I was drowning in my sorrows and I had an audience watch me as I fell apart. It was horrible and I felt violated and I was just going to SCREAM.

I'll ask Sam if we can just leave you alone for a bit. Jared voice suddenly cut in. Damn it, now I was feeling guilty. Its not like any of the other idiots asked for this either. But I needed my anger. It was my coping mechanism.

At least I knew none of the kids were taking it personally. I was glad that Seth was allowed to stay with my mom, that way he wouldn't have to see his older sister's thoughts. I prided myself in keeping Seth innocent and protected and though it irked me that Seth had phased before I had, it also meant that he was already getting the hand of phasing while I was still stuck in my wolf form as an emotional wreck. He could take care of mom while I was out of commission.

Yeah whatever, you're just scared I'll attack you, I stated with a growl. That was another thing that annoyed the hell out of me.

Sam, yes the very same Sam that I was once going to marry and live happily ever after with but then dumped me for my cousin Emily (though technically I dumped him since I caught them making out on my doorstep and cursed up a storm before kicking them out of my property and yelled that Sam was no longer welcomed anywhere near me and to take my whore of a cousin with him but it was an empty victory), was our leader.

Top Dog, the Head Hancho, and, ugh, the Alpha male.

If that wasn't enough, it was my fault that my Dad died.

I had been visiting from UCLA in Southern California (Yes I was going to be someone. Fuck what the world thought of us Indians) and I had been chilling on the couch after defeating Seth in a round of Halo.

My mood quickly soured when my brother showed up again from the kitchen (and I was wondering if all the eating he did had something to with the unnatural height for a fourteen year old he had been sporting.) with a basket of muffins that had Emily written all over them.

I had been getting over Sam. I really had, but I was still hurting over the betrayal. He cheated on me with my cousin, we had been closer than sisters and yet she went and had done that. But after a year, I had been making progress and I no longer screamed at any idiot for bringing up or mentioning the traitor and I had learned to remain indifferent and ignore that tiny pang in my heart.

But it had been a weird week and everything was pissing me off and just the sight of those muffins were enough to set me off and I was yelling at Seth for fraternizing with the enemy when my Dad had showed up, hearing the yelling and asked me to calm down.

Thats all it took.

Next thing you know I was a four-legged beast and my dad had fallen flat on his ass, clutching his left arm and hyperventilating as he looked up at me wide eyed. I was freaking out, and realized I wasn't making any words, just bark and gurgles and everything was clearer and just seemed so fragile and then Seth was next to my Dad screaming for me to calm down before I hurt dad and then – black.

My father suffered a heart attack induced by his only daughter turning into a huge bitch... literally.

Jared phased then and suddenly I was left to wallow in my thoughts, on my own and I wish Jared hadn't left me. If I had been going crazy before, I was going to turn outright insane on my own. I was still getting used to the wilderness and the ingrained instincts of just knowing where I was. Knowing that I could never get lost should have been a comfort but that was precisely what I wanted to do.

Get lost and never be found.

Just from the smell, I could tell that I was somewhere in Forks and on a route that was frequented by the pack. It was odd because it was really close to a house from what I could hear of a car going down a road.

"ISABELLA SWAN!" Someone yelled. God damn, the dude had some lungs. Actually... Swan? Wasn't that Charlie Swan? Didn't that mean it was the Bella chick that ran with the Vamps? Out of curiosity I headed toward the house to see what all the drama was about.

The wind blew and suddenly a sickly sweet smell of flowers drenched in bleach entered my sensitive nose and I headed toward the direction to see if it was something I should be worried about after I smelt someone familiar, I slid to a stop to keep from running into a tree while I dealt with the new smell.

I'm pretty sure it was Jacob who was there and though I hadn't actually seen him in the almost two weeks that I had been back home, Jared had given me the rundown on who was a wolf and what they smelt like so that I would know, so even though it was diluted, I was still pretty sure it was him, some Veggie Vamp, and a human.

I barked, to warn the stupid Vamp that whatever happened, Jacob had back up, and got closer just in case.

I peaked behind a bush to see what was going on but Jacob was suddenly right there and I jumped back, surprised out of my mind. The kid had some good stealth.

Um, not kid? Looking at him clearly, I realized that he was no longer the awkward boy they used to sattle with Seth for me to take care of. In fact, he didn't even look like a boy or a teenager, more like an adult. It made me feel a bit bad. Did I really miss so much in my time away from home or was it all this Supernatural nonsense that was to blame?

"I'm sorry!"

I blinked and tried looking around him to see who was apologizing (And, holy shit seriously, he was still almost as tall as me even in wolf form?), but then Jacob was shaking like he was about burst out of his body and I really couldn't understand why.

"What are you doing over here?" He asked through clenched teeth.

Yeah, I'll tell you right now you dumb fuck. Ask a wolf a question and maybe she'll defy logic and speak – just for you. Sheesh, our reunion in over a year and this was how he acts? Maybe I should teach him a lesson and bite him?

I rolled my eyes before meeting his and suddenly it feels like I've left reality. Like we were floating or something, and, as a spirit, I was human again and all I could see was Jacob Black.

All those people I've met in my life were disappearing and Jacob was becoming brighter and more important as they left and I was just so. fucking. confused.

What the hell was going on?

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