Title: Threads of Maybes and Might Have Beens

Author: Queen Nan

Rating: M, For Language and other sad things… and possibly sexy times.

Summary: You can't fight Destiny. But just maybe he's on their side.

A.N. Ok so this story has been rolling around my brain for a while dying to come out. When you get to the end of this chapter you may be furious but I ask that you have faith.

January 17, 2011


8:20 A.M.

Kurt shifted nervously as Karofsky made his way down the hall. The hockey player had a 44 oz. slushie in his hand and was scanning the hallway for a suitable target. Kurt took in the students in the hall and realized that he was the only real target. He darted across the hall and burst into the girls' restroom, sighing as he entered and made his way to the mirror to make sure his hair was in place. He caught a flash of pink in the reflection and sighed.

"Rachel?" The ugly pink eyesore that Rachel called a backpack was propped against one of the stall doors. The glee Diva wasn't his choice for company but at least he wouldn't be alone. He was met with silence.

"Rachel? You ok?" Silence again. He might have frowned if he wasn't afraid of premature wrinkles.


He turned, eyed the stall door, and scoffed. One of the Cheerios had probably stolen Rachel's bag and hidden it. He debated grabbing it to give it back to Rachel but decided against it; The Diva was lucky it hadn't been stuck in the toilet. The bell rang and Kurt sighed again. He adjusted his bag and flounced out of the bathroom.

9:36 A.M.

12:06 P.M.

Kurt hustled into the girls' restroom followed closely by Mercedes. There were two other girls in the restroom and Kurt very briefly wondered if he should be concerned about his masculinity seeing as neither girl batted an eyelash at his presence. He decided a second later that his masculinity could take one for the team; the boys' restrooms were disgusting.

"I cannot wait for Glee! I finally have a solo." Mercedes smiled as she spoke.

"You deserve it." Kurt pulled out a compact and checked his hair in the back. Puck had ruffled his hair in history and Kurt had to make sure that he hadn't done much damage. He caught the flash of pink again and sighed.

"Rachel still hasn't found her backpack." Mercedes turned and shook her head at his words.

"How long has it been here?" She asked curiously.

"It was here before class this morning." Kurt said with a shrug.

Mercedes eyed the bag.

"Should we take it?"

Kurt snapped the compact shut and replied, "No but if we see her we'll tell her where it is. I'm not lugging that ugly thing around."

"Me neither." Mercedes said with a laugh as the two linked arms and headed out of the bathroom.

3:45 P.M.

The Glee girls plus Kurt filed into the restroom as Mr. Schue had instructed them to change for their rehearsal. Kurt was in his clothes in less than a minute, completely unconcerned with the girls surrounding him. He adjusted his shirt and smoothed his pants and smirked as Santana growled.

"Stop hijacking the damn stall Stubbles!" Santana hammered on that same stall where the pink backpack remained.

"She isn't in there. Someone hid her backpack in here." Kurt snapped over Santana's snarls.

Santana scowled and muttered, "I love the handicapped stall. Lots of room." She smirked at her last words and eyed Brittany. The blonde giggled and chucked her pants.

The girls moved quickly to change. As they got ready to leave Brittany bent down to pick up her pants and smiled, "Hi Rachel!"

"She isn't here Britt." Kurt said as he rolled his eyes, his tone earning him a dirty look from Santana.

Brittany looked confused.

"Yes she is." She knocked on the stall door, "Hey Rachel." There was no reply. Brittany's face fell, quietly she asked Santana, "Is she mad at me?"

"No one is ever mad at you Britt." Santana said in a soothing voice as she stalked forward.,

"Man hands!"


She smashed her fist against the door.

"I'm going to kick your ass for ignoring me Berry." She scowled even harder and muttered, "Whatever."

"Rachel, just because I got the solo doesn't mean you need to sulk all day!" Mercedes said, following Santana's gaze.

There was no reply.

Quietly Tina spoke up.

"M-maybe she's sick?"

Mercedes' face softened.

"Mama are you ok?"

Silence yet again.

"Oh for god's sake!"Quinn said with a huff. She bent down to peer under the door and froze.

"Santana, Kick in the door." Her voice was shaking.

"Q…?" Santana started.

Quinn shot up and all but shrieked, "Kick in the damn door!"

Santana reared back and slammed her foot into the door, wincing slightly. The flimsy lock gave way almost immediately and Quinn pushed past Santana. The door swung open with a bang and Quinn rushed in.

"Rachel!" She was on her knees a second later. "Rachel!" The tiny glee Diva was curled in the fetal position. Her eyes were closed and her hands and feet were bound with duct tape. There were two lengths of duct tape slapped across her mouth.

"Jesus!" Santana caught sight of the songbird and shot forward. The rest of the girls poured in and stared.

"Call an ambulance!" Quinn ordered as her hands hovered over Rachel. She steeled herself and spoke, "Help me get this crap off of her."

Santana nodded and dropped down next to Quinn. Behind them Mercedes flipped open her phone. They could hear Mercedes as she called 911 asked for an ambulance.

Kurt watched as the two Cheerios tried to remove the tape. It seemed to take an eternity but finally Quinn was able to free the diva's hands and then gently removed the tape from her mouth.

As Santana freed her feet Quinn spoke, "Rachel? Come on Rachel wake up." She placed her hand on Rachel forehead and stilled.

From behind Mercedes spoke, "The ambulance will be here in five minutes."

Kurt watched as Quinn's eyes watered.

"Quinn?" He didn't want to know but…

Quinn was silent until Santana spoke.


"She's cold."

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