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Chad: They have a right to complain! Your writing sucks!

Me: Still bitter, Mr. one-name Melon head?

Sonny: Now I can see why it was so annoying when I fought with Chad!

Me: Chad, maybe I'll make you normal if you're nice!

Chad: I'm begging you! I'll do what you want! Give me back my hair and my Dylan Cooper!

Me: I'm glad you're starting to see things my way, Pooper.

Chad: Well, apparently I didn't have a choice!

Sonny: At least you're normal again!

Me: Well, I have to get back to the actual story now, so Peace out suckas!

Well you're not a sucker, Sonny. I'm not so sure about Chad though.

Disclaimer: I totally pwned Chad at the end of the last chapter and pwned is from the word owned which came from the word cat! Doesn't that count for anything? *sob*

Last time on Studio Secrets with Zora Lancaster:

"So….how are you guys?"

Sonny tried to get rid of the awkwardness but it made it worse. How are we supposed to explain what just happened? How are we going to get out of this one?

Sonny's Point of View

Ahhhhhhh! What do I say? How do I explain how my friends just saw me making out with Chad? What do I say? I didn't know what else to do so I gave Chad my "just go with it" look and said something that would probably make sense in this situation.

"Um…..Chad was drowning and I gave him C.P.R.!"

"Yup! Monroe here just saved my life! It's explained! Go away now!"

Everyone at the door just glared and started grumbling amongst themselves. Among the noises I heard "How do you drown without water?", "LIES!", "Yeah right!", and many other sarcastic comments. I guess no one was buying it. Chad and I shared a look. I knew he was thinking the same thing. How the hell do we get out of this NOW?

"I guess we should tell you guys the truth…"

Chad began. I blurted out a much more reasonable explanation than drowning since it would be the easiest way to get out of this.

"So, I guess we should tell you guys that we're dating!"

I said as Chad put his arm around me.

"That's right, Sonshine. We're dating."

Everyone just continued staring at us. Some jaws dropped lower than they had been before. Then, everyone started yelling at us at once. I could hear some comments like "How could you go around behind our backs?", "Finally", and "I'll never be cool with this". The last one was probably Zora. It went on for a few minutes until I got really annoyed with everyone.


I being irritated screeched at the people in the doorway. Everyone stared on in shock, yet again.

"Sorry about yelling at you all like that, but I can't hear you all at once! One at a time!"

Once again, everyone started yelling things at us. I couldn't tell what everyone said but I heard "YAY!", "BETRAYAL!", "HOW COULD YOU SONNY?", "NOOOO CHAD ISN'T FREE TO DATE!", etc. Chad and I couldn't take it anymore so we slammed the door on our cast mates locked it and lifted ourselves into the vent in my dressing room. I was in front of Chad, trying to take the quickest route possible out of the building. I forgot that the vents were really old until I heard an unsettling bang. Suddenly Chad and I were on the ground in a tube of metal. And it was just our luck that we were outside of my dressing room. Right behind our casts.

Chad's point of view

Shit! I guess luck really ISN'T on our side today… Just when I thought we could make our escape. When Sonny and I finally wriggles out of the vent, we tried to pretend they couldn't see us if we stayed frozen. Sonny glanced back at our casts. The whole "being invisible if you freeze" thing wasn't working. They were all glaring at us and if looks could kill, let's just say you'd be at my funeral…

Sonny's point of view

After the whole "trying to be invisible thing" didn't work, our casts dragged Chad and I to the prop house and tied us up. They were all huddled together until Zora came out in her Sherlock Holmes costume.

"You both know why you are in this interrogation."

Zora began. I knew we didn't have a chance of EVER getting out of this…..until all of a sudden, Grad's lunch alarm went off. Everyone forgot about us and ran off to the commissary. Chad and I still had our arms duct taped to the chairs and our ankles duct taped together, but we still hopped out of the building as quickly as possible.

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