This is my sequel to my Snape/Oc (Rose) fan fic, which you don't have to read first, where their twins Jack and Emily go off to Hogwarts. This story starts off with year one and goes from there, enjoy!


I looked out the window watching the scenery go by as the train sped onto Hogwarts. I sighed leaning back wishing that I had someone to talk to since Jack got invited to sit with some of the Weasleys. I jumped slightly when the compartment door opened.

"Mind if I sat with you?" Rose Weasley asked.

"No, go ahead," I said as she sat across from me.

"Thanks," she said smiling, "I love my family but they sure can get on my nerves sometimes."

"I think they are programmed to do that," I said and Rose laughed.

"So what house do you think you'll be in?" Rose asked, "I have a few cousin in Gryffindor and that's where my parents, aunts, and uncles where too. Not sure that is the place for me though."

"We'll I'm not sure," I said, "My dad was in Slytherin and my mum was in Hufflepuff but I think you are sorted in a house based on your personality rather than where your family is or was placed or at least that is what my dad told me."

We started talking about the different things we heard about Hogwarts before talking about different subjects. Rose and I had a lot in common and I found myself hoping we would become good friends and be sorted into the same house. When it became dark we put on our robes. After the train stopped Rose and I made our way off the train and walked towards a voice that called "first years" over the voices of the students getting off of the train. The voice belonged to a large man with a long bushy beard who directed us into boats. I looked up at the huge castle looming overhead and my home for the next seven years.

The trip across the lake didn't take long before we entered the castle. We went up several flights of stairs before entering the Entrance Hall. We stood nervously before large doors swung open revealing a large room where the ceiling reflected the night sky and dozens of candles floated above our heads. We walked across the hall before stopping where we stood at the end of four long tables and in front of a long table that was parallel to us. A woman with gray hair in a bun and a tight smile carried an old hat and a stool. The hat was placed on the stool as silence filled the hall before the hat broke into song telling us of the different houses and their attributes.

My stomach started twisting in knots as Professor McGonagall started calling names. Time seemed to go by quickly and slowly at the same time before my name was called. I made my way over and sat down while the hat was put on my head.

"Hmm," I heard the hat whisper into my ear, "Where to put you? You have the smarts but you remind me much of your mother and father. Hufflepuff!"

I grinned feeling relieved as I headed to my house table. I sat and quickly gave my attention back up front. I heard my twin brother Jack's name be called. Jack and I where never very close but we still had a special bond from being twins. The sorting hat took several moments before calling out "Ravenclaw!" He grinned as I clapped loudly for my brother knowing that this house would be perfect for him. Rose Weasley was sorted last who, to my relief, was put into Hufflepuff as well.

"Looks like we are going to be dorm mates," Rose said as she sat down grinning.

I grinned back as food appeared onto our plates. The hall was filled with talking as we dug into our food. After the feast was over we followed a Prefect down towards the kitchens and into the Hufflepuff common room. Two stairways led us up to a boy and girl dormitory. Rose and I found our dorm room with three other girls and got beds next to each other. We talked quietly as we unpacked.

"I'll be right back," I told Rose, "I have to go owl my parents."

"Alright," she said as she took out more clothes from her chest, "See you in a bit."

I walked down to the common room and asked an older student where the owlery was. I walked quickly not wanting to be found out after curfew. I soon found it and took out the paper and parchment I brought with me.

Mum and Dad,

I got sorted into Hufflepuff with Rose Weasley.

We were both pretty excited to be sharing a dorm


At that moment I heard the door open behind me causing me to jump. I turned to see Jack walking towards me.

"You sending that to mum and dad," he asked.

"Who else dear brother," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"I'll send mine with yours," he said holding up a piece of parchment, "Hurry up though yeah?"

"Fine, fine," I said, turning back to finish my letter.

Well Jack wants to write to you, I'll write

again soon!


"There you are," I said, "See you tomorrow?"

"See you," Jack said as he attached the letter to the owl.

I walked down the stairs and quickly to my dorm room. I fell asleep exhausted from the day's events. Before I knew it my first week at Hogwarts flew by. I loved transfiguration and charms. I struggled in potions and knew that Jack somehow inherited the potions skills from our parents. Saturday morning Rose and I found ourselves sitting at the library poring over potions books as we had to write about magical theory of potions. I sighed as I closed the fifth book I looked through and ran my fingers though my hair.

"Don't your parents own a potions shop," Rose said.


"I thought you would know more about this," Rose said as she wrote another line on her parchment.

"I think my brother got all of the potions skills," I said sighing.

"Pity," Rose said dryly.

"Mind if we sit with you?" a male voice said.

Rose and I looked up to see two boys standing next to our table. One of them was Rose's cousin Al, who had dark hair, green eyes, and was very thin. The other boy I didn't know. He had blond hair with gray eyes.

"Sure," Rose said moving some of the books around so they could join us.

"This is Emily," Al said as the boys sat down, "and this is my cousin Rose. This is Scorpius, we're both in Slytherin together."

We exchanged nice to meet you with Scorpius who seemed a little shy, I couldn't help but notice Rose's eyes linger on him for a moment longer than necessary.

"So what are you girls working on?" Al asked.

"Potions," I said frowning.

"Not a fan of potions I'm guessing," Al said.

"None of this makes sense to me," I complained to him.

"Did you look at this book?" Scorpius asked as he handed me a book he pulled out from his book bag and I shook my head, "Chapter two would be a good place to start."

"Thanks," I said flipping the book open to chapter two.

We worked in silence till we finished our assignments for the weekend. We left the library to head for lunch and decided to meet by the lake after we ate.

"Scorpius is rather cute," Rose said off handedly.

"You think so?" I said raising an eyebrow.

"Just a bit," she said turning away from me but I still happened to see her blush.

We ate lunch in silence before we went out to sit by the lake. Rose and I talked quietly before the boys showed up. Once again I caught Rose watching Scorpius longer than necessary. I smiled to myself as I felt the bonds of friendship start between the four of us.

I hope you've enjoyed! Next chapter will be during their second year. Please leave feedback and suggestions.