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Author's note: For simplicity sake, when dialogue is in English, it's really being spoken in Japanese and when dialogue is in Japanese, it's really being spoken in English.

Forgot, this is also for the DN Kink meme. Requester wanted languages.


The term for someone who spoke more than two languages is polyglot. Poly from the Ancient Greek polus meaning many, and glot from from Ancient Greek glotta meaning tongue.

Light found the idea of a person with many tongues to be a turn on. Of course, he knew that no one could really have more than one tongue in their mouth without being a mutant freak, but the idea was still exciting.

It was a slow day in task force headquarters if Light was thinking about languages, of course it might have something to do with the fact that L was sitting in front of three computers speaking three languages, none of which were English and Japanese.

It was only the two of them physically in the room, everyone else having gone home or bed, save for the insomniac detective and his suspect.

"Ich denke, das Geld ist entweder in der Schweiz oder in China," L said to the computer that had a group of European people standing in a conference room with the logo of Bundespolizei on the wall.

He tapped a key, obviously muting the microphone and speakers and turned to another computer, as he turned on the speakers and microphone a person said, "Nous rendrons compte maintenant."

"Allez-y," L told the group, obviously an Interpol group. It was at times like this that Light wished he had taken more language classes. He muted the speakers/mic and turned to the third one mid-way through the report and gave a crisp order in Arabic to it.

"How many languages do you think he speaks?" Matsuda whispered so low that even the obviously busy detective couldn't hear them.

"I've heard him speak eight different languages," he whispered back, "but this is the first time I've heard French, so there could be more."

"He's amazing," Matsuda whispered in awe.

"I only speak three," Light said, by way of agreement.

"I don't speak English well enough to say I speak two," Matsuda admitted with embarrassment.

"I can hear you, you know," L called out, after muting all three computers.

"Sorry, sorry," Matsuda said, bowing.

"So how many languages do you speak, Ryuzaki?" Light asked.

L thought about it, looking at the ceiling, "Uh, ten, I think. Though I don't speak Hindi very well. What are your three languages, Light?"

"English, Japanese, and Chinese," Light answered.

"Oh? Nǐ zhēn de huì shuō zhōngwén?" L asked.

"Nǐ yào wèn?" Light answered.

"Zhè shì bù lǐmào de huídá yīgè wèntí yǔ lìng yīgè wèntí, Light," L answered.

A confused noise came out of Matsuda and the other two grinned at him.

"Are you really so bad, Matsuda, at English that you don't consider yourself the speaker of two languages?"

"Yes," Matsuda said.

"Dakara watashi wa Matsuda ni baka o yobidasu koto ga deki, Matsuda mo sore o shitte inai ka?" L asked.

"Sore ga imi shita," Light told the other.

"You two speak it too fast," Matsuda complained.

"Shikashi, osoraku, tadashii," Light muttered.