got a job up' the park. Imma ranger there with Emmett. He got me the job when... Well, he got me the job."

I nodded, wondering what else he was going to say, but uncomfortable pushing the issue.

"Whatcha do when yer in San Francisco?" he asked.

"Well, there are definitely no fish fries," I laughed. "And no hunting, fishing, and hiking. I work a lot-I really love my job. I go out with my friends..." I trailed off, unsure really about what I did for fun.

He nodded when I finished.

"N' ya like the city?" he asked.

"Very much," I said with a smile.

He nodded again, and continued asking questions about me and my city, my interests and hobbies-it seemed like we talked about everything. He asked me about books and movies and TV shows, and I was surprised to learn that we had some of those interests in common.

The conversation flowed easier than I thought it would, and I ended up laughing more times than I could count. I seemed to momentarily forget that he was disgusting, obnoxious and well...all the things that made me dislike him before. For now, he was just Edward, a genuine man with a bright smile who always knew just what to say.

Our conversation slowed, and I traced the pattern of the boards of the pier. I could feel Edward's eyes on me, studying my face, but I didn't meet his gaze immediately.

When I did, his green eyes seemed to sparkle, even in the dark of the evening around us. "Do ya wanna head back t' the party?" he asked, nodding with his head toward the area where Jasper's band was playing at full volume.

I nodded. "Sure."

He easily hoisted himself to his feet and then reached his hand out to help me up. I took it, and he gently lifted me off the ground, but didn't release my hand after I stood.

I awkwardly gaped at our joined hands for a moment, but as soon as he noticed my stare, he dropped my hand as though it had shocked him.

Neither of us chose to say anything about it; instead, we began the short walk back up to the main area together.

Emmett, Rosalie and Alice spotted us as soon as we began walking in their direction and waved. Thankfully, neither of them mentioned our absence, as I suddenly felt awkward about our time together.

"Bella!" Alice squealed as we approached. "I'm s' glad you're here! Ain't Jazz great?"

She turned toward the stage and made googly eyes at the guitarist. He winked in her direction before she turned back to me and sighed deeply.

I smiled at her, and she launched into a description of their evening as Rosalie and Emmett wandered off, seeming to want some private time. I was mostly unaware of Edward still standing by my side until he leaned in closer to me and whispered a quick, "I'll be back," into my ear.

I jumped at his close proximity, but I nodded and smiled at him as he walked away, quickly turning my attention back to Alice as she kept talking.

She was telling a story about a practical joke Emmett played on Rosalie when the music from Jasper's band drifted to a close and there was a moment of silent shuffling around the stage before a low, familiar voice resounded over the speakers.

"Hey y'all, hope yer havin' a great evenin'. 'S sure been a good 'un for me. Jasper 'n the guys 's lettin' me git up here and sang a li'l 'cause I got somethin' I gotta say t' you."

Edward seemed to emphasize the last word of his sentence as his eyes met mine from the stage. I felt a tingle dance down my back, and I stiffened automatically.

Before I had time to consider my reaction or the implications of his words any further, he stroked the first chords on the guitar strings. The sound sent the same tingles cascading down my spine. The sensation was paralyzing, and all I could do was watch as he continued to pick at the strings of the guitar as they softly formed the melody of the song.

When his voice broke through the gentle sound of the guitar chords, all the air left my body. His naturally smooth voice practically caressed the words he sang. I noticed that, standing on the makeshift stage, surrounded by people who obviously adored him, he commanded attention.

His long legs were shoulder-width apart-his stance was open, confident. His shirt clung to his chest; as atrocious as those muscle shirts were, I couldn't deny that I loved the way they accentuated his chest and broad, tanned shoulders. Edward was looking down at the guitar that hung around his hips, clearly lost in the song. When a lock of his messy hair fell into his face, my fingers twitched with the need to touch him.

He was undeniably and unbelievably beautiful.

"It's nice when they saing a song to ya, ain't it?" Alice said, breaking through the haze of lust that had settled over me.


