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Monday January 10, 2011

8:05 A.M.

Quinn hurried through the halls of McKinley, annoyed that she'd been made late by her mother and her sister, who still hadn't returned to Cleveland. She'd spent the rest of her holiday without Rachel after the New Year's party Puck had thrown.

A smirk curled across her lips even as she continued to search for her girlfriend. She and Rachel had taken the New Year's kiss to a new level at midnight and if any of their friends had any doubt about the two of them those doubts had been squashed by Rachel straddling Quinn in the middle of Puck's living room for a full half hour before Rachel's hands had started to wander and Quinn had shifted the little Diva off her lap.

The guys had been disappointed, Santana had been impressed, and the rest of the girls had stared at them red faced and a little slack jawed for the rest of the party.

Quinn rounded the corner and nearly barreled into her girlfriend who was also moving rapidly through the halls, "Quinn!"

Quinn caught Rachel's arms to prevent the brunette from falling and pulled her into a hug which she returned enthusiastically.

The crowded hallway prevented Quinn from kissing her girlfriend but she could hug her tight which was enough for now.

As they began to pull away Rachel whispered in Quinn's ear, "I missed you…"

Quinn smiled at her and murmured back, "I missed you too Rachel, was the rest of your holiday alright?"

Rachel shrugged dispassionately and then replied with a small smirk, "I would have preferred to spend it with you…" Quietly, so quiet in fact that Quinn wasn't sure she heard her correctly the Diva added, "In bed." And then Rachel was beaming up at her, "Come on! We have an early glee meeting." Quinn trailed after Rachel as the little Diva pulled her along, red faced and slightly stunned.

Friday January 14, 2011

3:36 P.M.

The week had been… weird, great and hot, but also weird. Rachel had become more affectionate than she'd ever been before, and Quinn was hard pressed to question why as she was drawn into more than one empty classroom or bathroom in the last five days to make out. Not including today when tiny, not manly at all hands had managed to relieve her of her Cheerios top almost before she could blink. The only thing that had stopped them was Santana barging into the choir room with Kurt on her heels. She might have been offended that both were looking for Rachel but she couldn't blame them. The whole week had been colored with the feeling that she couldn't get enough of Rachel. She was getting to the point where if she went more than ten minutes without Rachel near her she became surly. It was feeling that both Santana and Kurt seemed to share as they'd let them make out for a few minutes before seeking them out. When asked why they suddenly acted like they were tied by an umbilical cord to Rachel Santana had snapped at her and Kurt had simply blinked helplessly before asking if they could go find Rachel.

Rachel for her part seemed to take the sudden closeness in stride, remarking that it was about time her sparkling wit and blinding talent made itself useful in the form of devoted friends.

Santana had taken offense to the devoted part; Brittany's reply that Santana had interrupted lady kisses the night before to text Rachel had undercut her indignation just a bit.

Quinn had noticed though that Rachel wasn't wrong in that all of the gleeks seemed just a little more devoted than they'd ever been before. Puck and Finn loomed in the background while Rachel was in the halls, Mike and Sam had taken to flanking her on their way to any of their AP classes. Mercedes and Tina had asked for voice lessons and had been put out that at least part of Rachel's lunch was already taken up by giving voice lessons to someone who wasn't them. Artie had asked for tutoring in a class that he was getting a solid A in from Rachel and earned himself a funny look even though Rachel had agreed to help him prepare for a big test in the class. And Brittany, Brittany was everyone's secret weapon. The tall blonde Cheerio had an uncanny ability to know exactly where Rachel was at any given point in the day. Even if she hadn't seen Rachel she still knew where she was, except at lunch between 12:15 and 12:45.

So that day in glee when Mr. Schue had asked for volunteers Rachel had popped from her seat and the rest of the club had leaned forward in anticipation. That was something else that made Quinn just a little nervous for reasons she couldn't name, everyone, and she meant everyone, including Mr. Schue who was still trying to ruin Rachel's career, hung off of Rachel's every breath now. They were quiet and respectful and they seemed to view Rachel's singing the way Quinn always had, as if they were witnessing a living miracle.

Rachel beamed at the group and stated, "This song is dedicated to my lovely, perfect girlfriend!"

Quinn's cheeks colored as Santana nudged her in the ribs and Brittany let out a tinkling giggle.

Rachel had opened her mouth to begin as a heavy piano accompaniment was played by someone from the jazz band;

" Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?

Closed your eyes and trusted, just trusted?

Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?

Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, "I just don't care"?"

Rachel smiled as she took a step closer,

"It's only half past the point of no return

The tip of the iceberg

The sun before the burn

The thunder before the lightning

The breath before the phrase

Have you ever felt this way?"

Rachel took another step and cocked her head just a bit and Quinn answered the question in the song and mouthed 'I love you' earning a gentle smile from Rachel as she continued,

"Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?

You're whole life waiting on the ring to prove you're not alone

Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry?

Have you ever invited a lover to come inside?"

Rachel was standing before Quinn now and she offered Quinn her hand which Quinn took and pressed to her lips with slightly watery eyes,

"It's only half past the point of oblivion

The hourglass on the table

The walk before the run

The breath before the kiss

And the fear before the flames

Have you ever felt this way?"

