Soooooo, what I meant to be a one-shot turned into a three-shot because I keep forgetting to check complete. This is the last part...

"You're really, really mean. Do you know that," Logan grumbled, watching James suck merrily on a Ring Pop. James pulled it out with a loud 'pop' and a dirty grin.

"This is payback for teasing me so much the other day," James said with a snicker and began to lavishly suck on the treat again. Logan glared up at him.

Normally, the smaller boy would snuggle up to James, wrap his arms around the other boy's waist, and help him suck the Ring Pop. Now, he was unable to do such a thing. Purple bandanas tied his wrists to the bedposts and his ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. His clothes were entirely gone, on the floor in piles.

James smiled down on him, fully clothed, straddling his hips and sitting with his ass directly on top of Logan's erection. He had been sitting there for at least five minutes, sucking merrily on a Ring Pop he refused to share, and shifting minusculey every now and then with the specific purpose of driving Logan insane.

"But you liked it," Logan whined, squirming underneath James. The brunette pulled out the ring pop and leaned forward. His mouth devilishly caressed Logan's, who could taste the sweet cherry that tried to mask the sweet taste of James. Their eyes shut from the ecstasy of their kiss, tongues entwining and their lips tugging gently at each other. A kiss like that had been the cause of Logan's current predicament.

James slid his mouth down Logan's neck, sucking hard to leave a mark of lust. His weight lifted enough off of Logan so that he could thrust his hips up against the ass of James's jeans. James lifted up with slightly widened eyes from surprise before a look of gentle amusement took over his features.

A large, warm hand reached down and gripped his length, holding him firmly without moving. James just squeezed and released slowly and steadily, then squeezed and released again as his mouth moved down to suck on Logan's nipple.

A cry of arousal came from Logan's throat at this lightning bolt to his pleasure center. The warm tongue swirled around his erect nub, the occasional scratch of teeth drawing high pitched "ahs" out of his mouth. Two warm fingers teased his other nipple.

Slowly, James brought his face lower, swirling his tongue over the smooth stomach, feeling the strong muscles beneath the skin. His tongue dipped into Logan's belly button before he lifted his head up. One hand sprawled on Logan's chest, keeping James upright. The other steadily jerked his boyfriend off.

Sitting upright, James pressed his weight back down on Logan's hips, keeping him still. The taller boy stretched upward, showing off just a tad bit of smooth skin on his stomach. Logan made an 'ungh' noise of approval as James grabbed the hem of his shirt and slowly brought it up, exposing tan washboard abs, then perfectly sculpted pecs, then a long neck, then the sweet face, then the sinfully mussed up hair. Logan strained at his bindings, longing to touch the smooth, warm skin and feel the hard muscles beneath. Instead, he remained bound to the bed, hopelessly aroused to the point of pain.

James threw his shirt off and leaned his torso back. His hands popped open the button, and slowly drew down the zipper. He lifted his hips off of Logan entirely, leaning over slightly to kiss Logan's forehead, before pushing his jeans down inch by tantalizing inch. Logan's eyes bulged when a lime green elastic string appeared from underneath James's jeans.

"Are you wearing a thong?" Logan asked. James smirked slowly and continued to inch down his jeans. It exposed a patch of blue and white striped material framed with lime green elastic. Beneath it, a monster danced, pressing it forward with enthusiasm. James inched the jeans down to his thighs and leaned over to all fours, staring Logan seductively in the eyes, and stood up. The jeans slid all the way off and James kicked them onto the floor. Only a lime green elastic band less than a centimeter wide and a small triangle patch covered Logan's boyfriend's modesty.

James let himself fall to all fours again, spinning around so Logan got a prominent view of his very exposed ass and so his face hovered just over Logan's erection. Logan let out a whine as James swallowed him down completely. Warm mouth engulfed his cock and he felt his toes curl when James bobbed his head up and down, swirling his tongue underneath the sensitive head.

Logan pulled on his bindings, longing to be able to touch James, in any way possible, when James pulled up. The taller boy leaned down off the bed and picked something off the floor. Logan managed to glimpse the lubricant before James switched around again. James braced one hand on Logan's chest as he pressed fingers into himself and let out a sigh. As he worked his fingers inside of himself, pressing in and out and stretching, James leaned down against Logan's chest, puffing out warm breaths. His forehead pressed against Logan's chest and he gasped out.

"Mmm, you're so good, baby," Logan whispered in encouragement, "So hot and pretty. I want to just ravage you all night long. You're amazing."

James eventually sat back and a warm, wet hand encircled Logan's cock. Logan let out a whine until James removed his hand and shifted backwards. The hand returned and Logan watched as James slowly sank down onto his cock. Inch by inch, Logan felt like he was being consumed by a burning fire. He kept his hips in check so as not to hurt his boyfriend. The thong stretched across James's muscular thighs, even as they began to shake from exertion.

Once fully impaled on Logan's cock, James rested a little more of his weight on Logan and sighed. A smile came across James's face and he tightened himself so that Logan let out a garbled yell and bucked his hips up, pushing James up unsteadily and getting even deeper inside. James fell forward and caught himself inches from Logan's face.

"Please untie me?" Logan asked and smiled. James nodded and pulled on the bandanas until Logan's arms were free. They still tied around his wrist, but Logan could care less about his wrist-danas as he gripped James's hips and helped him move up and down on Logan's cock.

"Ah, yes," Logan gasped, James riding him wildly as he stroked himself, "Ride it like you mean it,"

James grunted and came, covering Logan's stomach with cream, and fell limply forward. Logan held him in his arms and thrust roughly up and into him, finally emptying himself into the gasping, shaking boy's body. James knelt face against Logan's chest as Logan filled him, then stroked his back gently.

Eventually, James found strength in his thighs again and lifted himself off of Logan's chest, untying Logan's ankles from the bed post with shaky fingers. Logan reached over to the bedside table and took a swig from the water bottle. His hand grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and wiped himself off. James leaned forward and used one on himself as well, adjusting his thong before falling to his side beside Logan. Logan buried his head into James' chest and wrapped his arms and legs around the other boy.

Just when Logan started getting ready to go to sleep, he found a sticky Ring Pop pressed against the pillow. He took it and sucked it.

"Guess what," Logan said. James grumbled lazily, so Logan continued, "We had sex for about twenty minutes, so you did get your daily exercise in and you don't have to mope around feeling guilty anymore."

"Is that what started this?" James asked, trying to remember what initialized the tying up and fucking.

"You were being all mopey because you missed your morning exercise," Logan said, "Then I saw you being all self-depreciating again, so I came up to kiss and grope you, and somehow you managed to strip me and get me tied to a bed before I could get anything off of you. Then you taunted me with a Ring Pop."

"Then I strip-teased for you, then I sucked you off, and then I impaled myself on you and rode you like a pony," James continued and squeezed Logan, who turned around in his arms to spoon up against him.

"You need to stop all these self-deprecatory thoughts or my dick's going to fall off," Logan said vulgarly, "You're too hot for that,"

"Fine," James giggled, "wouldn't want your dick to fall off,"

So, sex is good.

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