A/N: This was written for the infamous dollface's For The Love Of All Things Slash challenge. And this is the first ever Alice/Marlene fic on this site!

It's Such A Lovely Lie

Frank is her husband, and while that's the only thing that should matter to her at a time like this, during a war, it doesn't matter – because all she can see is Marlene.

It's secret touches, forbidden glances, and all she wants is moremoremore. Because Frank may be her husband, but even the thought of Marlene is enough to make words like marriage and husband lose any and all meaning.

All anyone can see is AliceandFrank, the happy couple – and it's all Frank can see. He doesn't notice her reluctance to kiss him, to hold him, to even be around him – the way her eyes dart around the room, searching for and sending an apologetic glance to a pair of deep brown eyes every time.

And all she wants is to tell Frank the truth, so she can finally be with Marlene without the secrets and the lies. But they are no more than soldiers in the war, any day could be their last, and they're all barely getting by as it is. Telling Frank the truth, shattering his perfect world and her perfectly conceived lie, would leave him broken and fractured into a million separate pieces – and if he's barely getting by as a whole, he'll never make it when he's shattered.

So she keeps her secret, she lives her lie. It's hotel rooms and shadowed hallways, and no one is the wiser. And while it's not the perfect life she's dreamed of, it's such a lovely lie.

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