Rachel dipped and pressed a quick kiss to Quinn's lips and pulled away with a slightly impish smile as Quinn stared up at her breathlessly, trying to work out what Rachel was trying to say to her in song.

La La La La La La La La

Rachel ran a hand along Quinn's jaw,

"There you are, sitting in the garden

Clutching my coffee,

Calling me sugar

You called me sugar"

Rachel dropped to her knees in front of Quinn and slid her hands up her thighs before clutching at her hands and giving them a squeeze,

"Have you ever wished for an endless night?

Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight?

Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight?


The room was silent for a long, heavy moment before a loud smack was heard and Santana let out a yelp, "What the hell Britt?!"

Brittany frowned at her and demanded, "Why can't you ever ask me for sweet lady kisses like that?"

Santana blinked at her before turning to glare at Rachel, "Thanks a lot Rachel, thanks a lot."

Rachel ignored her as she gave Quinn's hands another squeeze, "Quinn?"

Quinn blinked down at her before muttering, "I can't think straight with you on your knees in front of me…"

Santana, Rachel, and Kurt were the only ones who heard her quiet words and their reactions were wildly different. Kurt for his part let out a slightly disgusted huff before launching from his seat while a lecherous smirk tore across Santana's face.

She nudged at Quinn's side yet again, "Get some Q!"

Quinn glared at her before returning her gaze to Rachel who was smiling gently at her, "I didn't mean to embarrass you Quinn."

Rachel ducked her head and Quinn was quick to catch her chin, "You didn't embarrass me Rachel, you never could. I just…" She considered what she was before finished, "I'm surprised. I… Does this mean you are…?"

Rachel, in typical Rachel fashion, completely disregarded the fact that they were surrounded by their friends much to Santana's delight, "Ready? I am. I trust you Quinn and you've been more than patient."

Quinn shook her head immediately, "Never think that waiting for you isn't something I do for the rest of my life, willingly. I want you to be ready Rachel, I don't want this if you think you have to."

Rachel smiled softly before speaking quietly, "I want it Quinn… I want you."

Santana sucked in a breath, "Oh lord…" She turned to Brittany, "Sweet lady kisses later Britt?"

Brittany nodded but didn't take her eyes off of Rachel and her Captain.

Quinn let out a breath and asked hopefully, "Tonight?"

Rachel stood and pulled Quinn to her feet with a delighted laugh, "My dads are home at night during the week, you know that."

Quinn nodded as she deflated just a little bit, "Right."

Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck and whispered in her ear, "Not this weekend but next weekend? They'll be in Akron for the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday night, late Sunday night." She nipped at Quinn's ear, "We'd have the whole weekend to do whatever we want…"

Quinn's hands fisted in Rachel's sweater before she murmured into Rachel's neck, "I can wait seven more days, I could wait a hundred."

She felt rather than saw Rachel's nose scrunch up, "Seven more days is plenty Quinn, don't be a martyr and don't try to turn me into one."

Quinn nodded before pulling away, "Finn looks like he's going to have a stroke and Mr. Schue looks really uncomfortable."

Rachel snorted, "That's what he gets for continuously trying to ruin my career."

Quinn rolled her eyes before reclaiming her seat and pulling Rachel into her lap before the Diva could settle into the seat next to her.

She nuzzled at her neck as Tina let out a sigh behind them, "I love Faberry."

Quinn wrapped her arms around the Diva's waist as Rachel settled into her, "Are we hanging out this weekend?"

Rachel shook her head, "Sorry, my grandmothers are coming into town and daddy has declared it family time. Which is stupid, you are family."

Quinn nodded, "I don't mind Rach, Frannie still hasn't left."

Rachel let out a sigh, "Is she still being mean?"

Quinn shrugged, "We just don't talk, and worst comes to worst I could take her in a fight." She pressed a kiss to Rachel shoulder, "When will I see next?"

Rachel hummed thoughtfully, "Probably not till Monday." She was quiet for a moment before piping up, "But I will text you so much you get sick of me this weekend."

Quinn shook her head, "I could never get sick of you." She ignored the slightly nauseous feeling in her stomach as she realized that she wouldn't see Rachel until lunch on Monday as they shared none of their morning classes and morning Glee meetings weren't every week. She let out a huff before resolving to enjoy her last few minutes with Rachel in the here and now.

Monday January 17, 2011

8:21 A.M.

Kurt breezed into the girls' restroom with the broken sinks so he could check his hair before class started. He was hoping to maybe run into one of his girls at some point but so far they'd all been MIA. He checked his teeth and his hair in the mirror before a flash of pink caught his eye in the mirror.

He turned and saw that Rachel's pink bag was resting outside one of the stalls which was a little weird because Rachel avoided this restroom like the plague for the most part, "Rach?"

He waited before calling out again, "Rachel sweetie, are you alright?" There was no answer and he narrowed his eyes, "Are you getting naked with Quinn?" Again there was no answer so he shrugged and turned back to the mirror. He pulled his pretty iPod from his bag and pushed the ear buds into place as he blasted a song from Rent. He turned with a flounce and grabbed Rachel's bag as he bobbed his head along with the loud music. He could take the bag with him and give it to her when he saw her.

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