"Oh, honey. The look in his eyes says it all. Even if that song didn't sound like it was written for y'all, I'd 'a known he was saingin' for ya."

This time, when I looked at his face, his sparkling emerald eyes met mine, and I felt like the earth stopped spinning. All I could think, feel, or see, was Edward. His passion. His intensity. If the eyes are the window to the soul, Edward was opening the curtains.

He nodded to me gently as he sang the words, "Just give me a chance to change your mind, so before you go and fly away girl, let me show you 'round a country boy's world."

My heart swelled in my chest. Alice was right. He was singing to me. I listened as his words wrapped around me.

With just a bite of homemade ice cream,
And a glass of momma's sweet tea,
This ol' holler's got a way of makin' friends.

She'd never seen a glowin' field of fireflies,
Or the twinkle of a star in a southern sky
She fell in love.

Just the way he said those words made butterflies take up residence in my stomach. I felt my face flame as a smile spread across my face.

Unbidden, my inner voice of reason broke through. This was wrong. Edward may have been gorgeous, and incredibly sweet, but that couldn't mean anything.

I had a life in San Francisco, and he had a life here. We were two very different people living very different lives. Sure, we shared some of the same interests, such as a love of Family Guy and a distaste for Lady Gaga, but those weren't the things you based a relationship on. He loved the gravel roads that ran through this God-forsaken town, while I loved the click of the asphalt under a new pair of Jimmy Choo's. He was content with the slow pace of life here, while I thrived on the bustle of the big city. He was a simple kind of man, and nothing about me was simple. Nothing could change the fact that he shouldn't cause such a reaction in me.

But, damn, all the logic in the world couldn't change the fact that Edward had the ability to make my heart flutter.

The song had swelled to its climax and began to slow when Edward crooned, "She gave me a chance and I made her mine."

It was too much. I had to get away, just for a moment. The song was coming to a close, and I couldn't face him. Not yet. I needed to collect myself.

I looked around frantically and found a small brick building with two doors, side by side. A sign was hung above the doors that said, "Guys and Gals Commodes" with arrows pointing to either door.

I hoped that meant 'bathroom' in English.

I walked as quickly as possible to what I prayed was the women's restroom, sighing in relief when I realized I was right. I ducked into a stall, closed the lid, and sat on the toilet.

My mind was racing, and I struggled to catch my breath.



Me and Edward.

Edward and me.

Deer piss.

Perfect smile.

Dead deer.

Truck with no doors.

The way he touched me.

Muscle shirts.

The way he tried to take care of me.

That damn sex-hair.


That fucking song.




That fucking perfect song.

I leaned forward so that my hands were cradling my head, and I was staring at the cheap linoleum that covered the bathroom floor.

I stared at the floor, not focusing on any particular thought, but rather letting my mind fly in what seemed like thousands of different directions. My current confusion made a mess of everything I knew, and soon thoughts, feelings, facts, and emotions were mixed into a murky cocktail that I couldn't make sense of.

I scoffed at my current situation—sitting on the lid of a "commode" in ass backward Millerville, Alabama, trying to collect my thoughts and feelings after the most disgusting, beautiful man I had ever met sang a song to me that seemed meant for us.

Of course it wasn't meant for us, though. No, I didn't belong there. I didn't belong with him. I didn't even like that place. The hills and the mountains were an amazing backdrop to the lake, fields, and the wide open space, but I was not suited for gravel and dirt.

Edward was. With his faded clothing, ripped jeans, and easygoing nature, he was suited for this simple, country town.

I couldn't fit here and he couldn't fit in San Francisco; that's all there was to it. We were too different.

The sudden drop of my heart as those words spun through my head startled me, but I didn't have time to consider the implications of my traitorous heart, because at that moment, I heard the door to the restroom creak open and two girls' voices began to echo through the tiled space.

"Gawd, Jess, I don' know why y' messed up n' let that 'un go."

The second girl scoffed. "Ugh, please. It was mutual...we jus' decided not t' be t'gether anymore. 'Sides, Mike is so much better."

