Another insecure!James and confident!Logan fic because I like when Logan talks dirty to make James happy.

Warnings: Contains blowjobs and slash and dirty talk

James sighed into the wind as he leaned his head against the shoulder of his boyfriend. Logan didn't seem to know how good he smelled, especially mixed with the fresh air of an open convertible in the backseats. Carlos and Kendall sat in the front seat, chatting amiably amongst themselves. The sun slowly slid down the skyline behind them as they traveled up the highway, enjoying the day off.

A thought kept crossing the mind of the narcissistic boy and he kept trying to prevent its crossing. His eyes would darken and his carefree smile would drop for a second before he got another deep breath of fresh air and Logan's cologne. This would remind him that he had someone to care for and for him and he shouldn't let these thoughts pester either of them.

Logan noticed the small little ticks, despite how much James tried to hide them. Something had been bothering him lately, since after the concert when they could have time to think. A million possibilities about what bothered James ran through his mind. He could still be hurt from everyone giving up so easily when the band got sent home. He could still be hurt from the band trying to replace him so quickly. Hawke could have said something or done something to hurt James. Logan could have said something or done something to hurt James unintentionally. James could have run out of hair mousse.

So Logan didn't act on these hunches. He kept an arm wrapped firmly around James's broad shoulders and settled for inhaling the clean, chemically smell of James's hair. He liked the smell of chemicals, it gave him more exigency to become a doctor.

James forgot himself for a little while in his battle to keep the thought from crossing his mind. His hand reached up to tug at his bottom lip, wondering why it wasn't good enough by itself. Too thin, they said.

Logan noticed the lip tugging and raised an eyebrow. He reached across with his hand and nudged James's hand away to draw a finger lightly along the plump bottom lip. His tongue lapped down to wet his own lip, longing to lean forward.

James snapped out of his reverie when the smooth fingertips pushed his fingers away and looked up when they tickled his bottom lip. Logan met him with warm, chocolate eyes and a smile, the sun making his skin golden.

"What's the matter, baby," Logan asked softly. James let out a sigh and let himself slide further down the seat, his head leaning into Logan's chest.

"Nothing," James tried to shrug it off, hoping Logan would let it go for once at the word. The broken mirror taunted him from his memories when Logan didn't let it go.

"C'mon, I know something's bothering you," Logan said softly. James let out a deep sigh and looked toward the front to see Carlos and Kendall still enraptured in their own conversation.

"Do you think my lips are too thin?" James asked. Logan stared at him with confusion then shook his head.

"No, why would you think that?" Logan asked. With a groan, James lifted himself off Logan's chest and sat against the other side of the leather bench. Logan sat up straighter with a concerned look writing over the confused.

"When I was with Hawke, they modified my lips electronically, they said they were too thin for the look they wanted," James murmured and bit his lip. Logan snuck a look up to see if they were being watched and leaned across the seat and used a finger to pry the bottom lip from the pearly white teeth. James looked up at him innocently, but Logan knew the depravity that the boy reveled in and smiled softly, leaning over James close enough to feel the warm breaths on his skin.

"Your lips are perfect," Logan said softly and let his breathe mingle with James's sweet smoothie breathe before moistening the other boys bottom lip with his tongue. James's eyes fluttered shut and Logan took the taller boy's bottom lip into his mouth sucked gently on it, running circles on it with his tongue. Beneath his hips, Logan felt James stiffening in his pants and one of his large hands came up to grip his hip. Logan's teeth grazed against the tender flesh in his mouth and began to bite it in a way more pleasurable than painful.

Logan let his lip go with a wet sound. It turned a darker red and shone with saliva. He leaned down and pressed his lips against both of James's. His own erection demanded some sort of stimulation, so he ground downward into the taller boy. James couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure from the rocking friction that Logan introduced.

"Hey, calm down back there," Carlos shouted back. They detached lips and looked up front. The palm woods stared back at them. James and Logan watched with dumb looks as Kendall and Carlos put the hood up, shielding them in darkness.

"Coming?" Kendall asked with a bored expression.

"Later," Logan said from his place leaning over James. James didn't respond, only panted heavily.

"Yeah, I'll bet," Kendall murmured under his breath, "Just don't be too gross, ok?"

"Got it," Logan said with a wink and waited for them to leave before grinding down violently against James. The other boy groaned and thrust upwards to meet him.

"God damn, do you know what your lips do to me?" Logan growled, rolling his hips against James's, "I think about how sweet your lips taste all the time and how soft they are," Logan leaned in to illustrate this point, capturing the soft, sweet lips in his own. James kissed back frantically. Logan pulled back with a wet smack, his eyes half-lidded with lust.

"I think about how they look sucking on my fingers," Logan growled, pressing his fingers into James's mouth. The brunette obliged, sucking them in and swirling the tips with his tongue. Logan moaned at the sensation and ground down again. He let his fingers slip out of James's mouth to hold onto the brunette's cheek. He panted.

"Most of all, I love to think about how they look when you suck my dick," Logan hissed, grounding down on James, who looked ready to burst into flames, listening intently and only getting harder, "I love the way they look all stretched and wet and puffy as they slide up and down my big, long cock. I love when you take me all the way in so that only the thinnest, reddest part of your lips shows around it, then you lift up off of it so that your lips turn bright red from stretching so far,"

James couldn't take it anymore and pushed Logan off of him. He got on his knees on the bench and leaned forward, pulling down the shorter boy's zipper and unbuttoning him. Wrestling it free from Logan's underwear, James stared at the reddening, hard flesh as it arched upwards. James felt a hand curling into his hair.

"You love to suck it, don't you?" Logan asked raspily. James nodded and pressed a kiss to the tip, sucking it into his mouth. The feeling of moist warm mouth made Logan shake, gasping out as James proceeded to suck his cock. Logan tugged on the long brown locks, knowing how crazy hard it made the other boy, who had one hand on Logan's thigh and one hand in his own pants.

"Guess, what, I'm gonna cum in your mouth," Logan panted, pulling harshly on James's hair as the other boy sloppily slurped up and down on the long, hard flesh, "I'm gonna fill your mouth with my seed and its going to trickle down over those juicy lips and you're going to drink it down because you, ugh, love it," Logan groaned and came in James's mouth. The warm, hot cum filled his mouth and he swallowed all of it, his lips twitching and eyes rolling as he came in his own hand. His lips were drenched with saliva and cum, and his eyes looked half asleep.

Logan pulled the other boy up by the hair and kissed him again, deeply, and tasted himself in James's mouth. They collapsed down on the seat from lack of energy and tried to regain their breath.

"If you," Logan panted, "ever have any negative thoughts about, say, your ass, or your hands, or your dick, just let me know."

James groaned and thumped his head against Logan's chest.

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