Hello! It's Princess Kitana here, or you can call me Teacup (It's a long story) And I was watching Gossip Girl, (My best friend got me completely addicted.) and reading Mortal Instruments when I came up with the ever so dumb idea of combining the two. Mind you, this was at three in the morning so it's probably not very good. Here's the first chapter which isn't really a chapter, it's a Gossip Girl blast. If you don't watch the show, then don't worry, you'll pick up on the basic idea soon enough.

Good morning, Upper East siders, welcome back for another thrilling year of classes.

Over the summer, I got a tan, partied and met some of the hottest life guards in the US of A but now it is time for me to return to my post.

And man, have I got stories for you.

But for now, let's get into the lives of our elite, the ones we all want to be, the one's we'd die to catch a glimpse of.

So for those of you who don't know about them, I'll give you the run through:

J.C, son of Valentine Morgenstern, biggest business man in the city. He's gorgeous, we all know it and I, personally, would do anything to be his for a night.

I, More commonly known as Izzy. Daughter of a fashion designer and a male model, she's got it all, beauty, style and grace not to mention all the cash she could ever want.

A, I's protective older brother, hot in a depressed sort of way, he's not one to show off because he sure as hell doesn't need to, he's hot naturally.

Seb, J.C 's best friend and a hot damn topic, with that dark hair and gorgeous eyes, he makes us melt, exactly what he wants us to do. He's a ladies man, so watch out freshies, he's coming for ya.

S, Rumour has it that this geek chic rocker is hooking up with I have yet to be confirmed but if he is, A is definitely going to have something to say about it.

M, Rumour has it she is also hooking up with S, Poor I,I wonder if she knows? Well, she does now. M is rocking the tomboy thing and we love every second of it.

A.P, Class slut, if she hasn't slept with him, then she will, trust me on that. She does everyone and anyone, she's done most of the senior and junior boys and rumour has it, that she's done a couple of the girls too.

And last but most definitely, not least is J, Ah, J, Where do I begin? He's a sex god incarnate, we'll start with that. With those blonde locks, golden eyes and toned body, I cannot get enough of him. He's the king here, I, is the queen but we love our king more, sorry, I.

So that's who anyone who's anyone is.

Keep you up to date as soon as it happens,

You know you love me,



Gossip Girl.

In case you didn't get it here's a key to who everyone is:

J.C is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, Valentine's son and Clary's brother.

I is Isabelle Lightwood.

A is Alec Lightwood.

Seb is Sebastian Verlac.

S is Simon Lewis.

M is Maia.

A.P is Aline Penhallow (I don't have anything against her but it's easier to make her a bitch than a likable character,)

J is the one and only Jace Wayland (He will be going by Jace Wayland in this fic because the name simply rolls off the tongue.)

Please review, tell me what you think and who you want to end up with who. I can guarantee there will be a thousand and one pairings by the end of this fic (I'm in this one for the long haul.)

Thanks! Reviews are love, remember that.


Princess Kitana AKA Teacup (Again, don't askā€¦)