The first girl snorted. "Mike? Over Edward Cullen?" I heard a breathy sigh, and then she began speaking again. "I mean really, did you see him up there? He's perfect."

I felt a breath catch in my throat at the mention of Edward's name.

"It's 'em black muscle shirts. Dem ders God's gift t' women all o'er," she hummed in appreciation.

"Mmm-hmmm. And, damn, 'is voice sounds like sex 'n honey," the first girl practically moaned.

The girls both giggled together before the second girl sighed. "If y' think that's somethin', imagine what it's like durin' sex."

"Oh, please, it's been s' long y' know y' don' remember!"

There was a pointed silence.

"Hmm, well maybe he'd be willin' t' give me a 'minder course."

"What makes y' think he'd do somethin' like that? Y' know he's hangin' all over ol' man Swan's granddaughter."

I wanted to cheer.

"I cain deal wi' that mess. Eddie jus' needs t' be 'minded I'm th' bes' girl for 'im."

"And what 'bout Mike?"

"C'mon, Lauren, y' know me an' Mike ain't really t'gether right now," the girl, Jess, said exasperatedly. She took a deep breath, and said, "All I know is, he were mine b'fore, an' it's time he 's mine again."

The burn of jealousy igniting my body was now too strong to be ignored, and I felt my face redden as the image of Edward with another girl entered my mind, unbidden.

Even as my blood seemed to boil, the rational side of my brain told me that I shouldn't care if this girl went after Edward. Hell, it would probably even be better. Then, I wouldn't have to come to another damn fish fry with him and he would just leave me alone for the rest of the time I was here in Millerville.

I focused on the floor again as I let that thought sink into my mind.

The heat slowly receded from my body, but in its place, it left a hollow, sad feeling. I searched for a label for the feeling that had replaced the jealousy, but the anguish left me speechless.

I listened again for the sounds of the girls' conversation echoing around the restroom, but was surprised to realize that they were gone. My heart thumped heavily in my chest, and my eyes widened when I realized that, whoever that girl had been, she was now off looking for Edward.

I shouldn't have cared. I had no right to an opinion on Edward's love life. I was a friend, if even that. We had known each other for a grand total of nine hours. Hardly enough to even call us acquaintances, much less friends. I shouldn't have cared who he was dating or kissing or whatever the hell he was doing with that girl.

But I did.

I didn't want him to be with that girl who talked him up like some local celebrity. I wanted him to be with me.

It was the first time I had actually admitted it to myself, though I had realized it from the moment I heard him singing to me. It was illogical and impractical and selfish and a thousand other terrible things, but I was past caring.

Why did it matter if we were different? Opposites attract, right? I wasn't going to deny myself something just because it, or rather he, was different.

If different meant making my heart flutter with the touch of chords on the guitar or the sincerity in his voice when he complimented me, different was just what I had been looking for.

Even if I could only have him for a few more days.

But what if Mrs. Edward Cullen over there had already found him? What if he thought I didn't want him, so he was kissing her instead?

I felt tears prick my eyes and my heart pound in my chest, and in that moment, I knew how absurd I was acting, but I didn't care. I had to find Edward and apologize. I had to let him know that I wanted to take that chance he offered while he sang. I was done with logic.

I left my porcelain comfort zone, finally unlatching the door on the bathroom stall. I only chanced a quick glance in the mirror. Anything more and I was afraid I would lose my courage.

I pushed the bathroom door open with a heavy creak, and my eyes fell on a figure curled against the wall next to the door.

I froze there in the doorway, staring at him, unmoving. My mind had prepared me for the worst, but the desolate man crouched before me was nothing like I had planned.

His head shot up at the sound, and my eyes met the deep emeralds that were now full of so much hurt and confusion, lacking the joyful sparkle I had seen earlier.

"Bella," he breathed gently, the single word full of relief.



Shit, shit, shit.

What the fuck did I just do? Did I really just saing a song to Bella? Did she realize it was for her?

Of course she did. I'd made damn sure o'that by lookin' at her while I sang.

