Ne, Buchou.

Pairing: Kirihara/Yukimura

Progress: Short one-shot… or maybe multi-chaptered. I don't know (:

"Ne, buchou." Kirihara sighed, putting down his pencil, while sliding closer to Yukimura. When he got no response, he blinked and frowned. "Ne. Buchouu." He drew out the last syllable.

Still no response.

Pursing his lips, Kirihara poked Yukimura in the shoulder. "Ne. Buchou." An irritated look is now on Kirihara. "Ne, Mura-buchou!" Was something wrong with his Captain's ears? What the fuck was wrong with him? "Buchou, buchou." He persisted, using this as a game, instead of getting angry over the fact that Yukimura wasn't paying any attention to him.

Frowning, Kirihara looked back at his English paper, sighing. "Mura-buchou… I hate English. Can't we study something else?" Still silence. "Buchou?" Kirihara pouted and tilted his head to the side. What was wrong?

"Mura-buchou, c'mon. Let's get some ice cream." Kirihara tried to pull his Captain along with him to the doors of the library. "Buchouu," adding the whine to his voice again. Feeing lonely for being neglected by his role-model, Kirihara sat down again, glaring at his pencil. Why wasn't Buchou talking to him? At least responding to his words would've been nice.

"Well, you could at least respond to me, Buchou," Kirihara sniffed and looked at the white-plaster walls. "And you could at least say sorry for not paying attention." And, damn. Yukimura could do a lot of things. But he wasn't doing anything.


Poke. Poke poke. Poke jab jab, tug. Kirihara was poking and jabbing his Captain, trying to get a response. "Ne, buchou." Kirihara began, "Ne, buchou. Why aren't you talking to me? Hmmm?" Looking at the ground, slightly miffed that his Captain could ignore him so easily, Kirihara stood up and started pacing.

"Ne, buchou…" He began, but then gave up. Yukimura wouldn't listen.

Face lighting up, Kirihara smiled. I have an idea. "Ne, Seiichi…"

"Finally." What took you so long, Akaya?

A/N: Short, one-paged one-shot dedicated to this adorable pair that I love (: Okay, hope you liked it! Review, review!

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