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Studio Secrets with Zora Lancaster

Zora's Point of View

I was crawling in the vents when I heard something suspicious…..It sounded like there was a girl with Grady of all people. It didn't sound like Tawni or Sonny. I peered through the opening in Grady's room. Oh my god! I felt like I was going to vomit. I have to get my mini spy camera! Some girl from that meal or no meal show was kissing Grady! Quickly, I slithered back to Sonny and Tawni's room through the vents. I remembered that I had hidden it on Tawni's bookshelf since she doesn't ever actually read anything. I got my spy camera and head towards Grady's room. The girl didn't leave for another twenty minutes. I had a feeling I didn't want to know what exactly they were doing in there. Since the girl was gone, I poked my head into Nico and Grady's dressing room.

"Psst! Grady!"

"What, Zora!"

"Murphy isn't here!"

"I better go tell Nico! It's fro-yo time!"

As soon as he was out of the hallway, I ran in and placed the camera. Since it seemed like a good spot, I placed it right near a poster that was hanging on the wall. The camera blended in pretty well so I snuck out.

"Why were you in Gravy's room, Nora?"

Ugh. Chad Dylan Pooper.

"For one, it's Zora! And you shouldn't get involved in my shenanigans."

I hate Pooper. He could rat me out if he found out anything. If stupid pooper rats me out, they'll find ALL of the cameras. How do you think I find out about everything that goes on around here. Tomorrow, I'm checking the other Sonny and Tawni cam. Probably boring again.

Sonny's Point of view

Huh. I wonder why Chad had told me to meet him in front of my dressing room. He's been oddly nice the last few days…'s starting to freak me out. I could see him now. He was staring at me with those icy blue eyes…..they're so dreamy…..clear like tropical ocean water…..BAD SONNY! NO! NO! NO! HE IS THE ENEMY! why do I always have to mentally kick myself for thinking about that kind of stuff?

Suddenly I was right next to him. Huh. That was fast.

"Sonny, I need to talk to you."

Chad looked extremely serious.

"Okay. Let's talk then!"

"No I mean privately."

"I guess we could go in my dressing room?"

We strolled into the dressing room. And for some weird reason, Chad locked the door.


"Yeah, Sonny?"

"Why did you lock the door? You're making me nervous."

"Sonny, we should just stop the fighting. There's no point."

"Okay?" I asked nervously





"So we're good?"

"Chad! Just get to the point! I have a feeling that isn't what you really wanted to say."

"Sonny, you're right. I think I'm in love with you. I have been from the first time I saw you when I stole your yogurt. Even if you were wearing a fat suit.

I love you more than anyone else in the world. I love the way your perky personality and your smile light up a room. I love everything about you because you're my Sonshine."

"That's sweet Chad!"

What else was I supposed to say? Did it sound like I love him? Because I really do. I stared into his eyes, getting lost in them as I waited for his response.

"I have my moments."

I really got nervous when he started leaning towards me. Surprisingly I leaned towards him with my eyes closed too.

Chad's point of View


I felt her soft lips crush against mine. I put my arms around her waste. She tangled her fingers in my hair and pushed herself even closer to me. We were basically swapping spit in the middle of her dressing room. I slid my tongue along her lip begging for an entrance. She let me in. We stayed this way for another minute until we had to break for air. We went right back at it. This time she slung her arms around my neck. She was practically in my lap. Everything was great until I heard a door slowly creak open.

Chad and Sonny's point of view

Shit! The other door!

Chad's point of view

I had been in and out of Sonny's dressing room for two years and somehow managed to forget that there were two doors. Sonny and I broke apart and glanced at the door. There stood our casts who were gaping at us in shock. No one moved a muscle because they were too shocked to do anything but stand there.

"So… are you guys?"

Sonny tried to break the awkwardness but only made it worse. How are we supposed to explain what just happened? How will we get out of this one?

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Chad: Hey! I thought I was directing here!

Me: I have all the power here Pooper! I can kill you right now!

Chad: No you can't!

Me: Don't make me write that you have a melon head!

Chad: You wouldn't

Me: Either you be nice or I'm making you melon head AND I'm taking your Dylan Cooper!

Sonny: HA!

Me: what's wrong, 1 name melon head?

Chad: (has melon head) *sticks tongue out* Good!

ME: Good!

Chad: Fine!

Me: Fine!

Sonny: Hey that's MY fight with Chad!

Me: Sorry, Sonny! He's annoying the crap outta me!

Sonny: Just TRY to get along

Me & Chad: Fine…..