I could feel my blood rushin' through my veins; my pulse was throbbin' in m'ears.

I needed to calm down. Fast.

Without lookin' toward the spot where Bella was standin', I walked quicker n' a minute to a patch o'woods down by the lake where folks wouldn' bother me.

I sat on an ol' tree stump and tried to concentrate on mah breathin'-slowin' it down 'fore I passed out. I was bein' such a fuckin' sissy. Ain't nobody on God's green earth tha' ever had this effect on me.

Runnin' my hands through mah hair, I figured I had t'be losin' my mind. Just yesterday, Grandpa Swan had died and I was s' tore up I couldn't see straight. Then I saw 'em goddamn brown eyes in mah momma's diner, and it was like all 's right with th' world.

Fuck. That ain't even been 12 hours ago. How the Hell did this girl get under my skin like this?

I hadn' had as good a grip on mah emotions as I should since Grandpa Swan passed. Losin' him hurt more 'n I cared t' admit.

I felt angry, hurt, and sorta lost with him gone. Hell, I could barely wrap my head around the fact that he wouldn't be tellin' me t'get mah head outta my ass anymore.

What I was feelin' for Bella just didn't make sense. Could she have just caught me in a moment a' weakness? I hated t' think that; I didn't like feelin' like I couldn't even trust mahself.

What the Hell had this girl done to me?

She was gorgeous, but anybody'd see that. It'd 'a been easy to think she was a bitch-but if y' looked close 'nough, you could see what kinda person she really was.

At the diner, I'd egged 'er on; I'd wanted t' see her eyes burnin' toward me. And damn if the sight o'her angry didn't make my dick twitch.

Anybody wi' that much passion had t'be a firecracker in bed.

I groaned and took a deep breath, shakin' the image of her ridin' my cock from my head.

When she left the diner, I 's feelin' pretty guilty for pissin' 'er off like that. I didn' know her from Adam; I had no business doin' that.

I hadn't expected t really talk t'her again. I figured she'd avoid me best she could. Then, outta nowhere, at her grandpa's house, she asked about Oscar.

Bella didn't seem like the kinda person t' really care 'bout huntin', and she sure as shit didn't seem like the kinda person who fumbled 'er words around. I couldn't help but chuckle at her nervous ramblin'.

She damn near knocked the breath outta me when she apologized. She coulda ignored me until after the funeral, and went back t'her life without a word. I expected 'er to.

Turned out, she 's too big hearted t'do that. Bella did what she thought was right, even if it was hard for 'er.

I had t'fight the urge to hug her...I really was smellin' like a stainky bastard.

I wanted her to know me, not the cocky asshole that reeked of deer piss and sweat. On a whim, I invited her t' the fry. I thought we'd have a good ol' time an' then part ways w'out her hatin' ev'rthing 'bout me.

Then I'd brought 'er here and she started lettin' her guard down, little by little.

It was a lot o' little things at first,the way she looked at the lake, her 'spression when she saw th'stars, an her knee-jerk reactions to fine southern food. I loved the way she drank sweet tea like a trucker and laughed with mah friends.

One o' the things that told the most about 'er, though, was the way she was with Alice. I loved Alice like she 's my kin, but she was diff'rnt, even by city standards. 'Round Millerville, a lot o' people cain't handle anybody standin' out like she did. She didn' have a lot of friends,and had been the talk o' the town more 'n once. Aside from her...original...clothes and overexcitability, Alice was as good as they come. Most people don' get close enough to 'er to know that.

Bella accepted her 'n treated 'er like they'd been friends for years. That showed a helluva lot of character in my book.

Bella Swan may 'a been feisty, but she was good, through n' through.

Damn, I couldn't get enough o' this girl. It was comfortable bein' around her; we talked about ever'thing and nothin'. I was hangin' on to ev'ry word to come outta them pretty lips.

I didn' know what made me saing with the band. I 'specially didn' know what made me saing that song.

All I knew is that Bella had managed to wrap me around 'er little finger without even tryin'.

I had to have a chance with her.

I knew I'd scared 'er, but shit, I was scared too. Nothin' about the day made sense. That girl made me crazy. She made me feel things she shouldn't 'a been able to. I shouldn't a' wanted her like I did. I was caught up in ever'thing about 'er.

Her lips.

The way she looked when she was pissed.

Her big ol' heart.

Her temper.

Them big ol' brown eyes that gave 'er away.

Fuck it, I thought. I meant every word o' that goddamn song.

I had t'find 'er, talk to 'er. I had t' make this okay.

She had t'give me a chance.

I stood and began walkin' back t'ward the crowd as fast as I could.

"Edward! Yoo-hoo! Edward!"

I flinched at the sound o' Jessica Stanley hollerin' my name. We'd dated fer a few months after I moved back home. She wasn' real happy when I broke up with 'er.

She was runnin' t'ward me as fast as she could; she was leavin' her sidekick, Lauren, behind. I figured I'd better stop 'n get it over with.

"Hey, Jess. What's up?"

She huffed and puffed 'fore battin' her eyelashes at me. "Silly, I just wanted t'talk t'ya. Y'did such a good job with th'band." She reached up and touched mah arm as she spoke.

Jerkin' my arm away, I said, "Yeah, thanks. Listen, Jess, that girl I's with, y'seen 'er?"

She stiffened. "Girl? Y'mean old man Swan's granddaughter?"

"Yeah, I need t'find 'er. Y'seen 'er or not?"

Her mouth curled up ov'r 'er teeth slowly; I was sure it was meant to be a smile, but it looked more like a snarl.

"Oh, sweetie, ya must be crazy. Ya don' stand a chance wi' the likes o'her. Maybe if you'd a' finished school an' did somethin', she'd think o'ya that way.

"But since y'came back here after y' daddy's accident...well, we all know y' just gon' stay 'round 'ere the rest o' yer life." She patted my cheek. "Don' get me wrong, sugah, you're the bes' this town has t' offer. T' someone like me-the best girl 'round here-you'd be ev'r'thing. But t' that city girl? Ya ain't enough for 'at girl, honey."

I ground my teeth t'gether-I had never wanted t' hit a girl s' bad in mah whole life. "Ya know what, Jessica? You're right. I ain't 'nough for her. But I'll tell ya what-I'm too damn much fer you."

I spun away from her and ran straight into Alice.

"Alice, I-"

"Bella is in th' bathroom, Edward," she said in an eerily calm voice. "You go on, now. I b'lieve it's time me and Jessica have a little talk."

Fuck. I didn't want t' leave 'er, but I needed t'get t'Bella. I looked up and saw Jasper headin' toward us. I nodded in his direction, relieved I could leave the standoff between Jessica and Alice.

When I reached the bathroom, I crouched by the door t'catch my breath.

I knew I shouldn' let Jessica get t' me, but damn, that shit hurt. She had a real talent for findin' someone's soft underbelly an' exposin' it to th' world.

The bathroom door swung open, and Bella walked out with a determined look on 'er face.

"Edward," she said breathlessly.

I stood and wiped my hands on mah jeans, and looked at 'er.

"Bella, listen, I'm sorry. I didn' mean t' scare ya off. I just...aw, Hell, I don' know what-," she cut me off by puttin' her fingers on mah lips.

"Edward?" she said as she ran 'er fingers along mah jaw.

"Yeah, Bella?" I said, stunned.

"I-I liked the song."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I reached for 'er, feelin' the soft skin o' her neck under mah fingers.

"Bella?" I said, inchin' my face closer t' hers.

She let out a shaky breath as she threaded 'er fingers through my hair, pullin' me t'ward 'er.

I paused when I could feel 'er warm breath fan across mah face and looked into 'er eyes. "I'm gon' kiss you now, if that's alrigh' wi' you, darlin'."

I gave her a second t'change 'er mind, t' pull away. When I couldn' wait any longer, I gently pressed mah lips t' hers.

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